Oct 6, 2008

As You…So You!

Words can work wonders.
A wonder can be any thing.
Either worthy, or damn. But,
Neither useless, nor senseless!!

As you seek so you speak
As you speak so you care
As you care so you hide

As you hide so you loose.

As you loose so you bother
As you bother so you think
As you think so you act
As you act so you struggle.

As you struggle so you strive
As you strive so you tough
As you tough so you get
As you get so you succeed.

As you succeed so you enjoy
As you enjoy so you seek
As you seek so you speak
As you speak so you care!!!

As I know so I try
As I try so I realize
As I realize so I wonder…

I wonder how easy to seek
I wonder how easy to speak
I wonder how difficult to care
I wonder how difficult to hide
At the end, I never wonder how I lost…
Cause its nothing wonder.

As I lost so I keep my heart…as I keep so I reach my dear heart’


Prasad Gutti said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Prasad Gutti said...


"SUCCESS and DEFEAT" Life Cycle ...

very nice... keep it up..
So, who is that dear heart???

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thank you ...

Anonymous said...

Hey went through blog bychance, am not a expert in writing but when i went thro' ur blog i found many a glaring mistakes ( which are quite amusing) plz dont take it as an offence, we only grow better by makin mistakes. You have nice thoughts', but ur language doesnt convey it. like for example in one of ur articles us say " the father denied taking apples" wat u intended to say was he refused to take them but the way u put it, it means he stole ur apples and denied takin them.
Also writing poems is not only about conveying thoughts , its about emotions.Words have to be chosen and not jus written.
<< you can go ahead and delete the comment but take the advice it's in good spirit>>>>

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Anonymous

Hello, its nice to meet u and thanks for keeping ur comment here ...:)

hey... even I'm not an expert in writing, even I've startd blognnn just to improve my skils...advices like urs, help me better to become better, thanks fr that .. I'll definetly try to improve it in my further write ups.

And ... no need to comment as anonymous, u can be straight while giving a genuine comment. Cause a genuine comment may hurts some times but it never harms... and also i'm eager to know abt the person who r helping me in growong better.. Hope u understood what I said...

hey... I'm still perplexed abt the "father taking apples" scene. Even now I can't undersantd from where it sounds "stoling apples" as u said...

**I'm not going to delete ur comment at any cost. Cause Truth neither dies nor hides... I prefer to be true to myself**

Nywayzz thanks once again ... I will wait to know abt u in ur next comment...


Pramoda Meduri said...


Hey ...
I understood what u said abt 'father denied taking apples'...

Ya ... really it is sounding as stoling them... :):)

am taking back my words regarding this issue, from my previous comment...


dilmainhainpyar said...

something out of words..... may be it will take me some time to get the exact idea of the work

but still good going

Anonymous said...

Hv been reading all your blogs for a quite sometime now..bt "Hell" poem is the best so far ...i enjoyed reading it...and inspired to write such poetry ...check your comments..

Aggipula sabbubilla kukkapilla
Kaaaadedi Kavithakanarham ... Annaroka mahamanishi ...

Mee kavithalo undi kothadanam

Mee pada prayogam lo chilipidanam

Mee bhavam lo kashtataram

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ calm frenzies

thanks fr reading it faithfully ... and for keeping comments here ...

** Mee bhavam lo kashtataram

Means .. ?
naku artham kaledu ...