May 24, 2009

Its gonna be a TRUE clash tonight!

** “Behind the easy ambience is a determined Team Hyderabad” --- Times of India.

Is it so?
May not really!

Had Gillie not recollected his knack, ‘Deccan Chargers’ would have been written off once again for being underachievers in the successive Indian Premier League to the last season. Gillie had ensured that his team would move more closer to inscribe their name on the glittering trophy, with an unleashing effort despite of balanced daredevils’ attack.

And all about chargers’ success this time round was not only this guy, but there were few awesome performances from Rohit, Ojha and more importantly RP and of course from Gibbs. The South African soil has inspired all but there is a ‘but’ factor, resisting me from completely supporting them for the finale tonight. For me its all strange, as I never felt this way when I had supported Team India, though they were extremely unpredictable.

As the IPL hurtles to a close, I try to convey the ‘but’ factor in the following lines. I have been shuttling between Challengers and Chargers since last night, as they both are going for one last clash tonight in the IPL’2009. And it is the TRUE clash too, a truth that no one can dare to forget, and that is the fatal format of the game itself. Twenty20 - the synonym of unpredictability, the format that killed off the long run of many other whirling knocks of cricket, not exactly it killed off, but to some extent without any ambiguity. Still, every format of this game has some thing that no one can point a finger at it.

Coming to the clash of two underperforming teams of last year’s league held on Indian soil, both teams have vital players of both Indian and Foreign whose attitude bridged the gap between their respective teams and the level of confidence that matters the most in the middle. But the basic difference between the two teams is not so basic, but is the most required ‘consistency’. As the challengers have been most consistent since they did come back from almost last spot of the table, of course knight riders never allowed them to be the last, while Chargers have not been as consistent as they have to be with the kind of players it possesses. But the instinct is the one that matters the most over and above the part time consistency. And today both teams will have to speak their talents with undoubted knocks, to play the next year’s leagues with shouldering the royal status of defending champions, and of course a sadistic pressure being accompanied.

It may not take more than a while to become the champion but it requires the vision and implementation of the same to be the one.

Having been a supporter of the Deccan Chargers I would love to see them lifting the trophy tonight… but having been a watcher of the league, I would not resist myself from clapping for Royal Challengers, if they win tonight.

My heart says that today is Chargers’, but my mind naps for Challengers’.

Let us see!


Anonymous said...


You have nice ideas and write really good...

The purpose of writing is bringing awareness..The written words are a reflection of one’s thinking

Awareness-the word used here is different from data,knowledge,or information .

I appreciate your aspiration for a high level of Vocab..

I am not qualified to give advice on how to write ..! I'm afraid to say this..Develop a rich vocabulary but show restraint in how you use it..

If one writes long-winding sentences - half the reader’s energy is spent in merely recognizing and putting together words

too early here to say this much..

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Miss/Mr Anonymous

Thank You.

All that i can say is:

"Every one who writes has a reason and a rythem as well"

The reason may not always be bringing awareness, and the rythem may not always be reader-friendly.

Any way, thanks for sharing ur view, and I do respect it.


** I would have been more hearty, had u disclosed ur identity.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit hesitant to extend this in any form ...but let me clarify my intention..

I dint let u down on your ideas and the style of expressing(reason and rhythm in your view)..

Its just the words which makes a reader struggle more..Its nothing to do with your reasons/rhythms...
As a 'reader' i feel responsible to bring to your notice about this particular issue.

Please re-check my comment..
Of course it should not be reader-friendly in terms of opinions..You have a choice to express your own views..

Have a cheerful Day !

Das Digantha

Anonymous said...

Hey Prams...

Its an interesting composition..

***Having been a supporter of the Deccan Chargers I would love to see them lifting the trophy tonight… but having been a watcher of the league, I would not resist myself from clapping for Royal Challengers, if they win tonight.

Quite interesting!!..It shows ur attitude fr Sport and ur love fr Homeland as well...:)..It revealed another versatile angle of U...

And coming to the stuff you have written u already know abt by cric knowledge which keeps me away from discussing about the stuff..

But i can say about the Owners ..

Felt bad for Vijay mallya ..:(..I have known him as an extraordinary Business men with excellent business tactics and Patriotism..!

Enjoyed reading this post .!

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Das Digantha

Thanks for coming back :)

** As a 'reader' i feel responsible to bring to your notice about this particular issue.


I would be greatful if you could keep me updated with ur inputs. Remember, they make me think :)

Thank YOU!


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Soppi...

yes, I love emotions of people and I believe that they do get revealed their best when it comes to the sport.

This may have been the major cause that always made me to watch sports with a definite repect to both the sides and of course my passion for it as well.

And as u know that i'm a big fan of cricket, the stuff here mostly refers that :):)

Regarding Vijay Malya... i really did not have any clue till i could see him in the stands of the stadium. All that i could get was "he was very expressive. he used to laugh and clap for his team's good ton and at the same time he was almost cried during his team's bad time".
But he has got his skill to be Vijay Malya today!

Ok sudha ...
That's all dear

urs Prams