Jan 17, 2017

Sankranti Festival!

'Sankranti' is the only festival day on which I get teary eyed, reminiscing those wonderful moments spent with family at our native place, #Dintenapadu, during my childhood and adulthood.

All of our family members have grown up now but have not grown apart. Credit largely goes to our grand parents, nannamma and tatayya.

I wish someone would do an "interstellar" and pull me into the 'Thesaract' of our ancestors' home!!!

Movie: Gauthamiputra Satakarni

This movie did not seem to me like a perfectionist-make. However, the grit with which this film had been made stole my heart!

Yet again, #Krish and his writing department did a wonderful job. A big applaud for them. Truly appreciate #Balakrishna for his choice of the script and his unique style of dialogue delivery. Felt great to watch the combination of Hemamalini garu and Shreya. It just happened at a right time for #Amaravathi.

For those who question about Sathavahanas and thier relation to the Telugu region, I read that the entire human population was once originated from a single location. You may do googling and get its GPS coordinates.

Back ground score and music could have been way better. More time could have been spent giving few extra touches to graphics and make-up. Well, it's a director's choice. Not everyone go behind perfection. Some stick back to story-telling.

A must watch for movie cum history lovers!!!

Movie: Khaidi No 150

I used to get gifted a '#ChiranjeeviCinema' show by my relatives in Guntur everytime I had visited them in my childhood. I never used to get bothered about its title, its story, its music and every stuff like that. I just used to enjoy his on screen presence.

I tried to do the same when I watched his come-back movie yesterday. I tried not to judge but to enjoy every bit. I must confess. I could not succeed. Credit to the knowledge/information I acquired post-childhood.

First is first. Thanks to A.R.Murugados for penning down the story and making its Tamil version. Except for the 'unnecessary​' Brahmanandam sequence and few 'added' dialogues, I could not see V.V.Vinayak's touch!

Chiru looked as graceful as ever, on screen. It was nothing less than a feast watching him after a decade! It felt as if he took no gap! Certain things do not change; so is the ease with which he dances still, pace changed though! Looking forward for few more films from him!

Heroins, I think, before fighting for good remuneration must fight for significant roles! Songs cannot be the answers!

Well, if you ever liked Chiru on screen, keep aside all reservations and watch this movie. Its #Story is it's #Hero.

Jan 16, 2017

Truth & Fact - Take Home #611

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While a fact can be manipulated, truth cannot be touched. Fact in its place is the best proof; truth, the best witness!

Plan B - Take Home #610

Plan helps. Plan B rescues. Have an alternate plan always, no matter what! 

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Decision - Take Home #609

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Opinions are important. But decisions need to be respected. There is no point keep discussing the opinions, especially once a decision is taken in a team. 

Jan 5, 2017

The Isha Yoga Center - PramsPhotography #62

#2016 @The Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore, India

Staying on a mountain side is pleasingly beautiful. The Isha Yoga Center is located at the Velliangiri foot hills, in the outs-cuts of the Coimbatore city. The 'Ashram' as they call it is one of the peaceful places I've been to, so far. Serenity gets redefined when you stay in the Ashram for a week's time! I've tried to capture the beautiful locations but I'm not sure if I succeeded in capturing the eternal beauty of the whole place! 

The flower festival - PramsPhotography #61

#2016 @Chinchwad, Pune, India

Had been to a flower festival last year in which we saw a few varieties of flower pots at reasonable prices. Clicks are from the same exhibition. The Gerofees due was clicked at the same place too; they are not the original ones though! 

Yellow tree! - PramsPhotography #60

#2016 @Chinchwad, Pune, India

This picture was clicked in the month of February last year. The leaves of the trees were almost fallen and the tree was enjoying the taste of spring just then. Felt as if the tree was of yellow in color. Looking forward for yet another click of the same tree next month! 

The mid-day sun, from the up above - PramsPhotography #59

I looked through the flight's window again and again, in a disbelief of what was getting displayed on the flight information screen against the outside temperature parameter.  It shows (-53 deg C) and when I looked outside, it felt as if it was more than a positive version of 53. Hot and bright sun could be seen outside and that's when the below pictures were clicked. 

#201 @Zurich to Mumbai

Being Graceful - In achieving the big; in stepping down!

How to be graceful in success?
How to be graceful in defeat?
How to be graceful amidst the helm?
How to be graceful in standing up for?
How to be graceful while in command?
How to be graceful in stepping down?

Ask me any of the above questions and I will show you M.S.Dhoni. 

"Captain cool" is what people call him as and there is an unquestionable reason for it. He is the coolest captain the cricketing world has ever seen, in all of its formats, in all these years. He has kept his cool in almost all of the situations, barring few insignificant ones. In fact, he appeared 'nerveless' in the helm of situations. Deciding to come up the order in a world cup final happening on home soil, that too when the performance in the previous matches is not so promising, is not easy. Anything could have happened if he hadn't performed well that night. He took the charge and completed the job with a sensational six in a sensational style to let Team India lift the world cup in front of the home crowd! 

That's one incident and the best one of its kind according to me, from the remarkable career of MS as the Indian captain. Being cool is what he has shown to the world and 'being graceful no matter what' is what I have personally learnt from him!

Looking forward to see him being graceful while being commanded by his new captain. For this man with a simple yet great attitude, I don't think anything can be a challenge at all. However, after all he is human and hope the humane continues to stay grounded in the time to come as well. 

All the best MS. 

How much ever may we achieve, 
Something always remains
To be proven to ourselves.

Enormous satisfaction it can result into
For a life time, at times,
When that slightest opportunity is utilized.

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Leader - Take Home #608

A leader is responsible for the improvement of results as well as people, year on year. Succeeding in either of these departments alone means less a success.

Jan 3, 2017

The Swiss Alps - PramsPhotography #58

The below pictures were clicked while flying over the Swiss alps while travelling from Zurich to Mumbai. Looking at the alps from flight was one of the best experiences. Saw few villages amidst the mountains towards the end of the alps. Nothing more to say; I cannot forget those views my whole life! 

#2016 @Zurich to Mumbai

Jan 1, 2017

Greenery, mountains and the reservoir - PramsPhotography #57

The below pictures were clicked when we had been to X-Thrill academy near Lavasa city. In the afternoon we were taken on a trek, which was one of the best treks I had by then. As part of the trek, we reached onto a hill top and exactly then the sun and rain happened together. It was one of such moments when they happen together, and this time it felt as if it happened at a right time. From that hilltop amidst rain and sunlight, the surroundings looked absolutely stunning. Only a minuscule portion of the experienced could be captured in the below pictures, as always. 

#2016 @X-thrill, near Lavasa city, Pune, India

Berlin Television Tower - PramsPhotography #56

The television tower at Berlin was visited by me at around 1 pm local time. Since we did not have enough time and as we had to go around and visit a few more places in Berlin, we decided not to go on top of the television tower. However, a few moments were spent around it, did some shopping and clicked the amazing tower from as many angles as possible. 

Just when I was lost looking at the top of the tower, with my hand on my forehead to keep away from the scorching sunlight, I saw a jet crossing up above. The below picture was clicked at that moment. 

#2016 @Berlin television tower, Berlin, Germany

Berlin Victory Column - PramsPhotography #55

This is about my visit to the Berlin Victory Column. The tower was constructed amidst six roads all merging together towards the tower. To reach to the tower, we need to take an underground path which leads to the entrance of the tower.

Inside the tower, the above shown stair case was present. It was so spherical that climbing it all at once felt next to impossible. I took a few halts, clicked the pictures of staircase, and finally reached the top of the tower.  

From the top of the tower, the six roads as earlier mentioned could be seen. From that height when each road is seen, a few vehicles, almost all running with super fast speed, could be seen. On each side of the road, unexpectedly big trees had been grown. On each side, some or the other monument could be seen at a distance. Following are some of the clicks from the top.  

The television tower of Berlin could be seen here on the left side of the road at the end almost. And exactly at the road end of the road , the Berlin gate could be seen. Again, it was highly unexpected that in Berlin and that too near a monument like 'the victory tower', so much greenery would be seen! 

I reached the top of the tower at around 4 pm local time. The sun was exactly at an angle same time that the shadow of the tower reached too far; as shown in the below picture, it crossed almost two roads. Overall, It was a beautiful and eventful experience!  

#2016 @The Berlin Victory Column, Berlin, Germany

The same dusk yet a different experience - PramsPhotography #54

Sunset can be experienced in different ways from different landscapes. No matter if its on a seashore, river bank, coconut farm, or a mountain side. 

When I was on my way back from Berlin few months back, I got a chance to experience the sunset from thirty thousand feet height. From the flight's window, it looked absolutely stunning until and after the sunset. The horizon that could be seen a few miles away was the best part of the whole experience. 

#2016 @On the way from Zurich to Mumbai

The above were clicked just when the flight was entering into the dark zone. The below depicts the further details.