Jul 18, 2009

Today’s Take Home #1

“Be Open to Convey Thanks for Every Small Help You Get Every Day”

I thought that I had been thanking for every help that I received. But now if I crosscheck it once again, there is surely a gap. The quoted line popped up in my mind yesterday, and I tried to go little more conscious on my conveyance of thanks. Believe me, it was very difficult for me to implement every time. However, it is a take home for me and it is meant for its implementation.

@ Take Home Series

I got realized that, out of all the basics of life that I have known, I’m not implementing few things thoroughly. I want the gap to be bridged properly. So, I have decided to kick start it, somehow in this way. I would like to see you adding your note to mine.
PS: I would like to implement these to experience the difference.


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Can u plz delete my above comment thank u

Prasad Gutti said...

Hi Anonymous

Its so difficult to remove everything after conveying it...

hahahahah .. Just kidding. bye


Anonymous said...

Awww....good initiative Prams...:)

wud surely add my points !

Pramoda Meduri said...


actually i'm not aware of this magic rule of 21. Thanks fr a hint, still i'm left with no clue, who u are.

i don't know from whom u want to keep ur comment away. u hav written fr me and i've read it already. Any ways, will surely delete it once i log in in to me blogger account. Now i cant log in from this desk. It take some time, because i'm facing problem in my internet connection. it may take couple of days, sorry for that.

Keep visiting.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Prasad,

I'm awaiting ur comment on the theme of this post..


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hiiii Sudha...

Thanks dear and i'm sure that you are always there for me .. :)

Prasad Gutti said...


You know this is the 7th or 8th time I have read this post.

To be frank I didnt understand at my first read. May be due to confusion or some other thing.

But now I am very thankful to you as u have given much motivation to read this and to get understand abt ur blog. After reading somany times I got understood.

Thanks for giving such motivation.

And ya you are right we need to be thankful for every minute help, because it gives much confidence and strength which I can say.

For example its me, getting motivation and strength to read this post again and again.

Really people wont implement such things. But i hope may be they get motivated atleast after reading your post.

Do keep it up like these through your future Posts.

All the best re...


Nee_Kosam... said...

A very good one. :)
Let me also put my view on the same.. Life is not a written book, it is infinitive, we can't really expect that if we follow EVERY TIME the rules(good words) written in a book so called 'GOOD LIVING' (if exists), only then we will be happy- otherwise not.
If we believe that I think it is just a limited belief!!!!! ?

And importantly I accept your words. hahaaa :):-)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi prasad,

7th or 8th time..!!!
:) ...:) Thanks any wayss..

You are most welcome and its m pleasure tooo :)

Well, i'll try my best to keep it up:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Hemanth,

Thank you.

Life is not a written book... yess sooo well said, i liked it :)

A book or any person's words may not be suitable for every human being, every one out here has got his own way and get some words out of his experience;

Life is not about following..its all about creating..

Pramoda Meduri said...