Jul 27, 2009

My First Ever Two-Liner…

I’m proud to present you the first ever two-liner that was written by me a couple of years back. My then situation had provoked me to say it. Here it goes…

Working with mind may not make everything possible,
But working with heart can do it always.

I was in deep distress during my M.tech second semester as I had been awarded very less grade for no reason in my first semester, by one of the professors at IIT Delhi. Somehow, I could do it for myself in the second semester. But by that time, the damage had already happened. I was little upset during the placements time, as I was not able to attend few companies just because I was short of 0.17 of the required CGPA. Finally I got placed in Tata Motors.

During M.Tech, I kept my heart for my project like never before throughout the one and a half year and could able to succeed at the end. I got very good complements from all most all of the people those who had checked my work. And I would love to say that the same professor, who had given me less grade, said that he had liked my thesis report very much and he deliberately asked me to give him a photo copy of the same…What else pleasure I may have required then…?

I was so happy at that moment and I’m delighted to share it with you all…

I always believe, in fact I love my first ever two-liner, which inspired me to come back to the stage again, in spite of all causalities that I had…

Working with mind may not make every thing possible,
But working with heart can do it always.


Anonymous said...

Very inspiring :)

I always admire the way you face and bounce back when troubles creep in ur life..:)You are a true winner..!

Life has everything for us in its store..it is up to us hw to grab them ..You are an expert in this..

Good luck for everything Dear ..and thanks for this inspiring one..:)


Prasad Gutti said...


Ya it was shared with me if you remember well. I know you do remember everything.

I appreciated your writing skills and expressing thoughts, I hope the same way you would have done in thesis as well.

Yes I beleive the same, success will reside with us if we do everything with heart, it is very powerful than hardwork and mindwork.

I would like to share my own experience here...

I too got dissappointed after seeing my CGPA(7.35) which was not enough to appear for placement in most of the companies. But the only thing in my mind is to get job in embedded field rather than SW field. But I didnt get chance to appear for interview in somany companies even I was qualified for written test. At last only I have selected for interview in one company and I thought that this is the best chance to get job in this loving field, and finally I have been selected for this job.

From this I have learnt one thing. Whatever happen, let it be happened.. Just go beyond it if you would like to achieve your goal.

Good luck Prams.. So you itself told that working with heart will get succeed, so dont get dissappointed and do well and get more appreciation by the people who have discouraged and dissappointed you. ok cool


Jack said...


Read 4 posts now. I fully agree with Inspiration. Stern Look, what happened? Please share it, if you like to. If your heart is not in work you will never be able to do full justice to your output.

If you really wish to know more about services and do not mind, please write to me at


Posted new one today.

Take care

Anonymous said...

in one post u shared ur experiences abt campus
real iitian
great spirit
wish you goodluck
holy jesus ..ur in tata motors i ve to be careful as a zanskarite

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hiii Sudha,

Thank You sooo much dear...I'm soo happy to get those lines of appriciation...:)

I'm proud to say that u r one of those who have been inspiring me at my every juncture.

And dear, i'm blessed with u and i mean it..

Thank you for every thing...
With love

Pramoda Meduri said...

HAi Prasad,

Thanks for sharing ur experience;
Very inspiring too.. :)

Yeah, i do remember the chatting... and u used to ask me to say few quotes... May be that's whr i have started writing ..:)

Thanks for all ur encouragement ...:)

Wish u all the best .. and i will do my best to fulfill my dreams..:)


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai jack,

Thank You so much:)

I think i'm making ur time hectic, with my series of posts..:).:) but ok, its very pleasing to see your comments always..:) keep updating me with ur reviews...

Stern outlook... Just casually, nothing big but a casual stuff... Need to work more, and i'm ready to face it..:) Its just about few minutes distress, and i generally dont allow any thing to keep me lo for long duration, what ever may be the problm, i believe that it can not last before my determination and confidence.. I'm ok, and doing perfectly well... Thanks or ur encouragement...

Sure, will write to u, i wanna know more and more about the ppl in defence and in services.. i love those people who give their best to such professions, i admire them..

I read ur new post, 'Who I'm' and EGO...yeah, wanna see once again before i share my comments..

Thanks yaa..


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Mr.Zankarite,

Thank you very much;

Its been a year that i have seen ppl calling me as an iitian.. thanks for bringing back the pleasure again..

Aillaa.... TAKE CARE... :)....:)

Prasad Gutti said...


Thanks for your complement.

I am very happy for becoming part of your Initiation and Blogging.

Have a nice blogging. byeeeee


Pramoda Meduri said...

:) Thank You..