Apr 5, 2008

I'm not entire "ME" till now...work in progress... :):):)

I feel it is best to love the way we have to go, when there is none, So that our journey will not be derailed by ourselves at least. It is less acceptable for anyone to be the culprit and victim at a time. As well as most of the people desire, once I preferred to be a lovable one for all, but I came to know early that, it is highly impossible. Getting every one’s attention towards our acts is may not be a big deal, but getting every one’s affection towards us is not so possible. Either way, it is very important for any individual to be one’s own self and most of us love to be so. Is it so easy? I guess no… :-) Is it acceptable to say, to be ourselves we need not to be strict and direct in our behavior but we need to be strict and direct in our attitude…? It is up to the individuals…I LEAVE IT HERE… :-(

My years till now gone with the wind, leaving behind many experiences (of course it is just above two decade:-)), and on going expectations. What my brain made with? Does it not contain any barriers…? Definitely not , that’s what I believe…of course there may exist some sort of edges but I don’t respect them…:-(, or I ignore them simply, because I will be happier by breaking the rules… :)...:). I can not leave anything by simply saying that it is not made for me.

I proud to be like this, whatever I’m now. My character is made of many people whom I came across…my family … my teachers… my beloved friends and many more. I take this as a good opportunity to thank all of them, and I will not just stop by conveying thanks. I will do justice for all of them by doing good deeds, and by applying the knowledge for a right purpose which they gave me …

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