Sep 4, 2008

Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai……….!!!

The superior challenges…The strategic adventures…The trained trainers…The encouraging friends…The inspiring pulchritude… The whopping scenery… The pleasant weather… accumulated an ocean of spirit n joy in my heart, during my two-day Out Bound Training (OBT) at Panchgani, held recently. The way I got acquainted with the whole group of 18 boys is yet to be answered, as I was the only girl among us.

The tour went with pretty fascinating challenging games like, crossing a 70 feet valley by walking on a rope, one more rope game, a juggle of numbers, rock climbing etc. It was all about fun n frolic over there. We undoubtedly had a sublime combination of many flavors of life.

Meanwhile, I must speak about the ability of our trainer ‘Vinita’, an energetic n dynamic woman I can say. Though, she is pretty aged woman, she used to work with her will power. Every word out of her mouth had a stupendous effect on all of us. The discussion sessions conducted by her after every game was the unique feature of its kind.

Coming back to the adventurous games…

At the starting the whole batch was in a real anxiety as we didn’t aware of the kind of games we are going to play and, in the corner there was a bit of fear too. After reaching Panchgani, I confined myself to watch though the bus window, as the scenery n the greenery was at its best. But once the games were started, I tried my best to be impervious from other thoughts. Whenever we feel a bit nervous we used to refresh ourselves, in other words we inspire ourselves by saying “Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hai…!”.
One incident I want to share with you all … just scroll down…

As I mentioned earlier, the game of crossing a 70 feet valley by walking on a rope is named as “Bummer Bridge”. In that game there was a down rope that tied tightly between two sides of the valley and two more ropes at the height of 4 feet from the down roap to hold with arms. To cross the valley we have to walk on the down rope, by holding the two side ropes with hands and of course, a supporting rope was there to hold us, if we fall. I was very confidant n fearless and I believed that “I can do it”. As my turn came, I started it with a good moment of arms and legs. But in the mid way, the rope was completely shacking. Every one was shouting “Pramoda, don’t look down”, as that was a 70 feet down in the middle. But I couldn’t turn myself from looking down. After a few seconds I realized the cause for the shaking, i.e. actually I myself shaking over there, not the rope :):):)… Then I stayed 10 seconds right at the point and took a deep breath and then started walking. From then I really enjoyed my walk on the rope. All the way, my friends were encouraging me, suggesting me and supporting me. Thanks to them … finally I reached the end of the rope and also end of the story.
This is one of the funny incidents from my side and there were uncountable funny things among the group. I don’t know, where it will end if start saying them…Better Not to. After every game there were discussions on how we felt about it and what to learn from that experience, about the team work, encouraging others, the power of genuine complement etc. The way Vinita related all the games to the real life incidents was the best side of our tour. I rate the analysis as best, than the games we played.

Till now I read so many personality development books. I used to feel that I’m very near to the words like, team work, inspiration, encouragement, team spirit etc, even before I stepped in to the training place. But for the first time ever I felt that there are miles and miles to go to reach them in reality. For the first time, I experienced the joy n satisfaction in encouraging others. I personally feel that my routines have been changed, after I came back from the tour. I’m finding the clear difference in taking decisions, in encouraging friends, in complementing others… on the whole in managing people.
To manage people we should know the people
To know the people we should love the people
We love people only when we love ourselves.
We love ourselves only when we believe that we got more than we deserve.
On the whole, I strongly feel … “Once in life, every one should under go this kind of trainings… not only for the fun but to experience the difference”. But be very careful when you play the adventurous games… A game can change your life… :):):)

Dar ke aage jeet hai…. Aur jeet ke aage kya hai…?


myviews_on_myworld said...

hey sis
great yaar...i know you can do it as ma sis is the best....

all the very best for the future OBT(if any)

i am eager to enjoy them in my future as well but i dontknow if i can e so courageous as you are

all the best di

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey yamini ...

You can definetly do it ...
If u get a chance to do so, don't loose that re ...

All The Very Best