Apr 20, 2009

Safe hands of Human...

They believe that every human being has been created by god, but still they feel the difference among themselves, ironically the difference is on the name of ‘GOD’ itself.

They believe that every moment they live has been shaped by god, but still they blame someone when the truth has to be accepted.

They believe that every doing is architected by god, but still they curse the person who has done the bad.


And the list goes on!

Belief is the most energetic one in this universe; belief is the beauty of human life;

A belief should be the one that would stabilize human’s emotions.

It should be the one that would probably be an end line for one’s imbalances.

Belief should be the one which can spread love and which makes us lovable!

When a belief fails to help in any of these regards, probably it can be one’s own imagination of believing something; it can be one’s unacceptable fear that makes him to categorize his own days of life; it can be one’s way of loosing the way of life from the safe hands of his very own.

There is something which every human being has got to do with… The happiness blossoms when one can successfully accomplish it!

The beauty of the nature comes out when one can win one’s own self but not when one defeats the other.

Never mind what the globe has got in her store, but one thing for sure is that it has been racing around with an unimaginable energy of its front runners, human beings it name them.

Whatever may be the reason behind the good/bad things that happen across the globe, let us not forget that they should unite us, and not divide us!!

Have a worthy time :)

I would be grateful if you could keep me updated with your views.


yamini meduri said...

nice post dear....!!!

a real your kinda post after a long time...!!!

it was a good read..!!!

keep blogging yaar...we miss you here in the blogger world..!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi ra ...

Thank you :)

I too badly miss my favourite pass time ... but i'll keep updating :)


Chidambar Rao Bhukya said...

Certainly belief is the strength of a man, particularly when the things are odd and against him. In those odd times, he will have the only option to Believe in Hope, for reaching his aspirations.

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Chidhu

Well said...