Jun 15, 2009

Let us Encourage …

“Cricket never tests your character when you win, but as a player and as a team when you loose” – Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

How true!!!
I’m completely inline with him and with that philosophy as well…A typical player’s mind set.

I believe --- “You could be a winner when you have people who would put their hands together on your success and would pat your back on your failure”. Disappointment can be felt by any one, but an encouragement out of it means a lot for any success story to start with.

Exiting from world T20 may have been the major sudden death for no one else than the Team India. Of course there were mistakes, but after all every thing was a part of the game. The same game plan would have been analyzed in a positive note had it helped them to win. Unfortunately it did not work as expected, and then followed the criticism at it’s heights.

---- In fact these were the words that flashed in my mind after reading the news today morning. How cruel the media was… They have not forgiven the team even after Dhoni has apologized for every thing. Some of the former cricketers were competing with each other to prove how vocal they were. Never had I understood how these so called former players could have spoken in such a criticizing manner. They had their ups and depths throughout their journey and yet they could not have given a positive note on any occasion especially of failure!!! That’s so rude I can say.

We knew that expectations had always seen an unexpected ending, still we expected!!!

Media knew that unnecessary comments on team’s environment always had a negative impact on its performance; still the media infested!!!

BCCI knew that IPL would leave players wounded, still they scheduled the impossible!!!

All in all, it is nothing surprising to see Men in Blue’s early exit from this year’s major tournament. Every one of us had this vision knowingly or unknowingly, but today its all over and this is the right time to support our guys. Let us not loose our temperament.

Let us believe our players; they are going to perform for us and for themselves as well, if not today…may be on their day.


Chidambar Rao Bhukya said...

Team India, is solely responsible for its demise from the World T20 and its demise in the Tournament.

'One can't enjoy(deserve) the attainment of the top position, favoured only by luck, and not worth with their potential.

Pramoda Meduri said...


I hate to tell this, Team India deserve this loss...

But, There are N number of factors admitted it, starting from the junta to the players themselves. And the BCCI, Media have had their own hand n I wish to talk to those who oppose my this particular point.

**'One can't enjoy(deserve) the attainment of the top position, favoured only by luck, and not worth with their potential.

Yes, I completely agree with u at its meaning but this context does not suit Dhoni's guys at all. They are enough potential to have expected to be the champions once again. but, as i mentioned, their strategy did not work for them. The same dhoni was called as a daring n dashing captain when he had given the last over to Jogindersharma in last world cup. and nw the same man has been written off for sending jadeja ahead of yuvi or for dropping out the in-form Ojha. If they played well, he would be getting the fame as a daring captain again.

Its all a part of any game and it solely depends upon how we see it.

Nevertheless, the fatigue was the main cause for the ouster, but players felt that they were meant for that.

I know, i'm too lengthy at this comment... This is my response, not completely for ur comment but these words have come from bottom of my heart after listening to the news papers/channels etc.

Don't mind please!!