Aug 30, 2009

A Cluster of thoughts @ Break

I had written these lines last week, when I was away from blogging. I just wanted to let you know them :)... :)
I’m eager to say hello to you all… but awaiting my zest to come out.

I have been reading some joyous posts, some informative ones, some commandeering write-ups, some heartfelt pieces, some beautiful thoughts, some demanding words, some “bye…for now’s”, some enlightening suggestions, and what not. You all were awesome at your thoughts, thanks for sharing the same. It’s been a successful time for me so far, but I feel like I have been missing your click on my blog…:)

I’m very sure of the reason why I’m penning down my words now. I just want to brief you my thoughts that are flowing right at the moment (Just about the daily news).

The Ashes…

Let me start with my ever interesting topic, sports. It was a memorable moment to see Andrew Strauss, the winning captain proudly holding the Ashes urn up, as the Champaign spattered all the way. I congratulate Team England, for their competitive spirit to bounce back in the series decider. At the same time, it’s been a decade almost, seeing a downcast Ricky Ponting, thinking how it could have happened to his team yet again.

By the way, let’s cheer Team India for another successful season.

The Swine-Flu…

Well, it is the worst ever time, when you fear to inhale the air surrounding you. This Swine-flu has been in many minds, in a way or other, since the first death happened in Pune. I’m staying in the same city, but the situation is little better now. These days I can see people smiling, without hiding it within masks. “It is curable” has become the slogan of government and doctors. The TV channels and news papers are inline with them by conveying the same.

Sourabhee’s ‘Meherbaan’…

As I said earlier, I always loved this girl. I have been watching her Indian Idol performances from the ‘you tube’. I say again, she is an awesome stage performer. To keep it simple, I would say, I could not have turned my eyes away from her while enjoying her singing on the stage. She has released “Meherbaan” her first music album, and as always my best wishes stay with her.

The US Open’09…

Another grand slam is ready to cheer her fans. As the prestigious US open is going to start from 31st of August, I wish the championship aspirants a warm ‘All the Best’. Any ways, I’m all to cheer Rafael Nadal…:)

‘My Name is Khan!”

I wondered after reading an article on the Sharukh Khan’s episode in the United States of America, which concluded that the entire extravaganza done by him was just to promote his upcoming film “My Name is Khan”! I still wonder how it would have been!! Personally, I felt that he should not have been taken it in that perspective. His stardom should have stabilized his emotions.

’98 H-bomb test was dud?

I was in 8th standard when the Pokharan-2 took place. I hardly understood the outcome of the test then. But, I remember feeling happy to see India becoming the sixth nation to have the nuclear-weapons. And today one of the DRDO’s scientists claims that the then test was a dud, I’m shocked. Beloved Abdul Kalam sir rebuts the claim, by saying that those tests had yielded the desired results.

Who is correct? What is right? Accept that the test was a failure and continue the research for another Pokharan, or sign the CTBT and avoid the same? In which way India’s interests would not be jeopardized?
And this is it. I’m done. After writing this, I feel like, it is a perfect pleasure to share my thoughts with the world.

Share it,
Discuss it,
Know it,
Gain wisdom and Be happy.


for u..from me said...

heyy..was wonderfull reading all dese thoughts of urs..its always a pleasure to share ur thoughts..learnt so much..keep going dear..!!!

manivannan said...

Interesting post pramoda... Am glad to know your insights about them. Now this has triggered me write about a few issues, which keeps disturbing me a lot....

1. Manipur: When a actor is just detained for hours, people go gaga, either for or against him, but in Manipur many citizens, imagine, in his own country, has to face this same ordeal everyday.

Also, the recent encounter in a street in broad daylight and the statement made by the congress CM are atrocious...they just live in a India unknown to us.

2. Forcible land acquisition from Tribals by Reliance for their power plant.

3. Increasing number of farmers suicide in Andhra Pradesh.

These issues don't even get proper coverage in the mainstream media, but they, certainly, are far more important issues than what we get to read in papers everyday .

Anyways, wish u a cheerful week ahead :-)

prajyot said...

G8 thoughts..!! your blog is really special as the name " being pramoda"

Tranquility Speaks said...

Thanks a tone for the follower bit Pramoda :D So appreciate your presence in my space :)

Doesn't it feel great that the Swine flu is finally disappearing! The best part is that people aren't letting panic get the better of them, and are coming out once again :) Take care :)

Diana said...

Hi Pramoda!
I found your post very interesting and informative.
Most of the people that I know here in the states are slightly fearful of the h1n1 flu. It hasn't come to full flu season here yet. But with school starting people are becoming more concerned with vaccinations.
I enjoyed your blog!
Love Di

Rohini Prasanth said...

Welcome back. Oh wait. Are you back yet? or still on the break.. lemme go check. I am stil not sure. But I hope you are back :)

It is wonderful to see so much passion in your posts.

Swine flu is abating in India, and here everyone is gearing up for a possible resurgence in Fall/winter.

I sure hope the result in Pokhran was not faked. I remember too how proud it felt at that time, and even now.

KParthasarathi said...

Nice to know your views articulated well on a wide range of topics

Creativity!! said...

Highly Informative Excellent Post Dear :D Thanks A Ton For Sharing Your Thoughts Here :D

Really, Its Wonderful Blog, With Loads Of Information :D

Be Careful Dear :D If Its Necessary, Apply Nilgiri To Hand Kerchief & Cover Your Nose :D No Use Of Masks..bcoz they r of no use after the usage of 5-6hrs :D

So better wash kerchief with dettol, and use or u can apply Nilgiri As well :D I Did The Same For Few Days In Mumbai :D

Take Care :D All The Very Best Success :D

Suree said...

current affairs.....

SRK suckz.... if at all he felt bad as they did ome thing to him, he should have came back to india then and there....

pramoda.. u have nice blog.. will be visitng this often

Amity Me said...

Hi Pramoda,

After visiting your site, I was in awe. I just wonder how young people like you have creative minds.

Also, I like your site, very beautiful and cool to the eyes. The design is very pretty.

Wish to tell you that beginning today, I will be an avid follower.

And I have included your site in my blog list.


Jack said...


Read both your posts now. First fot this one - good updates. I would rather believe our respected formere President than any other person. He is a man of integrity. Now for previous one - Good thinking. I do believe that women too should have freedom to choose what they wish to do. The examples you quoted show plainly that these women gave up their careers to ensure that their partners achieve what they aim for. One thing is for sure, A HOME IS MADE BY THE LADY OF THE HOUSE. I have said that in my posts too. Should a woman wish to continue in her career post marriage, she should be encouraged. She should be allowed to make her decision without anyone influencing her.

Take care

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Madhu...

Thanks alot..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Manivannan,

Thank you so much for updating me with those disasters. I was moved by the manipur incident, so sad. and same for the rest.

Yeah, these issues dont get much coverage, but they truly deserve the proper attention.


Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Prajyot,

Thanks alot for the lovely comments..:) They mean alot..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Tranquility speaks

Hey, it smy pleasure to read you and thanks for ur visit.

see u around..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Diana,
welcome here.

Thanks for the comment. yeah, schools are getting reopend, so the threat would be more..:( ...Take good care of you and your family as well..

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Rohini,

I'm back.. no doubt ..:)..:)

Yeah, take care of urself and ur family over thr..

:) Pramoda

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Parthasaradhi


Thanks alot uncle..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Sahana,

Thanks dear..thanks for the nice comments..:)

haa,,we need to take care.. This swine flu leaving ppl shiver ..:( ..


Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Suree,

Welcome back .. I remember, u have commented in "My LOve" Post..:)

Thanks for the comment and yeah, SRK could have done that:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ Amity Me

Hey, it was a pleasent surprise to see u here..Thanks a ton for this pleasure. Thanks for the appriciation.

Hope to see u around ..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Jack,

Yeah, I too believe in kalam sir.

**Should a woman wish to continue in her career post marriage, she should be encouraged. She should be allowed to make her decision without anyone influencing her.

Thanks for such a nice saying uncle, Thank you sooo much.


Anonymous said...

My first award to give you would be all rounder..:)

That sumps up what i feel for you Dearie..!!

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Sop... Thanks alottt...:)

Love u