Apr 10, 2008

Foot steps...

It is not very easy to accept all the things come in our way…but, if we can do so, just imagine how beautiful we will feel the world is…Every day will be a red lettered…every moment will be a special one… but how far we can go like that…? How far we like it... may be it will become routine and we may start complaining about many things… and why not? ... That’s what happening in these days compared to our earlier generations.

I do believe that people lived in each generation can be divided into two parts. One part of the people who were not satisfied with the accessories they had, who were always worrying to do some thing new, who were rest less for some days until they get what they wanted, who might not lead a very happy life but they might satisfied with what they achieved finally. In the second part lie the people who were satisfied with their belongings and those never wanted to loose their happiness because of materialist things, who were not much worried about the untouchable things for them, who might lead a happy and peaceful life.

If we can go through further analysis, because of the first part of the people today we are very comfortable with many facilities and new inventions which are working in their own way for our safety and happy living. They stay all along with the world as inventors who helped people in giving their needs. Because of the second part of the people, we know the essentials of happy life. Whose sayings are inspiring us…whose life story is giving the training in personality development area. They stay all along with the world as persons who have shown the way to go.

All in all, every generation has its own affect on its further generations, either it is good or bad, we should accept it as it c
omes and what it gives. We follow some one’s foot steps and our’s will be followed by some one on a day or other. Nothing went in vain till now and each and every individual’s living will teaches us a lot so as our life. Whatever the way we choose to lead the life either peaceful or purposeful, we should be true enough to ourselves and we should not forget that our foot steps will be there even after our work is over on our earth.

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