Mar 2, 2009

And... She Wins... :)

And for the first time ever, a Female Indian Idol ... :)

Sourabhee Debbarma - The new Indian Idol

I repeat my words from my last post - Indians are good at their choices...!!! Infact... "Indians are best at their choices"...

Congratulations Sourabhee and Thank You- U made my many fridays and saturdays and finally a single & much awaited sunday with your Charismatic & Rocking Idol Juncture.

Jai Ho !!!


yamini meduri said...

wow...congratulations to her..!!!
i always wanted to see a gal become the singing idol of the country...and so was seeing the Indian Idol first three seasons...and this time it has come true and i mised the show...bad time..!!!

and dear, i think Indians are not that good at their decisions....or else,

Amit Sana wud have won the first Idol if he was looking good..!!!

Karunya wud win the second Idol...if he was a north Indian..coz the judges were all on his side, coz he had a diff style for him slef, and Sandeep Acharya missed Taal in his pre-finale too..!!

and the third season...had a great female talent but still were out of the race very soon..!!!

and this time, its the gal's luck and her vivid talent made her special and win the race...!!!

and dear congratulationd to you too...this is the firsttime that you had voted for a TV show and she has won now....i said na already, you are lucky to everyone..!!!

love you dear...!!!

yamini meduri said...

if you get time...check out my blog....i am doing my 125th post and its a bit special..!!!

and you are tagged too..!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thanks for sharing ur view… :)

Yeah … Her achievement was the most awaited one for many Idol lovers!!!
And it was worth the wait!!!

And I agree with the way u pointed out few incidents which had walked through the emotions of many in the last three seasons. I can say that the same thing had been repeated in this season too but the result was the limelight of the show and it overshadowed many things. She is a find of this season and I can not forget to mention that there were a few talents which were voted out for no valuable reason, but a pleasure always lies with the words which are being said about the good happenings and I just wanted to replicate the same with my post. Though there was whopping disloyalty, we can find an equal goodness which would avoid the insipidness in our lives.

I would like to mention few lines said by u –

"Never mention the worst. Never think of it. Drop it out of your consciousness."

I think I have followed these!!

And one interesting point which I would love to refer here is, on the night of the grand finale many of the previous contestants of the Indian Idol rocked the stage, but when I came to know that few of them were already entered into the play back singers family I felt very happy for them and none of them except Abhijeet Sawant had won the Idol title. The true talent has always been recognized and valued on its day.

:) Sorry for the long comment!!!
But it deserves to be like this.


Prasad Gutti said...


No posts from past 3 weeks?

do u become busy.. seems to be like that... k tc bye