Aug 19, 2008

Nadal Raises the Curtain...!

Well, First of all I want to congratulate my favourite, Mr. Rafael Nadal, for finding himself, the energetic way to perch the podium in the Olympics'08. Though it has been a one sided show for the audience, he comes up with a break to the “Federer Mania”. Still no doubt Federer is the best, but its the time for Federer to raise up to the situation and should face the challenges, like never before in his carrier. Becoming world number-1 is itself a tough thing and Federer managed to hold it for 237 weeks, that’s the mastery.

As for as me concerned... I managed to know some basic fundamentals about the game. I speak about the Wimbledon-08 final between Nadal & Federer. I watched this match from the first serve to the match winning shot. I really watched it to see a winning Nadal. And, it happened to my goodness. After Wimbledon-06 and Wimbledon-07 losses, Nadal came up with a stunning performance to Federer. But the way Federer came back in to the game after losing the first two sets was the moment of the match. To Nadal, the every ‘ACE’ of Federer was a challenger. To Federer, coping up with the run-up and body language of Nadal had been a tough job. However, Nadal managed to win finally...That was the starting of good time for him and for our generation tennis as well. Competition makes everything worthwhile.

The Spain Bull – Rafael Nadal, who always strived to compete with Federer, might be delighted by becoming the world champion, but the spicy dish starts now. From now, spectators expect a “Federer Vs Nadal” for every grand slam. It would be awesome to enjoy the best tennis show in this era. I feel It is worthy enough to say that Nadal Raised the curtain to the incredible rivalry with the Swiss king. No doubt the matches yet to come would be joyful for the tennis lovers, like me.

The statements of Nadal are pretty attractive n pleasant--- “Still Federer is the best player. He is technically skilled. I try my best to go further. I feel sad to born in the same era of Federer. Now he will try to play extremely well”.
Any way once again... My hearty congratulations to Nadal, for silencing the doubters and proved that the number-1 rank is not just because of points juggle on the computer with his Olympic gold. All the very best to both Federer and Nadal ... Have n Share the fun with excellence.

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dilmainhainpyar said...

my hearty congratulations to nadal and federer

may we hope to say a great tennis from now

keep blogging di