May 2, 2009

All’s well with us

All’s well with us,
To bestow our motherland for her lusty rubies
To thank our parents for their rejuvenating efforts
To respect our teachers for exhorting the generations

All’s well with us,
To outweigh the heartfelt calamities
To purge our minds of irredeemable thoughts
To challenge the scorching surroundings

All’s well with us,
To terrorize the squeaky terrorism for its lack of guts to live healthy
To rattle the sonorous slogans of politicians for backstabbing the polity
To spatter the traitors for living life with a worst possible scalability

All’s well with us,
To encourage the disappointed, who may maul their past the other day
To energize the transfixed, who may cultivate their goals in a best possible way
To amuse our insider with our restless streak, for immunizing us every day

After all, All’s well with us and the other side would be where we could not breathe in!


yamini meduri said...


the Bloggerworld is now turning good with your inspiring and happy posts..!!!

Great come back Sis...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi ra ..

This is truly an outcome of encouragement...

Thanks for every thing!!


Anonymous said...

OMG.!..Its my first reaction fr this entry .!You surely have a way with words..:)..:)..and depth in thoughts..Nice read though..!!

Greta pick up ..tell me ur secret ..:).:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Soppi ...

Thanks dear:)

As I said, it is truly an outcome of encouragement...

No checrettttsss... hehehehe...!!!