Jul 3, 2009

Be Passionate :)

One tries to take life as it comes;
He laughs when it is smooth
He cries when it is rough,
He gives up when it is tough.

One tries to take life as he desires;
He smiles when it is smooth,
He thinks when it is rough,
He stays tough when it is tough.

Nevertheless, neither of them is wrong;
Each of them loves life in his fashion.
The former makes love as his passion &
The later takes life as his passion!!

"Take your passion and make it happen"


Anonymous said...

so so true Dear.!

Very Inspiring:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Sudha ...

Thank You :)

Ratna Pushpa said...

Hey Pramoda,
Today i was feeling bit low and blue. Then all of a sudden ur blog came to my mind and soon clicked in google bar. (I'm sorry for being too early :)) Every article in your blog is refreshing and inspiring. Now i am loaded with tons of energy and back to pinnacle of my target.
thnx once again for unknowingly inspiring me.