Aug 17, 2009

The ONE Hilarious Wish…

“I want to meet him/her before I die”

“I want to visit that place before I die”

“I want to taste it before I die”

“I want to do that before I die”

Silly, yet simple wishes extend our lives at times. It gives immense and innocent pleasure once we can achieve them. Sometimes, a lifetime may not be sufficient to fulfill those sweetest wishes, so sad but yes, it inspires you right since the beginning. I would like to know the ONE this kind of wish that you have. The wish shall be very silly; can be romantic, can be humorous, can be cheerful…etc.
For Me:

You know, I’m crazy about cricket …and,
I want to witness the Indian cricket team winning the Olympic gold medal… :)…:)... But cricket is not yet included in the Olympics :(…:(... poor Pramoda!!

My father used to update me with the news of the Gulf war when I was 5-6 years old; I was astonished that Saddam Hussein could able to carry forward the battle against the coalition of 34 nations, then I wanted to meet him, and today he is no more…pchhh…again… :(…:(

Now serious…

I want to see a Tsunami of comments, flooding in to my blog … :)…Sounding sincere?

PS: Hmm…I tried my best to restrict myself to say only ONE, but could not help. Really, I did not know that saying only ONE hilarious wish would be so difficult when I started writing this, but now I got realized. You can carry on with your own number, there is no ONE rule as such, if at all it is there then enjoy breaking the rule.


Anonymous said...

I write a wish list(not hilarious though:P breaking the main rule hehehe) of things I wanted to do before I die ..
No importance to the order..

# I want to own a Horse

# Learn Piano enough to play in a party someday

#Write a song that someone treasures

# To own a french blog

#Direct a movie

# Get a tattoo.

# Adopt a child of my own someday

#Surfing to play with tides

# Get a kiss from my Man under the Eifel Tower in France

# Taste real milk from the cow..

#Make friends with a Dolphin

Some one pls help me to stop ...yayayy phone ringing..!
Thats all for now on my mind....will keep posting

Ravi.. said...

Heyy... Here goes my list ;)

- Perform a salsa dance show with my Girl ;)

- Play a beautiful song on Guitar ;)

- Travel around the world in XX days ;)

- Water raftingggggg

- Horse ridingggggg

- Drive an owned Ferrari ;)

- Acquire supernatural powers (lil fantasy though ;))

Last but not the least..
Wish i was born during the freedom fighting era

indrablog said...

My wish was to own a new Mercedes Benz. I wanted to become a scientist. There was also a time I wanted to become a successful pop cricketer.

None of them has come true.


Yellow Tulip said...

hers's my list:)'ve been tagged! :)he he..

2.i wanna travel...n enjoy the nature's serene first hand...:)

3.trekking to Himalayas

4.I want to own a Horse like saaya (or Ranch)if possible i want her only.

5.Surfing the tides...specially that tube

6.white river rafting... own my own awesome digi cam..

8.wanna cruise

9.ride my own horse with no saddle along the beach at sunrise:)..with waves tickling my feet!!:)

hmmm tats it for nw:)

Prasad Gutti said...


ennani cheppanu... cheppalenanni unnayi... udaaharanaki okate cheptha....

1. I would like to see how the kings rule the country, his dressing style, and how the people follow him and live in his Meetings.

aa sabha ela untundi, em jaruguthundi akkada, ela paripalisthunnadu and yuddam ela jarugutundi.

ekkado movie lo chudatame kaani real gaa chudataniki manaku adrushtam ledu... hehehe manchi example kada... ilaa chaala unnayi.. kashtam le.. list rayataniki idi saripodu...

2. Chiranjeevi movie enti adi.. ade ACF undedi,.. entabbaa... haaa Tagore .. Tagore lo chupinchinattu neechapanulu (acid daadulu, gonthu koyataalu, and ee raajakeeya nayakulani tharimi tharimi kottaalani undi hahaha ) chesevaallani eripareyalani undi... kaani adi cinema idi jeevitham nenu cheyyalenu.. Poor Prasad. Kalalu kanu .. kani nijam kaavalanukoku, nuvu undavu.. hahahah

3. Malli oka chinna pillaadinayi poyi, school ki velli chaduvukovalani undi.. kaani kashtam.. nenu Benjamin Button kaadu ahhahahaha...

naa items chusthe navvosthundi kada.. navvulatagane untundi. but nijamandi... sarle ooohalu chusthe alaane untaayi ... ika untaa

ayyoo.... okati cheptha ani 3 cheppesaa... naa rahasyaalu thelsipoyaayi elaa? ... ilaane rahasyalu daachukundam anukunta kani daachukolenu .. idi naalugodi. hehehe


Prasad Gutti said...

haaa marchipoya ..

konni anukoni sanghatanalu jaruguthu untaayi...

for example...

Asalu nenu India daati veltha ani kalalo kooda anukoledu.. but aa chance vachindi use chesukunna ... hahahah malli aa chance raavalani aasa koooda ledu... heheheh


Prasad Gutti said...

ohhh ... ekkadiko cheppaledu kaduuu.... England vellanandi babu...

England velli London Bridge chusi, bridge open and close avatam, andulo nunchi ship vellatam chusi vachesa... hahhaaha


Priya Joyce said...

hmmm well there are a lot of things...
but the biggest of all is I wanna be happy watever happens..watever failures come in..i juss wanna be happy..and my happiness doesn't depend on my opposite actually :)

hugs for the nice post wer I cud share my words :)

yamini meduri said...

hey di....beautiful post..!!!

see my flood of wishes now...!!

1. wanna meet Kalam sir..once..!!!

2. wanna meet my Dream Boy....!!!

3. publish a book of my poetry...i dont mind getting a Booker Prize too..heheheh...!!!

4. besides being a successfull enterprenuer(which i will defly be)....wanna be a favorite writer to the readers...!!!

5. Wanna see a corruption free India....coz' when India is corruption will defly be a developed nation..!!!

there are lot many more dear...but i think they are struck somewhere behind....gurthu vachinappudu cheptanu le..!!!

last but not the least....even if all the above dont happen, my only wish would be to be happy forever and die with a smiling that ppl who come to see me...give back a smile to me....rather than shedding tears which i dont like...!!!

ela undi naa list???

yamini meduri said...

hey gurthu vachindi...!!!

**wanna set up an orphanage in teh name of Akanksha and also adopt few children for myself the special care children and the visually challenged...!!!***

Ravi said...

the last over of the match 2 more 2 wickets to take for india to clinch the series against aussie

ravi the legspin wizard is given the ball.

2 dot balls.

3rd ball OUT. the flipper that skidded found the gap betwn bat & pad and crashed on to the middle stump. the batsmen was completely at bay.

well now will he take the final and wrap the series. tense and sweat and tense. Oh what a drama are we having here.

the last batsmen in.

2 dot balls. last ball coming up

the final ball and OUT. There goes the last wicket and what a delivery. flighted, curled, dipped,twisted and turned a couple of yards from the legstep and took the half top of off stump.
i have to say its better, far better than Warnies ball of the century.

the aussies cant believe it neither do i. but listen to the indians they are all over the place, jumping, hugging. whaat a match. nothing like it. got to see it to believe it. dont go away, presentations ahead.

Pallav said...

meri list toh khatam hi nahi hogi...
to simplify it, i just need tht my all wishes can be taken care by him...

i knw i m samrt...hehehe


Anonymous said...

Pramss..You've been tagged..!!

Ellen said...

Hi Pramoda,

Wow! you have engaged your readers in one lovely wish blog. All very interesting to read. :-)

A favorite aunt once said to me (in a rather serious tone, lols) that...."Wishes, like dreams, can come true. Cos if you want something so much in your heart, you will do everything to make it come true. Because wishes aren't simply plucked out from thin air ... but rather rise from deep desire or passion to achieve something, a determination or a dogged can-do attitude to pursue a goal, and a strong belief that it can be obtained with abiding faith in self and essentially in a powerful God who can make the seemingly impossible quite possible."

I like your writing, Pramoda. Will be returning here often to read more of your posts.

Enjoy your day. God poured in lots of blessings just for you. Bye for now.

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hi Soppi..

** Write a song that someone treasures....ummmm...soo adorable dear...:) get the mood soon..:)

**Own a french blog...?..:) interesting..

** Adopt a child...Good..will wait to see u doing it..all the best ..

Thanks for sharing ur list dear..i wish u all the best

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI Ravi,

Salsa dance...oochh...its romantic!!!heheh

And ur last wish was extraordinarily good..even i wish too:)

Have a nice time

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI indrashish,

Thanks for visiting my blog and for sharing ur views..

Benzz...ummmm...Grt wish.

Pop Cricketer... kind of pop singer kya..? anywayss nice ones..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Yellow tulip,

Thanks for tagging yar..:)

Trecking himalayass...Very nice one..:)

and the last one is ultimate..:)

Keep smiling

Pramoda Meduri said...

HI prasad,

Rajadhi raaja..raaja bhoja...raaja gambheera....hehehehe

Good one, even i wanna see it..:)

TAGOOR...Dont worry...100 crores of indians will be with u ..:)

:)NIce ones

Pramoda Meduri said...

And prasad,

Thanks for sharing ur england trip experiences... and it happens in life at times, that what we wish may never happen, but what we don't happpen in very small time..:)


Pramoda Meduri said...

HEy Priya,

very nice dear...

**My happiness does not depend on my dreams...

Keep it up and u can definetly stay happily... my wishes are always with u..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...


Thanks yar..

Wanna meet kalam sir, ohh.. i will accompany u...will u take me?

corruption less india...:) it would be a greatest achievement ...

And smile on ur face...i admire u completely at this point..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

HEy yamini,


****wanna set up an orphanage in teh name of Akanksha and also adopt few children for myself the special care children and the visually challenged...!!!***

I will accompany u..:) would love to do so ..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...


**Ravi, the leg spin wizard... i wish to see u like that..and will u take me with u so that i can meet indian team and can spend time with themm...its my longing wish .....:)...

Poor ausies... PChhh...but good ending ..loved it..:)

Thanks to leg spin wizard for this great over and many thanks to the "Commentator" inside u , for presenting it superbly....

:) Thanks

Pramoda Meduri said...

HAi Pallav,

Too SMart...:)

I wish u all the best for making ur wishes to come true..:) ..


Pramoda Meduri said...

Hey Soppi...Thanks for tagging dear..:) Loved the tag..:)

Pramoda Meduri said...

Hai Ellen,

WHat ur aunt said was marvelous... i appreciate you for sharing it with me..:)

Yes, some wishes have that power to expand our life time...:)

Thanks alottt for ur encouragement Ellen, I'm happy ..:)

Have a nice time..:)