Apr 28, 2008

Be ready for the Life’s changing moments… :):):)

This caption caught my eye when I was watching the Gilli’s encounter against “Mumbai Indians” in the Indian Premier League… it made me think … and here the outcome goes…!!

Life builds with moments… few make us celebrate…few do inspire…few leaves us transfixed… few outcomes navigate the truth…few are not memorable but are unforgettable… and it goes on as you can add your own. We enjoy…we weep… we regret…we appreciate…we conquer…we achieve… we miss… on many occasions, but each and every moment is special and unique… :):)

Every thing either good or bad, which happens, is for a reason and the reason which builds our character…which lasts forever. By taking all the moments in to the account we should make a note that “we will be… what we will to be”.

Coming to the phrase “Life’s changing moments”… Change which is the most essential and unavoidable shade of life...Well, every individual can name at least
one moment of their own. For me it is happened in the IIT Delhi… of course some more were there well before coming here, but I rate it the best among all. I am well charged up now to reach my goal. Please, wish me the power to accept both good and bad that happens in doing so… and the success depends upon my attitude and approach towards it… :):)

All the successful and unsuccessful personalities on any certain occasion can name at least one incident that has changed their routine. But we should remember one thing most specifically that those moments can change us …only if we stay attentive…and if we accept them. Some times, may be miracles can happen…perhaps we should believe them… and should not depend on them!!!

That’s how it goes…!!!

So, Let us be ready for the Life’s changing moments… :)

Apr 24, 2008

Prediction of the unpredictables...:):):) ...just take it easy..:)

INDIA----- The most unpredictable cricketing side in the world... Can beat any team on it's day.. :):) and vice versa.. :(:(...

Most wanted........ Sachin Tendulkar
Mr. Uncertain...... Virender shewag
Mr. Dependable..... Rahul dravid
Born to Learn.... Goutham Gambhir
Man of Crisis..... M.S.Dhoni
The nail eater.....Sourav Ganguly
Mr. Capable...V.V.S.Laxman
Ready to think.... Anil Kumble
Any time six.... Yuvraj singh
Committed to give fight.....Harbhajan singh
So called experienced.... Zaheer Khan
Mr.Cool.... Rohit Sharma
Mr. Aggressive.... Sreesanth
Ready to swing... Irphan Pathan
Mr. In swinger.... Ishant Sharma
Man of smiles.... R.P.Singh
Born to hit.... Robbin Uthappa
Mr. Diplomatic.... Praveen Kumar
Promissing fielder..... Dinesh Karthik
In to turn.... Murali Karthik
Mr. Lack of chances..... Piyush chawla
Choice of Dhoni for last over... Joginder sharma

Apr 18, 2008

Cricket... My Favorite Pass Time :):):)

Watching the game so called cricket will be a tough competitor in the race if the participants are the few things those I can do many hours in straight. I still remember the first match I watched when I was around 13, in that I liked Ganguly because he was looking good...:):):) from then, I have started following cricket… it became my most favorite pass time…
Time to time my interests about the game and players are changed as well as priorities. Some how I managed to know few basics about the game and couldn’t go further as I ever played… I started liking all sorts of emotions of players … and now I go crazy about them …

Well, I can never forget the days I enjoyed with my friends in the T.V. room of our hostel during 2003 world cup. That was a priceless memory with full of entertainment. During that time I had a day dream of watching world cup final between India and Pakistan, in which India wins. From then it was a part of my thoughts until India won against Pakistan in the T20 final, the match I watched literally by sitting on my fingertips.

I like to watch close encounters with listening to the commentary of Harsha Bhogle.Till now, there is one and only one match that made me wept…. It was the semifinal between Australia and South Africa during 1999 world cup as I was a big fan of South African team especially for Cronje, Klusener and Gibbs. There are some other matches which are unforgettable.

There are many big names in the world’s cricket those players are so called legends... Though I didn’t watch a single live match played by them, I respect the people’s choices.

There are many names to pen down as favorites up to me. The list obviously (of course, obvious only for me…:):)) starts with the master… Sachin Tendulkar and it goes as … Gill Christ… VVS Lakshman…Kumble…Gibbs…jaya surya…Steve Waugh…Lara…Brett lee… Flintoff… Wasim Akram… Harbhajan… Rohit Sharma… and so on …

All the players who have fulfilled their dream by contributing for India are all worked hard to do so, their outshine came from utilizing the chance given by the BCCI… We should not forget the players having enough talent but can not contribute for the national team just because of lack of chances or lack of money or lack of political support … or whatever may be the reason it is… I believe that Indian Premier League will be a better option for at least some of them to prove themselves…
On the eve of the inaugural IPL tournament, I wish all the players to have and share fun… very special wishes for the Deccan Chargers not because of Hyderabad but because of my favorite players it consists…:)

Apr 11, 2008

Farewell’06 to Farewell’08

“Goodbye is the little word…that causes more pain…
The hand that you held now…might never meet you again”

Farewell is one of the interesting parts of life. Well, life gives us farewell from each and every moment we go through. But, some farewells are to be cherished for lifetime. Among those I would like to mention our B.tech and M.tech farewells given by our beloved juniors. There are some similarities and plenty of converse experiences are to be mentioned. These two farewells are the most believable witnesses to know the way the life is running over.

By the time we get farewell from our B.tech life, I was in a real hurry to enjoy each and every part of it as well as others. So, I took farewell also as a chance of adding extra beautiful memory in my life’s book. It was a grand party that night and we enjoyed well and it became a memory by the very next minute. But…but…there was a little disappointment, I may not speak my heart now…but because of some limitations in B.tech college, I couldn’t move freely with some of my classmates then. I had a feeling of lacking something, through out the farewell party that night. But, it is not a major issue, after all limitations are not mistakes. Like many, I too felt that that, it was the end of happy days of my life.

Exactly after two years, by the time we get farewell from our M.tech life, the occasion was same, the celebrations were same, the enjoyment was same but the maturity of my thoughts was different, that’s what my IIT life taught me. I didn’t feel any thing lacking. I enjoyed very well with all of my classmates and also with my juniors. Now, I can never believe that happy days will end some day, I know that many are yet to come. Not only for me, but also for every one it will be same, until we believe that we aren’t loosing our heart.

My friends told me on the next day of the B.tech farewell party that they went their rooms by walking around 4 kms. Since, we were in hostel within college, we missed it. So, after M.tech farewell, I went crazy when my friends asked me weather I can walk up to college. I instantly agreed for that and we had a walk about 6 kms. The journey was full of entertainment where I can feel the fragrance of it for my life time. Not only this, there are many other similarities, which I may not explain you all.

In my personal opinion, similar incidents will happen in every one’s life, but once if we miss the difference in the way we accept them, we literally missed the life lessons in the time between those two incidents. We may not be rich, but our life should be.

All of this I could say with the way I saw the things and the way I accepted them. My IIT Delhi life taught me many (still two most important months left…so I will come up with another article soon on this)…I can say that some of the happiest moments of my life happened here. I’m thankful to all those persons helped me being so. I would like to thank all my juniors for those memories on two special occasions being a student.

Apr 10, 2008

Foot steps...

It is not very easy to accept all the things come in our way…but, if we can do so, just imagine how beautiful we will feel the world is…Every day will be a red lettered…every moment will be a special one… but how far we can go like that…? How far we like it... may be it will become routine and we may start complaining about many things… and why not? ... That’s what happening in these days compared to our earlier generations.

I do believe that people lived in each generation can be divided into two parts. One part of the people who were not satisfied with the accessories they had, who were always worrying to do some thing new, who were rest less for some days until they get what they wanted, who might not lead a very happy life but they might satisfied with what they achieved finally. In the second part lie the people who were satisfied with their belongings and those never wanted to loose their happiness because of materialist things, who were not much worried about the untouchable things for them, who might lead a happy and peaceful life.

If we can go through further analysis, because of the first part of the people today we are very comfortable with many facilities and new inventions which are working in their own way for our safety and happy living. They stay all along with the world as inventors who helped people in giving their needs. Because of the second part of the people, we know the essentials of happy life. Whose sayings are inspiring us…whose life story is giving the training in personality development area. They stay all along with the world as persons who have shown the way to go.

All in all, every generation has its own affect on its further generations, either it is good or bad, we should accept it as it c
omes and what it gives. We follow some one’s foot steps and our’s will be followed by some one on a day or other. Nothing went in vain till now and each and every individual’s living will teaches us a lot so as our life. Whatever the way we choose to lead the life either peaceful or purposeful, we should be true enough to ourselves and we should not forget that our foot steps will be there even after our work is over on our earth.

Apr 5, 2008

Accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success…

All the great persons that we have up to date are proved enough that they have had accepted that their qualitative work was their secret of success. Weather it is an invention, a game, or an award it is transparent enough to make us clear that outshine comes from a committed engagement and a matured thinking. When we take some one into granted, we should believe that they have had gone though many black pages in their life’s book, which inspired them to make their life colorful.

No matter how worse the situation is, we should be eager to face it and should be positive to make most out of it. Celebrating success is as important as conquering it and accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success. Accepting a failure gives the desperation required to bounce back. Future belongs to those, who can think about their success on one day or other, even when they transfixed.

I'm not entire "ME" till now...work in progress... :):):)

I feel it is best to love the way we have to go, when there is none, So that our journey will not be derailed by ourselves at least. It is less acceptable for anyone to be the culprit and victim at a time. As well as most of the people desire, once I preferred to be a lovable one for all, but I came to know early that, it is highly impossible. Getting every one’s attention towards our acts is may not be a big deal, but getting every one’s affection towards us is not so possible. Either way, it is very important for any individual to be one’s own self and most of us love to be so. Is it so easy? I guess no… :-) Is it acceptable to say, to be ourselves we need not to be strict and direct in our behavior but we need to be strict and direct in our attitude…? It is up to the individuals…I LEAVE IT HERE… :-(

My years till now gone with the wind, leaving behind many experiences (of course it is just above two decade:-)), and on going expectations. What my brain made with? Does it not contain any barriers…? Definitely not , that’s what I believe…of course there may exist some sort of edges but I don’t respect them…:-(, or I ignore them simply, because I will be happier by breaking the rules… :)...:). I can not leave anything by simply saying that it is not made for me.

I proud to be like this, whatever I’m now. My character is made of many people whom I came across…my family … my teachers… my beloved friends and many more. I take this as a good opportunity to thank all of them, and I will not just stop by conveying thanks. I will do justice for all of them by doing good deeds, and by applying the knowledge for a right purpose which they gave me …

Rawalpindi Express derailed…

Shoaib Akhtar known for his speed encounters and aggressive cricket … honoured by Pakistan cricket board for his young age achievements. Not only Pakistani people admired his game show but also many cricket fans all over the world praised him in the very beginning of the days in cricket. The media exaggerated most of the things worked by him. The very fact that every one known from the beginning of his carrier is that he is less diplomatic… many captains and team management pointed out against him in that corner, but no required action was taken or at least no one worried about it then so that Akhtar would have changed. But …now… his carrier is almost in the end … with the recent five years ban…but he never lost his individuality even now…

I don’t know much about him, but I always enjoyed his aggressive cricket…leaving about his personal issues… To play a game like that, it requires lot of courage and conviction to expose himself as a celebrity. Let’s hope he will bounce back in Indian premier League… and let’s hope someone will enter in to his life, to let the things work for him.

Apr 4, 2008

The power of affection...

Once I had a word with my dad when I was completely transfixed regarding a concealable matter. He said in a deep thought that “we shouldn’t loose our more valuable brain for less valuable things, which happens for some reason that need not to guess”. I could not get the in words of him at that time, but I came to know later that his words have had their own affect on my every feeling and on every act I committed. The power of our beloved one’s sayings on our emotions is appreciable…some times we may not recognize the magic they are doing with out our attention.

It took one year for me to recognize the importance of my dad’s words and almost three years to apply it in my lifestyle. Now it’s a part of my routine deals not to loose my brain for simple things and those things which are may or may not be gettable. The power of the words of affectionate people on us is a magical thing, which turns on the way to success. We may some times take them less seriously but they work out in their own way... By the time we come to know this, they would have done all the good it could do for us... this is the way life goes...

Apr 1, 2008

We are not saying it ... we know it ...

This way i go about sudha...
sudha is da one,whoz image i can keep on evry page of my life's book untill nw, startin frm B.tech.Right frm da begining of my days with her,I admired her in many cool thoughts...she is confident enough to get da things in her way n possess da skill required to do so. She is da one i prefer to share my thougts n she is da 1 who can ask us oceanful of queries...( V shd beware of her's). It's possible to believe fr da people who knw her frm little distance of her heart , dat she possess an exact confidence dat a girl shd have. I'm a big fan of her's way of narration. she is short tempered with less patience:-(...plz do takcare of those dear so dat i'll njoy by watching ur happy life. she is vry naughty in some issues, which i can't reveal over here, but i can say her better half ( best half:-))will be havin a dream life with her:-). she is also a builder of my character,whtevr i'm nw ( one of da 4 most imp persns),...n i'll always be thankful to her fr helpin me in designing my attitude and my life. Lov u lots sop..

And she take the chance to narrate about me ...

Its been almost six years dat I hv known pramoda, bt smhw i feel dat whenever I need someone to be wth me n advise me..I know she'll be thr..Believe me ...We spent some of da mst beautiful times together n da best part of life is dat even distances cudnt separate dat ..She is one of da few good things to happen to me in my Life!!!Innocent n pure...in her appearance bt on da contrary strict n direct in her attitude , thou polite n descent in her behaviour , da conviction n concern of dis gal fr certain people is appreciable!!!My source of infinite info..timz V spend 2gether..numerous gossips V indulged in..hw i wish i cud turn back da time...all in all a wndrful frn to mention a vry beautiful one as well...In short. she is a beauty wth Brains...!!! One person who makes me so happy when she is around n brightens evry moment I spent wth her.One fren whom I love frm da bottom of my hrt . I wish nthg less than a wrldful of happiness for her..Luv U Prams....


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