Sep 18, 2017

Life's long enough... Take Home #646

Life's short. But it's long enough to live and let live. 

Under-perform... Take Home #645

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Never under-perform; and that too never do so intentionally. No matter what. 

The deepest understanding... Take Home #644

One who survives the greatest struggle have the deepest understanding about life. 

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Process matters!

"Everybody doing their best is not the answer. 
It is first necessary that people know what to do"

While I was watching a video about "process", the above lines had appeared on the screen. They have kept rejecting to go away from my senses since then. 

How truly said!

Since many years, a few processes have been established. Process steps have been identified along with mapping the respective process owners. It is not easy to define any process and at the same time, it's not easy to follow any process. A process merely guides people towards the next logical steps and hence towards a logical ending. At times the necessary time and resources are available to follow each one of the process step. But at most of the times, that may not be the case. We generally see people reasoning out the same when any exceptions are to be requested for! In some cases, people are driven to situations that they start questioning the very existence of the process itself. 

Is defining a process important? The answer is yes. Is following a process important? The answer may not be an 'yes' every time! It generally depends on may factors. The process not followed is the process not existing! That's subject to debate for sure!

While there is a process and it seems difficult to follow it on number of occasions, having no process is altogether a new level of difficulty in itself. When there is no process, we generally hear people asking everybody to do their best, give their best. But that might not lead any where unless people know what needs to be done in the first place. Everyone's best work does not necessarily mean the best result. It could all go in vain when there is no relation one can establish among the 'best' works done!

It's important to let people know what's expected out of them and then it makes perfect sense to let them give their best in whatever they do. Rather than asking everyone to give their best without really letting them know what needs to be done.

Process matters. If followed, it matters in the result; if not, in the learning! 

Sep 3, 2017

Movie: Arjun Reddy

Since many years we have been idolizing the heroes and heroines of movies, less the characters and more the people who portray them. Of late, "watch movie as a movie" has been trending. And if we have to watch movies as movies, we must realize that every story need not have a hero but every story has a protagonist. Not just heroes have stories but an alcoholic could have a more intense story which deserves to be told. One such is narrated in an unbelievably convincing way in the movie "Arjun Reddy".

"Suffering is personal. Let him survive it" - This is one of my favorite dialogues from the movie. Vijay Devarakonda, who played the role of male protagonist of the movie, has done a commendable job; he has given an award-winning performance! Back ground score is awesome and to-the-mood. Appreciate the characterization of "Shiva", portrayed brilliantly by Rahul. Female lead's characterization is understandably not depicted to the depth, as the story is narrated from the male lead's perspective. The unconventional climax sequence steals the show!

Watch this movie. Don't miss it. Just like idolizing the heroes does not help, judging the protagonists does not help too. Go for the movie, if u haven't yet.

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Aug 27, 2017

Comparison is the killer!

Ever since I read this, I've been on an introspection note. How truly said and intelligently too! We always end up comparing ourselves with the ones around us and that too in the matters that we think are important for us. For some, money is important. For some, fame is important. For some, peace is important. For some, winning is important. For some, kids are important. For some, friends are important and so on. We all compare ourselves with someone close by, in the given matter of our interest, rather important, at the current time. That's the reality of how we are living and not necessarily how life shall exist. 

Having said that, comparison is a double edged sword. At times we feel relaxed after comparing ourselves with someone we think are inferior to us in a given matter at a given point of time. For the moment to pass on, we move on thinking that we are better off. At least. But reality keeps coming back at us every now and then. The other side of the sword is so sharp that it's unavoidable to not get hurt, no matter what. 

Well, it's not difficult to avoid the other side of the sword. But for that, we must learn to handle the convenient side of the sword too. We must stop comparing ourselves with those we feel inferior to us to be able to win over ourselves comparing with those who we think are superior to us. Any form of comparison, irrespective of it helping us in relaxing or letting us irritate ourselves, is not in the best interest of anybody. 

Comparison is indeed a killer of happiness. If we compare ourselves with the inferior people according to us, it endangers in the form of silent killing. And if we compare with superior ones, again according to our understanding, it may rather will results into a quick killer of our happiness. 

Let us not compare ourselves with anyone else. Rather, let's compare ourselves with what we wish to become one day. It at least will result into something positive. Anyway we do not compare ourselves with someone who has really achieved something. We generally compare ourselves with either a team mate, or a batch mate or a colleague or a friend. We get motivated when we think about someone achieved great heights in their field and instead of getting inspired, we get at times worried when our neighbor wins something. This leads no where. 

We all know that all this leads no where. But we become helpless and desperate at times. That's quite human. However, we can be better human beings and we will be deserving this planet in a better way when we motivate ourselves with every achievement we see. Be it of a great sport personality or be it of our neighbor. We anyway do not live each other's lives. We live ours. Everyone lives theirs. No point standing head to head. 
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Let's stand together. In every step; in every moment. Let's lead life somewhere. Together. 

The spirit of competence!

It's time to remember P.V.Sindhu for more, than being an Olympic silver medalist, more than a giant killer. The 'giant' in the world badminton had been the Chinese players one after the other for a few years which must be lauded undoubtedly. And now, there are giants from at least half a dozen countries. It's not about the current day but the day the Rio Olympic podium was occupied by three medal winners from three different countries, and none from China, was the day it was proven to had begun. 

Going back in time for five years, I used to watch the semi finals and finals of the BWF super series on the weekends. There used to be barely any other commending player in women's singles than the super Saina Nehwal who would stand in between the Chinese and the BWF super series titles. Starting with disheartening losses to achieve the series of titles later on, Saina's swift rise against the monopoly of Chinese is ever inspiring. I used to wonder if anyone would come up to continue her legacy. I never imagined that down the line five years, there would be not just one but a handful of players from other countries to stand tall in the podium-finish matches. 

Yesterday when I watched the semi finals of women's singles of the BWF world championships, I felt amused to see the likes of Sindhu and Okuhara coming up fast. Carolina Marin and Ratchanok have been the front runners in making the women's singles interesting. Saina Nehwal, needless to say is one among the tough contenders ever. It's matter of time and effort. Can't close this by not mentioning about the ace coaches behind all these flamboyant players. The coaches who not just believed in these players but believed in challenging some of the best players in the history of badminton from China. Nothing against China but it's good to see the players from different countries come and compete, in the spirit of the game, in the spirit of the contributes towards the game. Hope this competence continues. 

And for today's final clash between Sindhu and Okuhara, I wish both the players all the best. The better will win and may they perform their best. 

Also, my best wishes to the greatest badminton player ever in men's singles, by titles and numbers, Lin Dan, for today's match by winning which he will become the first ever player in the history of the game to have won six world championship titles. 

Useful comparison... Take Home #643

Not with neighbors, but compare your current self with what you wish to become one day and act accordingly. This is the only form of comparison that comes to my mind which is slightly useful. 

Aug 26, 2017

Let time answer... Take Home #642

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Do not hurry up to answer everything. Leave few to let the time answer. It's not being eventual; but strategical.


Aug 1, 2017

Honesty and its price... Take Home #641

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One must find pleasure in paying the price for being honest. Whatever it takes!

The dimension... Take Home #640

The way we feel, live, love, struggle, and conquer in our own little world in the gigantic universe! That's life. That's passion. That's a dimension of the 'survival instinct'.

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