Jun 25, 2009

A Hope @ Indian Education System

"We need to de-traumatize it and reduce the burden on parents and children. We could, for instance, think of abolishing the Class 10 board exam. Why does a child need to appear for a board exam in Class 10 if he or she is continuing in the same school? For Class 12, it is different. We need to have exams because the students will be going into graduate colleges" --- Kapil Sibal, Union Human Resource Development Minister.

From my perspective, the proposal to do away with the 10th boards is a right step by the human resource development ministry. It not only reduces the trauma but also exponentially increases the scope for personality development of the children at their early ages.

There are N number of concerns supporting this opinion. I may not go ahead with all, but I consider the top two.

Students’ mindset:

School days are the best memorable ones in most of our lives. Those little friends… sharing lunch boxes… silly n lovely games… punishments from teachers… home works… performances in school day functions… Inter school competitions… and you name them. Those are precious moments mainly because of the innocent enjoyment that we feel and cherish. Most importantly, the way they help in developing each and every child’s character is the most fascinating one, because they have their own role in keeping them as proud citizens of their country in their future.

The competition that one participates is the starting of one’s wish to get succeeded. Its one’s own way of development of taking the results either they are good or bad. How they respond to the competition is the one thing that writes down one’s perception towards the success and failure. The game one play is the base for their emotional outcome in their later ages. The discipline one gathers at his early ages is the strength for their future accomplishments.

To keep alive all these fresh feelings of early hearts, it is necessary to reduce the burden on them first. Presently they are getting exposed to the worry of the 10th exams, well before they actually get to know what’s all meant by a public competition is. Teachers and parents are very much worried about their marks, which creates an unnecessary tension in the little hearts. On top of every thing, the current private education system is sounding a death-knell to the cultural competitions, sports competitions, extra curricular competitions etc. Their students are completely packed in a new world, without mingling with actual life. It may call for highest totals but they are certainly not producing best students, after all they are killing the actual essence of the education system.

The current examination pattern:

This has reached a worst possible situation, where in the government schools are trying to attain good scores in the process of retaining the posts allotted to their respective schools. Had it been in spirit it would have increased the respect towards them in the people. But the actual situation is different. They are encouraging the students for mass copying deliberately, just to get good scores and percentages. The teachers who don’t allow this mass copying are being removed from the invigilation duty lists well before. I’m not just saying it; my mother is a government school teacher. She didn't get the invigilation duty for this year just because she had opposed it during the previous year’s exams.

It would be better understandable even though I don’t speak much about the private schools. They are just taking students like a business, of course its a kind of business with knowledge sharing, but for them now it is only business and nothing less or nothing more.

The current proposal from the human resource development is a right step at the right time from a right department. I wish them to take it along through the implementation stages. I would recommend some actions for its more development.

** Open book system: for this teachers have to do their best to inculcate the thoughts in their students and to set the question paper. (It helps students a lot in loosing the habit if mugging up the subjects; they need to feel the subjects to get through)

** Every school shall keep regular intra-school competitions such as elocution, quiz (on broad aspects, not just with subjects. The best team from every school shall be called for the inter-school competitions. (Increases the exposure, competitive spirit and a desire to do it for their organization)

** Sports competitions are most important for healthy physical and mental ability. The control on one’s emotions develops from these activities mainly. The sportive spirit, the easiness towards any work without thinking much about success and failure must be the main goal for any physical educational teacher. (For this teachers are need not to be well trained, but they should be able to show things as they are to their students)

** The students must be exposed to different professions of the society at their early ages. The regular guest lectures from the famous personalities in different positions and their real life experiences add most value to any child’s future. The profession may be economics, civil services, education, sports, singing, actors, management, writers etc. it should create a feeling of rejoice in them, so that they get exposed to the enormous options that they have.

** Students must be encouraged to make science exhibits based on their knowledge and thoughts. It helps them in utilizing the possible resources in a best possible way based on their knowledge.

** Libraries and laboratories must be well equipped ones to keep the constant in take of social and scientific exposure.

** Cultural activities must be given their importance. It helps students in developing their presentations skills. Presentation is as much as important to getting any thought. These cultural events habituate the process of good presentation skills.

** Apart from these every student must be closely observed and analyzed by his class teacher(s). The regular feedback about his easiness in moving with friends, participation in different activities, helping habits, his confidence levels must be informed to his parents along with the traditional ‘report card’. I mean a report card must a resemblance of his attitude towards life and educations and should not only be the reflection to his academic performance.

I agree that it takes some significant amount of time to develop our current education system, but we should remember that it is the transition time of young India. It should be utilized properly. Government may not be able to service all schools with their contribution, but it shall give the moral support to each and every school and student.

** Schools may collect funds from in their villages
** They may collect funds from their old students
** They may conduct some cultural functions and can collect money
** Conduct some sports and activate the people to contribute for them
** They can inform about their school achievements and shall inform it to different charitable organizations
** Help of the NRIs can be expected by dealing with them.

There are possibilities. Teachers are the first ones to take the possible things in to consideration and shall contribute their best.

As a citizen of India and with my past experiences I wish these changes to our educational system. Please let me know what you think about it. Take a chance and let me know the further better ways to improve our system in your point of view and also put your opinion about the proposed methodology.

PS: This post is a special one for me. The same 'educational system' was the topic of my first post. I still cherish those moments when I wanted to express myself. I can feel the difference in the way I write, I think, and I express today compared to the way when I wrote my first post. I thank blogger facility first and then its you, who have been inspiring me with your comments and suggestions. I would be grateful if you could keep me updated with your valuable views.

Thank You So Much for Your TIME.

Jun 23, 2009

Someone’s dear one’s plea!!!

Yesterday, it was me.
Today, it is someone else.
Tomorrow, who would it be?

I could never understand, why some people talk to their dear ones so barely about their pros and cons, and admit that they love them, they admire them etc. And the same people try to talk to the strangers in a winning manner, assuring that their feeling wouldn’t be hurt; caring that even their small talent would be praised!! After all, Today’s dear one is yesterday’s stranger and today’s stranger would be tomorrow’s dear one. Though it’s a well-knows fact, I have to mention it here to unscramble someone’s dear one’s heart.

Stay with your loved ones patiently, they may hurt you today but they are the ones who think about you more than anyone else, and especially more than your so called stranger of today’s. Go ahead and make new pals only when you make sure of yourself that you would never ever take a step away from any one of them just for/because of some other one among your loop.

If you don’t care, a day may come to your dear one to think…
Yesterday, it was me.
Today, it is someone else.
Tomorrow, who would it be?
And then, you may or may not feel the responsibility, but it will all be yours!!!

Jun 22, 2009

Words left Unspoken!!

“Human relations are so sweet!!” I believed when I met a lovely couple…

“They are miraculous!!” I thought when I saw a wife serving her husband with love and affection, as he had met with a fire accident…

“They are indefinable!!” I concluded on knowing that a man had risked his life for his dearest friend…

“They are endangered!!” felt I when I had witnessed a person thinking of keeping his parents in an old-age home…

“They empower people!!” I respected them after knowing about a charitable organization.

“They are eternal!!” I learned from a young widow, when she was rejecting all proposals for her second marriage.

Out of all relations that exist, we can hardly feel a few in one life-time. Some inspire us towards success, some educate us towards life, and some stay with us throughout our lives and keeping us alive after we die.

Having been a sensitive girl, I’m aware of the relations those have erupted my feelings in to showers of tears. They were amusing at the start, demanding in the middle and ended in ablaze. I could manage all those storming personalities then, as I was always willing to make and break any relation, if really needed.

What’s the point in referring them now?

The word ‘Now’ carries a passionate feeling, I guess. If I close my eyes now and think about all those days or incidents, I feel them little dramatic. Now it is impossible for me to feel the incidents in the same way as I felt once. If I think about any of those persons, I may not get the same stress as I used to get during those days. Perhaps, if I meet them today in a shopping mall or in an outing, I’m not very sure that my response would be the same as of then. I may feel little sorry, little happy, little exciting as well. I may talk to them in a manner how I responded to them in our earlier days…asking about the doings, life, job, marriage etc. I know it does hardly make any sense in reciprocating now for what she/he was a long time back.

Minutes never pause for us;
Days never rotate for us;
Years never wait for us;
They really don’t mind about us but we do it dearly.
This is one of our default passions...!!

There was something that I wanted to tell those people which I could never deliver it to them. There may have been many a reasons, but lost is lost and it is all past. I believe they are better left unspoken!!

There may be some words better left unspoken…
You are caring, when you protect them;
Yes, I am…
You are loving, when you learn from them;
Of course, I’m …
You are a truth only when you speak them;
I can’t negotiate, but…!!!

Jun 21, 2009

He & The Game of Intellectuals!!!

“And here comes the Chess… Called as the game of intellectuals… and the first prize goes to…:)”

I still remember her words when she did announce my name after saying this. It happened in my hostel day function during my second year of B.Tech. All of my friends were clapping for me and I was presented the trophy. I was so excited when I had shown the same trophy to my father.

In fact, my father is my only coach. He had
taught me about different positioning on the chess board when I was six years old. I used to play with him in my childhood as none of my friends were interested in that game. I won almost all the games that I had played with him, but I still have a doubt whether he has intentionally done that or not!!!

Playing chess is the one thing that I love to do even if you wake me up at my mid-sleep. I used to play during my B.tech days, but later on I hardly played any! I have got many prizes in chess competitions so far, but if I should pick up one out of them I would probably rate the ‘Third prize’ that we have got in a team event in the intra-university championship as the best one. It was held during my final year of B.Tech. To my surprise, my father had attended the inaugural function of that tourney. His presence made me feel encouraged and responsible.

This is how it is so far… I would like to take this as an opportunity to thank him for all of his efforts. I value them and would love to wish him A Happy Father’s Day.

Jun 19, 2009

Me @Swiping

I wonder how I feel every morning that my clock has no mercy on me (Sunday has been excluded!!). It runs faster and faster as it has no other fun except troubling me!

Our normal swipe time is 8:30 AM, of course with an addition of five minutes “grace time”. The phrase “Grace Time” has already made its mark on most of the employees. I feel it as a wonderful gift whenever I miss to swipe before 8:30. I go hand in hand with the grace time mostly :)..:) For the first time I had swiped after 8:30 (8:30:12 seconds) was on January 1st, 2009. Since then it has been unstoppable. May be, now I believe what people say “if it happens on first day of a year, it happens throughout!!” funny though.

I used to rush towards the swipe machine in the last possible minutes; I swipe my card but don’t want to move away from it until I check the time in it, though the same time appears in my mobile. Once I swipe in time, for few seconds I feel like I have won the day!!

Love & You!!

To love yourself, look at yourself from your own point of view.
To know yourself, look at yourself from a stranger’s point of view!!
The difference is not just ‘Love’, but its ‘you’.

Jun 15, 2009

Let us Encourage …

“Cricket never tests your character when you win, but as a player and as a team when you loose” – Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

How true!!!
I’m completely inline with him and with that philosophy as well…A typical player’s mind set.

I believe --- “You could be a winner when you have people who would put their hands together on your success and would pat your back on your failure”. Disappointment can be felt by any one, but an encouragement out of it means a lot for any success story to start with.

Exiting from world T20 may have been the major sudden death for no one else than the Team India. Of course there were mistakes, but after all every thing was a part of the game. The same game plan would have been analyzed in a positive note had it helped them to win. Unfortunately it did not work as expected, and then followed the criticism at it’s heights.

---- In fact these were the words that flashed in my mind after reading the news today morning. How cruel the media was… They have not forgiven the team even after Dhoni has apologized for every thing. Some of the former cricketers were competing with each other to prove how vocal they were. Never had I understood how these so called former players could have spoken in such a criticizing manner. They had their ups and depths throughout their journey and yet they could not have given a positive note on any occasion especially of failure!!! That’s so rude I can say.

We knew that expectations had always seen an unexpected ending, still we expected!!!

Media knew that unnecessary comments on team’s environment always had a negative impact on its performance; still the media infested!!!

BCCI knew that IPL would leave players wounded, still they scheduled the impossible!!!

All in all, it is nothing surprising to see Men in Blue’s early exit from this year’s major tournament. Every one of us had this vision knowingly or unknowingly, but today its all over and this is the right time to support our guys. Let us not loose our temperament.

Let us believe our players; they are going to perform for us and for themselves as well, if not today…may be on their day.

Jun 14, 2009

The "Voice of A Girl"

Hi Friends,
This is to inform you that I have created another blog of mine, yet another place to share my voice with u all and it is the "Voice of a girl".
Thank You.

Jun 12, 2009

Yes or No?

Is it?
In life…
Does the limelight experience kill the common-sense????
Does it make someone bigger than stronger???

Isn’t it?
“Words will be more valued when they carry guts along with them”
Criticize the bad if you can appreciate the good,
But never appreciate the good just to criticize the bad!!

Jun 10, 2009

My Fav. Pass Time!!!

I'm sure its easy for me to keep my heart when I spare my time to prepare any interior decoration item. I used to get involved with such an unbelievable concentration and interest to work for the decoration items . And the result has always resembled the effort. Displayed here are few of such items which were prepared by me so far…and many more items are yet to come!!!

This one is my first such piece that I have done after coming to Pune. I prepared it during night time, started to prepare it at 11’o clock at night and could able to complete it by 1’o clock. It was all done using paints and wrappers. For the first time I used paints and could do it successfully. I have displayed it on a wall of my room.

I have prepared this during my M.Tech 2nd year, when I was in IIT Delhi. One day suddenly I wanted to do something differently to get rid of the cluttered issues from my mind regarding my project work. Immediately I rushed to my hostel room and started doing it and could able to complete in a couple of hours. It was all prepared with color sheets by cutting them in different designs. I used to keep it in my room till I was in IIT. And now I have displayed this in my home.

This is an interesting one!!! I had prepared this when I was in my B.tech 3rd year. I was at home that time. By the time I wanted to make this my parents had gone to attend their work. It took less than an hour to prepare this, if I remember it correctly. The white back ground was a “Thermo coal sheet” and the designs were the cuttings from the past year’s calendar. The letters written over there were the names of my family members (Just Initials were shown!!) …a big family… some more names are to be added to that list as per today :):)

Apart from these I have many other memories of various items that I used to display in my room starting from my 2nd year of B.Tech. I’m very much concerned about the decoration that I do in my room. As I said before, many more items are yet to come and I am waiting for the thoughts and the time as well!!!
Note: Please click on the pictures to observe them clearly.

When I met my childhood…

Keeping everything aside, I want to take you through my childhood days.

My father believes that every kid’s leanings in life start while they play with toys at their early ages. At my early days he used to
bring them a lot in number. On every Sunday I used to take out all of my toys and used to play throughout the day and used to fail to keep them inside!!. My mom used to say that on the next day (i.e. Monday!!) she had to keep every thing in place again, to give a nicer look to our home :(:(… :):). I must say that she was much disciplined unlike me :)… I remember my parents bringing me a “Building blocks set” which consisted some toy bricks, little tires etc, when I was 8-9 years old. I used to make awesome buildings, some automobile structures, bridges, stair cases etc. I was praised for my architectural skills :):)

Years passed … Now I’m unable to recollect the time that made me to leave those games. The eagerness to concentrate on my academics may have been the major cause to sacrifice those little moments of extreme happiness!!!

And now, my academics are believed to be over!!! Am earning today and am able to buy such things, to buy which I did not have money in my childhood and even I could not ask my parents at that time. I knew that it was impossible for them to give me all those. If I go to a shopping mall today, I would be able to see many more toys/pens/colors etc than those of what I had expected the other day. In fact many varieties of toys have come for this generation of kids and their parents are also earning in such a manner that they are able to give most of the things that their child wants. Today I can fulfill all those little wishes of my childhood, but I’m a child no more.

I had been to Big Bazar few days back. I was astonished after looking at the items those were being sold in the kids section. Enormous varieties of items were displayed for different prices. And all my eyes were on a single game “Building blocks set”, the same game which I had played with at my early age. After being baffled for few minutes I bought that item and was excited like a kid!!! My only thought while taking the game was that it would be a fortnight pleasure for me and I would be dislodging it soon, but I will have to wait and see to answer myself.

Sooo Nice Na.....!!!!
A couple of days back I sat with the game and could able to finish it as displayed in the picture above. While making it I could feel the maturity in my thoughts as compared to my childhood ones. The essence of doing so was completely different. I felt like I had been to my childhood to meet my memories. Finally I kept this as a display item in my room!!!

And I’m more excited after conveying this to u all. Your views about such memories are cordially invited :):)

Jun 8, 2009

My Love!!!

I love myself more than ever,
when I smile for you,
when I cry for you,
when I live for you, and
when I say I love you.

I love you more than myself,
when I feel your love,
when I enjoy your presence,
when I respect your thoughts, and
when I imagine our future.

Jun 1, 2009

No one to Some one!

You know what is happening around you,
You know how people are behaving with you,
You know how to reciprocate for all,
You can hardly do any thing in return.
You may never express your actual self.
You may never dare to be yourself.
The cause may be,
Your attitude stops you from answering in the way you want to.
Your surroundings keep you away from expressing yourself.
Your wisdom makes you enough potential to accept every thing with a best possible smile.

But don’t forget…
You are going to win on the other day,
when you don’t do the same to your mates.
You are going to succeed on another moment,
when you forgive them but not forget them.

Some people know you when you are no one,
Some people neglect you when you are no one,
Some people respect you when you are no one,
Some people advice you when you are no one,
Some people direct you when you are no one,
And all these characters help you to become some one, on the other day.
You will be the real one when you value the hearts that loved you when you were no one.