Mar 1, 2009

My 'Indian Idol' Tale...:)

They used to say that this is a kind of platform which can make someone from Nobody to Somebody... I'm inline with it.
My sweet sister yamini introduced me to this show, by saying that she wanted to see ‘Abhijit Sawant’ as an Indian Idol, since he was rocking the show with a winsome voice and heart winning skills and she was so excited when she was about to explain about the show. I really could not feel the Idol fever at that moment and just took it easy, but I wanted him to become Idol since she would be happy watching it. That was during Indian Idol season 1.

Later for the next season, again I heard about Indian Idol in news saying that ‘Karunya’ from Andhra Pradesh, entered into the finale and news channels were campaigning for him insisting to vote for him, just because he was from Andhra … I wondered when this reason, religion etc feelings would be placed beneath the true talent! Again I did not vote, cause I never witnessed their singing talent and even I felt it some thing rubbish to become part of the Andhra Mania. But when I heard that the other contestant, Sandeep Acharya won the Indian Idol title for that season, I felt happy for both of them, but there was a narrow feeling when I read that the other person got the votes(in Idol lingo) mostly from the northern India. But ok, not really so surprising to me, as already Andhra asked to vote its guy!

Later the Indian Idol season 3… surprisingly, it was already the Finale again by the time I came to know that the show was going on. Prashant Tamang and Amit Paul were struggling to grab the Idol title for that season. It was during my M.Tech 3rd semester. I remember, just during that time T20 world cup was also going on and it was also hosting its semis. I used to go to TV hall in my IITD hostel to watch the cricket match. Just then few girls used to come and they used to ask me to keep ‘Sony’ to watch Idol. Even though I was not totally interested in changing the channel I used to keep it cause, whenever I enter into the TV hall, if those people were there already, they used to keep the cricket match to let me watch my score. Nice girls … :) … By watching the Idol episodes, even I was excited to know who would be the Indian Idol for that season. This time, not the region feelings but the judges made me to support Prashant. I used to see the morals as I didn’t know a single penny of music. Judges used to support Amit Paul, used to appreciate him even when he lost his way and never appreciated Prashant, though he was good few times. I seriously wanted to see a winning Prashant on the night of Grand Finale, but I slept that night and was dreaming to watch a winning India after the Indian-Pakistan cricket match final, which was about to happen on the next day. The next day I read in the news paper that Prashant won the title and I felt happy for him.

For me, the Idol season 4 stared with watching the repeated telecast of the show because of few disputes among the producers and some one else, that happened before Idol Gala rounds. I used to watch the repeated telecasts of piano rounds, wild card entry rounds etc number of times. I became emotionally connected to the Top-14 this time. At the same time I came to know that every time girls were voted out for no reasons. The same mania repeated in the first four Galas of the season 4. Four girls were voted out in first four consecutive episodes. I was so disappointed for them, but I had a little hope at that time because 3 girls were still there and they were not less to any other male contestants.

For the first time ever I started voting for choosing my Idol. I used to vote two girls out of those surviving three girls, who are still remaining for the Grand Finale tonightJ. I have given my votes for boys also, who were really talented and I used to enjoy their singing but unfortunately they were voted out. This time I’ve improved in judging the participants than to the last season. This time I used to concentrate both on their singing and morals/attitude etc. I used to vote ‘Torsha’ and ‘Sourabhee’, Torsha not for a great reason but I always loved her voice and little bit of her attitude and Sourabhee (Pic) for every penny of her, she is a stage rocker with a winsome smile, voice, talent and nevertheless her racing energy which would not let u turn aside when she performs. I really wish Sourabhee to win the Idol title tonight because she is the most deserving out of the surviving three as she has been most consistent and an awesome performer.

Apart from this, there is one factor called ‘Voting’ which 100% effects the result, in other words that is the only factor that can rule the Idol every time. It not only rules the result, it even rules the dreams and hopes of the participants and their hard work. Indeed, Indians are good at their choices, so let’s hope for the best.

I don’t want u to curse me for not mentioning the third surviving participant i.e. ‘Kapil Thapa’ from Army. I’m really impressed when he sang “Kya Huaaa… tere vaadaa…” but it’s been Sourabhee all the way.

Well…This is my Indian Idol tale which I prefer to call. I’m really excited to see the Grand Finale tonight. Keeping my own will n wish a side , I sincerely wish all the three finalists for charming n glittering tonight and to land in very beautiful pages of their lives not only by winning the title but also by winning the gorgeous Indian hearts.


yamini meduri said...

my name in your ma delighted..!!!

and about the Indian Idol...its a rocking show as you know..!!!

i had seen the first three seasons completely....and dear, i dint know that it even started this time.... only from your post that i knew that it already reached the finale...!!!

bad of my busy schedule that i am unable to catch up my show..!!

n watching TV??? and that too following it and also voting for a contestant...its realy new for me..!!!

i hope that girls win this sow the country that gals can win too..!!!

all the best to them and good luck to you too....coz first time you voted and hoe she wins....i now you are lucky to everyone...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Haa dear...Am watching the show ...and even voting ...Surprising to me even, bt got connected with their emotions :)

For u ... ya bad busy schedule :)

Am waiting for the finale tonight... if posssible watch it stars at 8.00 pm.

Take care...

yamini meduri said...

do met me know who won ok...put me a message atleast ok..!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...


She won re (Sourabhee- My Fav) the girl in Pic...

I have just posted my greetings... :)

just have a look.. :)

I've enjoyed the show like anything ... am so excited and happy for her... :)

See u

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