Jul 12, 2009

!! Difficulty !!

It is equally difficult to deal with the people, who are constant in the way they express their emotions; who stay either cool or hot at every instant.

But it is more than difficult to deal with those, who are mercuric at the way they show their emotions based on their mood/situation/pressure/etc.

Difficulty lies every where; stay tuned to win half the race.


Anonymous said...

What ppl resist attract coz they r powerfully focused on it with emotion ,to change anything go within and emit a new signal with ur thoughts with ur thoughts and feelings anything we focus on we do create so if we r really angry for instance at a was going on or strive or suffering we r adding our energy to it we are pushing ourselves and that only creates resistance

what you resists persists
btw thanks for sharing :) pramoda

Anonymous said...

Hey prams..

U r gud at highlighting the sensitive and sensible feelings lying in relations /Attitude..

Keep going gal..!

U made realize it again n again ..:)

bt i don generally look it in that way .i lately realized that every form of expression is relevant to ur perception..I don like categorizing ppl based on their instantaneous emotions..At times many other odd reasons made thm react so ..all in all i prefer analyzing my own perceptions than their emotions..I feel at least i can handle that to some extent..

P.S: Will come back to all other new posts soon..

Tc Dear

Anonymous said...

Well said Vyshu

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Anonymous

I Thank you for sharing ur views :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI sudha ...

Thank You so much for your encouraging words dear...i'll cherish them for my life time.

At times its not your perception that rules you in dealing with ppl. Its the very thought that how they would react to you rules your way of dealings.


Anonymous said...

one shd nt go with hw other pl react ...thn one tend to lose their own mark ..

I respect ur views though i cnt completely agree wth u ...:)

Perception in my view is nthg but my emotion ..its nthg to do wth hw other ppl react ...

nd,i cnt label ppl like cool /hot/fickle minded..ppl rise in emotions...we capture few emotions and phases of them ..

its unfair labeling thm with just one facet.

being at spiritual side,i look at my own emotion first,the derived emotions i got are just the form of my perception .

So i'm the origin of everythg...that justifies my statement"my own perception " of feeling..

If i'm angry with anyone,its just that they are the form of my own feeling anger ...its just the shape of my feeling..

Moreover,it isn't business where we operate 'dealing' thngs..Its relation and emotions what we cn see in others as reflection of our own perceptions rooted in mind.

Hope u enjoy reading my reaction Pramss..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

i feel the situations that we're lookin at are different. i have written it based on my own experience with some ppl, and i have failed to make u think in my particular point of view.

If i wrote the actual situation, it would maku u come closer to my thoughts.

Anonymous said...

May be.!..:)

I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion on this topic..!

Thank u Pramoda..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Thank youuu dear..

U r my inestimatable worth, I mean it.