Dec 25, 2009

Silly Question!!!

A ‘Silly question’ is not actually about the question that is being asked; but it is all about the person who has asked it, and the situation in which he has asked it.

What I mean is…

By nature, some questions appear very silly. But the reputation and the power of the person who asks it can make the question so valid at times. Of course, I’m sure that it is a definite fun to have witnessed such situations.

PS: Please have a look at my previous post titled 'A Small Message..."

A Small Message…


I’m so thankful to you for your support and affection towards my blog. It was really an awesome experience that I had with you during my 200th post celebrations. Thank you once again to one and all for joining with me and for sharing my pleasure.

I would like to have your consistent support throughout. And for that I know, I will have to think and work better from now. I believe that I can make it happen.

May Happiness Rules!

Dec 20, 2009

“I Too Did Mistakes...”

“If a person has never done any mistakes in his life, it means he has never attempted new things in his life” – by someone.

This is one of the highly qualified quotes that certainly encourage a person to attempt the new things of life. A person should have enough guts to accept the mistakes which happen in the process of entertaining his new ideas.

I started blogging just to attempt something new. I still remember the first word that I wrote here and the first feeling that I had while doing the same. But I never had enough guts to accept the mistakes that happened during my initial stages of writing articles. Mistakes in terms of the English, grammar, expressions, etc. I used to feel very happy on compliments from my readers, and I used to have nightmares on some comments which had spoken about my mistakes.

For me, it took almost 15 months to change my attitude towards the compliments and comments. I started accepting the comments in a very positive way and always believed that it would have been in the good spirit of the reader. As soon as I changed my attitude towards the readers’ feedback, I started to open up myself in terms of my feelings, expressions, and most importantly in the writing style. A belief of having uniqueness in my writings has occupied me completely and that has been encouraging me for the best.

This is the perfect moment to thank all of my earlier readers for their compliments and comments. I would love to say that they are the real architects of my today’s attitude. And my special thanks would go to the comments which had brought nightmares to me, but are the most memorable ones of my life. I still remember the posts which had brought me those comments. Before writing this post, I visited them and read them just to encourage myself to write better. I hope you would believe it.

As you know, I asked you for your suggestions in my previous post. I’m so happy and lucky enough to say that each and every word of you is very valuable jewel for me. In the past two days I was very busy in meetings at the office, but your compliments made my moments so special in between. I thank one and all for participating in the same.

Writing has always been the prominent one of my interests. It brings me certain pleasure which I would remember for long time. I never allowed any one of my interests to go away because of another. I’m use to make time to my interests along with my professional life. Though my career demands a full day efforts in office, my heart enjoys the few minutes when I come here and express myself.

But any way, my career will never be a problem in satisfying my interests, because my job is my biggest interest at the moment.

“Something that can teach you the best in your life is the mistake that you do. Be proud to attempt the new” – by me…:)…:)

Dec 17, 2009

Suggestions Please…:)

Before I write the 200th post of my blog, I want to have your wonderful voices with me. I believe that you make me more enthusiastic towards my goals. You make me keep my heart here without any second thought.

Please let me know your opinions about my blog; and do let me know your suggestions as well, so that I can improve myself.

The only intension behind this post is to know your opinions, which can make a better ME. It is very important for me to make you understand this point. Please share your views and suggestions. I’m open for the Anonymous comments too…:)…!!!

I never did it, but in this post I want to tell you the title of my next post. It will be “I Too Did Mistakes…” and that will be the 200th.

Thank You for Your Time.

Dec 13, 2009

I Promise You A New YOU...

Brother: (The next minute, his hand was at her mouth to feed her the food)
Sister: (downcast, with all tears in her eyes)

Brother: (was still calm and looking in to his food plate)
Sister: Really sorry. I was just … (Has not yet taken her food plate)

Brother: (was calm and getting ready to have dinner)
Sister: (she got realized of her mistake, they were at the dinning table) I’m very sorry.

Brother: (He was calm all of a sudden, after listening to her words)
Sister: If you are not interested, stay calm. He and I will go. (She was so stern which made her brother hurt)

Brother: We will go tomorrow, after the exam. Ok?
Sister: All three of us shall go out for the dinner.

There lived a sister, a brother and his friend. They were all very close to each other.

Could you understand the above said story???

If your answer is “No”, then read on…

You could have understood the story had you read it from bottom to top. You would have read it from bottom to top, if you were taught of doing the same. There is a ‘definite set of thought’ in your brain, which says, ‘read any story from first to last’. If you can believe that the “definite set” is flexible to any change, then you will enjoy the life’s wonderful gifts.

There lies a kind of understanding in your brain and heart. There lies a definite set of thoughts as well. But coming to the point of understanding the other person, it is not so easy for you, not only because of the uniqueness in the other person, but is also because of the effect of the ‘definite set of thoughts’ that has been set by your nature.

You could have left the story in the middle, by saying that it was not understandable. But in life, such conditions are very important, where you can never leave a person just because you can not understand him/her. At times, you have to take the chance and try to understand the other person. At that moment, try to change the ‘definite set of thoughts’ in your mind and give it a try. You will definitely see a new YOU. And It promises you a new YOU.

Dec 9, 2009

Today's Take Home #8

There are two ways to know anything; one is by questioning like a master and another is by asking like a student. The former makes you; and the later keeps you.

Dec 7, 2009


Confidence is not the one which keeps on changing with success and failure.
But rather, it is the one which stays with you forever, to keep you successful.

Dec 6, 2009

"The Challenge"

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I don’t envy anyone’s success;
Where I don’t mind anyone’s comments;
Where I live my life in the way I want to;
Where I respect my soul more than anyone;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I get inspired of criticism;
Where I breathe the spirits of humanism;
Where I walk through the way I love;
Where I admire the most possible;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I can prove myself to my soul;
Where I can accept people to their core;
Where I don’t get angry to shout at people;
Where I live life with the calmest reality;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I won’t speak about people in their absence;
Where I won’t regret for being so stern at times;
Where I accept my mistakes with a humble sorry;
Where I don’t mind to give away the most wanted;

Now, the biggest question…

WHO will take me through all these?


Though I knew the answer, I failed to enlighten it so far. I believed that time would change my feelings, my heart slowly. But NO. Suddenly, today morning I was woken up by a thought saying that “Time is what we live it and Life is what we make it”…and hence I got realized that I shall take myself through all the above said possibilities. I shall be responsible for every single aspect.

This is how I want to take this challenge of life…

I will write a post with my achievements on next December 6th. I will tell you how many of the above ones could come make it to my lap.

I’m responsible for everything that happens in my life; Either good or bad; Either success or failure; Either enjoyment or sadness; Either life or death; I’m the only person who is responsible for myself;

This is the challenge which I’m accepting today for a better tomorrow. Please wish me all the best. Thank You.

PS: If I did bother you with many “I”s in this post, I’m so sorry. I too hate the fact that it has got many “I”s in it, but yes, it had to be like that.

Dec 4, 2009

Where I have been?

Hi All, it has been so long since I have written something here. Hope you are all enjoying the moments of life.

Well, there are few simple reasons behind this post. I will straightaway come to the point.

Happy B’day Ravi…

If you remember the first guest post in my blog and the writer, it is his B’day today. So, I wish with all of my heart, a very happy and enlightening birthday to him.

The time has never stopped for me in my good and bad moments, but you have always been there to encourage me every time. Thank you so much.

The precious memories…

Since few days, I have been getting in touch with my long lost good friends. A day may not appear bad when it is of routine, but a day definitely appears great when it is something different. And that makes the difference in life.

The memories that come to my heart while talking to them, or while being with them, are the precious jewels which I have at the moment with me. I thank them for being so special always.

The one quote…

The one quote that has inspired me in the recent days is – “What others think of you is none of your business”.

Being a well known fact, we often fail to implement. But it has got it’s pleasant effect on my way these days. So I wanted to share with you all. Be proud to be yourself.

Team India in it’s best form…

My post will not appear completed, if I don’t add this particular topic. Team India has been playing well against the touring Srilankans. I have been enjoying their every juncture since a couple of weeks. I’m really happy for the successful come back of the swashbuckling Sreesanth.

I can not end this topic without mentioning his character. To me, he is a player of guts. And he is the one and only Virender Sehwag, who has been rocking with his merciless batting attack, which has been bringing nightmares to the visitors.
But to me, he still appears as the most inconsistent player. Any ways, Viru, go for another triple century. We are with you and will be with you.
This is how I wanted this post to be. Thanks for joining with me.

Nov 25, 2009

2012 & My Learning

The very first thing that I loved about this movie is the title itself. ‘2012’ is the gorgeous title that can bring audience to the theaters. The movie hadn’t required much publicity, as most of the world is already aware of the predictions on the devastations that are said to be happened in 2012.

Well, I’m not here to write the movie review. Still, to brief my movie experience, I would say, the future catastrophes had been touchingly depicted. The story line was sensitively written, though some laziness had been shown in the screen play. The director was technically correct about the earth’s phenomena, though some commercial aspects were missing throughout.
On the whole, it was a warm and earth-quaking experience.

Apart from all the devastations those have been shown, there are few aspects in which I learned some lessons for my life. Here I go…

Tea cup and the human mind…

** There was a scene in which Lama explained one interesting fact of life to his fellow-person. The Lama started to fill the first cup with tea. Once the cup was full, he started to fill another cup. But this time he kept on pouring tea into it, even though it was full and overflowing. ((Sorry for the pic here, I could not get the overflowing cup, so I kept this overflowing glass))

As the fellow person indicated the overflow, the Lama said
“Human mind is also like a tea cup. To get new drops of tea into the cup, you have to empty the cup first. Similarly, to get new thoughts in to mind, you have to clean the older thoughts time to time”

How true!!!

I have been experiencing this fact practically in my life. But I observed the same only after hearing and understanding him. To give you a simple example, I take my blog as the subject now. If you see my previous month’s posts, I almost posted one per day. Many of my readers asked me how I get those in-depth thoughts every day. One of my good friends made a step further asked me if all the day I sit and only think!! I loved those though.

This month, I haven’t been expressing my thoughts time to time because of my tight schedule. Hence, I’m not getting any new thoughts in to my mind. Though they come once in a while, they go in vain after being entertained for a smaller duration.

May be, it time for me to clean my mind!! I’ll do.

“Make Time”

The US president had been hurried up by his chief advisor to step in to the ‘Air force one’ so that they would escape the incoming Tsunami.

President: Please give me some time
Chief: We don’t have any time sir.

President: I want few seconds, for my prayer.
Chief: Mr. President, we have to rush, we don’t have any time.

As the discussion heated up, the president would shout at the chief and at the other officials “Make Time…” the chief vacated the room and the door was closed.

Later, the president decided to stay back in the US and prepared himself to get collapsed along with his own people, being the last president of the United States of America. This along with his last address to the US people touched my heart.

Coming back to “Make Time…”…

Yeah, it’s true, at least for me in these days especially. It is up to me how I adjust and arrange my time so that I would do justice to my inner self. I have not been able to do it since some days, and from now, I decided to do it only for my sake.

Thanks to ‘2012’ for being such an inductive in the two most important aspects of my life. Let us see how the learning works.

I don’t know what is going to happen in 2012, but one thing is for sure that there are some alarming issues across the globe as on today, and most of them are man made. So, it is up to us how to ensure that the earth would carry us longer.

"Let us do our best to hope for the best"

Nov 20, 2009

In The Professional/Corporate World...

Anything can be said and listened; But in the professional/corporate world…

The best way to say something is to add guts to it, wherein you can say the same words about any person, irrespective of his presence, of his social/professional status, and of his requirement to you.

The best way to listen something is to ignore the words which are said only to you, as the speaker can never dare to repeat them before the big boss.
PS: The same strategy can be applicable not only to the professional life, but also to the personal life. But my intension of this post is specifically about professional area.

Nov 15, 2009

Twenty Years BACK...

On November 15th, he played his debut match in the international cricket… and his career is still going on and it will (and should) go on hopefully, till Team India wins the 2011 world cup on the home soil.

So far so good he has been
As an inspiring sports person to many

Champions till date. To admire him itself is an
Honor, here I would extend my thanks to him for the
Invaluable moments that he has given me, by
Nurturing India to become a proud cricketing nation.

R- Writes the history.

Being a die core follower of cricket, I would love to see a person rewrites the same, no mater from which country he would head from.
Being an Indian, I would love to welcome another Indian to accomplish my little wish. At the same time, I would love to witness the same!

Hats off to Sachin … You have always been my inspiration, not only to keep myself balanced in all situations, but also to show the heartfelt commitment in my work so far, whatever it is. For now, I can only say this much!

Nov 14, 2009

I Can Only Envy Them…

On a rainy day, as I peep through my room window I imagine myself getting wet in rain leaving all tensions behind. But on seeing the children who stay in a small shed beside my flat, and are enjoying the rain to the fullest, I envy them as I can only imagine but they can live.

During a mid winter night, as I try to see through the same window, I expect to see no one on the roads. But when I see the children enjoying the winter flames with their heart, I envy them as I can only smile on seeing them, but they do laugh.

When the swine-flu destroyed the balanced Pune life, as I had to go out only with a mask, and while I could not take my breath conveniently, I envied them for not having any news about the flu in mind and for enjoying their lives with all those childhood games. I could only know the importance of my future, but they enjoyed their then minutes.
I can only envy, as I can not admire.

Happy Children’s Day!

Nov 12, 2009

Ever It Happened With You?

Ever it happened with you that you wanted to express your unluckiness, but you could get no one to go by?

Ever it happened with you that you wanted to write something, but you could hardly get a word to start with?

Ever it happened with you that you thought you had many people to laugh with, but the very next minute you had no one to wipe your tears?

Ever it happened with you that you had accepted someone as your best mate, but in a corner of your heart you still had some queries?

Ever it happened with you that you had awesome people around you, but all of a sudden everyone appeared sarcastic?

Ever it happened with you that you had your pocket full of money, but it took too much time to buy the well deserved?

Ever it happened with you that you had wondered why people wouldn’t accept their mistakes, but you yourself failed to do so?

Ever it happened with you that you were aware and happy of your crazy dreams, but you could do a little to make them real?

Ever it happened with you that you were sure of your long existence on earth, but the very next day you feared of death?

I know these are random in order, in fact very random as they appear. I’m sure of your answers for most of them. I bet it would have been ‘yes’.

Now let me tell you one thing…The main purpose of this post is to clear my heart, as I said in one of my earlier posts, everything has to be cleaned, so as heart!

Nov 10, 2009

The Biggest Gain!!

The biggest gain of one’s life resides in attaining the capabilitiy of preparing himself to challenge the biggest loss of his own life.

Gain It;
Celebrate it;
And Be An Inspiration.

Nov 8, 2009

Love Endures...

He was a cool guy with a soft attitude. She was a dynamic young lady with full of spirits. She desperately wanted to talk to him before he would leave the city. He had come to the city to express his love towards her, but he could not do it till the last day, as they had been from two different teams who spent the difficult time being opponents, as almost enemies. Now she called him there to express a very important feeling of her life.

He: Did you want to talk to me?
She: Yeah…

He: (Took a moment…) Yeah, tell me.
She: (Still silent and was staring at her legs)

He: Excuse me, can we talk now?
She: Yes, sure.

He: (Eagerly waiting to hear from her)
She: Could you please excuse me if you don’t like my opinion?

He: (Took a deep breath) Yeah, ok.
She: (Preparing her heart to speak out…)

He: (With a cool voice) See, I need to rush now, could you please…
She: (Before he ended his lines) Will you marry me?

A minute of silence…

He: Do you really mean it?
She: Yes, I mean it.

He: (Happy at his heart) What do you know about me?
She: I love you.

He: But what do you know about me?
She: (Silent…)

He: Did we talk to each other earlier?
She: No

He: Did I ever behave nicely with you?
She: No

He: Then how could you ask that?
She: I love you for what you are.

He: Means?
She: I would have never loved you, had you changed yourself nicely for me.

He: (Impressed…)
She: I would have never expressed my feelings, if I was not sure that you love me.

He: (?) So, you are sure that I love you?
She: I know you.

A minute of silence…

He: (Still silent)
She: Please forgive me if I did hurt your feelings.

He moved close to her so that he could catch her breath, could hear her heartbeat, and could feel her melting in his arms. They were all alone there having their heartbeats locked with each other’s.
He: Do I deserve you?
She: Never ask me that.

He: Answer me…
She: We both have got more than what we deserve.

TWO in ONE...

As the title says, this post is to fulfill two purposes. Read on…

I want to inform you that today morning I have gone through some of my earlier posts. To my goodness I could see comments from some of you, which were not noticed by me till then. I have given the reply though. I want to thank you for going through my very earlier posts and for sharing your views. I have NOT enabled the gmail link which keeps me informed about the new comments. So this is the main reason for the delay. Any ways Thank You So Much.

About today’s cricket match: I’m so disappointed to see India playing like that. Only one thing I want to say is that I have no words to the team. Because I know I can switch off the TV simply, but they have to stay there till the end. I know I can simply say shit, but they have to face the shit. I know I can barrel many questions and comments to complete my task, but they have to start their tasks now to answer me.

That’s how I respect their situation. And that’s why I respect them.

To My Dear Team India…
LOVE stands for staying together in all good and bad times. I Love You & I’m Always With You…

PS: The match is still going on. Beware; any thing can happen with our guys :)…:)

Nov 6, 2009

Think Before You AIM...

Life is not only about having dreams and goals; But it is also about knowing one’s own capabilities and limitations. Ideally, one should dream and aim the near impossible. But practically, one should know his own limitations and strengths before aiming at anything. After all, limitations are not mistakes and strengths may not last longer. But the one thing that lives forever is one’s ability to understand his own capabilities before setting any goals for himself.

This thinking will always ensure that you get the best challenges in life, wherein you are bound to give your full efforts to conquer your own goals.

“Learn to dream; Think before you aim”

Nov 5, 2009

It is about him, once again...

What should I write now?

Should I write about my irregularity at your blogs?

Or should I scribble my thoughts that have been ruining my mind since last two days?

Or should I write about my last night’s experience of suffering from the power cut?

Or should I pour the feelings that have been wrenching my heart at the moment?

Well, better I would go with the last one.

Yes, I’m in all pain. Though my tears are not out now, they were surely there on their way a moment back. What makes my mind now?

It isn’t a personal problem. It isn’t a professional problem. I don’t know whether you feel silly, if I say that the one thing that has been haunting me since few minutes is the result of today’s cricket match between India and Australia at Hyderabad.

Yes, this post is all about cricket. If you don’t have any interest, please drop out here itself. And to give you a quick message: I have been spending busy time, and unable to adjust my time for blogging, and that has been the reason for my absence at your blogs. Please let me have my time and come back to you, thank you.

Well, coming back to the subject of the post:

I must appreciate the efforts of Marsh, Watson, Sachin, and Raina for their incredible efforts to make this special day of cricket. The commentator use to say that finally cricket would win. And I’m inline with them now; today cricket has won over and above the talented Australians.

But I’m still unable to digest the fact that we have lost the game!!!

We lost it and that is it!!

After all, one should win and the other should accept the pain. Let us accept it. This is how the universe moves!

Congratulations to the master, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, on reaching some very huge milestones of is cricketing career. Hope to see many more from you my dear sir. All the very best.

One quick question to the critics who barrel their comments at the little master, Sachin Tendulkar, saying that his century in the second innings has never won a game for India, except VERY few times.

Is it Sachin’s stupidity to make a century in a game or is it the stupidity of his critics who blame him even after contributing his best?

Apart from the match, the only lose that I see from his today’s encounter is the way he has lost the chance to make a winning shot. Had he knocked that he would have been the happiest man, I believe. The anguish could be felt in his eyes.

Any way, thank you for making my evening Sachin.

I want to be specific here. I would expect to read a point to point discussion in the comments section, if at all you want to write anything. To be frank, I’m not expecting much response to this post. If at all you want to say any thing, please only mention about the question asked above. But please don’t step in to other areas, by mentioning about his age, his retirement, his that…his this…etc. I believe, no one can be as best as him to talk about these issues.

Finally, we lost the match by just little margin. Any way, I always said, and I reiterate:

India can beat any team on it’s day and can lose to any team as well. Whatever you do, we love you guys. Play well and win the hearts. We are with you.

Nov 2, 2009


The best listened speaker is the one who understands that the least best listened topic in this world is ‘About Me’. Ironically, the best remembered listener is the one who understands the value of the same topic.

Nov 1, 2009

Silence... of loss/gain?

“Isn’t that hurt me now?” she took a deep breath before keeping herself in a minute of deafening silence. The auditorium was stared at her downcast body and was expecting her lost soul to speak her heart. He stood there and could feel her feelings.

She started saying slowly- “I was five years old when the very first dream had disturbed my calm soul. Since then, I have been trying my heart out to conquer this moment. I have too many titles on my name since schooling. My parents had always been there behind my all those achievements. But I only know exactly why this particular stage is making me emotional. Here I’m standing right before all of you, being the cynosure, I must stress that this moment is written on my name”

“Why should I miss my parents now?”
“Why I can never tell them that their daughter has done this much”
“Why should I have lost them?”
“Now, isn’t that hurt me?” No one had any clue, including him.

Though she didn’t spell out, her heart asked her something in extra – “Had mom and dad been there, would it have ever happened?” She got surprised on her thought, but she knew that it would have never happened had they been alive.

She was the only child for her parents. They both were job holders. They departed from their family many years ago on the name of a love marriage. Her father was very strict at discipline. He used to restrict her to keep her concentration only on studies. Many times she did put her interest in singing before them, but they always insisted her to leave it and they always managed her to concentrate on studies.

Being an intelligent girl by birth, she could do well at her studies. She was a kind of girl who never dared or wanted to go against her parents’ wish. She was many times scolded by her parents for expressing her liking towards singing, and even severely punished by them at times. She was the topper of her class since childhood. She had very less friends, and she had to keep herself in a circle so that she would do well in studies.

A minute is more than enough to change anyone’s life. In line with this, one day she got a call from a hospital saying that her parents met with an accident and were in their last minutes. Though she tried a lot to reach them on time, she was just few seconds short. They died. She was left in deep silence.

Her uncle brought her to his home. He introduced her to his son. His son was just a year elder to her.

“Stay with her, console her and try to make her normal. You better keep your other work aside and try to bring some smiles in her life” he suggested his son.
“Yes dad”

Initially he did not like the whole process of consoling her. But day by day, after seeing her heart, he started liking her slowly. He was a cool guy with an adorable character.

One day, he took her to his college. He introduced her to his friends. They were all cool and energetic young guys and girls. Just at that moment, they were all busy in the preparations for a cultural competition. In between their practice session, she was asked by one of them to sing a song. Though she was not it any mood to do so, on his request she walked on to the stage.

The music brought out a special energy in her. She kept herself involved in the song to the core. He could observe an unseen happiness in her while singing. At the same time, he understood the singing talent in her.

Everyone clapped for that song, and now the same claps had brought her here on to this stage. The same claps helped her in finding a new self in her own. The same claps made her more focused on her goal. And now, the same claps had provoked her to win this prestigious singing competition. He assisted her right since the beginning. His love for her had been growing within. Now, he was the happiest person to see her tears of joy and satisfaction.

She loved him for his encouragement, for his assistance, for his confidence in her, and for his love towards her nature. As she proudly lifted the winner’s trophy, cameras clicked at her, people smiled at her and love was poured at her from all possible corners. She was a role model for many. He was everything for her now. They were the joy for their friends.

“Why I can never tell them that their daughter has done this much”

“Why should I have lost them?”

“Now, isn’t that hurt me?”

“Had mom and dad been there, would it have ever happened?”

“Had mom and dad been there, would it have ever happened?”

Questions haunted her.

And now they haunt me as well…what about you?

I believe people say that everything happens for a reason. Everything happens for some good time. According to you, what is the good that had happened in her life?

Stand and walk in her shoes. Please do let me know your feelings. Thank You.

Oct 31, 2009

Invaluable Minutes of Goodness...

“What is the change that good message oriented movies have been bringing in me since years?”

“Even if I change myself, how longer I’m really able to continue with the same?”

I had no clue about these questions, even though they were solely about my very own mentality and life style. But today, when I was watching one such kind of movie, somehow the following lines popped up in my mind. Read on…

“The movie may not change my life style completely, but it will surely fill my heart with awesomeness for a while. It will embed a kind of goodness in to my thought, though it is for a while. When I come off the movie situation, it will be ME once again, resuming my work, my thoughts, my tensions and my life. I may again get the movie-goodness off my mind after some time”

“At the end of the day, the only satisfaction that I have is that at least for a few minutes, or hours, or days, I entertained my mind with goodness. And yes, entertaining goodness in heart is the essence of my life. How long I can do it is solely in my grip. And how much I can prolong it is also in my court”

So what do you say about this?

PS: Please check the previous post for my opinion on the question about ‘Celebrity’. LoL..i have not disabled the comments link this time…:)...:)

My Opinion ...

PS: Please don’t answer me that you would love to reborn as yourself. And I must confess here that this question is not mine. This was asked in our welcome party by one of the HR personals, to the contestants of a game. In my next post I will let you know the winner’s answer, along with my own. Thank You.

The above said is the Post Script which I missed out on my last post. To my surprise, I got realized it very lately, so am keeping it here any way in this attempt.

Sorry to say this, I’m not in any mood at the moment to tell you what I understand the celebrity status exactly. But I promise you a post on this, very soon.

Well, the winner in that game said:
“I would like to reborn as a Kalpana Chawla, as she proved that she was nothing less to any man”.

Back to me: When the winner mentioned that she wanted to reborn as Kalpana Chawla, I felt that she was speaking my heart but with a different reason.

I too want to reborn as a Kalpana Chawla, not because she proved that she was nothing less to any man, but because she proved herself despite of the same difficulties as that of any other woman can have. I would like to experience the last few minutes that she had, being in the collapsing space shuttle.

Thank you very much for sharing your opinions on this question. I will respond to them shortly.

Oct 29, 2009

Whom would you choose?

If you could get a chance to reborn as a celebrity, whom would you choose? And why?

Oct 28, 2009

Memories of You...

Memories of you,
Make me feel I’m a queen of heart;
Make me proud of your lovely heart;
Make me believe of my little heart.

Memories of you,
Encircle my heart for my boundless thoughts.

Memories of you,
Margin down my dreams to a splendid reality.

Memories of you,
Make me turn around to feel your presence.

Memories of you,
Make me believe of the divine love faithfully.

Memories of you,
Strengthen me to get along with my own life.

Memories of you,
Make me realize how much I miss you in real.

Memories of you,
Make me giggle as if I’m with you;
Make me proud as if I’m with you;
Make me love you as if I’m you.

Oct 25, 2009

An Unusual Sunday…

NOTE: This is little similar to the 'Cluster of thougts' posts of mine. The basic difference is that they were about the dialy news, and this is about my feelings and emotions.

The same fine morning, with the same cool breezy effect, and of the same Sunday morning mood as that of every other Sunday mornings welcomed me in to the actual world from the virtual world of my sleepy dreams, today.

But ever since I started my Sunday routines, I found that the things were becoming very interesting time to time. By the time of completion of my previous post, I was damn sure that the remaining half day would be of same surprises to me. This confidence provoked me to add the PS in that post. If you have read that post and awaited this entry, I’m so thankful to you, words never say how much I’m. Now, let me get in to the point straightaway.

The Morning Shock…

I would say, the shock had proudly kept it’s name high by showing me the web page as shown below, while I was trying to enter in to my blogger account. It was referring to some suspicious activity in the google account. Suspicious activity!! You understand that? My heart started running faster.
Though it was usual to happen to people across the world, for me, being a less knowledge person about this error, I was terribly disturbed to have seen the web page on my lovely lapi screen. Making no mistake, I changed my password and could able to access my data safely. Before that, even I could not comment on any of your posts. An unwanted error had been appearing on the screen whenever I click the “Publish your comment” icon. You never know how it did hurt me, that too in the early morning.

Any way, I read about the “Suspicious activity on your account error” from the most wanted ‘Google’ site. It was referring someone who wanted to access my account in an unauthorized manner. Ok, but ‘why’ was the first question that popped up in my chunky brain.

Leave it. I’m not sure if you also got the same error sometime or not. But the one thing that I want to make it clear to the abusers is- “I’m not sitting here keeping my seat belt buckled, and fingers crossed to become another victim of hacking world. I may lose everything, my posts, my data, my mails, etc. But one thing that I will never lose is the way each one of the mails and each post made me feel. It is a true treasure and I have saved it in the deep bottom of my heart”

I don’t know, one day even I too may become a victim of these hacking talents, but I will always be thankful to them for showing interest in my treasure. If they won’t think that there is something greatness in my treasure, why they would ever try to hack it? Isn’t it the right way to say?

Ekam’s post…

Ekam Rathore, a blogger friend of mine, posted an interesting stuff in her site. (Sorry for not linking to her blog ID. I have been trying to keep the links here, but I’m unable to do it. Could you please help me in doing so? Thank you).

What would you on your last day of life (Only if you know that it is your last day)? A valid question. Well, everybody has got their own answers for this, so am I. I’m not going to tell you my wishes here, but I want to ask you something.

How many of us will really get a chance of clearing the ‘to do list’ before we die?
How many of us will really get to know about our last 24 hours?

It is terribly horrible to give it a thought, but I would say it is a real pleasure to have information about it, so that you take leave in a proper fashion by saying ‘byes’ and giving hugs. Good death may be!
A Man Called Obama…

Suddenly, I remembered this guy today afternoon while watching the cricket match. While watching a ‘Cricket match’? Very weird, isn’t it?

I was just thinking about the so called critics who had almost stopped throwing arrows at the Nobel peace prize judging committee. From all existing corners of the world, words had been thrown at Obama, for being promoted as the “Nobel peace price laureate for 2009”. Some people made a move forward and even demanded him to return the Nobel prize. Nobel prize!!! Note it down, it was nothing but the world’s best ever honor, it is so called. I bet how many of the critics would have returned it back, had they been Barack Obama(s)!!!

Come on, don’t get me wrong here. I’m neither supporting, nor rejecting the American president here. My concern is about the ‘human made discussion’ on the prestigious Nobel peace prize. No one could do any thing in the level of stopping it to be written on his name for this year, even after the heartfelt criticism. And now, it is nothing less than any other forgotten incidents of the history of world.

I conclude it – it is better to talk less about which you can not do more.
May be, it is true!!!

Uncharacteristic Pramoda @ Cricket

For those who are less interested in cricket and want to skip reading this section: Wait please; this is less about cricket and more about the change in my attitude. Please do proceed with this too, if you can.

** Pitch Report: Commentator use to show the pitch and mentions to look at the ‘green’ grass. Eventually some cracks lie there on the pitch. But to my pleasure, I could never see the greenness in the grass…mostly my eye caught the golden colored grass lied there. It never happened that I could see the “GREEN” grass he mentioned. What say?

** India was changing the big total (It did appear)… already six wickets down, was still requiring 100 odd runs on board to defeat the reigning world champions… it was almost looking impossible to make lakhs of Indians’ dreams come true for any one yet to bat… now power cut… TV off…

I was also one of such species, who used to switch off their TVs, if once Sachin had got out. And today, I was literally watching the match to see a winning India till the 7th wicket down. All credit goes to the incidents and people who worked to make Team Indian this way. I thank them.

And now, its power cut… as soon as the power had come again, I switched on the TV, expecting to watch the presentation ceremony. To my surprise, we were still 7 down and Bajji and Praveen Kumar had been trying to do some good in the middle. Ball by ball as they hit the runs, audience could not stay calm. Towards the end of the match, literally I could not differentiate their responses for a six, four and even for a single. The atmosphere was all enlightening, and all were charged up including Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli from the Indian dressing room.

It was again very unusual to see the top order batsmen enjoying their lower order’s swashbuckling partnership, especially from the Indian side. Indian side, the world’s most inconsistent cricketing side, I call them. To everyone’s surprise, Harbhajan was the only batsman who got the standing ovation from the crowd among all other so called champion batsmen in both the sides. Any way we lost the match with just a margin of 4 runs. Finally, there was something for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to cheer himself up. “We need to concentrate on our batting department as well as bowling department”, he said, and I don’t know what else left apart from them!!!

Any ways, we love you guys. Go ahead and win the race. All the best for the rest.

You may be asking me about the unusualness in these lines of mine, about cricket. You don’t know what I was at some point of time. Check here…

** Pramoda never thought realistically about Indian cricket team.
** She always fantasized the team’s capability.
** She always waited for a century from the 11th batsman.
** She always believed that a girl can play in Indian men team (She still believes, any doubt?)
** She always backed them, no matter whom and where they were playing.
** She enjoyed Sachin’s century more than the team’s win.
** She used to watch the presentation ceremony only IF India won.
** She used to watch the match, even if she had got final exam on the next day (of course, by completing the syllabus a day before)
** She deliberately wanted Pakistan to loose T20 inaugural world cup final against India, by remembering the audacious acts of Pakistani Terrorists, but not because of talent in Indian squad.
** ….. And many more.

Yeah, it was all about me and I agree these openly. But when I was watching the match today, I could see a complete different mindset of mine.

I didn’t think of the last wicket partnership. I didn’t want to enjoy Sachin’s play more than a team’s effort. I complemented the Ausies for their wonderful deliveries and game plan. Cricket is a game of 11 men; terrorists were nothing to do with the hard work of the players. I watched the presentation ceremony too, etc. I know I have to cut it short at least now!!

I appreciate this change in my attitude towards the game which I love the most. Now you may have come to know that I’m very talkative about cricket, not for the game, but for the players’ and audience’s emotions.

That is more from my side for today. Hope you enjoyed this, if I’m not wrong. Thanks for the long read.

Remembering today’s moments,
Pramoda Meduri

The True Essentials…

Success is nothing unknown.
Happiness is nothing undeserved.
Enjoyment is nothing inexperienced.
Success, happiness, and enjoyment
Are what your heart knows and feels,
But not what someone decides.

Never allow people to decide your success.
Never allow people to define your happiness.
Never allow people to demonstrate your enjoyment.
Success, happiness, and enjoyment are your daily
Essentials after all, so never let others catch hold of yours.

“Try to be a winner and strive to remain the same”

PS: Watch out for my next post tonight. I'm gonna tell you many things.

Oct 23, 2009

About Me...

Once in a while, you should say about yourself. Not because people can not understand you, but it ensures that you are very much connected to yourself, so that you accept your changing attitude and interests.

I thank Parzi, a sweet gal and an awesome blogger, for tagging me to do this.

** You know my name, and the meaning of it is ‘happiness’. I smile a lot. I laugh a lot. So, same pinch.

** I am happy most of the time, but if once I get depressed for any reason, no one can bring me out of the misery except myself. Only I have to console myself and I’m proud that only I can do it for myself.

** I used to feel that I never try to change people, but recently I got realized that I do it a lot, by conveying it to them in a way or other. I also feel that it is nothing wrong in saying, but it should be in a limited fashion.

** Black color catches my eyes, no matter what the thing is. Please underline the word ‘thing’ here.

** Emotions get my interest, not only to feel but also to observe in other people. I watch cricket just to enjoy their emotions.

** I’m not talkative, but I take some time before I speak more with any one.

** I believe in love.

** I don’t believe in relations which ‘happens’ to be ‘very’ close such that they ignore their other friends.

** My writings may mislead you to think that I’m very bold person. But to be frank, I’m the most sensitive person I have ever met till date. But I’m proud of my sensitiveness always, which is the main power behind my writings.

Being sensitive, I can feel many emotions. My emotions have always been the sole inspiration to my writings.

May be, it is enough for now. I want to tell you more and more, but I’m not sure if it takes your interests now. Any ways, enjoyed writing this. Thanks for reading this faithfully.

With Love…Prams.

PS: Please have a look at the previous three liner post too, thank you.


Always guide a person based on your experiences.
But, never guide him based on your interests,
Especially, during the starting point of his career.

Oct 22, 2009

Life Knows What You Need, Just Believe In It.

If life gives you everything that you want,
You will learn how to use the abundant resources,
To have a better life ahead; but that life
May never teach you how it pains if you
Don’t get the things that you wanted.

If life never gives you everything that you want,
You will learn how to use the limited resources,
To construct a better life; but that life
May never teach you how it feels if you
Get the things that you wanted.

Every time, there is something to learn;
Sometimes it is the pain of scarcity,
Some other times it is the feel of availability.
After all, every learning is special in life.

Life always gives you what you need.
It is up to you how you accept it and use it.
Everyone is lucky enough in a way or other.
It is up to us how we see the things,
And how we feel the way they are.

Life Knows What You Need, Just Believe In It.

My Answers...

Hi Friends, I have been tagged by five sweet bloggers for this tag. They are:

Yellow Tulip

Thanks to you gals, for letting me do this. Hope you would enjoy reading this.

1. What is your current obsession?
Nothing… (I maintain hobbies, not obsessions)

2. Which quality you admire the most?

3. What’s the last thing you bought? Pens

4. What are you now listening to?
A song from RACE

5. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Guria- an intelligent writer, Rimz- A nice friend, Yellow tulip- An emotional writer, Sahana- A girl who loves the nature.

6. Which was the latest movie you saw and what’s your review?
BLUE, a good adventurous entertainer

7. If you could go anywhere in the world in the next one hour, where would you go?
To the top of the Taj Mahal

8. Which language do you want to learn?

9. What is your favorite quote? To be happy, make others happy.

10. Which is your favorite sport? Cricket

11. Whom do you want to meet right now?
Ratan Tata

12. What is your favorite color?

13. What emotion of yours you like the most? Smile

14. What is your dream job? I don’t have any dream job, but I have a dream career.

15. What are you going to do after this? Another post

16. Who is your favorite sports star?
Sachin Tendulkar

17. What inspires you? My Emotions

18. What do you do when you feel extremely depressed? First I cry, and then I think.

19. What is the meaning of your name? Happiness

20. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
Next question please…

21. What is the right way to answer the people who purposefully hurt you?
Reciprocate … with love.

22. What do you love most about you? My sensitiveness

23. What is the one thing that you want to remove from this world?

24. With whom you spoke last on phone? My school Head mistress

25. What would you think if your best friend says a lie to you?
I blame myself for not being close to her/him so that she/he would have never lied.

Have a nice time…:)

Oct 20, 2009

Today's Take Home #7

"Every Minute Is Too Early To Conclude Any Person"

PS: If you have not yet read my previous post, please do have a look at it. That is a very special post of mine.

Oct 19, 2009

A Moment of Inspiration!

The clock on the railway platform ran faster, so did their heart beats.




She was all in pain as she had to miss him very badly, yet again. After a splendid vacation in which they have had the beautiful and invaluable memories woven nicely, now it was nothing less than a moment of the vacation for them.

The train signal was given and her heart sunk little further, though she could keep her tears deep within such that it would be a warm farewell. They knew that the last moment would be remembered forever and they didn’t want to fill it with tears. At the end, it was the smile and the waving hands that occupied the distance between them.

She turned back to go back, though her heart still lied somewhere safely. She had to bring all of her nerves in to her legs to move a step ahead.

“Can I move forward with this pain?”
“When can I be normal again?”

Questions haunted her. She convinced herself and moved ahead. As she was crossing the entrance, it happened that a small boy of age 9 years was taken away by his father in a wheel chair. The boy was mentally challenged and was giving strange looks to the outside world. He was smiling happily as he could not understand the pain that would wrench the heart to be in such position. She walked away after giving an innocent smile to that boy.

In the way she had to cross street children who were happily playing together, while their parents were busy in gossiping along side the road. She saw the beggars, co-passengers, auto walas, rich kids and every one who were occupying the two sides of the road.

Her pain started to turn in to thoughts slowly. Her so called questions turned in to her inspirational thoughts in a while.

“Why should I carry the pain?”
“What can stop me from being normal again?”

Am I not like all others?
Am I an exception to life’s seasons?

A big NO came her way to make out the following.

Life is a challenge
Neither you, nor I can be
An exception to a sensation.

Whatever may we demand,
Whatever may we cause,
Whatever may we choose,
Life must GO ON.

It keeps our spirits high, even after a debacle.
And what more can sigh the augur of a miracle!

Oct 17, 2009

Words about Language...

Children are never to be demanded of speaking any language in specific; but rather, they should be taught of the concept of ‘speaking the language which can be understood by the listener’.

I see parents and teachers insisting their children to speak in English or in some specific language, and at the same time they feel very happy after seeing their children’s fluentness in that language, even though the listener could not get a bit out of their words.
The essence of language is not only about fluentness, but it is all about conveying your way to others. One may be very much fluent, but if he can not pass the message which he wanted to pass on, at the end of the day he is no one to the world.
Happy Diwali...

Oct 15, 2009


Beware of such things,
Which make no difference at the end of the day,
Though they make a huge difference at the end of the life!

Oct 14, 2009

Everything Has To Be Forgiven!

Ever since you are born, you
Value people and their attitudes for
Enormous and valid number of
Reasons, which help you and enable
You to efficiently walk through life, but at
Times mistakes of people can alarm the
Hazard by just hitting at your
Insider deeply, so that you feel
Nervous next time when you have to
Gain the belief in them, yet again.

However, the aversion takes you through wide
Angles of thoughts which make you
Sensible towards the facts of life.

Though you consider it with a deeper heart at the start, but
Once if you have a re-look at it after some time, you will

Be the most satisfied and calm soul, and also a person of
Entertaining hopeful thoughts of a positive relation, yet again.

Forgiving is the only divine act that a human can do.
Once you believe it, you will be the
Richest soul on the earth, with a
Gigantic hope on life yet again, which
Induces a lively and promising thoughts pass through your
Veins which invokes the divinity in you. After all,
Everything has to be forgiven in life, if
Not now, may be after sometime any way.

People can do mistakes only when they are alive, and they should be forgiven before they die.

Let us take less time to forgive and let the divinity occupy our veins proudly

Oct 13, 2009

Who is good?

Who is a good person?
He, who can not even unravel, what is good and what is bad?
He, who can just understand, what is good and what is bad and can not stay any more?
He, who can adjust himself patiently to both good and bad on knowing them fairly well?
He, who can reciprocate to every good and bad?
After all,
To know what is bad in other person, you must have understood what it is all about.

Then, what a good person means to you?

I know, it is not easy enough to give it a thought and at the same time it is very fair enough to ask ourselves this question once in a while, as we used to conclude people every day.

Before closing the post, let me tell you something…

From each and every category out of the four kinds of people said in the initial lines, so far, there are enough people who are remembered, who are valued, and who are respected and honored in every generation and history of the human beings.

Then, who is good specifically?

“Everybody is good and everybody is bad based on the circumstances”…huhhh…very simple answer and true as well…but this is not what expected out of the question. Please take time and do let me know your views.

PS: I hope you would not bring the concept of GOD in to this, please.

Oct 12, 2009

The Wise Children, Adults and Disarmament

I’m very much delighted to present to you the first ever guest post in my blog. This has been written by the person who had been the sole reason behind my successful IIT life. He is my best friend and is the one among those whom I feel as my strength. His name is Ravi. He had drafted me his copy and asked me to post it in my blog. Here it goes and I hope you would enjoy reading this…
In the IXth std textbook on history, I remember we had back to back chapters, one on 'Cold War' and the other on 'Disarmament'. After I finished reading these chapters, I had the following thoughts running in my mind:

"The moment I become the Prez of U.S and U.S.S.R, I would declare complete disarmament and no production of nuclear weapons henceforth”. As a child this was very clear and simple for me. But now as an adult this concept of 'complete disarmament' is not very clear and I am starting to ask a few dumb questions on this very simple topic.

“What would be the future of earth after complete disarmament?”
"Wouldn’t it be more safe?"
The answers to these questions are very difficult to figure out and would put any grown up into a spot of bother.

Common Sense Research Studies have indicated that children ask wise questions and adults end up asking the dumb ones which is referred to as 'adult syndrome'. Children ask ‘why’ to most of the statements, which happen to be intelligent questions always. Let us take an example of such an adult syndrome.

A co-passenger asks another waiting for a train,
"When will the train come?”

In my village even the railway station master doesn’t know the arrival time. At the sound of an approaching train, he comes out to ring the bell in anticipation of the train. More often it turns out to be either a super fast express train that doesn’t halt or a train carrying goods.

It has happened countless number of times and yet the grown ups continue to ask him of train's arrival. But I have never seen a child approaching him.

Mark Twain has this rare ability to come up with intelligent answers to such 'adult questions'. He was once asked, "Will I reach this same spot if I walk straight along this road?” pointing to a long straight road ahead.

Mark Twain replied, "Oh Yes, surely. But don’t turn back and don’t turn to your right or left."

Mr. Obama has been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his extraordinary efforts in international diplomacy and to hasten nuclear disarmament. Finally, an U.S Prez is thinking along the same lines of the child within me. However, he has taken just a few steps that are no where near the idea of complete disarmament. It still is a distant dream. But my mother used to say," Dreams have this peculiar feature. They turn to be a reality one day and when least expected".

If only we allowed the child within us to take decisions on such critical issues will that day remain not far away from now!

Oct 11, 2009

Everything has to be cleaned, so as heart...!!!

Once in a while every thing has to be cleaned.
A drawer,
A room,
A bed,
A rack,
A house
And you name it.

As obvious as this is the cleaning of one’s mind. A mind consists of the stuff that keeps you pulling back from performing the must do tasks, and certain stuff has to be cleaned off in way or other.

You may speak it out,
You may write it somewhere,
You may confide in,
You may kill it off.

Of the above, whatever you do, that will keep you away from the irritation that has been caused by the unwanted stuff. And after doing it, I’m very sure that you are not the same of yesterday.

You are much relived,
You are much refreshed,
You are morally entertained, and
You are definitely rejuvenated.

But there is some thing called HEART that every human do consist, which can keep many secrets of a person solely. It has got the capability of entertaining both love and hate without any partiality. But it is up to the person who uses it in the best possible way.

A heart can hold,
The confessions,
The regrets,
The secrets,
The mistakes and what not?

Of course love can be expressed very easily compared to all the above. But again, it is not for sure, I agree with the exceptions.

What’s the point in cleaning heart? Isn’t it equal to cleaning mind?

Now I know, the answer is very easy for this. Yes, it is certainly NOT as easy as cleaning mind. You can’t so easily do it.

It is not very easy to confess always,
It is not very easy to accept the regressions,
It is not very easy to spell out the secrets,
It is not very easy to burst out the mistakes,

But the best heart is the one which is capable of doing all these. It is the one which can clean itself very openly. That kind of heart is always valued and has been remembered in the history of the universe. Any questions here?

One second, I said some thing about ‘secrets’ here. I will make you clear that it is all about yourself, but not about the hearts which had believed you and shared their secret channels with you.

And I also say that, the best heart is the one which never speaks about such things. Am I correct? I think I’m.

In life,
Some can catch your mind,
Some can reach your heart.
It is up to you what you decide and proceed,
How to clean them and
What to clean when…

Life is not an easy game,
You can not practice here,
You have to play,
And you have to win.
And again, ‘win’ is what you feel,
But not that what everyone call.

Choose your seat and know it’s legs.
Make a stage and be down to the earth.
You will be remembered and
That is the essence of all.

Oct 10, 2009

"Perfect Moment"

Prepare yourself
Every now and then to
Reach the possible

Facts which you
Entertain in your

Candid thoughts
To conquer the perfect moment.

Moment of joy, and
Of inspiration, which can
Make you forget the
Enormous pain that you have taken.

Not that every time you achieve it, but
To give it a try itself is the perfect gain.
PS: It is the first ever 'Acro' that has been done by me, but to be frank the picture has inspired me to do so. I simply loved the pic, and what about you?

Oct 9, 2009

I Have A Reason...

I have a reason to wake up early …
I have a reason to connect to internet …
I have a reason to open my blog…
I have a reason to smile and enjoy…

I have a reason to think on every small aspect…
I have a reason to have a perfect outlook…
I have a reason to present myself better…
I have a reason to feel and write …

I Thank YOU for being one of my reasons…

PS: Please have a look at my 'today's take home' also ...