May 7, 2009


It takes ages to answer few feelings; It may not happen with our rituals but it happens with certain moments for sure, it’s a known fact though!

I have had another perk adding to my untidy thoughts.

While I was watching the IPL match between Deccan and Mumbai last night, it happened that I had to get excited when the Indian cricketing maestro marched back to the pavilion with no solid runs on board. VERY quickly I got to know the mood that I was in, the simple reason was that I was supporting Deccan and he was playing for Mumbai. And I almost hated myself for a fraction of a second! I had to stir my past to analyze the conspiracy, I call it.

Even after many match winning knocks (Though people say that he has never done it, I just can’t entertain that thought even if it is just for a while) and even after almost unachievable cricketing carrier, he has never given himself room to be placed in the list of the rejected. I admire him for the way he presents himself on and off the field; it’s simply superb, isn’t it? Had he not been like that, he would have never accomplished the deserved.

Coming back to the topic, last night the match was ended up with an unlikely bowling hero, Rohit sharma and an article in the form of this! And yes, certainly the simple feeling as I said was the origin, I wanted to conclude the same, but could not revert back with a robust answer.

It’s not been the only incident, I felt the same with many other cricketers, to support whom I go crazy when they take part in Team India. And I heard the same feeling from many of my friends. It’s neither strange nor tricky. If you agree that supporting Indian team in the world cup is nothing wrong, then you are bound to agree that supporting one’s home team in a tournament like IPL has nothing to do with a longing discussion. All in all ‘it happens’ every now and then!


yamini meduri said...

hi di...!!!

i was about to write up an article today about this situation...somehoe u wrote off..!!!

Its been a different feeling watchuing IPL this time...last time i njoyed it much better..!!!

dont mind abt the time i read ur sys was not working had to format it...and the drivers took long time to i am here at this weird time..!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi ra...

Thanks for the comment!

BTW, hw abt ur system?