Jul 8, 2009

When One Comes To Know that He Is Going To Die Soon…

Once there lived a girl. She loved to live life like a queen. She never liked to respect people and she wanted all others to respect her. She enjoyed every moment when she screamed at people, when she commanded people, when she disrespected people who had been with her for her sake. She was never known for confiding in. She never believed in helping people, showing kindness or understanding one’s emotions. She knew only one thing and that was just to enjoy her way. People never liked her behavior; still they respected her with a fear of her status. One day she suddenly felt ill and approached a doctor. He examined her and informed her that she had been attacked with an incurable disease, and she was informed that she had hardly few days left.

Her world turned up side down. Her dreams were disturbed all of sudden. She could not reveal it to any one as she had not cared any one with love. She kept the struggle with in herself. She had feared of death for a week. One fine morning she closed her eyes and started to think about the happenings.

She started taking people serious. For the first time ever she tried to understand them, to care them, to mingle with them and to respect them for what they were. She started helping poor. She started believing that she had not lived her life reliably. She wanted love; she wanted someone who would care her. She deliberately waited for someone, with whom she would share what she had been undergoing. With time, people started loving her; they started talking to her supportively. They tried to take her and look at her for what she was at the moment. No one knew the reason for the change in her; still everyone liked it, respected it and welcomed it. On one day she left them in all tears.
“Death”, is a minute which we don’t want to meet, though we know that it is inevitable. We even try to avoid any thoughts of the same. It takes some considerable amount of time for any one to get along with the truth that he will die for sure. After coming to know about the girl’s tragedy, I felt that death was the only scenario that had got the skill to impact one’s thoughts stupendously.

The moment you come to know that you are going to die, you start loving every thing that you will be loosing. We start looking things in a different way than ever before. We start loving people in a best possible way than ever before. Money seems to be nothing, though it had ruled our thoughts. Relations and emotions will be the one’s which we would love to hang out with.

As a simple fact, there are two sides for a coin. There were people who wanted to take few lives along with their own. No matter whether they were trained in that way or they were affected badly with the fact that they would die on another day.

I take a simple example. The incident happened during 9/11 attacks. By the time the passengers in the fourth hijacked flight came to know what was going on, the WTC towers had already been tumbling down and the Pentagon had met with a severe terrorist attack. The terrorist who had killed the actual pilot in that flight and occupied his place knew that he would die after the operation. The same was the case with the passengers in the same flight. The terrorist tried to take the flight alongside his goal, and the passengers tried to oppose the same. They knew that they would be any how dying soon and they didn’t want the terrorist to aim his spot. They fought with him and were succeeded in crashing down the flight in no man’s land. All of them have died.

We have seen incidents where few people were gunned down by a depressed man who also committed suicide later on. There were soldiers, who remembered their goal, though they were clear that they would die. There are incidents which educate us on how a person’s mind works after he comes to know about his death time. Still, it has got no real conclusion and even I’m left with no clue how to conclude the same.

May be – “It brings out the small man who lived with in a big man”.


Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing such a nice post
first one remindes me of Alfred's life
live today as thr is no tomorrow
keep it up:)

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thank You So Much...!!!

I'd like to add one more line to urs... "Learn today as you live forever" :)

Creativity!! said...

Really True Dear :) Excellent Post :)

Pramoda Meduri said...

hai.. thank you so much..:)

keep visiting..:)

Mustaf said...

Hi first time here:)

Really like this one, frankly speaking liked the philosophy more than the story itself. You rightly said that even thinking about death make us scary and we just run away from there.If every one of us think about this "ultimate reality" called death, our action would be dramatically changed and the world would be a much better place to live for everyone.

Windel said...

Death is inevitable,..and all human being would die soon or later...I myself is afraid to face the death but I'm also afraid to lived indifinitely, because I don't want to suffer when I become an old man lying on the bed whole day.

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

We know its not worth it but we still fear death.