Sep 10, 2008

Who Can Shed Voice For Them???

To my surprise, it is pretty pleasure to impart the inundated adversity of the “ill-fated sports persons” neighboring me. The most unwanted hard-luck backs them like nothing existing. The voluntary support from their superiors stays with them, truly not always. Though the selectors often bewilder them, but actually they unknowingly educate them and prepare them to challenge the misfortune by facing it.

Yes, I’m speaking my heart here.
And yes, I’m not just scribbling. It took ages for me to conclude myself in this regard. I feel it is a long overdue and has to be ousted at least this time.

I write this not just to convey, but also to unscramble myself.
It is not just to read thoroughly, but also to think possibly and to act accordingly.

Past of many can change our thought.
Our thought can change our act.
Our act can change the fortune of many.

Back to the pavilion…

Early in this year, a dear friend of mine shared with me one of her sad tale and how she was unable to come out of it successfully. I could feel the anguish in her voice and also the hatred towards the people who caused it and in a corner stayed the helplessness, obviously.

I feel it would be quite understandable if I convey it in her voice…


Hi… I’m Ms. Xxx. I believe that I’m an intelligent n hard working “kabaddi” player. My family got settled in a small town and my father is a farmer. Though I joined my bachelors’ degree (B.Sc), I always wanted to make kabaddi as my profession. For my goodness, I’ve been practicing under an amiable trainer. I could manage to get place in the state team during state kabaddi meet, 2000. Rapidly I became a key player in the team and represented in many tournaments and gifted many trophies for my respective teams.

The day has come when I heard news that I’m going to be considered for the team selections for the common wealth games. Wow… That’s a great and unique feeling. Finally, on my day I got call for the Indian woman kabaddi team representing for the common wealth games. My heart empowered with joy at that moment.

Oh my goodness, I’m going to play for my country…
Finally I got a result for my hard work…
This is a new beginning… :):)
Yes…. yes… I did it…

Thoughts were overflowing in my heart until I heard bitter n scary news. Ironically the selectors demanded an amount of 3,00,000 INR, for nominating me to the final selection. I was absolutely perplexed. Stunned as happened the unexpected and undeserved. Tears found their way out, as I rarely let them.

What’s wrong with me?
Why should I pay?
How can I tell this to my parents?
How can I ask them money?
How to indulge with this?

I’m found hardly any answer. I decided not to pay them at any cost.
Incidents happened, as I gave money to the selectors finally, no matter what the amount I gave. The deep wish with in to play for my country overshadowed all other issues at a glance. Finally I played for India and our team won the gold medal.

After a couple of months, I again got a call for the Asian games and the whole story repeated again. But the ending was different as I completely denied giving money this time. And this time, I’ve seen many other players who are exactly in my situation. And also some players (So called players… Recommendation candidates), who occupied our seats in the team.

Shhhhhh… S.I.L.E.N.C.E.

Back to me …

How long this silence lasts???
How long we pretend to live?

Can any one count how many talented players are going in vain?
Can any one imagine how Indians can perform in the forthcoming Olympics if we can stop this?

Who can shed voice for the players of little humanity?

Who can shed voice for the selectors of rich stupidity?
Either of them can make the things work well… :)

Every thing, that happens
Happens for a reason.
The reason that builds
Our character.
Some one…some day…some time…Hamm… What else? As usual… Let’s Hope For The Best… Cause, we can’t leave the rest.


dilmainhainpyar said...

i dont have any thing to write it here di
but i have to write
there are lot many players suffering it this way... why think about some one else.... vijendhar(bronze medalist in beijing olympics wrestling) was not accepted by the selection team as he was not able to bribe the selectors... this is only one i can tell you but ther eare lot many like this

hoep India changes

ARJUN MS said...

Being a sportsperson I know the politics played inside the selections.Every game is injected with this non sense in India.
Things like this can only be eradicated with the awareness, with the intervention of people.
But will we be able to ?
Hope one day will come.