Aug 7, 2009

The Fact!

Its about the ‘writers’…
Once there lived a girl, who was a cool, well-mannered and optimistic person. She moved very closely with her friends and relatives. She was a passionate writer with enough enthusiasm to put her thoughts in words. She had written many a poems and stories before she met with an accident. And she died in a hospital while taking the treatment. Her father published all of her write-ups. Every one came to know that she had written it earlier and was no more by the time they were reading her stuff. Everybody shed their tears for her and appreciated her literary skills and they actually felt the passion that she had in writing. No one commented or criticized her write-ups and everybody admired her and they liked her.
Once there lived a girl with equal enthusiasm and with almost similar qualities of the girl in the previous story. This girl also had passion in writing and was very much interested in expressing her thoughts. After completing her initial learning, she started writing slowly and could able to publish some of them. People read them; some liked them and some disliked them. Some complemented and some criticized. She felt happy that she could able to publish her thoughts. And she improved herself day by day and could convert most of her critics in to her fans. Still, the number of her new critics equally increased as well as of her fans. One day she died of some disease. Everybody praised her for what she was and they all respected her. Even her biggest critics praised her a lot such that if she had been there, she would have felt very happy listening to their words.
In the earlier case, she was no more while people were reading her stuff. They could not criticize her for some reason. People only praised her and admired her. In the second case she was alive when people read her write-ups and when they either complemented or criticized.

The Fact (in your point of view) that I want to know from you all is:

Why people could not have criticized the first girl, wherein they could easily do it in the case of second girl?
To me:
Life actually gives us struggle to improve ourselves. We need to learn from mistakes and need to improve ourselves on the basis of criticism. Complements shall give same inspiration as that of criticism does. In fact, both are the means of our success at equal stand.

There is no point in getting improved once our life itself is not there with us. So I think this was the reason why people have complemented the first girl as she was not there to improve herself on the basis of their criticism. But in the case of the second girl, she was alive and was continuously improved herself.

‘Life’ is we, the people. Life is not something else. How we behave is our life. It is the mix up of both the wisdom and the foolishness in us. It works when it has to work. It works when it is needed to work.

In first case life knows that it has got nothing to do with her any more, but in second case life has got much work to be given to her. So, it worked liked that.

P.S: When I started writing the first line, I did not have any idea of the lines that I have written in ‘To Me’ section. I actually wanted to leave the question, but somehow these thoughts popped up in my mind, while writing the first two stories. Please let me know your thoughts also. Thank you.

And the question is:
Why people could not have criticized the first girl, wherein they could easily do it in the case of second girl?


Jack said...


Your analysis of difference in these cases is right to large extent. But mostly people refrain saying anything adverse for one who is no more. So in the first case before reading her writing it was told that she is no more, thus people just complimented. In second case people complimented as well as critisied but once she passed away there were no adverse comments.

Take care

Anonymous said...

No body wants to be lonely 2nd girl is lucky she speak the heart out she feel the pain for the secret of life 1st one like heath ladger u will find easily the answer if u watch if only and beautiful mind movies

Priya Joyce said...

It wud have been entirely different if the first gal was alive too. She also would have faced similar opinions from people as the second one.
its just that people do not want to say anything bad about people who're no more existing..tats all..

but niway i'd just say ..yeh we should not say anything bad about the dead but still wat is the truth that should come out otherwise I''d name is double standards.

That was a thought provoking post dear.

Ellen said...

Hi Pramoda,

I agree with your readers here that we don't usually do a 'critique' of people who have passed. It is proper and kind to send off the deceased on wings of good memories. A simple courtesy extended in such cases.

To the living falls the blessing of praise or compliments.. and too the other side of it -- criticism and censure. A mature and wise person would not be bogged down by either. Meaning, he will resist falling into 'pride' which compliments or praises sometimes can create ... and too strongly stand against the temptation to be defeated by the hurt caused by criticism or censure. Instead he will use these as tools or lessons for further improvement and growth in self or his craft.

Keep writing, Pramoda. Your pieces nudge a person to think. Hope that you enjoy a lovely weekend with your family. God bless you all.

Creativity!! said...

Dear, In Case of First Girl, After She died her dad, published all her poems, & all her written people, praised her work..if she would have been alive, even she too would have faced such criticism....

Even Political Leaders, criticize other party leader or even their own party member, but after he/she dies, they praise him....

Few People Are Jealous, Some Always Criticize Without identifying & rectifying their own errors/bad habits...

An Excellent Post Dear :D

Chaala mechanu :D Chaala baaga raasavu :)

Have A Wonderful Weekend Ahead :D


Sapphire said...

I really liked your post - indeed thought-provoking...each day life gives us a chance to improve ourselves and move towards progress. Therefore we should make the most of it!

Anonymous said...

Tomorrow is the convo day ..happy anniversary

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Jack,

I agree with u. ppl generally refrain to say any adverse abt the passed. I have seen in many other situations also. Every thing is for good..:)

Thanks for sharing ur view.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Anonymous,

Thanks for sharing ur view. I will try to see those movies,if time permits..Have a great day!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Priya,

**It wud have been entirely different if the first gal was alive too. She also would have faced similar opinions from people as the second one.

even i think the same, i agree with u completely. And as u said, the truth shall come out, for a good reason.

Thanks for ur opinion priya..Take care.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hello Ellen,

**It is proper and kind to send off the deceased on wings of good memories

Very nice..An eye opener for me..

**A mature and wise person would not be bogged down by either.

When u said 'either', i felt that u were just right. It improves a person, more and more.

I'm glad that i could give ppl a good food for thought, Its my pleasure to write such pieces..If my ppl like u, can support me, i can improve better and actually can feel better to participate.

Thanks Alot..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Sahana,

I agree with u regarding the sec girl situation and abt the political leaders...even the sports ppl, film actors evry one, who has some fame in the society or so called celebs..they must have undergone a high level of criticism at some level of their life's stage and were praised alot once they died..

Whatever it is ... hope for the best!!

Thanks for sharing sahana...and nee complements naku chala happyness ni ichaii ..

have a nice day

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Sapphire,

welcome to my space.. and yeah, we shd improve ourselves day by day based on our daily leanings ..

Keep coming here..and have a nice time..all the best fr ur exams..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Zanskarite,

Thank you very much...happy anniversary to u also..

Anonymous said...

Hey prams..

Thanks for bringing this topic for discussion..:)

You know,i was following the responses and enjoying the readers views..:)..And i was late here..

I was left with any new point to add to this..:(

Thanks for sharing this..I was wondering how cud you develop such scenarios and handle with valid discussions...

Keep going Dear..:)

I agree with all readers be short .hehee.


Anonymous said...

hmm... good question!

i guess that they could criticize the second girl because she was alive. criticism when taken in the right manner actually helps the writer become better, so they criticized her and tried to make her become better at writing!

the first girl was already in heaven, and she can't help make her words better from there. so the people just praised her for what she had written, which was beautiful too! i didnt read ur view, when i wrote this, so after reading it, guess we both thought on similar lines if not the same!

a very thought provoking post! loved it! u got a new follower! :)

Nee_Kosam... said...

A good thought and nice analysis again prams.. :)..
I agree with you, even if you do not pen down "To me" section most of the people would have expressed more or less the same, so as me. People hardly criticize anyone who is nomore. It is in all communities, societies, religions of the world. It has come up as a human value to do or not to do so. We do praise someone, even if there is some negative part in him/her, by considering only the positive part. This is where we can easily see the quality of goodness in almost all the human beings.
Thanks for sharing.
I feel good that I have a friend like you is being praised now.

Anonymous said...

absolute fact !!

yamini meduri said...

oyeee....nennu e post ninne chadivanu..kani comment cheyadam marichipoyanu....haha...!!!

i think ppl dint criticize the first writer because, criticism must be accepted and used for the development of self....when the writer is already in the heavens, there is no point of critisizing her...!!!

but in the case of the second girl, its different...she was alive and the reders wanted to encourage her through +ve criticism....!!!

this is my perspective...!!!

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Sudha,

Thanks a lottt..:)

I was expecting ur comment, and u naughty, u were enjoying the reader's views..heheh ... any ways, u r never late dear..

Thanks yar..Its all because of reader's support..:)

I'm glad to have u ppl..:)

Love u

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Vinay,

welcome to my blog.

Thanks fr sharing ur view, and i was surprised to see u response, it was alike mine..

thanks fr following...:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi hemanth,

**This is where we can easily see the quality of goodness in almost all the human beings.

I'm also feeling happy at this particular point;

Thank You.

Pramoda Meduri said...

@ PinkzZ

Hey Hi..

Thank You!

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Yamini,

Haha.. Marchipoyaava...:)..:)

yes, i agree with u..and thanks for sharing ur perspective dear...Crazyyy, its same of mine..

Love u Sis..

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Zanskarite,

U have asked me to write abt the convo, but i could not write it ..Abhi yaad aayii..:(

But i have written one post on convo in Aug/sep 2008, kindly check it..But it was a short note, in very few lines..:)


Pramoda Meduri said...

@ All Readers

Thanks for ur participation. I look forward to discuss with u on many other topics here..

Many Thanks...:)

Have nice time!