Aug 19, 2008

That’s up to now... :)

The crazy brand and today’s trend helped me to convince myself, to become a counterpart in the sublime automobile industry. And of course the campus placement, the spotlight that made me to think n dream about the carrier over here. To my surprise, the punctual train and the stormy rain welcomed me here in Pune. The pulchritude of the greenery in our colony attracted me at my first look.

Sparkling conference hall greeted me on the first day, as usual for an introduction meet. Ironically, it became my so called ‘office’ from the very next day, for both induction period and for the mini school as well. Though the names sound different, surprisingly enough both mean the same.

New friends so called colleagues, new teachers so called echelons are my regular customers in the conference hall. The lectures given by them, one after the other compete among themselves to make a quiescent day for all of us. Though the cadre of HRs do copious hard work, the outcome has been insipid. Though the echelons give amiable guidance, the clarity stays back. Meanwhile, we do remember to make most out of it.

However, my inner excitement of a new joiner is forcing me to write this plea. My interest to contribute to the organization is aiming at the sky.

Since from long time, I have been looking forward not for a good job but for a good carrier, I believe that i have got every power to show patience to learn the things in the right way, for a right purpose and in the right time.
And finally today it is all over...and from now onwords, I would
Love to observe both good and bad
Try to unravel both good and bad
Like to learn the good
Prefer to know the bad
I’m complacent to
Serve the organization
Serve the people
Serve the country
I want to serve myself hence survive myself.

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myviews_on_myworld said...

all the very didi
i hope all your dreams come true and all the happiness of the world be yours from now on