Apr 5, 2008

Accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success…

All the great persons that we have up to date are proved enough that they have had accepted that their qualitative work was their secret of success. Weather it is an invention, a game, or an award it is transparent enough to make us clear that outshine comes from a committed engagement and a matured thinking. When we take some one into granted, we should believe that they have had gone though many black pages in their life’s book, which inspired them to make their life colorful.

No matter how worse the situation is, we should be eager to face it and should be positive to make most out of it. Celebrating success is as important as conquering it and accepting failure is as royal as celebrating success. Accepting a failure gives the desperation required to bounce back. Future belongs to those, who can think about their success on one day or other, even when they transfixed.



hii nice post from ur heart...and i feel u r best at ur english..yah...exceptionally described what u r feeling. I feel u should post in EDLC...or Campus Rumpus (IIT Delhi Publications).

Keep going on.

Sunakshi said...

Amazing lines.Truly motivating :)