Jul 31, 2009

Irony of Life!!!

Life is too short for those who live;
It lasts longer for those who dream;
But you need to be a dreamer if you want to live longer!!!
Isn’t it the irony of life?


A tear…
A fight…
A smile…
A learning…
A sacrifice…
The support…
The understanding…
The encouragement…
And a sweet success…
These are all the different shades of a memorable Relationship.

"Relationship is the matter of time; and the time that you make, when you care!!"

Jul 29, 2009

Today’s Take Home #2

“Love the present, because any way you are going to love it in the future”

It is not as much easy as it is being written down. Well, I’m aware of it though. But, I just want to give it a try, to make it happen and hence to experience the difference. Hope my previous post would justify this.

Note: Extreme situations are not to be considered please…

Proceedings: Regarding my take home #1, well I have been implementing the Thanks giving, yet not completely. May be, I need to be little more conscious in the way I speak the word ‘Thanks’. Its not just about saying ‘thanks’, it is preferably about conveying the other person that I’m thankful to him/her. I’ll do it.

A Heart Beat Away…

In spite of being away from home for past nine years, I feel that my home is just a heart beat away from my thoughts. It’s soothing love adores me a lot, I guess. It is mom, dad and me, very small family though. My nurturing parents have always been one of my strengths, not only to love myself to be a part of this beautiful world, but also to accomplish my goals time to time.

Well, going back to my intermediate days…
I used to stay in hostel then. My parents used to come to meet me on every month’s third Sunday (Mostly…!) as we were allowed to step out of the hostel premises only on that particular day. After the week end test, I used to stand in my room’s balcony to figure out my parents out of all the people who had been waiting to meet their beloved ones. After seeing my parents, I used to approach them quietly, as I was not so expressive, and I used to crack a smile at them, at last. They used to bring me an egg-omlet, and four or five dosa. Eating them was my first job.

At the end of the day, I used to shed tears as I had to say bye to my parents till next month. I used to think that my life would be far better, after the completion of my intermediate studies.

In my B.tech…
Again I stayed in hostel. But my college was very near to my home town. So I used to go home for every twenty days (Maximum…!). My grand father used to come to meet me. My parents had hardly come twice. Very happy life it was, room mates and friends… those were the world for first two years… Once I entered the third year of my B.Tech, I started taking my days seriously. I thought that my life would be better if I could get a chance in IIT or if I could get a job. For my goodness, I got a chance in IIT Delhi.

From my M.Tech…
Two years of hostel life… My IIT friends would not mind to call my life as ‘two years of lab life’…J I used to stay in lab for many hours in straight and I loved it though. I loved my project and I hope that my previous post could have justified this. Roaming in Delhi on weekends was my best time pass. The A.P.Bhavan, the India gate… my best memories still lies there. I was all surrounded by love and affection. I used to go home only after every six months. That was pretty longer for me especially.

I thought my best moments would lay with the days when I work for a company and when I use my learnt knowledge to create some thing, to satisfy my company’s needs…bla...bla…bla….

And Now…
Now it is almost one year for me in Tata Motors. Still, I’m staying away from home. My mom had come twice here and I had gone home during last March. Throughout the past 12 years I waited and I struggled for these on going days. I always thought of enjoying a job life and always inspired my self on the name of that.

And now, I don’t conclude any thing saying that I’m very happy or I’m very low. But I realized that I loved these days throughout my life and I forgot to enjoy the then moments completely. Even at this moment, I have few goals for my life, but I’m not all ready to leave these on-going minutes any way. “Live the aim and love the path”… this is the only thing that is popping up in my mind now. I want to enjoy these moments of my life and want to grab the chances in better way. I may have not loved those past days then, but now I really love most of them. Every memory brings certain goodness to my heart, though it was one of the heart wrenching ones of that time.
It is not just your home, but any thing that you desperately want with your heart, stays just a heart beat away from your thoughts. Make most out of now, not only to make the better future, but also to make the better past…After all, it is your life; and you are solely responsible not only to make a better future, but also to create the best past for yourself…!!!

Jul 27, 2009

My First Ever Two-Liner…

I’m proud to present you the first ever two-liner that was written by me a couple of years back. My then situation had provoked me to say it. Here it goes…

Working with mind may not make everything possible,
But working with heart can do it always.

I was in deep distress during my M.tech second semester as I had been awarded very less grade for no reason in my first semester, by one of the professors at IIT Delhi. Somehow, I could do it for myself in the second semester. But by that time, the damage had already happened. I was little upset during the placements time, as I was not able to attend few companies just because I was short of 0.17 of the required CGPA. Finally I got placed in Tata Motors.

During M.Tech, I kept my heart for my project like never before throughout the one and a half year and could able to succeed at the end. I got very good complements from all most all of the people those who had checked my work. And I would love to say that the same professor, who had given me less grade, said that he had liked my thesis report very much and he deliberately asked me to give him a photo copy of the same…What else pleasure I may have required then…?

I was so happy at that moment and I’m delighted to share it with you all…

I always believe, in fact I love my first ever two-liner, which inspired me to come back to the stage again, in spite of all causalities that I had…

Working with mind may not make every thing possible,
But working with heart can do it always.

Jul 26, 2009


Getting inspired is not about becoming a person who has inspired you;
But rather it is all about becoming a person who can inspire others.

Jul 25, 2009

My Stern Outlook

They questioned me about my work many a times; They blamed me indirectly with their words many a times; They almost ruined my sensitive emotions many a times; But I stayed calm, as I knew that they had not known about me and my performance. I could only see one hope at that moment… which would probably answer many a questions that I could not have answered then; And now…it is all trashed (simple to say…!); I need to wait for some more time, though I’m not so sure how I’m going to face my days; I’m disappointed, truly and completely;
This was my yesterday’s situation…:)

And today…
…Yes, I believe that I need to work again to expect any thing next time, in my favor!!! I accept the situation and am all set to purge my yesterday’s thoughts right away. In my life’s store, may be there is some thing else, which is awaiting my smiles the other day!!! Who knows…?

PS: Please don’t ask me whom ‘They’ refers here… I would have never mentioned that pronoun had I wanted to disclose. It is not the fear that is holding me from disclosing, but it is the definite respect that is controlling me at the moment. .

A moment of desperation…
A moment of retrospection…
A moment of introspection…&
A moment of success …
Every moment that we live is special.
And the one thing that we must not forget is to smile at every moment; N
ot because you feel happy when you smile, but because you deserve someone’s happiness, who would feel happy for you seeing you smiling.

** Smile please… & now keep smiling :) **

Jul 24, 2009

Corporate Annual Appraisal!!!

"Appraisal is less about the money,
Next about the appreciation and
Most about the confidence."

Jul 22, 2009

Best Of My Past - "A Soldier's Plea"

"Hey dear...
This may be the last kiss...
This may be our last meet...

But...I'm exhilarated....Coz...
I know...
I'm going for a better tomorrow...

The war may leave me perished...
The war may make me undone...!!!
Whatever it may happen,
I'm "Living" for many...

Will be missing you if something happens... but...

I'm Complacent to be myself... Since,
The decision to become a soldier was a circumspect...

Love you dear ... I know you will wait for me.
No body can, if you can't...!!!

I hope n wish to come back soon ... never know whether CAN I!!!
But I believe the BEST..."
They too feel,
They too love,
They too fear,
They Dare.
PS: First half of this post is from my past articles and I personally like this post very much. Hope you too would like it :)

Jul 18, 2009


Understanding is not only required to stay with somebody;
But is also required to stay away from somebody.

Today’s Take Home #1

“Be Open to Convey Thanks for Every Small Help You Get Every Day”

I thought that I had been thanking for every help that I received. But now if I crosscheck it once again, there is surely a gap. The quoted line popped up in my mind yesterday, and I tried to go little more conscious on my conveyance of thanks. Believe me, it was very difficult for me to implement every time. However, it is a take home for me and it is meant for its implementation.

@ Take Home Series

I got realized that, out of all the basics of life that I have known, I’m not implementing few things thoroughly. I want the gap to be bridged properly. So, I have decided to kick start it, somehow in this way. I would like to see you adding your note to mine.
PS: I would like to implement these to experience the difference.

Jul 17, 2009

Dedicated To YOU...

“The greatest gift you can give to someone is your time, because when you give someone your time, you’re actually giving them a portion of your life”

This quote had come to me as an SMS. Still I have it in my mobile safely. I’m a big believer of these two lines. I still remember my heartfelt feelings after my very first read to it. These two lines have made a big impact on my thoughts so far. And now, here I’m, to thank you for giving me your precious time.

You read what I had written, you would have thought on the same, and would have taken some time to keep your feelings in to words to comment here. If not earlier, you are reading me now and I’m glad for every second of yours.
Thanks a lot for ensuring me that you are with me. It is my pleasure to have the greatest gift from you. And this post is dedicated to YOU.

Jul 15, 2009

To My Valentine…

All that I can feel about us is that…
“It is more WE and less ME”.

PS: This is my 100th post :)

Its not the number HUNDRED that makes me feel that I have done it, but it is the number of posts those have touched you that does.
Any ways… ‘100’ is a ‘100’ … :)


“It is not only about Foot steps…
But is also about Heart beats”

Jul 12, 2009

!! Difficulty !!

It is equally difficult to deal with the people, who are constant in the way they express their emotions; who stay either cool or hot at every instant.

But it is more than difficult to deal with those, who are mercuric at the way they show their emotions based on their mood/situation/pressure/etc.

Difficulty lies every where; stay tuned to win half the race.

Jul 9, 2009

How Far It Is FAIR?

They believe that every creature has been created by god;
They believe that every movement has been written by god;
Still, they hate some, and they love god.
I’d like to know, how far it is fair…!!!
My intention is to know the one thing that spur them to hate the creation, at the same time to love it's creator.

PS: I deeply regret, if you feel that I have disrespected your feelings.

Jul 8, 2009

When One Comes To Know that He Is Going To Die Soon…

Once there lived a girl. She loved to live life like a queen. She never liked to respect people and she wanted all others to respect her. She enjoyed every moment when she screamed at people, when she commanded people, when she disrespected people who had been with her for her sake. She was never known for confiding in. She never believed in helping people, showing kindness or understanding one’s emotions. She knew only one thing and that was just to enjoy her way. People never liked her behavior; still they respected her with a fear of her status. One day she suddenly felt ill and approached a doctor. He examined her and informed her that she had been attacked with an incurable disease, and she was informed that she had hardly few days left.

Her world turned up side down. Her dreams were disturbed all of sudden. She could not reveal it to any one as she had not cared any one with love. She kept the struggle with in herself. She had feared of death for a week. One fine morning she closed her eyes and started to think about the happenings.

She started taking people serious. For the first time ever she tried to understand them, to care them, to mingle with them and to respect them for what they were. She started helping poor. She started believing that she had not lived her life reliably. She wanted love; she wanted someone who would care her. She deliberately waited for someone, with whom she would share what she had been undergoing. With time, people started loving her; they started talking to her supportively. They tried to take her and look at her for what she was at the moment. No one knew the reason for the change in her; still everyone liked it, respected it and welcomed it. On one day she left them in all tears.
“Death”, is a minute which we don’t want to meet, though we know that it is inevitable. We even try to avoid any thoughts of the same. It takes some considerable amount of time for any one to get along with the truth that he will die for sure. After coming to know about the girl’s tragedy, I felt that death was the only scenario that had got the skill to impact one’s thoughts stupendously.

The moment you come to know that you are going to die, you start loving every thing that you will be loosing. We start looking things in a different way than ever before. We start loving people in a best possible way than ever before. Money seems to be nothing, though it had ruled our thoughts. Relations and emotions will be the one’s which we would love to hang out with.

As a simple fact, there are two sides for a coin. There were people who wanted to take few lives along with their own. No matter whether they were trained in that way or they were affected badly with the fact that they would die on another day.

I take a simple example. The incident happened during 9/11 attacks. By the time the passengers in the fourth hijacked flight came to know what was going on, the WTC towers had already been tumbling down and the Pentagon had met with a severe terrorist attack. The terrorist who had killed the actual pilot in that flight and occupied his place knew that he would die after the operation. The same was the case with the passengers in the same flight. The terrorist tried to take the flight alongside his goal, and the passengers tried to oppose the same. They knew that they would be any how dying soon and they didn’t want the terrorist to aim his spot. They fought with him and were succeeded in crashing down the flight in no man’s land. All of them have died.

We have seen incidents where few people were gunned down by a depressed man who also committed suicide later on. There were soldiers, who remembered their goal, though they were clear that they would die. There are incidents which educate us on how a person’s mind works after he comes to know about his death time. Still, it has got no real conclusion and even I’m left with no clue how to conclude the same.

May be – “It brings out the small man who lived with in a big man”.

Jul 7, 2009

What Do You Feel?

“You own feelings until you convert them in to words
You own words until you reveal them to others
Never expect to feel the same once you put it in words
Never expect to protect words once you stop concealing the same”

Jul 6, 2009

And He Did It…

Congratulations Roger… you have done it &
Well tried Roddick…you have almost made it.

What a match it was. It had every thing in it. The amazing ‘fifty’ aces had made Federer’s intention clear, and the reply from Roddick was fantastic. For me, the moment of the match was certainly the one when Roger had recollected that Rafael Nadal was not there to defend his title.

Congratulations Federer, for becoming the only person to get ‘Fifteen Titles’ in the history of Grand Slams…

Jul 5, 2009

Go For It Roger...

It may not be a clash of titans, but it is certainly a heart-warming game tonight, when the Swiss’ ace Roger Federer takes on Andy Roddick. The ‘fifteenth grand slam title’ is indeed a phrase that can inspire Roger for sure, where his opponent deeply keeps himself involve in rocketing down the same. It is not only the matter of history, but it is a matter of fact that Federer is hard to read on grass court. Now its another Wimbledon final again. On the same stage, this time's deserving champion was stunned by the Spain bull Rafael Nadal in last year’s. And now its looking easy but it means a lot for him. I wish him all the success to cross the legendry Pete Sampras’ record wins.

All the best Roger… Go for it & you will get it.

Jul 3, 2009

... of ALL

Sometimes people may not require you to be there.
It is not their fault if it hurts you;
After all, it is your own responsibility to make yourself required,
If not this time, may be when the time is yours.

"Time is for all and is of all"

Be Passionate :)

One tries to take life as it comes;
He laughs when it is smooth
He cries when it is rough,
He gives up when it is tough.

One tries to take life as he desires;
He smiles when it is smooth,
He thinks when it is rough,
He stays tough when it is tough.

Nevertheless, neither of them is wrong;
Each of them loves life in his fashion.
The former makes love as his passion &
The later takes life as his passion!!

"Take your passion and make it happen"