Nov 14, 2008

An Affluent Season !!!

Well, so far I’ve surpassed an affluent season, which started before Diwali vacation. For the one first time felt the heat of a typical corporate work-mania, Its all good and interesting though… Had an awesome Diwali…and then witnessed the swashbuckling Team India upsetting the world’s best cricketing side and showing their temperament once again to carry forward the incredible rivalry with the Ausies… witnessed the ‘Last Samurai’ of two big heads in Indian cricket, Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly. The season carried all these and I thought to pen down each over here.

@ Corporate work-mania

My case is too similar to every mind’s perception towards this issue, nothing new to redefine. Only thing is, as I’m new to it I felt it interesting and pleasant, though it was hectic. But I know, I can only judge and perhaps conclude, after once I get used to it.

To say about the present market slump… Its pathetic to see the wounded minds with folded arms watching the way sensex plummeting every day. They are bounded to be dumb with help seeking eyes and just awaiting for some good news in that respect.

@ Awesome Diwali

An absolute joy had been experienced by me as I underwent a ‘Special Diwali’ of my years. We have cracked the crackers which spattered across, in the wee hours on the day of Diwali, the favorite festival of Indians.

Meanwhile, A crazy thought spur me, when I went to buy the crackers. The main issue that caught my eye was the price factor. I was word less when the shop boy told me the cost of each item. I had a quick in-look towards my childhood days, when a typical Rs.100 could have done most of the job. I had a quick summary of the days when I used to go with my father and brought crackers for Rs. 100 or less. Quite a few days later it was ended up with Rs. 200, before I stopped playing with crackers as I started staying in hostel and that’s it. And now, many trendy items are available and you need to keep your heart in your mouth deliberately, to avoid white-washing your pocket. How gifted this generation is!!!

@ Team India’s show

I don’t know how the kangaroos will get reconstructed, but as for as India is concerned, the win over the world champs is a marvel with excellence. A mighty dream might come true for most of the Team India by hunting the Ricky Pointing’s men down under. I think this is after a long time, an Ausies captain being written off back home. The way the Team Australia was outplayed by Team India obviously warn the betting Junta to hold their tails before they bet.
But one thing that is to be remembered by the cricketing world is – Team India is still the most unpredictable side and can turn down any team on it’s day and can loose to any team as well!! Only the consistency of every ‘playing eleven’ can answer many a questions and can make the unpredictability up side down. Now, Mahi needs to put his head and heart to keep his men hang out on their every outing in the middle, where some big names are going to be missed in the team.

By the way, I convey hearty congratulations to the ‘men in blue’ on demolishing Ausies and hence taking charge as world No: 2 in ICC test cricket ratings and ‘all the best’ for the ongoing England tour of India.

@ The Last Samurai

When you enter the field you should believe that the day to leave the field may come at any point of time. And what if it comes after playing some winsome cricket for years?

The day had come for both Anil Kumble and Sourav Ganguly after being part of Indian cricket for almost 19 and 16 years respectively. Jumbo quit it at his favorite Firoz shaw kotla and wore the Indian cap for the one last time and Dada waved his hand for one last time after the crackling victory over the world champs. What a dream farewell …!!
Thank You for every thing … :)

And that’s how the season waved me so far… Mostly done, I guess.

:):)Smile Please:):)


dilmainhainpyar said...

hey dhi...good to see u back

@abt corporate work
i hope u will love it all the way and atleast not like the other ppl working around who just dont think yet curse their work. all the best dear.

@abt diwali
u r true my dear.. everything changed. i think it is good that the prices are hiked wen u think as a nature lover or an environmentalist that we dont buy lot of them and spoil the nature. i dint burn any of them this time. anyways i stopped buing crackers since 3 years now. i thought u r gonna write abt the cousin's place this time.....

@abt India Cricket
defly was a great play to see. all the boys worked vry hard and the best part was M.S.Dhoni who is termed as the best captain by some Legends Of Cricket. Hatts Off to him.

and the Kangaroo, let them learn a lesson atleast now...wen we already know that they dont.

Anil fav bowler...the best person and a god captain for the Indian Test no more with the team. all the best to his future...

Saurav of the best captains of Indian Cricket...a man known for his courage and confidence. the way he bounced back wen he was thrown out was the best achievement for him. Dada we are gnna miss you.....all thebest captain

vikas said...

@ abt India cricket
yeah the indian victory over Aussies is worth memorable not just because Kangroos were crushed to 2-0 but it also saw the departure of two great cricketers ,ending their career on a happy note. But for Indians their responsibility has increased because its not easy to survive their at top position . Best of luck to Dhoni to continue this winning streak.......

Anonymous said...

@abt all what i read....
it is first time for me reading blogs...
thanks for giving best impression on blogs...
very good comments...
neeku 100/100...