Dec 28, 2008

Snobbish FEAR!!

With that I think I came to the conclusion that ‘FEAR is the most snobbish feeling among all’, which have been controlling and perhaps deciding the unpredictable human nature.

After a long gap… On that day I’d seen a horror movie.

After a series of reality shows… then bunches of news on almost all news channels available… then a cute love story based movie…then a musical show… After all these, I’d seen a well formatted horror movie and I slept at 12.30 am on that day.

Even I thought, I couldn’t sleep well that night. But surprisingly, I had a sound sleep that night.

The next morning I felt as good as all other mornings. The whole day I was busy in office. Then I went back to my flat at 6.00 pm. Since my room mate was not there, I was all alone. I was almost very fine till I got to remember that I’d watched that horror movie.

Suddenly, my mood was changed and I started looking around me so often, so that I could ensure that no one (virtually) was there around me. I continued it until I was alone…

Later some time, I started thinking about that again …

When I was alone, why I couldn’t feel the joy that I felt from the reality shows? Why I couldn’t feel that love, that I felt while watching the love story the previous night? Why I couldn’t recollect any of the news that I heard from loads of news channels?

I didn’t get too perfect answer… but I’ve concluded that the fear is the snobbish feeling among those a human can feel. This fear usually doesn’t come, when we are with someone around us, either he/she is the person we love or the person we hate, literally doesn’t matter as
all people are emotionally connected!!

Vincible Fact!!

Though it is nothing surprising to see people stagnating with their own soul, assaulting their own self, and repeat things until other’s patience get reduced to rubble, but sometimes it is heart wrenching when you have to face these kind of people deadly. Though it is very easy to close things by letting them go off simply, but I don’t feel it is always recommendable, especially when it comes to the persons who don’t deserve your patience.

Tackling such kind of people in day to day life is a fact which is not invincible but is inevitable.

Handle them with care and keep up the ethics of life!!

--- “Any one can SHOUT, but not all can SPEAK”.

Real n Reel … :):)

For them it was another birth moment of commitment, when a gentle hustle could wake them up from mid way sleep that night. Ran all the way from source to destination with a thoughtful mind and dedicated heart, carrying billion’s expectations with one hand and hope to fulfill their own dreams with another hand. Their flamboyant effort could make India breath fully at last. It was the moment of the ploy when one among them had put his thumb up in to the crowd and signaled the remembrance of the awaiting and much willing safe hands that India is in at the moment, though it was another victory over the years which could indeed promise the house its invincible soldiers.

Jai Jawan …

A teenage girl and a five year old baby were on a two wheeler and were waiting for the green signal in the four road junction, standing beside the soldiers’ bus. A barrel of comments about the teenage girl, from the soldiers restricted the girl and the baby to stare at them. They were all young guys and just teasing the girl for some reason, whatever it was. One among the comments was utterly destroyed the girl’s feelings all the way. As her tears were about to come out, she saw the soldiers were quiet all of sudden and were staring at the baby.

Then the girl noticed that the baby was saluting the soldiers …!!

The baby had seen them on TV live show, while they were contributing to the rescue operation “The Operation Cyclone”, to save the hostages during Bombay terrorist attacks!!

Boys are boys and girls are girls, No matter where n what they are…!

Nov 28, 2008

Wise Tears!!!

Amongst those beautiful days of my life so far, best rated were those when I stayed with the people I love. Those days were very few, but still they are the best. Though my mind know that it costs infinite to get them back, but my heart disagrees and it always races around to reach them in a way or other, even buck up to challenge the infinite itself. The other day, when I promised to myself to keep my heart in my control, tears left me to make me alone. Alone I wandered, and witnessed a life, which was tastelessly delicious. I green signaled tears again, as an ever staying beauty within me. I taught them to stay within me and to spur me to combat, whenever my heart tries to cross it’s vicinity. Yet, again my heart found a cross route to satisfy it’s ego. It started murmuring back my ears, to spend some days with those people again, indeed to create the days if they can not be recalled. As I’ve been trying my best to cater my heart, when sometimes it was bit delayed, it punished me straight away and blessed me with tears, my best companion. And those tears flown out have shown me a way or two, to sensitize my heart. But those still waiting within have powered me with loads of confidence.

And now my heart is waiting…waiting…and waiting for the days ahead.

Wish it your best please … :):)

Toughest is the one…whose tears have the best patience to wait within.

PS: My grand mother used to advice me- “Never loose your tears when you ought to face problems. Those tears which you keep within your kitty will always reflex your commitment”.

Though I could understand when she said it, but I couldn’t practice it then. Once I started, I found it challenging.

Nov 14, 2008

An Affluent Season !!!

Well, so far I’ve surpassed an affluent season, which started before Diwali vacation. For the one first time felt the heat of a typical corporate work-mania, Its all good and interesting though… Had an awesome Diwali…and then witnessed the swashbuckling Team India upsetting the world’s best cricketing side and showing their temperament once again to carry forward the incredible rivalry with the Ausies… witnessed the ‘Last Samurai’ of two big heads in Indian cricket, Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly. The season carried all these and I thought to pen down each over here.

@ Corporate work-mania

My case is too similar to every mind’s perception towards this issue, nothing new to redefine. Only thing is, as I’m new to it I felt it interesting and pleasant, though it was hectic. But I know, I can only judge and perhaps conclude, after once I get used to it.

To say about the present market slump… Its pathetic to see the wounded minds with folded arms watching the way sensex plummeting every day. They are bounded to be dumb with help seeking eyes and just awaiting for some good news in that respect.

@ Awesome Diwali

An absolute joy had been experienced by me as I underwent a ‘Special Diwali’ of my years. We have cracked the crackers which spattered across, in the wee hours on the day of Diwali, the favorite festival of Indians.

Meanwhile, A crazy thought spur me, when I went to buy the crackers. The main issue that caught my eye was the price factor. I was word less when the shop boy told me the cost of each item. I had a quick in-look towards my childhood days, when a typical Rs.100 could have done most of the job. I had a quick summary of the days when I used to go with my father and brought crackers for Rs. 100 or less. Quite a few days later it was ended up with Rs. 200, before I stopped playing with crackers as I started staying in hostel and that’s it. And now, many trendy items are available and you need to keep your heart in your mouth deliberately, to avoid white-washing your pocket. How gifted this generation is!!!

@ Team India’s show

I don’t know how the kangaroos will get reconstructed, but as for as India is concerned, the win over the world champs is a marvel with excellence. A mighty dream might come true for most of the Team India by hunting the Ricky Pointing’s men down under. I think this is after a long time, an Ausies captain being written off back home. The way the Team Australia was outplayed by Team India obviously warn the betting Junta to hold their tails before they bet.
But one thing that is to be remembered by the cricketing world is – Team India is still the most unpredictable side and can turn down any team on it’s day and can loose to any team as well!! Only the consistency of every ‘playing eleven’ can answer many a questions and can make the unpredictability up side down. Now, Mahi needs to put his head and heart to keep his men hang out on their every outing in the middle, where some big names are going to be missed in the team.

By the way, I convey hearty congratulations to the ‘men in blue’ on demolishing Ausies and hence taking charge as world No: 2 in ICC test cricket ratings and ‘all the best’ for the ongoing England tour of India.

@ The Last Samurai

When you enter the field you should believe that the day to leave the field may come at any point of time. And what if it comes after playing some winsome cricket for years?

The day had come for both Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly after being part of Indian cricket for almost 19 and 16 years respectively. Jumbo quit it at his favorite Firoz shaw kotla and wore the Indian cap for the one last time and Dada waved his hand for one last time after the crackling victory over the world champs. What a dream farewell …!!
Thank You for every thing … :)

And that’s how the season waved me so far… Mostly done, I guess.

:):)Smile Please:):)

Oct 19, 2008

The Indian ACE

Congratulations sachin...


That is not just 'runs' that keeps you in many hearts.

Oct 15, 2008

Once … And Now!!!

It is interesting to recollect how my life’s seasons turned me around. This day if I stay calm and look around the clock of my years, I find a fair reel of transition. Though I didn’t remember some of those incidents, but I definitely remember how they made me feel. What once I was aiming at and what now? What once I was crazy about, and what now? … Likewise there are enumerable issues, which I’m addressing here. I repeat, ‘its all about me and only me’. It’s not only about my emotional metamorphosis, but also about my upgraded rituals.

* I remember the days when I used to go to the ‘ice cream babu’ and picking up the ‘cone ice cream’ and eating it slowly, so that I enjoy the thrill as longer as I could. And now I’ve stopped taking ice creams whatever the reason it is. (Of course, some how my health is not supporting me to it eat now :))

* I used to go to movies with friends on the very next day of their release as we used to have college till 1.00 pm only. (That’s alone been not the way, we used to bunk classes too… :)). And now … ‘Are Yar…I’m not at all getting interest to rush to a theater…please tell me how I can do it again’

* I still remember the moments when all others around me were wondering at me ‘Why she is crying for this??’ … I’ve always been a sensitive person till my +2 days. Sensitiveness was really at its peak…I used to get tears for most of the problems I’d faced even though they were veryyyy simple … if I think about them now, I laugh at myself and tease myself. And now though I don’t like crying…but still I cry few times and I cry before the people I love…(But still I’m sensitive and I like that sensitiveness in people around me. I generally don’t tease sensitive people, Cause I know the effect of it!!).

* In the earlier days of my hostel life whenever I start to hostel I always wanted to hug my mom and to cry, though I never did. And now after 9 years of my hostel life, as it became practice I take it easy as I can’t avoid and I want to hug my mom and say ‘Miss You’ and ‘take care’, though I don’t do it even now:):).

* In my past I used stay like a detached observer at most of the debates among people (frns/elders (whom I know) /children/other people). Now, I can’t stay back in debates among my friends and among elders whom I know. I convey my view to the group and perhaps take a side. Still I don’t interfere in discussions among children (As they have the most sensitive hearts in the world and I don’t feel I’ve any skill in solving their problem by not humiliating any of them, In future I’ll adopt that as I should!!). And I stay still detached in debates among the ‘other people’ (whom I don’t know).

* I used to take people for granted, who talks to me nicely, and who stays with me always. In my far past I never tried to show difference in behaving with people, though I know some people were good and some were bad as I concluded them according to the situation and according to the way I saw. But now, I show a clear difference in treating every one, as I feel every individual is unique and special too. I’ve my own way of behaving with everyone directly and indirectly.

* In my far past I wanted to be a good girl for all. Now I want to be good to myself and true to myself. Now I don’t mind to be myself in most of the situations and I never miss my own self just because some one thinks badly about me. (Of course it is not very possible always, it do hurts some times but I’m not talking about the extreme conditions!!).

* Exam preparation… It’s the craziest issue I feel… I never did a single ‘one day batting’ till my M.Tech 1st year. I learned it or got addicted to it during those days and it had stupendous effect on my performance in my first semester. Straight away I came back to my actual way of preparation for the exams :):).

* Once I never liked giving pose to a photo. And today I go crazy for that. I never liked wearing good dresses or getting ready neatly, but now I do consider it. I never shared my personals with any one, but now I do share with those who deserve. And many more…………………

These are few things I could publish in my blog, but still the list is not yet completed. Far more issues are to be included, but for the time being I’m keeping them aside. These are all those issues where I had a thirst to change myself and changed my self accordingly (And also with time/life lessons/consequences). There are some more matters in which I need to upgrade my level of thinking.

** I feel very much tensed for very small issues those matter really less and I stay cool for such issues which matter the most. Basically when I fear about some issue, I fail to accept a small issue as small. I feel it is most important, can’t easily unravel. But I’m moderately happy while I deal very though things and will stay quite balanced too.

** I take out positive from the happened events and I also want to think positively about the events that are to be occurred.

** I want to accept people as they are than just expecting more from them.

Chalo… bahut hogayaa… haa yaa … I want to learn ‘Hindi’ also… :)!!

Ok … and that’s it from my end. I welcome your opinions about your way of changing your life style. Please take a chance and consider it as my personal request and do put it in comments.

Thank you. Am signing off here… Have nice time.

Dare To Be What You Are. Care To Retain What You Deserve

Oct 6, 2008

As You…So You!

Words can work wonders.
A wonder can be any thing.
Either worthy, or damn. But,
Neither useless, nor senseless!!

As you seek so you speak
As you speak so you care
As you care so you hide

As you hide so you loose.

As you loose so you bother
As you bother so you think
As you think so you act
As you act so you struggle.

As you struggle so you strive
As you strive so you tough
As you tough so you get
As you get so you succeed.

As you succeed so you enjoy
As you enjoy so you seek
As you seek so you speak
As you speak so you care!!!

As I know so I try
As I try so I realize
As I realize so I wonder…

I wonder how easy to seek
I wonder how easy to speak
I wonder how difficult to care
I wonder how difficult to hide
At the end, I never wonder how I lost…
Cause its nothing wonder.

As I lost so I keep my heart…as I keep so I reach my dear heart’

Oct 2, 2008

Message of A Dying Heart About Living

Its nothing incredulous to shake hands with many good n bad moments in our rituals, those keep happening in life, as it is life. But the power of thinking about the good that excited us so far, when we deeply indulge in problems shows the difference amongst people’s life style and the passion of accepting problems. As some one said…
Its not how things are
Its up to us how we look at them
…And how we look up to them is all up to us.

In one of the forwarded mails I read a small story, which is in the forthcoming lines. In the very next moment after reading it, the above lines came in my mind and I put them in words.
Arthur Ashe, the legendary Wimbledon player was dying of AIDS, which he got due to, infected blood he received during a heart surgery in 1983. From all over the world, he received letters from his fans, one of which conveyed: "Why does God have to select you for such a bad disease?"
To this Arthur Ashe replied:
"50 million children start playing tennis, 5 million learn to play tennis, 500,000 learn professional tennis, 50,000 come to the circuit, 5000 reach the grand slam, and 50 reach Wimbledon, 4 to semi final, 2 to the finals.
When I was holding a cup I never asked God 'Why me?’
And today in pain I should not be asking God 'Why me?' "
Happiness keeps you Sweet,
Trials keep you Strong,
Sorrow keeps you Human,
Failure keeps you Humble
Success keeps you Glowing,
But only Faith & Attitude keeps you Going...

Sep 29, 2008

Mighty Hell

It is fair to conclude a hell as hell or a heaven as heaven.
It is irony to conclude a hell as heaven or a heaven as hell.
It is mastery to change hell as heaven or heaven as hell.
More over…
It is important to find the heaven out of hell to change hell as heaven
It is more important to find the hell out of heaven to maintain heaven as heaven.

Beyond all these …
Whether we are in hell or heaven…
If once the day is started, we need to rush, think and act to step in heaven and beyond, after all

heaven is next to hell.

Hell proves practically how joyful the Heaven is…
Hell makes us tough to ups and depths in life…
Hell helps us to become confident in raw conditions…
Hell makes us taste all flavors of life…

Most importantlyyyyyy…
Only hell can show who our REAL MATES are … **which is impossible for heaven**
So is Hell not MIGHTY???

Sep 28, 2008

All The Best To Be The Best

‘Taare Zameen Par’
Every child is special…

The magnanimous story of a charming chap suffering from dyslexia and his cheering teacher, touched n moved every heart. The emotional metamorphosis of an eight-year-old boy has been prevailed by the affluent Amir Khan in his debut as a director. Its not just a story but is a true reflection of the contemporary reality as well.

It is as true as elevated in the punch line, ‘Every child is special’. Every child has his/her own interest and readiness for such doings, which may or may not be acceptable by their parents. But, those children who would be encouraged and allowed to grow according to their own way of interest, can see themselves sitting not only on the edge of a horizon of success but also in the lap of bountiful happiness.

For a thought-provoking movie like this, it is a deserved reward to be nominated for the ‘OSCAR’ awards from India in the foreign movie category. Let’s wish Amir Khan a Wholehearted ‘ALL THE BEST’ to keep an Indian foot on the film world’s biggest stage.

Sep 24, 2008

Help Endures…

I used to think, ‘a visit to the world’s wonder gives me a life-time amusement and indelible feeling I hold up to my heart’ but, I could never imagine that I’d meet a ‘helping heart’ until I met so. I was exhilarated because, Ravi accompanied me since the beginning of that precious event, till the end. It all happened when we went on a trip to the dumbfounding ‘TAJ MAHAL’ with our parents in the final year of M.Tech.

It was one of the longest n loveliest days in my life so far. We started to Agra from Delhi at 6 am and we returned at 6.30 am, next day. During the whole 24 hrs, hardly we experienced a 2 to 3 hrs of fun while watching the Taj, and the else time went with an insipid ‘to n fro’ journey.

When I reached my hostel I opened my handbag to pay the auto driver. I couldn’t find my valet, even after the clumsy search. It consisted of my college ID card, two ATM cards and near about Rs. 250. Though it was not a big amount, I felt so emotional about the valet. Ravi and me rushed back to the railway station to search for it. We were very much tired after an unsuccessful attempt to find it. My eyes filled up with quick tears and he consoled me like any thing. After some time, we returned to IIT with well-tried heavy hearts.

I completely believed that I lost my valet and the contents in it. I prepared myself to go to the bank and cancel the ATM card. After a couple of hours of deep sleep I heard an announcement in our floor speaker, hostel receptionist addressing me. I reached there in few seconds; Guard gave me the land phone receiver and said, “call for you from the IIT PG section”.

“ Hello”
“Hello…Are you pramoda?” a male voice enquired.
“Yes, I’m” I replied.
“Were you in Agra last night?” he asked me.
I’m astonished and said yes. Again he asked me, whether I lost my valet??
With a quick ‘Yes’, I replied.
He said,” Some one called here and informed me that your valet is with him and he gave me one mobile number. You can call on that number and collect it. Note it down... XXXXXXXXX” … It sounded like a sweet melody for me…I replaced the receiver with a quick ‘yes’ and ‘thank you’.

I dialed that number immediately; a male voice answered that call. He said his name and continued, “ Your valet is with me. I’ll be waiting at AIIMS hospital main gate. You can come and collect it”.

How sweet, I felt like I was in new world… I loved the whole mankind… I liked the traffic jam in he mid-way too. At that moment I felt my surroundings nurturing.

Again Ravi and me rushed to that place to meet him. All the way we eagerly waited to meet him. At last we met him at the main entrance door of the AIIMS hospital. We talked to him as if he was the most superior to us. He said that he found that valet near by his feet when he was on the Agra railway platform and admitted, “ I opened the valet and I saw the ID card and ATM cards. I called the phone number of the office written on the ID card and informed them my number”

Then I asked him out of interest “ Are you from Delhi?”
He replied, “ No, I’m from Agra only. I’ve a small craft shop near the Taj mahal.”
After that he said heart-felt news to us. “My 9 months old baby is suffering from a heart problem. We came to AIIMS for her treatment. It’s a severe problem; doctors are also finding no way to get her out of danger”.

We felt very sad after listening to him. We thanked him before we turned back. Ravi n me decided to give him some thing, so we went to the fruit shop and brought apples and returned to him, where he was sitting with his family.

The baby was smiling and charming in a baby pink suit, as if she hadn’t any hurdles to stay in this world. We played with her for some time and we handed over the fruits to his wife. He denied taking them, after an urge he said, “ You people also take half of them, because we both shared the joy equally. I don’t need any thing from you other than a deep wish and pray for my baby to be healthy”. We thanked him and finally we convinced him to take all those.

On the way back to IIT, I recollected the couple of times I found once the ATM card and other time the Bank passbook on the roads of IIT and the way I handed them to the guards in IIT. I shared the same with Ravi too. But I believe that the way I got back my valet is far better than the way I gave it to the guard.

I explained all of my friends about that incident and about that person and his baby. Every one praised him and prayed for the baby, which propelled me to feel some more joyful about the incident.

I still feel fresh when I reminisce the whole thing. I’m still
astonished, “being in that much deep pain about his baby, how the person could be so sensitized about other’s feelings?? How he could be so simple when he said he needs nothing more than a prayer for his baby??”

I feel I’m very lucky to be a part of that incident. I can say the help he does endures… It is an unremitting feeling that is to be cherished for life long. It gives a working example of the whopping grace in mankind and a bountiful belief in humans.

A couple of weeks later the same person called me and told me that the baby had died because of the heart problem and he also invited both of us to his home on our next visit to Agra.

This is all about it. I confess myself in one thing that I didn’t mention his name in this post … Can you guess why because??

It is because…I’m unable to recollect his name…in other words I don’t remember his name though I felt an absolute joy because of him. Even in my mobile I’ve stored his number as ‘help’, but not by his name. It’s really a stupid side of me. I regret n curse myself for it.

I wrote this because, I feel this is the worthy place to keep this story and to keep fresh my feelings towards that and also to confess myself as mentioned.

Help Ever… Not because you need help someday, but because you can help everyday

Sep 22, 2008

Happy B'day My Dear Soppi...

Dear Sudha ...
I wish you my heartful wishes
on the eve of your B'day...
"You are priceless to me"
Thank You For Everything.
"Its easier for me to feel her than to describe her"

Sep 17, 2008

Who Are Detaining The Prosperity of Incredible India???

Keeping aside the fiscal issues, Indians are nothing less than any one else. Perhaps, we are more worthy considering the prosperity n legacy. Some one quoted, “Indians are poor but not India”. Yes, I’m inline with that and admit, “ Nurturing prophets have been the power of prosperous India”. India has been a cynosure in culture n integrity issues till date. On the other end, India has been in news regarding few disputes too. The recent terrorist attacks once again made India conspicuous on the world’s stage. To be frank, in this write-up I not only aim at barreling remarks against the terrorists, but also at rebuking the other shade of ‘Incredible India’.

Before entering I must quote: “ I salute to the people who are living for the country”. To live for the country you need not to be a warrior, but you have to be a normal citizen who can accept the struggle caused by your country and must try to save your country mates from the same agitation.

The ‘Indian Defense’ has been the important counterpart as a savior. The ‘Indian Police Services’ and the ‘Indian Administrative
Services’ have some thing, that no one can point a finger at them. They have been the warhorses in tough times. But still many backlogs have been noticed in the recent past, which question the near future. The serial blasts propel incessant discussions on the ability of the civil servants, who aspired for it before they acquired it. From the audacious act the terrorists once again proved that they are not under par to our police department and also once again conveyed that they are the people who are not going to sit like undetached observers of uprising Indian heritage.

As already all most all the newspapers and news channels circulated bunches of news about this sad tale, I don’t think that I should go into the numbers juggle again. I straightaway come to the catastrophic effects of the swift attacks. Starting from the past Mumbai bomb blasts to the recent Delhi serial blasts, it’s always been an insipid voyage for the victims and also for the eyewitnesses. The media thrives with impulse and we follow the media as well. Talking much about the terrorists doesn’t help us. So, I’m confining myself to few issues over here and I want to avoid cursing the Protestants.

I saw people often praising the American security system. In one reputed newspaper I read the author saying, “ if it is America, the security system allows the blasts to be happened only once and they defend the following one successfully. It is not the case with India. Our policemen don’t mind about people and they are like living dead”. Being a human I can appreciate the author for having a broad eye on the Americans but being an Indian I can’t accept him saying that our policemen are living dead at the same time to have an eagle-eye on our system. Though there are lots of mentally ailed police, but I don’t think that alone is the reason. We too have the intelligent units who can portend the omen. Sometimes they fail and recently they are working sometimes.

Mean while, we must not forget to address our honorable ministers and opposition leaders who always be ready, to convey their condolences to the victims, to condemn the drenching upheaval of such terrorist attacks, to visit the hospitals and the announce the relief fund, to address the queries of media, but not at any point of time to serve the underprivileged and to do their duty.

The questions taunt me are:
We used to see parents and teachers to advice their children
to be cool and not to take much tension about the exam to perform well in it. And again we see in the pilot training academies, in the military training centers, in sports events the echelons used to repeat saying to be cool during the tense situations so that the performance would be better n successful. But if we see our ministers they used to be doubly pressured about retaining their ministry, criticizing the opposition, pleasing their party mates and what not?? So, should we believe that they are doing their duty with utmost concentration??? How long they can give qualitative instructions to their respective groups and primarily to the defense troops??? I can say the key to their failure is “ They try to please all, which is the most impossible and most unwanted”.

If we don’t want to see the unfortunate events in India, Its not enough to barrel complaints against politicians or police authorities. I believe that there is some thing that has to be look after… And here it goes…

On the very next day of blasts, most of us confine ourselves speaking about it and we conclude it by saying the system as ‘starkest indictment’. Yes, of course it is. But while concluding why can’t people remember that they too are being indulge in the same system for years?? Why many parents can’t stop their children dreaming of working for the multi national companies rather than working for the Intelligence Bureau of India?? When can the orientations of the critics change and they know that all the technology of the intelligence system of America has been done by Americans and not by any one else? In my opinion, even in American one generation might have struggled a lot to get rid off the effects of the flaws in the system, to protect their next generations. If we, Indians can believe that now we are in the struggling phase and if we can accept the struggle and if we can contribute to get rid off it from our side to leave a great legacy to our next generations, We’d feel much better and satisfied rather than just rebuking the existing system in manner less language. But who are ready to struggle now???

We say that India is a developing country and still claim that we deserve to get security measures of well-developed countries like America!!! It doesn’t help making a quiescent day pleasant.

According to me, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India should get more powers to unravel the unfortunate happenings and to save people from the ongoing swift attacks. The IB should get power to enlarge their network all over India to save us from endanger. The IB officials being hidden should directly address the people like the way ‘Bin Laden’ speaks dearly in TV channels often, but not the persons to whom they report. Then only we can know the problems of IB people also. Otherwise just making them the culprits doesn’t work at all and also it is not the well tribute we pay for the people who serves India at the cost of their lives!!

Finally …
We’ve seen people who are born n brought up in India still not willing to sever their motherland, having said that ‘We love India’. Its not fair to expect the terrorists, who hate India for some reason, who want to cause agitation in the Indian economy, to keep quite and sever India by stopping the bomb blasts. We should prove to the world that Indians can handle huge misfortunes successfully and can still stay with winsome smile of confidence. We should dream for a system that can take the problems challengingly, rather than the system that expects no problems.

In my opinion, all those brutal attacks happened so far, happened to make India learn from the difficulties and make India the toughest. We must salute to the people being suffered or died in such remarkable attacks as well as the swashbuckling soldiers who died in the war field while doing their duty. I mean their death is for the same reason. Both propel the improving India not definitely the destroying. Though in both places people died for India, but the former ones don’t know that they are going to die, but the later know that they are and still they dare.

Though we may or may not see our dream India…but we must believe that on one day or other India will definitely taste the charm of success. For those people who are going to experience that we must wish, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS in advance and say “ We Are Proud That You Are Experiencing Our Dream”.

Sep 13, 2008

Sounding The Death-Knell...!!

It surely hurts when you make an unsuccessful attempt to find the name of India’s one of the most successful captains in the selected team for the ‘Rest of India’, unless you don’t expect it beforehand. At least I experienced it. Hence I wanted to pen down.

Sourav Ganguly …

He is the person who admitted the unknown quality of captaincy for Indian Cricket Team so far… He is the person who helped his young mates to get aquatinted with the conventional team. As causality he lacks in diplomatic concern proved a couple of years ago. He was ousted from the team for whatever the reason it was. The desperation given by it helped him to swift back in to the scene soon.

And now…

The same story repeats …
The selection seems to be like sounding the death-knell for his cricketing future. Today his fortune MAY BE unanswerable, but his ability is unquestionable…

Let’s hope…
By the day he bid adieu to cricket, he would get satisfy being “dada” for his well-wishers.

Only "CAN" can do it...!!!

I'm astonished by looking at this poem... How the poet could think so winsome... ???

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are loosing theirs and blaming it on you.
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
And yet don’t look too good, or too wise;

If you can dream- and not make dreams your master;
If you can think- and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with triumph and disaster
And treat these two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build them up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and never and sinew
To serve your long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the will that says to them: ‘Hold on!’

If you can walk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings-nor lose the common touch;
If neither foes nor living friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but not too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute,
With sixty seconds worth of distance run,
Yours is earth and everything in it,
And-, which is more-you‘ll be a Man, my son!

Sep 10, 2008

Who Can Shed Voice For Them???

To my surprise, it is pretty pleasure to impart the inundated adversity of the “ill-fated sports persons” neighboring me. The most unwanted hard-luck backs them like nothing existing. The voluntary support from their superiors stays with them, truly not always. Though the selectors often bewilder them, but actually they unknowingly educate them and prepare them to challenge the misfortune by facing it.

Yes, I’m speaking my heart here.
And yes, I’m not just scribbling. It took ages for me to conclude myself in this regard. I feel it is a long overdue and has to be ousted at least this time.

I write this not just to convey, but also to unscramble myself.
It is not just to read thoroughly, but also to think possibly and to act accordingly.

Past of many can change our thought.
Our thought can change our act.
Our act can change the fortune of many.

Back to the pavilion…

Early in this year, a dear friend of mine shared with me one of her sad tale and how she was unable to come out of it successfully. I could feel the anguish in her voice and also the hatred towards the people who caused it and in a corner stayed the helplessness, obviously.

I feel it would be quite understandable if I convey it in her voice…


Hi… I’m Ms. Xxx. I believe that I’m an intelligent n hard working “kabaddi” player. My family got settled in a small town and my father is a farmer. Though I joined my bachelors’ degree (B.Sc), I always wanted to make kabaddi as my profession. For my goodness, I’ve been practicing under an amiable trainer. I could manage to get place in the state team during state kabaddi meet, 2000. Rapidly I became a key player in the team and represented in many tournaments and gifted many trophies for my respective teams.

The day has come when I heard news that I’m going to be considered for the team selections for the common wealth games. Wow… That’s a great and unique feeling. Finally, on my day I got call for the Indian woman kabaddi team representing for the common wealth games. My heart empowered with joy at that moment.

Oh my goodness, I’m going to play for my country…
Finally I got a result for my hard work…
This is a new beginning… :):)
Yes…. yes… I did it…

Thoughts were overflowing in my heart until I heard bitter n scary news. Ironically the selectors demanded an amount of 3,00,000 INR, for nominating me to the final selection. I was absolutely perplexed. Stunned as happened the unexpected and undeserved. Tears found their way out, as I rarely let them.

What’s wrong with me?
Why should I pay?
How can I tell this to my parents?
How can I ask them money?
How to indulge with this?

I’m found hardly any answer. I decided not to pay them at any cost.
Incidents happened, as I gave money to the selectors finally, no matter what the amount I gave. The deep wish with in to play for my country overshadowed all other issues at a glance. Finally I played for India and our team won the gold medal.

After a couple of months, I again got a call for the Asian games and the whole story repeated again. But the ending was different as I completely denied giving money this time. And this time, I’ve seen many other players who are exactly in my situation. And also some players (So called players… Recommendation candidates), who occupied our seats in the team.

Shhhhhh… S.I.L.E.N.C.E.

Back to me …

How long this silence lasts???
How long we pretend to live?

Can any one count how many talented players are going in vain?
Can any one imagine how Indians can perform in the forthcoming Olympics if we can stop this?

Who can shed voice for the players of little humanity?

Who can shed voice for the selectors of rich stupidity?
Either of them can make the things work well… :)

Every thing, that happens
Happens for a reason.
The reason that builds
Our character.
Some one…some day…some time…Hamm… What else? As usual… Let’s Hope For The Best… Cause, we can’t leave the rest.

Sonorous Slogans…:):):)

Chandrababu Naidu
………. Swarnandhra Pradesh!!!

Rajashekar Readdy
………. Harithandra Pradesh!!!

………. Santhoshandhra Pradesh!!!

Who serves the Actual Andhra Pradesh people???

Sep 4, 2008

Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai……….!!!

The superior challenges…The strategic adventures…The trained trainers…The encouraging friends…The inspiring pulchritude… The whopping scenery… The pleasant weather… accumulated an ocean of spirit n joy in my heart, during my two-day Out Bound Training (OBT) at Panchgani, held recently. The way I got acquainted with the whole group of 18 boys is yet to be answered, as I was the only girl among us.

The tour went with pretty fascinating challenging games like, crossing a 70 feet valley by walking on a rope, one more rope game, a juggle of numbers, rock climbing etc. It was all about fun n frolic over there. We undoubtedly had a sublime combination of many flavors of life.

Meanwhile, I must speak about the ability of our trainer ‘Vinita’, an energetic n dynamic woman I can say. Though, she is pretty aged woman, she used to work with her will power. Every word out of her mouth had a stupendous effect on all of us. The discussion sessions conducted by her after every game was the unique feature of its kind.

Coming back to the adventurous games…

At the starting the whole batch was in a real anxiety as we didn’t aware of the kind of games we are going to play and, in the corner there was a bit of fear too. After reaching Panchgani, I confined myself to watch though the bus window, as the scenery n the greenery was at its best. But once the games were started, I tried my best to be impervious from other thoughts. Whenever we feel a bit nervous we used to refresh ourselves, in other words we inspire ourselves by saying “Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai…!”.
One incident I want to share with you all … just scroll down…

As I mentioned earlier, the game of crossing a 70 feet valley by walking on a rope is named as “Bummer Bridge”. In that game there was a down rope that tied tightly between two sides of the valley and two more ropes at the height of 4 feet from the down roap to hold with arms. To cross the valley we have to walk on the down rope, by holding the two side ropes with hands and of course, a supporting rope was there to hold us, if we fall. I was very confidant n fearless and I believed that “I can do it”. As my turn came, I started it with a good moment of arms and legs. But in the mid way, the rope was completely shacking. Every one was shouting “Pramoda, don’t look down”, as that was a 70 feet down in the middle. But I couldn’t turn myself from looking down. After a few seconds I realized the cause for the shaking, i.e. actually I myself shaking over there, not the rope :):):)… Then I stayed 10 seconds right at the point and took a deep breath and then started walking. From then I really enjoyed my walk on the rope. All the way, my friends were encouraging me, suggesting me and supporting me. Thanks to them … finally I reached the end of the rope and also end of the story.
This is one of the funny incidents from my side and there were uncountable funny things among the group. I don’t know, where it will end if start saying them…Better Not to. After every game there were discussions on how we felt about it and what to learn from that experience, about the team work, encouraging others, the power of genuine complement etc. The way Vinita related all the games to the real life incidents was the best side of our tour. I rate the analysis as best, than the games we played.

Till now I read so many personality development books. I used to feel that I’m very near to the words like, team work, inspiration, encouragement, team spirit etc, even before I stepped in to the training place. But for the first time ever I felt that there are miles and miles to go to reach them in reality. For the first time, I experienced the joy n satisfaction in encouraging others. I personally feel that my routines have been changed, after I came back from the tour. I’m finding the clear difference in taking decisions, in encouraging friends, in complementing others… on the whole in managing people.
To manage people we should know the people
To know the people we should love the people
We love people only when we love ourselves.
We love ourselves only when we believe that we got more than we deserve.
On the whole, I strongly feel … “Once in life, every one should under go this kind of trainings… not only for the fun but to experience the difference”. But be very careful when you play the adventurous games… A game can change your life… :):):)

Dar ke aage jeet hai…. Aur jeet ke aage kya hai…?

Aug 19, 2008

That’s up to now... :)

The crazy brand and today’s trend helped me to convince myself, to become a counterpart in the sublime automobile industry. And of course the campus placement, the spotlight that made me to think n dream about the carrier over here. To my surprise, the punctual train and the stormy rain welcomed me here in Pune. The pulchritude of the greenery in our colony attracted me at my first look.

Sparkling conference hall greeted me on the first day, as usual for an introduction meet. Ironically, it became my so called ‘office’ from the very next day, for both induction period and for the mini school as well. Though the names sound different, surprisingly enough both mean the same.

New friends so called colleagues, new teachers so called echelons are my regular customers in the conference hall. The lectures given by them, one after the other compete among themselves to make a quiescent day for all of us. Though the cadre of HRs do copious hard work, the outcome has been insipid. Though the echelons give amiable guidance, the clarity stays back. Meanwhile, we do remember to make most out of it.

However, my inner excitement of a new joiner is forcing me to write this plea. My interest to contribute to the organization is aiming at the sky.

Since from long time, I have been looking forward not for a good job but for a good carrier, I believe that i have got every power to show patience to learn the things in the right way, for a right purpose and in the right time.
And finally today it is all over...and from now onwords, I would
Love to observe both good and bad
Try to unravel both good and bad
Like to learn the good
Prefer to know the bad
I’m complacent to
Serve the organization
Serve the people
Serve the country
I want to serve myself hence survive myself.

Nadal Raises the Curtain...!

Well, First of all I want to congratulate my favourite, Mr. Rafael Nadal, for finding himself, the energetic way to perch the podium in the Olympics'08. Though it has been a one sided show for the audience, he comes up with a break to the “Federer Mania”. Still no doubt Federer is the best, but its the time for Federer to raise up to the situation and should face the challenges, like never before in his carrier. Becoming world number-1 is itself a tough thing and Federer managed to hold it for 237 weeks, that’s the mastery.

As for as me concerned... I managed to know some basic fundamentals about the game. I speak about the Wimbledon-08 final between Nadal & Federer. I watched this match from the first serve to the match winning shot. I really watched it to see a winning Nadal. And, it happened to my goodness. After Wimbledon-06 and Wimbledon-07 losses, Nadal came up with a stunning performance to Federer. But the way Federer came back in to the game after losing the first two sets was the moment of the match. To Nadal, the every ‘ACE’ of Federer was a challenger. To Federer, coping up with the run-up and body language of Nadal had been a tough job. However, Nadal managed to win finally...That was the starting of good time for him and for our generation tennis as well. Competition makes everything worthwhile.

The Spain Bull – Rafael Nadal, who always strived to compete with Federer, might be delighted by becoming the world champion, but the spicy dish starts now. From now, spectators expect a “Federer Vs Nadal” for every grand slam. It would be awesome to enjoy the best tennis show in this era. I feel It is worthy enough to say that Nadal Raised the curtain to the incredible rivalry with the Swiss king. No doubt the matches yet to come would be joyful for the tennis lovers, like me.

The statements of Nadal are pretty attractive n pleasant--- “Still Federer is the best player. He is technically skilled. I try my best to go further. I feel sad to born in the same era of Federer. Now he will try to play extremely well”.
Any way once again... My hearty congratulations to Nadal, for silencing the doubters and proved that the number-1 rank is not just because of points juggle on the computer with his Olympic gold. All the very best to both Federer and Nadal ... Have n Share the fun with excellence.

Aug 12, 2008

The Pride of INDIA


to the Man with Golden Gun ... Mr. Abhinav Bindra ...

Thankyou for letting us listen to our national anthem on the world's biggest stage ...


Simply to say ... Its a mix up of both pleasure n proud...

Didn't get , how the two days went ... but surely left a fabulous image, which already found its way to reach my heart.

Hw can i define those days? ...
The most precious days of my student life... :)

Thank you IITDelhi, for blessing me with unforgettable moments...

Jun 4, 2008

Sitting on the beach chairs...

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the setting sun
holding hands and reminiscing
how it all begun

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the ships out on the sea
holding hands and smiling
together we're meant to be

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching people walking past
holding hands and knowing
that our love will always last

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the waves along the shore
holding hands we realize
our love is stronger than before

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the changing tide
holding hands with happiness
to be by each others side

Sitting on the beach chairs
watching the sunrise
holding hands with tears of joy
there are no more good-byes
Note: I read it somewhere and loved it...

Keep Smiling... :)

After Every Sad Day...
Comes A Glad Day...
Keep Smiling... :))

May 30, 2008

Done with it... :)


Here is pramoda again ...with pleasure I'm saying ... I've done with M.Tech ... from IIT Delhi ..... :)It's an overflowing emotional happiness to leave IIT... So many sweet and some bitter experiences over here... but I repeat... Each and every moment here was special and unique...:);)

So many people have been involved in these most wonderful pages of my life... It's been colourful always... I just want to give an acknowledgement here ...

I would love to tell about my projecy work here in the starting... Coz, It gave me an immense satisfaction like nothing in IIT... It’s my pleasure to express sincere gratitude to Dr.M.Veerachary, for his amiable guidance and copious encouragement throughout my project work, which inspired me to keep my heart for it, like never before.

I’m greatly thankful to all of my teachers for being the primary sources of knowledge in me. I extend my gratitude to the research scholars in power electronics lab, for their help throughout my course work.

I thank all the people, who have created a friendly environment in the lab, which helped me to work many hours in straight. I can say, I stayed most of the time in lab than in my room... !!!!.I’m thankful to Mr.Gurucharan Singh, Lab superintendent, for his much awaiting helping hand, whenever it mattered.

Friends.... How can I saimply say thanks to them ...? Especially when we stay away from home ... They are the ppl, who can manage us to get going ... It's a thing to feel proud, so I am. I thank my classmates and friends for their invaluable support to carry forward with the life here... :) A special thanks to Ravi, for encouraging me althrough...starting from the first day in IIT... :) :)

Here comes my family ... They have been backing in both good and bad times here... I express my heart full thanks to my family for making me exhilarated with their moral support throughout these two years.

Only few days left to stay in my favorite place... Delhi ... :):) ... I'm trying to make most out of those...

It's very hard and sad to believe that I'm going to miss all these... but afterall it's a part of life and... Only Farewell With Any Thing Can Let Us To Know It's Value... :)

May 27, 2008

Disappointing "CHARGERS"... !!!

"Deccan Chargers"... A team known for its hard hitters ...
I went crazyy to back this team ...
Though the anguish was surely there when it lost... the thing that put me back in control was the "Smile" n "easy going" of the players it has... :) They were all enjoying well on the field... Especially I must stress "Gill christ" in this context.

Even though some of the players were world-class n prefessional... they stayed as
"Disappointing Chargers" for this tournment... :( :(
"Have A Better Time Next Year"

I convey a special Thanks to "Rohit Sharma" for his entertainment, who is
a gifted player of I.P.L.'08.

Enjoying the "hectic" shedule...:)

Last dayz in IIT ...
"Finishing the formalities for M.Tech .... " , It's truly "Hectic" ... :) :)
But still njoying up to the best.. :)

I'm feeling a bit difficult to unclutter my mind from some crazyyyy thoughts... :):):)
And alsoooo.... I'm hardly finding a way to be impervious from the ongoing "I.P.L."... :);):)

Any way ... just 2 days to go ...
I know n believe that I can do my best... :)

May 25, 2008

A Soldier's Plea...!!!

"Hey dear...
This may be the last kiss...
This may be our last meet...

But... I'm exhilarated....Coz...
I know...
I'm going for a better tomorrow...

The war may leaves me perished...
The war may makes me undone...
Whatever it may happens...
I'm "Living" for many...

Will be missing you if something happens... but...

I'm Complacent to be myself... Since, The decision to become a soldier was a circumspect...

Love you dear ... I know you will wait for me.No body can , If you can't... !!!

I hope n wish to come back soon ... never know whether CAN I ... But I'm believing the BEST..."

May 22, 2008

Love doesn't mind...!!!

Love Has No Eyes...
Love Is Not Blind...

Love Can See...
It Doesn't Mind... :)

May 21, 2008

"My Best Wishes"

Hiiii ... Pavani & Anjana...

Memories of moments I spent with you are still with me...
Wishing you...
"Many More Happy Returns of The Day"

May 19, 2008

"Happy B'day..Neelima"

Hi... Neelima...
Many more happy returns of the day...
I wish u to smell the fragrance of success... :)

May 17, 2008

Most memorable she became "Flintoff"

This is happened between me and my best friend.... in B.Tech... :)

one day, we wanted to meet our mam, to bring one text book.So, we thought of going to her after lunch.Since, I've completed lunch earlier, I was waiting for my frnd in our room, and I was reading news paper. Since, I was a big fan of cricket, I rushed to the sports page , and was going through the "Ashes series" news. There I read a statement saying "Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden will be playing for their respective teams". When I was still studying...suddenly my frnd entered the room and she has taken off the news paper and pushed me to go to mam... I have no other option , so we started towards mam's room. I had that dissatisfaction that I haven't read the remaining news... :(

In between the walk, she asked me "Who are the authors of the book that we want to take from mam?". Even though I knew their names, just to tease her, I said"Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden". "What are those names... they are sounding something different..?" she asked me... as she doesn't know that they are cricketers... :):) " Ya, I know, They are the authors of that book" I replied. Then she believed it and we reached mam's room.

By that time, mam was sleeping.... we knocked the door many times but she didn't responded...then we knocked the door very hardly... and she said"yeah, I'm coming", with an irritating voice. She was on fire after looking at our faces in front of her door.With a quick "Sorry", we entered her room. She asked us" Why you came? ".. Then we said that we wanted a text book... Then she asked..."Which one?"

My friend said quickly.... "That book mam, You've told us in class na... written by Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden..!!!"... :):) . I was really waiting for that answer from her.But, I felt bit nervous as mam was woken up from half a sleep ,and as she was already in frustration at the same time. I controlled an outburst of laughter... heheheheh

Mam was shocked... as she never referred to those authors... :"Which book it is ..? "she shouted... making true my expectation... :) . Then I went in between, and I told her the actual author's name... and we got the book quickly, we hurried to come out .... :)

After a few minutes, we were going back to hostel, my frnd was still thinking, what had happened.... To finish her confusion, I explained everything... :):)

All the way back to hostel, she was kicking me ... and pleaded not to tell any one about it... But..."How can I ?????"...I explained it to every one i met on that day and I started calling her "Flintoff"... She used scold me like anything ... But later, whenever we got remember this incident, we used to laugh alot... Even, for today, whenever we talk in phone, we recollect it most of the times... :):):)

May 16, 2008

To Love ... Is The Art Of Life... :)

"Love" is an all-time magic that surrounds humans...
"Love" is the language that every heart speaks...
Love cares...Love shares...
Love gives... Love knows...
And I proudly say..."Love makes us conquer"... :)

Love gives the strength...Love gives the inspiration...
Love shows the warmth caring...Love supports the mutual sharing...
Love encourages the life's goal... Love responses to the inner roar...
Love captilizes the power of affection...Love controls the people's emotion...

Love seeks nothing....???
It seeks.... it seeks seeks seeks perfectly...
"Love seeks Love"..."Love needs Love"... :)
"Love supports Love"..."Love encourages Love"...
"Love helps Love"..."Love accepts Love"...
"Love wishes Love"

Love may hardens the life's journey...
Love may makes us transfixed...
Love may tests our patience...
Love may makes out our innocence...
But all that helps us to get going when the going gets tough is...
"The Love in our inner sense..."

Love to conquer...
Love to conquer...
Love to conquer...
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

May 15, 2008

Being IITian in Magical "Delhi"... :)

First of all I would like to say that "I Love Delhi"... :)

I stayed... I enjoyed...I suffered...I gained... for almost two years... most precious time of my life, I believe...

I'll cherrish each n every memory with joy ... and I define each and every moment passed here as special n unique... :)

I say confidently... I gained very good friends... I met "honourable personalities". Mainly I learned to stay controlled with my emotions. Though the weather conditions are pretty unbalanced and unpredictable... I loved the magical raining :):) Going to A.P.Bhavan then the walk to the India Gate n chat at the India Gate my favourite outing...

In my days I used to have a day dream of studying in IIT Delhi...:) It happened many times... not only once... I don't know the reason... :):)

Being IITian.... I learned of course as per the academics... First semester escaped in a glance but left lot of inspiration with in me ... :) The 20 minutes chat with one of the professors was my life's changing moment... Though it hadn't changed my aim, but it did changed my approach towards it. Though it left a burstout crying in that very next moment, but it made me to realize the very essence of my M.Tech degree from IITD... From then I stayed here to prove myself, especially to him... !!

Later... second sem, that was a tough time to carry through in IIT...with less CGPA...without scholorship... :(... but I got spectacular support from my friends...I really thank all of them...I took very less time to adjust myself to the downside ... The sem ended with lot of satisfaction... :)

The most important pages of my IIT life were in third sem... project... My most favourite thing ... I kept my heart for it like never before.Then placements... it happened like a dream...the tension was at it's best ... But I know the magic, that kept me cool whenever it mattered. :):)...

And finally the final sem... :):) ... It is running like any thing.... going to parties, project , cooking and blogging... :)... enjoying it to the fullest ... Still some more most imporatant days left ... !!!

I know that this article is lacking some thing... That is the special feeling that I want to hold up to my heart forever...
It is nothing short of my everything... !!!

May 11, 2008

"Happy Mother's Day"

You share...
you inspire...
you suggest
For all your doings...
I have a simple word in return...
"Thank You Mom"
And special thanks to the nature... for the creation of the creator... :):):)

May 10, 2008

My first boy-friend...:):)

He made his mark on my joyful childhood...He taught me his insider... He has shown me the way to survive... His will be one of the big images on the very first pages of my life's book... I'll post his photo in my next encounter...
In my early days... We used to roam around on a cycle...sometimes i slept in the middle of the ride...:)... I used to ask him to purchase a multi storied building for me...Once he took me to general stores, and he had asked me "what do you want?"... Then i asked for the calculator in the hands of the shop keeper... ;):). We used to play cards without notice of my grand mother...:)

Now...what makes me to speak too much about him ???

What he knows to be such a big n important personality to me even today...?

He knows the best way to entertain others... his speech will make u speechless, and will leave you in a world where laugh rules... :):)

Here I want to mention an important thing about him ...

He used to tell me about un invented utilities... like" This will come in 10 years....That will be in market in 20 years..." ..:) I used to laugh at him ... but ironically... many of them happened to be discovered...!!! ( might be a coincidence too...!!)

He is passionate about EENADU sunday magazines...pens...long journeys... dairies... paper cuttings... listening to the news in chillie pickle... brinzal curry... etc...

He gets confused about chess game...n... railway track especially when the train changes it's track...:):)

He laughs at his own jokes with his trade mark ... clapping his hands...and sadly can not easily understands other's jokes... :):)

Now he comes out...

He is none other than my sweet n beloved "Grand Father"... (My mom's father)
he is a modern grand fa.... He suggests n supports me for love marriage... :):)

Yes, he is really my first friend...or first boy- friend... :):) ... I stick to it...
Once he asked me to write about him... I couldn't do it then... now I feel it is the best place to write about him...

Finally one thing ...thanks for reading such a long article...believe me i did my best to cut short,think how big it should have been ...!!!

Want to say simply.... Thank you Tatayya... :):)

It takes...

It takes ...

A minute to have crush on someone...
A day to like someone...
An year to love someone...


It takes a life-time to forget someone...!!