Jul 9, 2009

How Far It Is FAIR?

They believe that every creature has been created by god;
They believe that every movement has been written by god;
Still, they hate some, and they love god.
I’d like to know, how far it is fair…!!!
My intention is to know the one thing that spur them to hate the creation, at the same time to love it's creator.

PS: I deeply regret, if you feel that I have disrespected your feelings.


Nee_Kosam... said...

haha.. nice query...
I say I dont like even some of my acts.. I hate it..
Why not one can hate some other whom you dont like.. (in one's view)....

One loves God as he created something which he likes and him.

PS: There may be much to say.. I do not want to go in depth. The above PS also appies here.

Anonymous said...

i agree wid u all we believe tht its Almighty creation and all of us we r the children of him..

post is absolutely fair..gudone :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hemanth, thanks for ur quick comment.

I really thought very long time to reply u, i think i have never taken that much time to reply back, still i'm left with nothing to say in return... :)

I cant say that i agree with u, as well as i disagree with u .. :) Intelligent comment ..hehehh

actually, i made a chnage to this post after some time of posting. by the time i changed it u had alrady commentd.:(:(

it was my mistake.. :) sorry ..

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Anonymous

Thank you..

By the way, i dont have belief in god .. :)

yamini meduri said...

hi di

something different this time...!!1

yeah,..even i think the same sometimes....they hate the creation but love the creator.......ridiculous....but true..!!!

hum kuch nahin kar sakte..!!!

Prasad Gutti said...


Absolutely True ..

Ppl loves creator but not his creation.

Because he shows us how many types of persons will be there and how many types of things will happen.
By this way he plays with us and tries to teach us lessons.

Thats why people Loves creator only, because his creation makes people to think differently.

One should have belief in some one and not in all. But God resides in everyones heart.

So everybody loves GOD.

Eventhough you dont have belief in GOD you too loves him(but virtually) hehhehe...


Pramoda Meduri said...

HI yamini,

we can't do any thing for each other in this regard...it has to come from one's ownself..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi prasad...

very well said... i liked it.

And haa, these virtual things dont take much of my interest.. :)

Thank You.

Anonymous said...

its one thing to believe and to act is other.

fairness is never far. nothing is unfair. u deserve whatever u get.

Anonymous said...

Some body is meant to b broken if they consume with have and regret when the heart is not open hope it finds u

Ravi said...

definetly it is not fair to love the creator and not the creation.

perhaps it is lack of understanding.

doing pooja in the morning and in the evenings disrespecting girls in the name of culture(pub attacks), i think doesnt go well with God.
there are many perspectives i gave one of them that stricked me. but a valid question to raise.

Pramoda Meduri said...

** its one thing to believe and to act is other.


** nothing is unfair.

If i understood you correctly:

Light/dark, long/short there is a particular meaning defined for all these. no one can in fact negotiate.

Good/bad, fair/unfair... they are debatable ones and are no where defined. yet, if you believe that some thing is good, you are bound to believe that some other thing is bad. sim'ly, if u believe that some thing is fair, u r inline with the fact that there exists some other thing which is unfair.

AND yes, we get what we deserve. its up to us how we accept that.

Correct me if i did not understand u properly..

Thanks for your vauable comment...


Pramoda Meduri said...

** Some body is meant to b broken if they consume with have and regret when the heart is not open hope it finds u

I'm sooo sorry.
i dont know what to reply u, and i didnt even get what was is all about.

i thought some text may have missed out here, plz let me know ur points.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hiii Ravi,

Thank you so much...

Very valid point from your side.

Thanks for making this post special to me, with your comment :)

Anonymous said...

I don like few acts of my colleague..but i like her most ..!

Don find any link :(

but,if someone asks me why cnt i like some of her acts...?

I just say .."its my problem of not appreciating her way"...

We agree and accept the Supremacy of GOD,and worship him in all possible ways..When it comes to Creation,we treat it just another existing object..not the direct creation of God..There the realization fails...

Realization,For which Monks and spiritual Gurus,Preach and pray ...Says to see God in every Object that exits on Earth ...Once we realize this very fact we wud unconventionally admire his every creation .

Yeah ,i am all for it now..


Pramoda Meduri said...

HI sudha ...

Thanks for sharing your way dear...

**.."its my problem of not appreciating her way"...

Soo...sooo nice of you, keep it up:)