May 17, 2008

Most memorable she became "Flintoff"

This is happened between me and my best friend.... in B.Tech... :)

one day, we wanted to meet our mam, to bring one text book.So, we thought of going to her after lunch.Since, I've completed lunch earlier, I was waiting for my frnd in our room, and I was reading news paper. Since, I was a big fan of cricket, I rushed to the sports page , and was going through the "Ashes series" news. There I read a statement saying "Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden will be playing for their respective teams". When I was still studying...suddenly my frnd entered the room and she has taken off the news paper and pushed me to go to mam... I have no other option , so we started towards mam's room. I had that dissatisfaction that I haven't read the remaining news... :(

In between the walk, she asked me "Who are the authors of the book that we want to take from mam?". Even though I knew their names, just to tease her, I said"Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden". "What are those names... they are sounding something different..?" she asked me... as she doesn't know that they are cricketers... :):) " Ya, I know, They are the authors of that book" I replied. Then she believed it and we reached mam's room.

By that time, mam was sleeping.... we knocked the door many times but she didn't responded...then we knocked the door very hardly... and she said"yeah, I'm coming", with an irritating voice. She was on fire after looking at our faces in front of her door.With a quick "Sorry", we entered her room. She asked us" Why you came? ".. Then we said that we wanted a text book... Then she asked..."Which one?"

My friend said quickly.... "That book mam, You've told us in class na... written by Andrew Flintoff and Mathew Hayden..!!!"... :):) . I was really waiting for that answer from her.But, I felt bit nervous as mam was woken up from half a sleep ,and as she was already in frustration at the same time. I controlled an outburst of laughter... heheheheh

Mam was shocked... as she never referred to those authors... :"Which book it is ..? "she shouted... making true my expectation... :) . Then I went in between, and I told her the actual author's name... and we got the book quickly, we hurried to come out .... :)

After a few minutes, we were going back to hostel, my frnd was still thinking, what had happened.... To finish her confusion, I explained everything... :):)

All the way back to hostel, she was kicking me ... and pleaded not to tell any one about it... But..."How can I ?????"...I explained it to every one i met on that day and I started calling her "Flintoff"... She used scold me like anything ... But later, whenever we got remember this incident, we used to laugh alot... Even, for today, whenever we talk in phone, we recollect it most of the times... :):):)


Prasad Gutti said...


Very naughty fellow...

keep it up to have fun furthur...

Prasad. :)

The unsure ascetic said...

hahahaha, Engg College days are the best !!!