Dec 28, 2008

Snobbish FEAR!!

With that I think I came to the conclusion that ‘FEAR is the most snobbish feeling among all’, which have been controlling and perhaps deciding the unpredictable human nature.

After a long gap… On that day I’d seen a horror movie.

After a series of reality shows… then bunches of news on almost all news channels available… then a cute love story based movie…then a musical show… After all these, I’d seen a well formatted horror movie and I slept at 12.30 am on that day.

Even I thought, I couldn’t sleep well that night. But surprisingly, I had a sound sleep that night.

The next morning I felt as good as all other mornings. The whole day I was busy in office. Then I went back to my flat at 6.00 pm. Since my room mate was not there, I was all alone. I was almost very fine till I got to remember that I’d watched that horror movie.

Suddenly, my mood was changed and I started looking around me so often, so that I could ensure that no one (virtually) was there around me. I continued it until I was alone…

Later some time, I started thinking about that again …

When I was alone, why I couldn’t feel the joy that I felt from the reality shows? Why I couldn’t feel that love, that I felt while watching the love story the previous night? Why I couldn’t recollect any of the news that I heard from loads of news channels?

I didn’t get too perfect answer… but I’ve concluded that the fear is the snobbish feeling among those a human can feel. This fear usually doesn’t come, when we are with someone around us, either he/she is the person we love or the person we hate, literally doesn’t matter as
all people are emotionally connected!!

Vincible Fact!!

Though it is nothing surprising to see people stagnating with their own soul, assaulting their own self, and repeat things until other’s patience get reduced to rubble, but sometimes it is heart wrenching when you have to face these kind of people deadly. Though it is very easy to close things by letting them go off simply, but I don’t feel it is always recommendable, especially when it comes to the persons who don’t deserve your patience.

Tackling such kind of people in day to day life is a fact which is not invincible but is inevitable.

Handle them with care and keep up the ethics of life!!

--- “Any one can SHOUT, but not all can SPEAK”.

Real n Reel … :):)

For them it was another birth moment of commitment, when a gentle hustle could wake them up from mid way sleep that night. Ran all the way from source to destination with a thoughtful mind and dedicated heart, carrying billion’s expectations with one hand and hope to fulfill their own dreams with another hand. Their flamboyant effort could make India breath fully at last. It was the moment of the ploy when one among them had put his thumb up in to the crowd and signaled the remembrance of the awaiting and much willing safe hands that India is in at the moment, though it was another victory over the years which could indeed promise the house its invincible soldiers.

Jai Jawan …

A teenage girl and a five year old baby were on a two wheeler and were waiting for the green signal in the four road junction, standing beside the soldiers’ bus. A barrel of comments about the teenage girl, from the soldiers restricted the girl and the baby to stare at them. They were all young guys and just teasing the girl for some reason, whatever it was. One among the comments was utterly destroyed the girl’s feelings all the way. As her tears were about to come out, she saw the soldiers were quiet all of sudden and were staring at the baby.

Then the girl noticed that the baby was saluting the soldiers …!!

The baby had seen them on TV live show, while they were contributing to the rescue operation “The Operation Cyclone”, to save the hostages during Bombay terrorist attacks!!

Boys are boys and girls are girls, No matter where n what they are…!