Aug 30, 2009

A Cluster of thoughts @ Break

I had written these lines last week, when I was away from blogging. I just wanted to let you know them :)... :)
I’m eager to say hello to you all… but awaiting my zest to come out.

I have been reading some joyous posts, some informative ones, some commandeering write-ups, some heartfelt pieces, some beautiful thoughts, some demanding words, some “bye…for now’s”, some enlightening suggestions, and what not. You all were awesome at your thoughts, thanks for sharing the same. It’s been a successful time for me so far, but I feel like I have been missing your click on my blog…:)

I’m very sure of the reason why I’m penning down my words now. I just want to brief you my thoughts that are flowing right at the moment (Just about the daily news).

The Ashes…

Let me start with my ever interesting topic, sports. It was a memorable moment to see Andrew Strauss, the winning captain proudly holding the Ashes urn up, as the Champaign spattered all the way. I congratulate Team England, for their competitive spirit to bounce back in the series decider. At the same time, it’s been a decade almost, seeing a downcast Ricky Ponting, thinking how it could have happened to his team yet again.

By the way, let’s cheer Team India for another successful season.

The Swine-Flu…

Well, it is the worst ever time, when you fear to inhale the air surrounding you. This Swine-flu has been in many minds, in a way or other, since the first death happened in Pune. I’m staying in the same city, but the situation is little better now. These days I can see people smiling, without hiding it within masks. “It is curable” has become the slogan of government and doctors. The TV channels and news papers are inline with them by conveying the same.

Sourabhee’s ‘Meherbaan’…

As I said earlier, I always loved this girl. I have been watching her Indian Idol performances from the ‘you tube’. I say again, she is an awesome stage performer. To keep it simple, I would say, I could not have turned my eyes away from her while enjoying her singing on the stage. She has released “Meherbaan” her first music album, and as always my best wishes stay with her.

The US Open’09…

Another grand slam is ready to cheer her fans. As the prestigious US open is going to start from 31st of August, I wish the championship aspirants a warm ‘All the Best’. Any ways, I’m all to cheer Rafael Nadal…:)

‘My Name is Khan!”

I wondered after reading an article on the Sharukh Khan’s episode in the United States of America, which concluded that the entire extravaganza done by him was just to promote his upcoming film “My Name is Khan”! I still wonder how it would have been!! Personally, I felt that he should not have been taken it in that perspective. His stardom should have stabilized his emotions.

’98 H-bomb test was dud?

I was in 8th standard when the Pokharan-2 took place. I hardly understood the outcome of the test then. But, I remember feeling happy to see India becoming the sixth nation to have the nuclear-weapons. And today one of the DRDO’s scientists claims that the then test was a dud, I’m shocked. Beloved Abdul Kalam sir rebuts the claim, by saying that those tests had yielded the desired results.

Who is correct? What is right? Accept that the test was a failure and continue the research for another Pokharan, or sign the CTBT and avoid the same? In which way India’s interests would not be jeopardized?
And this is it. I’m done. After writing this, I feel like, it is a perfect pleasure to share my thoughts with the world.

Share it,
Discuss it,
Know it,
Gain wisdom and Be happy.

Aug 28, 2009

Why A Woman Shall Deserve It?

Having been a post graduate student and a gold medalist from one of the India’s prestigious institutions, named Indian Institute of Science, Sudha Narayan Murthy had left her career after marriage. She dedicated herself to her family, and today she is a social worker and a good writer as well.

Mirka Federer herself was a tennis player before she committed herself to work as Roger Federer’s manager. She had left her career after being undergone a surgery, of course. Many articles say that she got realized of her work, and she decided to help Federer in his profession. Today no one can dare to forget to mention her name while saying about the phenomenal success of the Swiss.

She was the Vice President for Community and External Affairs at the University of Chicago Hospitals. And now she is the first lady of United States of America, Michelle Obama, who had left her successful career and involved herself in campaigning for her husband Barack Obama, during the 2008 presidential elections.

There are ‘N’ number of examples from the celebrities’ side. I personally know a few women, who have left/changed their professions after their marriage. I’m a small part of this universe, still I know little such kind of women, and if you look at the whole number that is known to every body in this universe, no doubt you would be more than surprised.

((Keeping every thing aside that I have written below, I congratulate these proud ladies. It gives certain pleasure when I read about them))

And now please don’t get me wrong. I completely agree about the women who have been successfully traveling in both personal and professional sides. But my concern is about the percentage of such women and also the percentage of such families that allow them to be so.

Every profession demands the same:

I remember many of my male colleagues saying that ‘Teaching is the best profession, which a woman can choose’. But I never understood ‘why is it so?’ They may have had the idea that it would be an easier job, just going to college/school, coming back and staying with your family, children, etc. I too have the opinion that ‘Teaching’ is a great profession, but let me tell you, it is one and the same for both male and female. Every profession demands you in a similar way, irrespective of whether you are a male or female. When you love the work you do, you have got no reservations at all.

Its not that the name of the profession that makes your job easy, it is the nature of the profession that you understand, and demands of it that you presume, probably would tell you what the divinity that lies in every profession.

Who can shed voice for the desire of a girl’s parents?

There is no difference in a way how a female student thinks about her ambitions to that of a male student
does. Every body has got same ambitions in a way or other. Just imagine yourself as a father who enters a school to join your boy child or girl child in school. Then your intention behind joining them in school would be similar. It is always to see him/her reaching heights in life.

As a girl’s father, may be you would feel at some corner of your heart that she should become a good wife in her future, and I wonder as a boy’s father if you would not feel that your son should become a good husband in future!! You will, wont you?

Every parent has the same ambitions about their children, irrespective of whether it is a boy or girl. Then why a girl’s parent shall restrict his dreams of seeing his daughter reaching heights in professional life after her marriage? Or why is he being restricted? I don’t agree if you say that it is being written like that somewhere unseen.

Is it that, parents who have got a girl child shall be clapping always for their son-in-law’s success?
Is it that, girls who have dreamed about their careers in their childhood shall forget all and do the house keeping?
Is it that, woman is just meant for the saying “There is a woman behind every successful man”?

Let me tell you...

I repeat, please don’t get me wrong by thinking that I’m looking at one side of the coin. Every coin has got two sides, and I admit, each of them has got equal importance. I completely agree with the people who may show me different examples of the women, who have been achieving their personal and professional stunts successfully. But then, I will ask them to tell about the men behind them, and my concern is why can’t most of the men be like that? Similarly, why can’t most of the women be like that?

Is it again the awareness that is to be spoon-feeded from their childhood itself, or they should be matured enough to understand what their life partner desires to be?

Now I will try to see another side of the coin. You know, it is the greatest pleasure when you leave your dreams for the person you love. It is the ultimate sacrifice, when she accompanies her husband and her children in their success at the rate of her own ambitions. It is the divinity of any human heart.

May be that heart is only of a woman!!
May be she the only person who can do it!!
May be it is impossible for a man to give what his woman gives!!

But you know what, from a woman point of view, it hurts.
Though it is just for a fraction of second, it hurts.
Even it is giving you the immense pleasure, it hurts.
You may call her a great person, it still hurts.
It hurts at the very back and unknown fields of her heart.

There is a saying- “You get what you deserve, not what you desire”
If it is true, does a woman deserve it?
If she deserves it, why shall she?

I’m not here to say the ideas to avoid its happening. It happens every now and then, only when a couple is not having a mutual respect and understanding. Defining the understanding between couples is not in my horizons. None of my words can define it, I know. It is truly depends upon them, because no two are alike in this universe.

PS: Please see this post as a generic one, by looking at the percentage of women those are being hurt. Few examples can not answer lakhs of heart beats.

It is pleasure to bring myself back on this stage after this short break. Hope, now I have given you every thing that I had missed in these days. Thanks for this long read. See you in the comments section. Please be there, being a reader.

Aug 20, 2009

Bye...For Now... :)

“Commitment is not a worry, when you do what you love. But, it is deliberately required when you have to love what you do”

I love writing, so commitment never mattered for me so far to put my thoughts in words. But now, if I have to love this break, or if I have to utilize this break properly, I know that I need an absolute commitment.

Yes, I’m taking a break from this blogger world, not only to have some one-to-one chat with my thoughts but also to refine them. I’m feeling like I need a refinement now, truly and completely. I’m very much occupied with such a stuff, which would affect my many very things in all dimensions.

Some breaks can show you the beauty of togetherness;
Some breaks can show you the value of effectiveness;
And there are some breaks, only which can show you the importance of staying away.
And I feel, I’m taking such a break; Stay away and comeback with a real punch.

And friends, I will surely be there at your blogs meanwhile. I want to thanks all of you for supporting me and for reading me faithfully. Hope it would continue after this break.

See you soon, and I wish you all the power to take your lives in the way you want.

Thank you very much for your time, I value and cherish every second of yours here at my space.

PS: It is a short break only. I may surprise you any moment.

Aug 18, 2009

Me @ FIVE Tag

“Yellow Tulip” and “Vyshu” have tagged me to do this…:)

About this Tag:

List down five items in each category, need not to be in the order of liking, and further tag five more people.
PS: The categories can be changed on your own will and wish… (Very Good About It…:))

My Five past passwords:

- I Love You
- Swift
- Pramoda
- Matlab
- Online movies

My Five favorite movie characters:

- Kabir Khan (Sharukh Khan from Chak De India)
- Jack & Rose (Titanic)
- Bhuvan (Amir Khan from Lagaan)
- Debraj Sahay (Amitab Bachan from Black)
- Nivedita (Nita) (A Character in my own novel – I may direct a movie on it, who knows...!!)

The five ladies with whom I would have had a crush, if I was a boy:

- Samudrika (My first friend in IIT Delhi and my room mate in the earlier days)
- Sourabhee (Indian Idol-4 winner) (I simply love the way she is)

… Hmm
Sorry, I don’t have five, these two are my darlings so far.

The Five Celebrities, whom I wish every day to be fine for them, or mostly I think of their whereabouts:

- Ratan Tata
- Sachin Tendulkar
- Rafael Nadal
- Aishwarya Rai Bachan
- Sourabhee (Indian Idol-4)

My Five Favorite Teachers:

- Nageswari ( My Maths teacher in school, and my mother J)
- Ammaiah (My P.E.T. Sir in school)
- B.R.K. (My Principal, in Intermediate)
- M.Veera Chary (My M.Tech Project Guide)
- Charan Sir (Again, a character in my novel, I have learnt many things in the process of creating this character)

And that’s it…want to tell you one more thing…and this post will not be completed without it’s presence…and that is:

The one thing that love to do is ‘writing’…

Next is the last part of this post, i.e. tagging five more people. When I was reading these “TAG” posts, I used to jump to this section to give my laugh to those victims…You are very sincere reader, if you read these lines and then go to that…J…J…U r very sincere if you are still reading…I like it…ok .. here they are…

- Prasad
- Hemanth
- Madan
- Arifa
- Vikas

These are not regular bloggers, but they are my regular readers. I wish to read their stuff in some way or other.

And… from blogger world…

- All those who would love to share about themselves with their friends.

Finally, I’m done. Thanks to ‘Yellow tulip’ and ‘Vyshu’ for this pleasure. Let me tell you my exact feeling that is in my mind right now… “I want to share more with you” …

Aug 17, 2009

The ONE Hilarious Wish…

“I want to meet him/her before I die”

“I want to visit that place before I die”

“I want to taste it before I die”

“I want to do that before I die”

Silly, yet simple wishes extend our lives at times. It gives immense and innocent pleasure once we can achieve them. Sometimes, a lifetime may not be sufficient to fulfill those sweetest wishes, so sad but yes, it inspires you right since the beginning. I would like to know the ONE this kind of wish that you have. The wish shall be very silly; can be romantic, can be humorous, can be cheerful…etc.
For Me:

You know, I’m crazy about cricket …and,
I want to witness the Indian cricket team winning the Olympic gold medal… :)…:)... But cricket is not yet included in the Olympics :(…:(... poor Pramoda!!

My father used to update me with the news of the Gulf war when I was 5-6 years old; I was astonished that Saddam Hussein could able to carry forward the battle against the coalition of 34 nations, then I wanted to meet him, and today he is no more…pchhh…again… :(…:(

Now serious…

I want to see a Tsunami of comments, flooding in to my blog … :)…Sounding sincere?

PS: Hmm…I tried my best to restrict myself to say only ONE, but could not help. Really, I did not know that saying only ONE hilarious wish would be so difficult when I started writing this, but now I got realized. You can carry on with your own number, there is no ONE rule as such, if at all it is there then enjoy breaking the rule.

Aug 16, 2009

Days' Mania!

“Friendship day”… “Valentine’s day”… “Birthday”… “Teacher’s day”… “Mother’s day”… “Father’s day”… “Independence day”… “Republic day”… “Children’s day”… and all such kind of celebrations have been planed in remembrance of the important relations and love of life. These days will be beautiful when we wish each other and when we celebrate it together. But, they get the real value when we strive for them throughout a year and celebrate a year’s accomplishment on it’s name. It is not about a single ‘day’, it is all about a year’s accomplishment and achievement. And even at times, it can be a starting point of a good relation or aim and the endurance of the same.
Here is my dad’s message to me on one of my Birthdays... “Birthdays remember you to grow in and with life”. Thanks to him for making me realized of it’s ‘importance’ apart from it’s specialty.

Aug 15, 2009

The Proud Tri-Colour

Yet again, here is another composition from me on the brave hearts, who strive for the nation’s pride despite of believing that they have their own personal lives. Starting from the freedom fighter to the today’s soldier, I thank one and all for being there for our country’s sake.

First of all A Happy Independence day to a u all…

I have started today with reading the news about the brave hearts, who are being honored for giving their best to their motherland. The Ashok Chakra, Kirti Chakra, Shaurya Chakra have been given to the soldiers, in recognition of their services. I’m proud to say my hearty congratulations to all of them.

I remember the moments when Mrs. Hemanth Karkare busted in to tears while taking the Ashok Chakra from the president on behalf of her husband, who was awarded posthumously, in recognition of his services during the Mumbai terrorist attacks last year. I remember shedding tears on hearing that Major. Sandeep Unnikrishnan, the NGO commando, who had sacrificed his life during the same operation, was just married a week before from then.

“Though no one in our family had ever served in armed forces, Mohit was fascinated by Army right since childhood. A champion boxer and swimmer during his military academy days, he spent around six out of his 10 years in uniform battling militants in J&K...he had become a counter-terrorism expert...he was very brave” look at the words of a proud father of Late. Major Mohit Sharma, who is honored with the Ashok Chakra this time.

It is unstoppable if we start saying about the different life stories of these guys, but it has to be stopped now, I regret. I’m becoming very emotional as I write this.
I’m not in Indian defense now, nor can I be able to take part in it now. But I hope that I would become a proud wife of a person who would risk his life for our mother land, or may be a proud mother or grand mother some day, of he who may serve the Indian defense at the inspiration of his own life and my love.

One point strikes my mind at the moment, what was the success that had come to these guys when they were alive. They had been fighting for the nation, and finally succeeded in doing it at the cost of their lives. And today they are no more to celebrate their brave moments, when their services are being recognized. It is applicable to life as well, I guess. Enjoy every moment.
To smile, don’t wait for a success. Success is about the satisfaction that you attain, not necessarily be the recognition or a win.

All in all, it is very nice to see the proud tri-colour waving her wishes to her people. She is happy, she is brave, and she is proud of them.
Let me tell you, to be a proud citizen of your country, you need not to be a freedom fighter or a person from the defense always. You have to be what you are and serve every small aspect that is at your hands. Some people are meant for serving the nation at the border, some are meant for representing their country as per their skills, some are meant for leading their country in political aspects, some are meant for serving people, some are meant for educating the nation, some are meant for preparing the young hearts for a better tomorrow, some are meant for writing about their motherland for the sake of future generations and etc. And last but not the least, some are meant for sharing their lives with all those people mentioned above and some other may be meant for serving their best for all these. Every person who does his duty is in someway contributing to his motherland ultimately. Let us do it with heart and be the proud citizens of our motherland.

Once again, Happy Independence Day and have a bright day. Let us make the Tri-colour be proud of us as well.
Whatever you are, she loves you the same, and it is your responsibility to give it back with your deeds.

Thanks for your time.

Aug 14, 2009

"A Girl of Fire"

I heard about her in news, read her interviews in news papers. But neither had I witnessed her live match, nor did I watch at least a recorded match of her. Till watching today’s quarter final match of world badminton champion ship, I had been under the impression that ‘Saina Nehwal is a cool girl with a lot of sensitive side’. But I realized lately that she is a girl of fire and also a player with full of guts.

Though she lost the game, in her I could see the thirst of becoming world’s best; a typical sports person’s mentality that occupied her attracted me. She looks quite opposite off the field. Now, no one can say that had she not suffered with the chicken-pox a week before this tournament she would have performed well.

Any ways, play it better next time Saina. You have got every thing to conquer your dreams. Just keep it simple as you always do.

And one more thing that I would like to share with you all is: I have seen Gopi Chand today, sitting beside the court as a proud coach of her. He is basically from a place nearest to my village, and I met him after he had won the “All England badminton trophy” in 2002. I still have a memory of a photograph which I had taken with him. My mother and I have gifted him a well-arranged book of his own history about his ups and depths in his professional life, with signatures of many people in its first page. And he also said that it was one of the best gifts that he had got and he wanted to keep it with him personally. I have enjoyed those moments a lot, and here I’m delighted to share it with you all. His presence in today’s match had reminded me one of my ever best memories.

Aug 13, 2009

From The Desk of Another Eye...

This is in extension to my previous post. I wanted to say something more there itself, but just I have taken a chance to say it here. Please consider this.

I remember one of my B.Tech friend’s saying-
“Whatever may be the correct way of treating people, whatever may be the general rule of showing obedience to elders, whatever may be the best way to make friends and win people, you know, there is always certain pleasure in being what you are in actual ‘person’, apart from every thing that any kind of a personality development course teaches you”

May be it is...!!

Coming back to the reality shows, if you are a participant, you need to wish the judges and need to be obedient to them all the time, even though they speak about your performance ruthlessly, even though they hurt you and disrespect your hard work, to which you put your time leaving behind your other interests.

No one is going to accept a participant, if he/she acts little proudly, carelessly. If the participant is having a dislike towards doing such things which attracts the Junta and judges easily, still he/she is bound to do so. If one does not, then the effect would be at the cost of their endurance in the show. That is not only a participant’s problem, the problem is in the viewers also, who personally love to be what they want to be, but fail to accept other people if they try to be what they are.

If the show calls for a voting system, then the ball is in every one’s court. The participant’s fate is in every one’s hand, which may have not been the actual intention of keeping this voting system. The religion and more importantly the region feelings play their game at the cost of the participant’s work, future and emotions. Mainly, if he/she doesn’t look good, then it the end; He may be too good at his performance, but every thing looks small before the beauty phobia…How sad? After all, beauty can be changed over the night, if you have enough money, but what that allows you to change your attitude or talent so easily? It requires many a things to list down…!!

Of course, these shows are advantageous at some ends; and they are some what disadvantageous as well. But any way, as I said, pros and cons are there every where. It is up to us, what to learn and what not to. Every change is meant for a new beginning, and it is only we, who can turn changes in to our life styles. Hope, reality shows would educate people with the contemporary realities, which would be a good augur for the changing dimensions.

PS: Sorry for bothering you with my cut-posts. Please be kind…:)

Aug 12, 2009

The Show of Reality :)...:)

She is a normal village girl, with almost same strengths and aims of any common human being. She dreams of becoming world famous and she always wants to be known across the globe.

Whenever she observes people praying for Sachin Tendulkar to be well, or if people want any other celebrity to get well soon, or if they wish them on their b’day, she wonders how they could have done that for a person whom they even never met.

She wants to be a celebrity, where in people love her, people feel crazy to be with her etc.

One day she suddenly gets a chance of performing her talent on a stage. She could able to perform herself very cutely. And from there she gets a chance to perform on a world stage, where she has to face many more participants from other countries.

She struggles, she works, she dedicates, and finally she wins… ;)

Her life gets changed over-night. She feels better to be like that and she almost tops the world with her happiness. She feels proud of her country and her people who have supported her to win. Her eyes fill with tears when lakhs of people come to the airport to receive her. She feels proud to see her parents standing there proudly. She enjoys every moment with the Junta who have come to praise her, to take her autograph. She hugs her friends with a joy of success. And she continues her life as a big celebrity.

…A New Beginning…!!!

The craziest for today’s major part of the new generation is to participate in a reality show, and if you can get through it, you know, the fame that you get is not expectable. Apart from every thing, it is the best way to prove your talents and your personality to the out side world. Starting from a 5 years kid to a 30 year man, you will be warmly welcomed to the shows, not only to perform but also to improve your skills in all respects.

But, there are some cases, where people got depressed because of the judges’ comments, but again the pros and cons are there every where…!!

I’m amazed at the way kids have been performing in some music competitions, with utmost competitive spirit, and surprisingly, they carry the best ever sportive spirit and an eye catching and lovable healthy competition. And the young ones are utilizing the chance to present themselves and hence to improve their own selves.

In many ways, it is a pleasure to be a part of such reality shows and to present yourself. It keeps you updated with the trends as well as the changing mentalities and interests of the new generations. You can learn and enjoy the changing attitudes as well as the daring hearts’ wonderful performances

In any way- “It develops a person from nobody to somebody”

Aug 10, 2009

A Side Effect of Love?

When you have to face some critical situation, mostly it happens that you feel little better to be there on site at that moment; but for your near and dear ones, you know, it is actually very difficult to stay back thinking of you.

Aug 9, 2009


At times it is certain pleasure to be known as an underdog. Because, the person who is going to loose his edge is not the one who is being underestimated, but is the one who is underestimating. One can feel the difference in the way he enjoys his success, after being called as an underdog; believe me, it is the sweetest pleasure of all that one can get. And of course, it is equally difficult to be called as an underdog for longer time!!!

Underdog…You rock!!!
And never be irreplaceable... :)
Here I’m to write my lines about my ever favorite subject, i.e. sports. I know that this ‘Underdog’ title does not suit her based on her present status, or w.r.t. her recent achievements. But wanted to include my wishes with this post. On the eve of the world championship trophy (badminton), which is being proudly hosted by India (Hyderabad), I wish our little girl with golden racket, ‘Saina Nehwal’and her team, a cheering ‘All the Best’.

Hey Saina, don’t mind about the outcome, just play what you can and win people’s hearts.

Dear friends, please do add your voices with me to wish her the well-deserved memorable moments of her life.

Aug 7, 2009

The Fact!

Its about the ‘writers’…
Once there lived a girl, who was a cool, well-mannered and optimistic person. She moved very closely with her friends and relatives. She was a passionate writer with enough enthusiasm to put her thoughts in words. She had written many a poems and stories before she met with an accident. And she died in a hospital while taking the treatment. Her father published all of her write-ups. Every one came to know that she had written it earlier and was no more by the time they were reading her stuff. Everybody shed their tears for her and appreciated her literary skills and they actually felt the passion that she had in writing. No one commented or criticized her write-ups and everybody admired her and they liked her.
Once there lived a girl with equal enthusiasm and with almost similar qualities of the girl in the previous story. This girl also had passion in writing and was very much interested in expressing her thoughts. After completing her initial learning, she started writing slowly and could able to publish some of them. People read them; some liked them and some disliked them. Some complemented and some criticized. She felt happy that she could able to publish her thoughts. And she improved herself day by day and could convert most of her critics in to her fans. Still, the number of her new critics equally increased as well as of her fans. One day she died of some disease. Everybody praised her for what she was and they all respected her. Even her biggest critics praised her a lot such that if she had been there, she would have felt very happy listening to their words.
In the earlier case, she was no more while people were reading her stuff. They could not criticize her for some reason. People only praised her and admired her. In the second case she was alive when people read her write-ups and when they either complemented or criticized.

The Fact (in your point of view) that I want to know from you all is:

Why people could not have criticized the first girl, wherein they could easily do it in the case of second girl?
To me:
Life actually gives us struggle to improve ourselves. We need to learn from mistakes and need to improve ourselves on the basis of criticism. Complements shall give same inspiration as that of criticism does. In fact, both are the means of our success at equal stand.

There is no point in getting improved once our life itself is not there with us. So I think this was the reason why people have complemented the first girl as she was not there to improve herself on the basis of their criticism. But in the case of the second girl, she was alive and was continuously improved herself.

‘Life’ is we, the people. Life is not something else. How we behave is our life. It is the mix up of both the wisdom and the foolishness in us. It works when it has to work. It works when it is needed to work.

In first case life knows that it has got nothing to do with her any more, but in second case life has got much work to be given to her. So, it worked liked that.

P.S: When I started writing the first line, I did not have any idea of the lines that I have written in ‘To Me’ section. I actually wanted to leave the question, but somehow these thoughts popped up in my mind, while writing the first two stories. Please let me know your thoughts also. Thank you.

And the question is:
Why people could not have criticized the first girl, wherein they could easily do it in the case of second girl?

Aug 5, 2009

Today’ Take Home #3

“It is your responsibility to be what you are, and it is your discipline to accept how other people are”

Indeed a well-known fact. Yet, there is some thing that has been stopping me from accepting people as they are. Well, I succeed many a times, but at times I completely fail. I thought of working on this little further, and hence here it is as my take home for today.

P.S: I’m happy to say, my first two take homes have been supporting me stupendously, to be better than before.

Aug 4, 2009

Feel the difference…

Getting something is an encouragement;
Deserving something is an inspiration.
Encouragement may fail at times,
But inspiration never fails!!!

Aug 3, 2009

A Morning with My Valentine…

Walking with you on the beach side,
I’m feeling lucky to be on your dear side,
Experiencing the bliss of dawn,
Dreaming about the days of our very own.

Oh my dear, you are my precious figure;
No matter what a husband means in general,
I believe you for what I know you in real,
I have got more than I deserve of the marvel.

As a tiny rain drop hits me,

Take me in to your arms,
Give me a deep hug,
Melt me in your warmth.

As minutes pass by,
Our heartbeats lock by.
I would love to give you my very thing,
And you are nothing short of my everything.
(PS: Its my dream morning...and I know that it will come true...:)...
Please wish me all the best)

Aug 2, 2009

For the Loveliest Friends!!!

In All Moments,
You Are With Me.
In All Memories,
You Are With Me.

You Are With Me,
As A Part of Me.
You Are With Me,
As a Guide to Me.

As A Guide to Me,
To Let Me Know
That How Beautiful the Life Is;
How Wonderful the World Is.

How Wonderful the world is,
With the Inspiration of A Friend;
With the Depth of Friend’s Heart,
That Lives for Me to My Goodness.

That Lives for Me to My Goodness,
To Bring Out the Best In Me;
To Make Out the Heartiest of Me;
To Give Out the Best In Me.

To Give Out the Best In Me,
You Need Not to Help Me;
You Need Not to Adore Me;
My Dear, I Just Need to Stay With You.

My Dear, I Just Need to Stay With You,
Not Because I Need You;
But Because You Need Me;
You Are My Lovely Friend.

You Are My Lovely Friend;
In Fact, a Loveliest Friend.
I Love You,
More Than A Lover!!!

I dedicate this work to all the friends in this beautiful world, who love each other :)
Keep It Up!!!