Sep 17, 2008

Who Are Detaining The Prosperity of Incredible India???

Keeping aside the fiscal issues, Indians are nothing less than any one else. Perhaps, we are more worthy considering the prosperity n legacy. Some one quoted, “Indians are poor but not India”. Yes, I’m inline with that and admit, “ Nurturing prophets have been the power of prosperous India”. India has been a cynosure in culture n integrity issues till date. On the other end, India has been in news regarding few disputes too. The recent terrorist attacks once again made India conspicuous on the world’s stage. To be frank, in this write-up I not only aim at barreling remarks against the terrorists, but also at rebuking the other shade of ‘Incredible India’.

Before entering I must quote: “ I salute to the people who are living for the country”. To live for the country you need not to be a warrior, but you have to be a normal citizen who can accept the struggle caused by your country and must try to save your country mates from the same agitation.

The ‘Indian Defense’ has been the important counterpart as a savior. The ‘Indian Police Services’ and the ‘Indian Administrative
Services’ have some thing, that no one can point a finger at them. They have been the warhorses in tough times. But still many backlogs have been noticed in the recent past, which question the near future. The serial blasts propel incessant discussions on the ability of the civil servants, who aspired for it before they acquired it. From the audacious act the terrorists once again proved that they are not under par to our police department and also once again conveyed that they are the people who are not going to sit like undetached observers of uprising Indian heritage.

As already all most all the newspapers and news channels circulated bunches of news about this sad tale, I don’t think that I should go into the numbers juggle again. I straightaway come to the catastrophic effects of the swift attacks. Starting from the past Mumbai bomb blasts to the recent Delhi serial blasts, it’s always been an insipid voyage for the victims and also for the eyewitnesses. The media thrives with impulse and we follow the media as well. Talking much about the terrorists doesn’t help us. So, I’m confining myself to few issues over here and I want to avoid cursing the Protestants.

I saw people often praising the American security system. In one reputed newspaper I read the author saying, “ if it is America, the security system allows the blasts to be happened only once and they defend the following one successfully. It is not the case with India. Our policemen don’t mind about people and they are like living dead”. Being a human I can appreciate the author for having a broad eye on the Americans but being an Indian I can’t accept him saying that our policemen are living dead at the same time to have an eagle-eye on our system. Though there are lots of mentally ailed police, but I don’t think that alone is the reason. We too have the intelligent units who can portend the omen. Sometimes they fail and recently they are working sometimes.

Mean while, we must not forget to address our honorable ministers and opposition leaders who always be ready, to convey their condolences to the victims, to condemn the drenching upheaval of such terrorist attacks, to visit the hospitals and the announce the relief fund, to address the queries of media, but not at any point of time to serve the underprivileged and to do their duty.

The questions taunt me are:
We used to see parents and teachers to advice their children
to be cool and not to take much tension about the exam to perform well in it. And again we see in the pilot training academies, in the military training centers, in sports events the echelons used to repeat saying to be cool during the tense situations so that the performance would be better n successful. But if we see our ministers they used to be doubly pressured about retaining their ministry, criticizing the opposition, pleasing their party mates and what not?? So, should we believe that they are doing their duty with utmost concentration??? How long they can give qualitative instructions to their respective groups and primarily to the defense troops??? I can say the key to their failure is “ They try to please all, which is the most impossible and most unwanted”.

If we don’t want to see the unfortunate events in India, Its not enough to barrel complaints against politicians or police authorities. I believe that there is some thing that has to be look after… And here it goes…

On the very next day of blasts, most of us confine ourselves speaking about it and we conclude it by saying the system as ‘starkest indictment’. Yes, of course it is. But while concluding why can’t people remember that they too are being indulge in the same system for years?? Why many parents can’t stop their children dreaming of working for the multi national companies rather than working for the Intelligence Bureau of India?? When can the orientations of the critics change and they know that all the technology of the intelligence system of America has been done by Americans and not by any one else? In my opinion, even in American one generation might have struggled a lot to get rid off the effects of the flaws in the system, to protect their next generations. If we, Indians can believe that now we are in the struggling phase and if we can accept the struggle and if we can contribute to get rid off it from our side to leave a great legacy to our next generations, We’d feel much better and satisfied rather than just rebuking the existing system in manner less language. But who are ready to struggle now???

We say that India is a developing country and still claim that we deserve to get security measures of well-developed countries like America!!! It doesn’t help making a quiescent day pleasant.

According to me, the Intelligence Bureau (IB) of India should get more powers to unravel the unfortunate happenings and to save people from the ongoing swift attacks. The IB should get power to enlarge their network all over India to save us from endanger. The IB officials being hidden should directly address the people like the way ‘Bin Laden’ speaks dearly in TV channels often, but not the persons to whom they report. Then only we can know the problems of IB people also. Otherwise just making them the culprits doesn’t work at all and also it is not the well tribute we pay for the people who serves India at the cost of their lives!!

Finally …
We’ve seen people who are born n brought up in India still not willing to sever their motherland, having said that ‘We love India’. Its not fair to expect the terrorists, who hate India for some reason, who want to cause agitation in the Indian economy, to keep quite and sever India by stopping the bomb blasts. We should prove to the world that Indians can handle huge misfortunes successfully and can still stay with winsome smile of confidence. We should dream for a system that can take the problems challengingly, rather than the system that expects no problems.

In my opinion, all those brutal attacks happened so far, happened to make India learn from the difficulties and make India the toughest. We must salute to the people being suffered or died in such remarkable attacks as well as the swashbuckling soldiers who died in the war field while doing their duty. I mean their death is for the same reason. Both propel the improving India not definitely the destroying. Though in both places people died for India, but the former ones don’t know that they are going to die, but the later know that they are and still they dare.

Though we may or may not see our dream India…but we must believe that on one day or other India will definitely taste the charm of success. For those people who are going to experience that we must wish, HEARTY CONGRATULATIONS in advance and say “ We Are Proud That You Are Experiencing Our Dream”.


yamini meduri said...

welcome back with your kind of posts
it really makes sense dear

ther are lot many people who never think about the country. expecialy those who are leaving india. they are concerned about only their white collar jobs and not abt their mother land.

and how will anyone of us forget about the so called leaders of the country who still live in India but never think abt its development. they are concerned only abt their chairs and the bribes.

there will be no one who will come and change our countries scenario. it is we who have to change it

Anonymous said...

Hi Prams..

good stuff..u addressed the problem superficially..You could have mentioned the immediate solutionary steps rather than root causes.I felt this because no one can comprehend the causes on a whole..atleast the later makes sense..

while reading your post few questions were on my mind..will try to keep them in words here..

* I am not sure whom you addressed here and the main line of the post ?

* what contribution you are expecting in this scenario ?

* You mentioned few lines about Tension and being cool ..i cudnt relate that properly to your post and to the next lines atleast..

* "Underprevileged" ..the reference of this word is not so clear in the post ?

Overall i think its a good attempt to summarise the present scenario in India.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi soppi ...

It's nice read the content in ur comment ...

Before answer, I want to mention that -- " In this post I didn't mention the situation only I experienced or only I know, but it about the existing tale which is known to a normal Indian citizen. So, to be frank, it was bit difficult for me to cope up with every thing. Becoz, readers will get their own reflections rather than those I wanted to mention, which is well desirable, of course "

And one more thing ... I agree with u completely that no one can comprehend the whole problem, but I believe that most ppl want to mention about it, and I’m complacent to be one of them ... Though it doesn’t make sense to many but it does for me at least …

Its really good to get a chance to answer ur questions of interest... :)

** Regarding the main line: Whether the terrorists are detaining our prosperity or the people who are in honorable positions and still not taking responsibility?? I kept it on stake …

**For the second qsn: I mentioned it but still…

· We should be positive enough to think that these blasts are for a developing India but not for destroying …
· Regarding IB I’ve made it clear from my point of view
· If we can treat them as successful failures, then we can learn from them …

** Regarding tension and being cool:

I just wanted to relate the issue with that of politicians. They used to be very much pressurized for their own purposes, and how they could think correctly when they take the decisions and how they can inspire the troops, being in respectable positions????

** Underprivileged:

It meant for the people who are economically or socially low or misfortunate at that end.

Huhh … long discussion … but still liked it …
Hope I’m done.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Heyy soppi...

I didn't get why u used 'Superficially'...

Is it really so ??