Dec 28, 2008

Vincible Fact!!

Though it is nothing surprising to see people stagnating with their own soul, assaulting their own self, and repeat things until other’s patience get reduced to rubble, but sometimes it is heart wrenching when you have to face these kind of people deadly. Though it is very easy to close things by letting them go off simply, but I don’t feel it is always recommendable, especially when it comes to the persons who don’t deserve your patience.

Tackling such kind of people in day to day life is a fact which is not invincible but is inevitable.

Handle them with care and keep up the ethics of life!!

--- “Any one can SHOUT, but not all can SPEAK”.


yamini meduri said...

hi di...
another your kind of post...!!! nice post...!!!

patience is our strength
speech is our power
expression is our right
involving is our responsibility

we find people who
test our 'strength'
doubt our 'power'
take off our 'right'
suspect our 'responsibility'

we cant change our'self' for them
we are the same with everyone
but wen we r not allowed to speak
nothing wrong in shouting...!!!

wat say???

Pramoda Meduri said...

When Things are in our hands ... we should be in a position to manage them ...

***we find people who
test our 'strength'
doubt our 'power'
take off our 'right'
suspect our 'responsibility'

Accept people who test your strenghth... to strengthen urself.

Accept people who doubt your clear ur doubts

Try to punch back to the people who suspects ur responsibility...with a responsible attitude.

and haa ... never allow a person to take off ur right ...

About shoutinggg .... I'm not sure ra ... but i shout some times and i speak many times ...

It depends on the situation too as u said ... u r correct ...

love u

How do we know said...

i loved this post!! very nice thot.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey..Thank You very much...
sorry for the late reply..
Keep coming

The unsure ascetic said...

very powerful words there.