Apr 11, 2008

Farewell’06 to Farewell’08

“Goodbye is the little word…that causes more pain…
The hand that you held now…might never meet you again”

Farewell is one of the interesting parts of life. Well, life gives us farewell from each and every moment we go through. But, some farewells are to be cherished for lifetime. Among those I would like to mention our B.tech and M.tech farewells given by our beloved juniors. There are some similarities and plenty of converse experiences are to be mentioned. These two farewells are the most believable witnesses to know the way the life is running over.

By the time we get farewell from our B.tech life, I was in a real hurry to enjoy each and every part of it as well as others. So, I took farewell also as a chance of adding extra beautiful memory in my life’s book. It was a grand party that night and we enjoyed well and it became a memory by the very next minute. But…but…there was a little disappointment, I may not speak my heart now…but because of some limitations in B.tech college, I couldn’t move freely with some of my classmates then. I had a feeling of lacking something, through out the farewell party that night. But, it is not a major issue, after all limitations are not mistakes. Like many, I too felt that that, it was the end of happy days of my life.

Exactly after two years, by the time we get farewell from our M.tech life, the occasion was same, the celebrations were same, the enjoyment was same but the maturity of my thoughts was different, that’s what my IIT life taught me. I didn’t feel any thing lacking. I enjoyed very well with all of my classmates and also with my juniors. Now, I can never believe that happy days will end some day, I know that many are yet to come. Not only for me, but also for every one it will be same, until we believe that we aren’t loosing our heart.

My friends told me on the next day of the B.tech farewell party that they went their rooms by walking around 4 kms. Since, we were in hostel within college, we missed it. So, after M.tech farewell, I went crazy when my friends asked me weather I can walk up to college. I instantly agreed for that and we had a walk about 6 kms. The journey was full of entertainment where I can feel the fragrance of it for my life time. Not only this, there are many other similarities, which I may not explain you all.

In my personal opinion, similar incidents will happen in every one’s life, but once if we miss the difference in the way we accept them, we literally missed the life lessons in the time between those two incidents. We may not be rich, but our life should be.

All of this I could say with the way I saw the things and the way I accepted them. My IIT Delhi life taught me many (still two most important months left…so I will come up with another article soon on this)…I can say that some of the happiest moments of my life happened here. I’m thankful to all those persons helped me being so. I would like to thank all my juniors for those memories on two special occasions being a student.



Wow....caption was extraodrinadry.
Coming to ur enjoyment of parties in b.tech and m.tech..yah i too agree with u. But in M.Tech grls are few..hmm..

Rachit said...

memories grow more meaningful with every passing year.. in the final year of engineering can relate very well to the post.

Weakest LINK:)

aru.. said...

sounds interesting....i liked the line..we may not be rich...but our life should be