Jun 12, 2009

Yes or No?

Is it?
In life…
Does the limelight experience kill the common-sense????
Does it make someone bigger than stronger???

Isn’t it?
“Words will be more valued when they carry guts along with them”
Criticize the bad if you can appreciate the good,
But never appreciate the good just to criticize the bad!!


Prasad Gutti said...

" Words will be more valued when they carry guts along with them "

Quote is very nice...

Ya, No strictly need to appreciate just encourage them if they r doing good. But it is good if you are criticising them to do good when they are doing bad

Pramoda Meduri said...

Thanks prasad ... !!!

The power of encouragement is amaging... it works predominantly for any one's success.. :)

Well said ...


Anonymous said...

I must tell you one thg Dear..!

How could you manage to write such wonderful statements not missing rhythm/meaning ...and managing the feel u want to share?..

I have seen similar kinda writing style in previous posts also ..felt i shd let u know and send an appreciation!

Keep up the quality!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Thank You soooooo much sudha... :)

It was a lovely appriciation from a lovely person...and i took it to my heart:):)

I used to dream of writing well and today with ur complement .. i feel like i'm on right path to reach my goal:)

U made my time:)

With Love