Jun 1, 2009

No one to Some one!

You know what is happening around you,
You know how people are behaving with you,
You know how to reciprocate for all,
You can hardly do any thing in return.
You may never express your actual self.
You may never dare to be yourself.
The cause may be,
Your attitude stops you from answering in the way you want to.
Your surroundings keep you away from expressing yourself.
Your wisdom makes you enough potential to accept every thing with a best possible smile.

But don’t forget…
You are going to win on the other day,
when you don’t do the same to your mates.
You are going to succeed on another moment,
when you forgive them but not forget them.

Some people know you when you are no one,
Some people neglect you when you are no one,
Some people respect you when you are no one,
Some people advice you when you are no one,
Some people direct you when you are no one,
And all these characters help you to become some one, on the other day.
You will be the real one when you value the hearts that loved you when you were no one.


yamini meduri said...

Loved it di....its a master piece..!!!

Loved u always...!!!

celebration in my Land of Dreams..!! check out everyday...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi dear,

Thank you very much dear.

And i'm regularly following ur Land of dreams... and i'm proud of u ra.. keep up the good work.

With Love

Prasad Gutti said...

Hi Prams..

Nice one.. I do the same when there I dont want to hurt others.


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi prasad,

Thank You.

I too experienced it.