Mar 24, 2018

The french morning - PramsPhotography #119

#2016 The Paris Airport, France

After crossing the dark time zone, the first scenes appeared were from the airs above Paris. There was a flight changeover in Paris International Airport. Known for its fashion, Paris is one of the dream destinations for many. The pinkish sunrise is one of the major attractions of the long flight journey that day. As beautiful as the fashion of Paris, the morning skies welcomed us with a zero visibility landing. Cannot forget those moments! 

The Canadian Rockies - PramsPhotography #118

#2016 The Canadian Rockies, Canada

In the December of 2016 I had visited the northern part of the United States of America. It was minus six degrees the minimum I witnessed. On our return journey from the Seattle airport, the Canadian Rockies came our way. Covered in snow, they looked stunningly beautiful and I could not put down my camera until the flight moved into the darker region. I wondered about the canals passing amidst the mountains and they looked very interesting. 

Lavasa, the lake city - PramsPhotography #117

#2017 Lavasa lake city, Maharashtra, India

A beautiful lake city which is one only one of its kind that welcomes the tourists especially in rainy season. We had visited the place in late spring yet we could witness some of the beautiful flowers nourished in the city's gardens. Some of them can be seen above. The construction of the buildings is unique in terms of the constructions generally made around the place. I've learnt that the constrictions are inspired from the German designs! 

White beauties - PramsPhotography #116

#2017 @Lavasa, Pune, Maharashtra, India

Found these white beauties in Lavasa lake city, near Pune. Centered amidst the beautiful mountains, Lavasa is a beautifully made city with multiple lake views. These white beauties were centered near one of the open auditoriums at Lavasa. They were just then watered and were dancing to the tunes of the soothing breeze. I must say about the last picture above. The shadows of the flowered in water is captured and I consider it as one of the best clicks of my hobby-career so far. 

Green beauties at night - PramsPhotography #115

#2017 @Isha Yoga center, Coimbatore, India

It was around mid night that I clicked this picture. Tamilnadu is famous for the coconut tress. They stand tall across the state and in its neighborhood. On a spring night while I was walking across the path towards the Isha Yoga Center, I ended up noticing this beautiful view on my left. The coconut trees were glittering in green and I confess that I could not capture that beauty with my lens! That scene is still fresh in my mind! 

Beach sun set - PramsPhotography #114

#2017 Sunset and the rising moon @Kashid beach, India

Sunsets are always beautiful; does not matter if it's beach or country side or from the terrace of our home. However, sunsets at beach motivate us to click the glittering waters and the setting sun which causes the same. While clicking the sunset at the Kashid beach, incidentally the moon, on it's journey to be full, is caught too! Wonderful time spent clicking these memories! 

The tree of fashion - PramsPhotography #113

#2016 @Fab India, Pune

Nice things are all around; it's matter of recognizing and making them part of our memory lane. I had been to Fab India couple of years ago. While paying the bill I had noticed this beautiful piece of art kept on the wall right behind the billing counter. Such a beautiful tree it felt, even though its not  in green! Didn't wait for a moment to click it. 

Keep exploring... Take Home #660

In life, nothing is worth to be considered as 'everything'. Life is full of possibilities and one must keep exploring to have different things to contribute for.

Feb 8, 2018

Be kind and not lenient... Take Home #659

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Getting the work done by being kind, and not by being lenient, is one of the most important skills a people's leader must possess.

Being unpredictable in a productive sense!

Image result for unpredictable

Being unpredictable in a productive sense makes it challenging for the opponents or rivals to compete with. Well,  Unpredictability is not always great, not always it results into something encouraging. Yet, developing insights about the situation one is in, having a solid plan and adding the flavor of error-free execution to it can work wonders for anyone at most of the times. 

Being unpredictable is not easy either. It takes its own practice and pin-pointed planning to be successful at it. Give it time before trying to be unpredictable; best way to begin with it is to start with it in the most comfortable zone for you! 

Being with people... Take Home #658

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Not staying with positive-minded people but being with them helps in making one develop a positive outlook at certain important aspects of life. 

Feb 6, 2018

Failures teach a lot... Take Home #657

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Failures teach a lot. Prefer not to run away from them until you learn enough

Good or bad... Take Home #656

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Good or bad, everything must settle any which way! It's up to us how soon we accept and gain strength to deal with!

Win and success, they are different!

The mere difference between win and success is that, the former is a short term entity, where as the later is of long term! Also, for anyone to become successful, there is no need to win necessarily. Each one of us inherently have our own definition for success, which must neither interfere with anyone else'e life nor must be driven by the wins or defeats we come across. Becoming successful takes more dedication and determination than to win once or twice or few time for that matter.

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Nov 5, 2017

Say it rightly... Take Home #655

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Saying right things is important and saying things rightly is even more important.

Accept yourself... Take Home #654

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However, wherever and whatever you are, accept yourself and you will be accepted too, if not by everyone but by those few who deserve your acceptance back.