Sep 29, 2009

Today's Take Home #5

“Unhealthy competition may win the race for you, but remember that the win is always something short of the deserved”

PS: This take home is completely related to my previous post, i.e. 55-NON Fiction #2. I have disabled the comments link in that post. Please do share your opinions here itself. Thank You. By the way, I’m back to my place from my home town.

55-NON Fiction #2 “Healthy Competition”

They were two good friends, toppers of the class. The competition between them was very unhealthy. They had never discussed and cleared their doubts. At the end, they got good totals, but were few marks short of the deserved. Today, one of them feels that they would have got more, if they had competed healthily.
About the TWO: And, the ‘one’ is ME. The other person is one of my good friends of all the times, Arifa. We met each other during my last week’s visit to home. The feelings were all pure and of love. When I was talking to her, I wondered about the then unhealthiness. It appeared very silly. She is my very good friend. I miss her. In a way or other, this post is a mere confession about the past times.

Sep 26, 2009

The Changing Priorities…

I have been staying away from home for the last nine years. All these days have passed away by leaving the beautiful memories of hostel life, college life and job life. In Year by year I had a complete different priorities altogether on my visit to home during vacations. Even now, I’m at home and sitting on my bed. If I look back and if I compare my interests of then to that of now, I feel the change worth loving.

Before SEVEN years…

** I was in intermediate. I used to bring a bunch of books
along with me. Of course on the thought of reading them, but never opened a single book.

** I used to call all of my relatives every time, as it was impossible for me to talk to them from the hostel.

** I used to visit our school along with my mom.

** My grandmother used to cook the eatables that I liked.

** My mind was full of tension about the studies and exams.

Before FIVE years…

** I was in B.Tech. I never brought a single book except during the preparation holidays.

** Watching TV all day long.

** Visiting our school along with my mom.

** My grandmother had expired by then. And I too stopped asking for the eatables. The interest also had gone along with her.

** Watching TV serials along with my grand pa.

Before THREE years…

** I was about to join in my I never touched book during
the holidays, but I had planned to prepare for the standards of IIT.

** Watching TV all the day long.

** Visiting relatives’ houses.

** Visiting our school, but not along with my mom. I used to go for just a couple of hours.

** I used to write a lot on papers, like, collection of quotes, my feelings, general knowledge etc. .

Before ONE Year…

** Watching TV all the day long

** Reading books. (Novels, personality development, sports magazines, world history etc)

** Visiting relatives’ houses

** Visiting my favorite teachers’ houses.

** Learning cooking (As i had decided to cook once i join the job)

** Shopping and gardening.

And NOW…

** Cooking and helping mom in house hold work.

** Blogging n browsing. (Not watching TV as I have been busy in watching my Lapi screen... :))

** A burning desire to spend time with my parents

** I have not yet stepped out of home, except to go to the movie and for visiting my favorite teachers’ houses.

It is nothing difficult to analyze why and how these changes happened. It is all simple and is all about the changing interests with time and life. I love this and would like to witness more and more.

Sep 25, 2009

55 NON-Fiction #1 - "The Unfortunate Player"

She was the daughter of poor parents, student of great coach, and indeed a talented kabaddi player. She could enter the probables’ list for Indian team. Selectors asked Rs. 1, 00,000 for giving her the deserved spot. She had given and participated in the common-wealth games. When they asked for money next time, she said “Get Lost”.

PS: It is not a fictional work, so as the title is. The player is one of the students of my mother, and the coach is the P.E.T. sir in our school. Now she is working in railways. She still loves kabaddi, but she has got no offers now. She is trying to enter in to the Indian civil services.

I like fictional works, and I love non-fictional works. So, I have decided to start this 55 NON-Fiction series. Hope I would keep some bare truths about the ‘people of little humanity’ here.

Please do share your opinions, both on the series and on the subject of this post. Thank You!

Sep 22, 2009

Updated with the AWARDS - "Encourage and Enjoy"

When you encourage someone,
It is not only that he/she achieves something;
But is also that you enjoy the whole thing.

*** * ***
PS: Hi, if you have not read my previous post, please have a look at it. It is all about the important people of my life. Thank You.

Dear ALL,

Am I Late @ Awards giving…? NO… I’m very late. But any way, Love increases with time, so, as I write this, I love every bit of it more and more. For this awards post, I must say that I tried it differently. I have updated the side bar as per my thought. I have included the awards there and also updated the bloggers to whom I want to give the same.

Hope you like my this attempt. I just want to keep your names forever in my home page. So I've attempted this way. Please collect them and make me happy.

Thanks a lot for your encouragement. As the title says, encourage and enjoy.

PS: I have not written seperate post for this, as i feel this is the apt one to include this.

Sep 20, 2009

Love of The Little Hearts...:)

It is nothing surprising to see my parents, relatives, family friends feeling happy every time when I come home. Now, I have other set of people whom I’m going to introduce to you. It is amazingly surprising and even more heart warming, when I notice them feeling very happy seeing me coming home. They used to ask my mother to call me in to the veranda; they used to call me Pramoda akka (sister), I don’t have siblings, but many times I wondered even if I had a sibling, whether she/he would have been as loving and enthusiastic as of them!

They are the students of my mother. They come to our home for tuition. They are the students of a government girls’ high school. Every year there are about 50-60 pupil come to our home and they make it house-full. I’m very proud to say that they all like me very much.
But I reiterate “had I not been the daughter of their madam, they would never have known me at least”, and I thank my mom for this greatest pleasure. They all love her and they love me as well.

For every festival, or for my b’day, or on any special occasion, I used to get many wishes from them. They all talk to me on phone and say their names and wishes. When I stay among them, I feel like a celebrity. I’m not exaggerating any single feeling of mine here.

Whenever I give some thing to my mom, or if I bring something to home, she used to show it to them and used to explain about it to them. Starting from a greeting card to my laptop, my hand writing to my blog, they have seen every bit of mine. Initially I never liked her to show them every thing, but I got realized lately that every thing has been a part of educating them. She is a teacher and she wants to show many new things to her students, apart from the classroom subjects.

Yesterday, my mom had shown my blog to them. Though they had not got it completely, their amazing looks made me very happy. My mom read two-three posts and explained them what they were all about.

One among those posts was “The TWO…”

She read
“Two people about whom you always wonder about…Saddam Hussein and Andrew Symonds”
“Who are they madam?”
“Saddam Hussein was from Iraq and Andrew Symonds…”
“Pramoda, he is a cricketer, right?”
she asked me confidently. I said ‘Yes”.

Then next one, “Two non Indian cricket crushes …”
she read.
“Madam, what is meant by CRUSH?”!!!!
:)…:) I thought they would ask this.
But to my mom’s goodness, they never asked it.

Then my mom asked me to tell them about the Google. She had shown the pictures of human brain, heart, kidneys, etc. Then one girl asked me to show the picture of “Harry Potter”…I opened it and explained them about the guy. Then my mom explained them the advantages of the internet.

Finally she told them that I type very fast. So they asked me to type some thing there itself. On my request, they said the following sentences and I typed them.

“Today we are seeing Harry potter, brain, heart and kidney pictures, blog, eenadu news paper, sakshi news paper. So we are so happy. Today we are very happy. Today is very memorable.”

And the same girl asked me to highlight Harry potter’s name and to keep it in pink color. They took few minutes to frame these three lines. Don’t mind about their English. Even I have come from the same school. My English standards were even poor at that time. I would love to see them making their skills very impressive in the coming years.

My mother has asked me to write about this topic, and about those little girls. So I’m here with this note. I thank them a lot for their encouragement and love. They are today’s little hearts and I wish them to reach heights and to make their teacher and my mother proud of them.

Thank You Girls…and thanks to you as well…:) …:)

Sep 18, 2009

A Special 'Hi'...:)

I never thought that from this room, from this desk, I would say 'Hi' to u All…It is indeed a special ‘Hi’.

Thanks to my internet connection for letting me do this…Am back…:)…it seems that all of your wishes accompanied it.

Yeah, am at home and enjoying every breath with mom, dad and grand pa. Had a delicious food and am going to have a sound sleep tonight. This post is just a note. Hopefully, I will come back to my blogging spree from tomorrow onwards, without failing to miss any moments with my parents.
The picture represents exactly what is now on my right hand side, this is my room and all those are my text books and some gifts.

:)…:)…Ok then …see you.

PS: I have just scanned through your blogs. Thanks to the buddies who have blessed me with awards and appreciations. I value them a lot. Thanks for your responses in my previous post. I’ll reply you shortly. And will come to your blogs too.

Sep 16, 2009

One Answer & One Imp. Message

Why should we walk on the left side of the road? Why should not we walk on right side of it?
This is the question which had been entertained by me in my every day thoughts, until I got convinced with the answer that I have got recently. I used to think that if we walk on the left side of the road, we would not be aware of the vehicles that come from back side of us, and we might be hit by one of them if that driver looses the control. Where as, if we walk on the right side of the road, then at least we would be looking after ourselves carefully so that no one would come and hit us without our prior notice, so that there would be a chance of escape or a chance of surviving ourselves from the peril.

But recently, I got the answer for my quest, or at least I believe that I have got it. Here it goes…
There are two ways to live life. In one, you can be conscious and careful about people who would disturb you, who would discourage you, who would trouble you for different reasons. And in the other, you can be free from the thoughts of the same people, and lead your life care freely and reach your goals time to time, by not bothering about the people who are meant to cause you some problem. In both the ways, you can actually live your life, but the difference comes in your pace and in your mental stress.

Being on the left side of the road you see your destination; and being on the right side, you see the coming vehicles in addition to your thoughts of reaching the destination. In one way you should believe people as well as your own capability, and in the other you should believe in only yourself. So finally I thought of preferring the first, i.e. walking on the left side of the road and living life in my fashion and passion without thinking much about other’s misunderstandings/comments/mistakes etc. In this way I related these different life styles to the left-right concept.

PS: Did I sound little philosophical…? Hehehe…but, I mean every word of it.

Important Message: Dear all, I’m very happy to tell you that I’m going home tomorrow by taking 11 days leave from my work. I will come back on 29th Sep. So, in these 11 days, I may or may not come to your as well as my web-spaces. It solely depends upon my internet connection in my hometown. If I can get it, I will see you day after tomorrow itself. If I can not get it, I will have to stay away during this period. So friends, have a happy blogging, express yourself and enjoy yourself.

Signing off,

Sep 15, 2009

A Note of Appreciation…

Well, here is another cluster of thoughts. Thoughts, which have been going through my mind. Mind, which has been reiterating about sending this appreciation. Appreciation, which empowers the heart when you are on the receiving side, and enlightens the heart being on the sending side.

Happy Engineer’s Day!
First is first…Happy engineer’s day to all the engineers. Learn your best to produce the best. Engineer your way, and engineer the world.

The billiards’ brain!
Congratulations to Mr. Pankaj Advani, for becoming the second Indian to win the world billiard’s title, as the first one being the very dedicated Geeth Sethi. It is obviously the best ever win, as he has beaten the nine times world champion in the finale!

The Chandrayaan-1
I was astonished when one of the European scientists had sent the appreciation note to the ISRO scientists, stressing that Chandrayaan-1 was an incredible success, where as Indian media and some personnel had been rebuking the same. He had also mentioned in the note that the media should stop criticizing the Indian Space Research Organization.

The ‘Compaq cup’ comes home…
The master class from the little master and a stylish game from the Harbhajan Singh had ensured the Compaq cup to see Indian dressing room. Very well done team India for the tri-series win. Carry these memories to the Champion’s trophy and gain some memorable moments.

A New Beginning!
And that’s the come back, in fact a dream come back for any player who aspires to prove himself/herself. Tears of joy filled my eyes after seeing the proud Kim Clijsters holding her baby girl in one hand and the glittering US open trophy in the other. I would love to call this as a new beginning, and I wish her a hearty congratulations. Well done Kim!

Paes’ Pace…
Congrats to Leander and his partner on winning the US open’09 men’s double final. It is indeed a deep pleasure to watch Paes’ pace.

Del Potro outsmarts Federer…
“…and in the end, was the better man” says Federer. The five time successive US opens champion had seen incredulous moments, yet again. And this time it is not Nadal. Del Porto, the 20 year old Argentine outclassed the world No. 1. And again, I would love to call this as a new beginning.

Once again, a very happy engineer’s day to all the engineers.

Sep 14, 2009


Freedom of expression can keep two hearts closer, only when both of them understand the opposite side of the phrase called ‘Freedom’!

Sep 12, 2009

Why Do Bloggers 'Award'?

It is not that the usual thanks giving that I’m going to do with this ‘award’ post at the starting lines. I believe that there is something else to say to all of you before I convey my happiness. To start with the post, I have got a different situation.

I was asked by a reader:
What do you beautiful bloggers get by giving/taking 'blogger awards to/from fellow bloggers'? Certainly it’s not a filmfare/oscar/bharat-ratna award right?I would say its sheer waste!

Well, I thank him, for his straight forward question. I appreciate his frankness.

Before you move on to read my lines, I would like you to take a couple of questions. Please think of them and proceed.

What is there in a film fare award or Oscar award to be so popular?
Why Bharat-ratna is rated on top in India?

I would say awards have always been the witnesses of the ‘joy of hard work’. On top of every thing that you get after an award, like fame, money etc, I bet you will be more confident than ever before. And the vice versa is an obvious matter.

Be it the film fare, be it the Oscar, why they have been considered as so reputed among the thousands of different kinds of awards across the globe? I prefer to say, we, the people have always seen some awards with a different eye. It is we, the people who believe that the award is the greatest than any thing else. And again, it is only we, the people who accept that particular award winner as the greatest or so.

If you don’t believe me, try to imagine a situation, where people don’t mind about the person who wins the Oscar. Where the media goes dumb all the way, no channel speaks about the winner. Generally, we follow the media and the media follows us. If we show interest, they will speak about the same issues for many hours in straight. For an example, cricket has been given importance in India among all other contemporary games, just because it is well popular.

And coming back to the blogger awards, they may not be so popular, but inside the blogger world, they call for the joy of encouragement. They are certainly the ones which keep you conscious to your senses when you write next time.

Every person needs the encouragement for every deed that he does, and I stress that is the wish of every individual including me.
According to me, the joy of encouraging and the joy of being encouraged are equally rated.

After all, this is my perception and my understanding towards it; please do share your view on the same.

As you see on my side bar, I’m so encouraged by all of you. I’m sorry that I’m unable to give the ‘Award look’ to this post, by adding the rules and the rest. But I too mean every word that this post should have consisted. Thank you so much for the pleasure.

According to the ‘freaking fabulous award’, I should mention my five obsessions. Here I go:

# Writing (It tops the list as always)
# Day-dreaming (This has been the initiative for many of my posts)
# US open (Want to see a winning Nadal)
# Throat pain (It has been troubling me in every breath I take... :(...)
# Music (I mostly day-dream when I listen to the songs)

And I’m done.

Thanks for the long read. I would say, you all are freaking fabulous readers and superior scribblers.

I repeat my lines about the ‘awards’ discussion:

After all, this is my perception and my understanding towards it; please do share your view on the same.

PS: I still need to do with some awesome tags. I will surely come up with them soon.

Sep 11, 2009

People of Wisdom...

Confidence sounds in their voice. Experience makes them speak and write. Advices of them let you know what maximum a person can think. Every life lesson of them will be a perfect eye-opener for the younger generations. The understanding that they have about life is probably the best of all.

I’m so happy to have met them in this blogger world. I sincerely thank them for their presence here and for updating me with their thoughts time to time. I dedicate this post to my blogger friends, who are in their early 50’s and 60’s and 70’s and 80’s… I value their experience. The comment from them makes me so excited always.

This is just for you all…

Jack, Ellen, Stephen, Jody Joy, Parthasarathi, Diana… Thank You So Much and I mean it.

I do apologize, if I have missed any one here…it is not always the overlook that makes you forget, but it can also be a deeper-look... And I’m sure, I would be getting some more blogger friends of this age group, I welcome them to my life.

PS: Dear all, i'm extreamly happy to tell you that i have received some heart touching awards from my fellow blogger buddies. I thank them for being so nice to me. And I thank you all for your steady support. I'll come up with a post related to the awards in a day or two. Please stay around!

Sep 10, 2009

If I Meet A Mobile Thief...

Its a strange thought, but popped up in my mind little earlier from now. If I meet an educated mobile thief, what would I ask him? Well, my first question would not be about his then conditions, which had provoked him to do the theft. But for sure, I would ask him why he had not left the SIM card for it’s owner’s sake. The thief knew that any how he would be switching it off later on. Still why he could not have removed it from the piece!!! This would be my first question… :):)….

Loosing the mobile…informing about it to the call center guys…blocking the SIM…buying new mobile…taking the same number again… huhhh, and now the most irritating task I guess – getting all his contacts back and feeding them again… :(…:( Past is past, but future is also dearly effected for that person with all these kind of doings!!!

PS: I had written this post before two months from now, if I remember it correctly. I’m not sure whether it was irony or not, but with in the next two days after writing this, my two close and important persons’ mobiles had been stolen…:(…now, what would you call this? I would say, my imaginations are very powerful…:)...:)

Sep 9, 2009

Take Home #4

Build your career by yourself. Always remember that if a big head can keep you on top, there is every possibility that another strong head can keep you down.

Be yourself;
Do yourself;
Plan yourself;
Work it out by yourself;
And the success is all yours.

Stay self-dependent and stay untouched.

Sep 8, 2009

Take Time...!

Take time before you take any relation for granted.
If you don’t, you may not always be proved wrong;
But if it happens even once, then for your life time,
You will loose the confidence that you can be right enough!

Sep 7, 2009

To know it better...:)

It is always a great pleasure to express myself. And now, this post is some what special to me, as I’m here with your voices. Yes, here I’m making an attempt to put your queries together and will convey my words you. Hope you would like it.

I was asked so many questions by many of my readers during last week. I had answered in the comments page itself, but I want to keep some of them here again, just to make myself believe that you all have read it. It’s also a part of gaining pleasure by ensuring that what I write is being read.

Well, I will start the actual body of this post.

What’s the meaning of your name “Pramoda”?

“Pramoda” means “Happiness”. I’m not sure whether it is name effect or not, but I keep smiling most of the time, and I believe in smile more than any thing. After all, the whole credit goes to my parents :) …:)

Could you name some of your favorite Hollywood Actors? (The Two Tag…)

I would have said the names had I watched the Hollywood movies with passion. Somehow I don’t feel the connectivity between myself and the Hollywood movies. Now don’t get me wrong, I watch them, but not with passion or with deep interest. So, its too tough for me to remember their names either. So, I’m nil at this corner...:(...:(

After marriage, would you leave your job life?

Well, after marriage it is not ‘ME’, it is ‘WE’. So, I don’t like to say anything about it now, being ME.

Two persons having two different careers in two countries have decided to marry, whom do you think will sacrifice the "career"?

As far as I’m concerned, it can be either of them. It depends upon their characters, their life styles, their job demands, and their convenience. It is not always that a girl shall leave it, though it happens generally. I want to make one point clear here, these words or the related post were written by me, not out of feminism, but out of humanism. I’m not a feminist, I’m a Humanist.

And now, it’s the much awaited question I guess, even I’m eager to answer it.

Why do you wonder about Andrew Symonds?

:)…There is a solid reason behind it. Well, it is not a crush, any way. The main reason was that I had never experienced any sign of fear on this guy’s face. Be it the top controversial match, be it the spectators’ vulgar comments, be it the Cricket Australia’s strict warning, be it the match in which he comes as a fifth batsman and still there is so much to be done on the scoreboard, he plays his part. He lives what he is. He shows what he can do. The definite fear about him plays big role in many teams, being guests or hosts. After every thing, at the end of the day, he stays what he wants to be. That aggressiveness makes me wonder about him.

This is it. I hope I’m done with most of them. Please don’t mind to ask me, if I have missed out any thing here.

And now, let me ask you one thing.
“A Friend To All Is A Friend To None”

What’s your take on this?

Sep 6, 2009

The TWO...

Two names you go by
Prams & Pramoda

Two things that scare you
Snakes & Air travel

Two qualities you like to see in a man
Self-dependence & Patience

Two things you want badly
Criticism & Consoling the depressed people

Two things you want to do before you die
To run an educational trust & To publish my novels

Two people who have inspired you
Abraham Lincoln & Sachin Tendulkar

Two shows you like to watch
Reality shows & Live cricket/tennis match

Two qualities that make you feel proud of yourself
Sensitiveness & Working with passion

Two things that hurt you, but still you like to see in others
Straight forwardness & Criticism

Two things you do a lot in a day
Smiling & Thinking

Two things you don’t believe in
God & Hatred

Two cricketing teams you support apart from India
South Africa & New Zealand

Two people about whom you always wonder about
Saddam Hussein & Andrew Symonds

Two non Indian cricket crushes
Stuart Broad & Brett lee

Two things you believe in
Work & Smile

Thanks Soppi for this wonderful pleasure. We like so many people, feelings, things etc. but the pleasure that comes when you summarize them is the one inspiring to make you march on.

Sep 5, 2009

TEACHER - The True Treasure

The SMS which has changed my educational life style “Don’t think about marks and grades. They are meaningless. Our capacity is more valuable. Try to improve your all-round capacity. That is the real education. Educate yourself. Be happy”

And this SMS had come to me when I was in M.Tech. I was dearly affected by my first semester grades and was all in tears. One of my childhood teachers had sent me this SMS. I can proudly say today that this precious SMS has changed my educational life style. I started enjoying the education in a very different way and here I’m today with this personality as known to you. This blog is also a part of ‘educate yourself’ mission, as the SMS mentioned.

Teachers are the real treasure of the society. When we start our lives, we see the world with their eyes. And that teaches us many things in wide dimensions. Teachers empower their students with the needed spark. They are precious, very precious to all generations. Their incredible efforts are the one best legacy of them.

Happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers, and happy birthday to the legendry sir Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan.

I have not yet mentioned the teacher’s name, who had sent the SMS to me. His name is Satyanarayana Meduri. I'm proud to say that he is my father and also a school teacher.

PS: I have posted two articles back to back. Please be kind to the previous one as well. Thank You.

Sep 4, 2009

Numbers & Me

Well, Yellow Tulip has tagged me for this.
I need to relate numbers to my life. I will see how many I can do…

0 - My life started with zero memories, and now I have plenty enough to cherish.
1 - I have one nick name (Prams)
2 - I have two darlings (as I said in my previous tag…Samudrika and Sourabhee)
3 - I joined school at the age of three (In fact, even before that)
4 - I like to watch a straight drive from Sachin Tendulkar which hits the boundary.
5 - I was given five rupees for my active participation in a polio camp as a NCC cadet. (I proudly showed it to my parents then as my first earning)
6 - I learned chess when I was six years old.
7 - My seventh class result has changed my educational life.
8 - I started watching cricket when I was in eighth class. (Ganguly is the first cricketer I have known)
9 - My biggest dream was crashed in my ninth standard. (Participating in the republic day parade at New Delhi as a NCC cadet)
10 -
11 -
….. Its too tough … huhhh…

21 - My B’day date

83 - My all India rank in GATE

96 – My intermediate percentile…

… Hmm…its becoming my Resume…:)..I shall stop now…

In this way its easy, pick your numbers randomly…:)..May be it can be another TAG…some one can try...!!!

Hey, yellow tulip, thanks alotttt…:) I enjoyed every bit of it…:)

Sep 3, 2009

Beauty of Life...

Moment to moment,
Person to person,
You show an absolute variation,
Not only in the way you do behave,
But also in the way you do feel them.

And, magically, the beauty of life lies,
In the way you can understand your fellow person,
Who too does what you do.

Sep 2, 2009

Fast Forward...

Riyyuummm….Riyyuuummm…Riyyuuummmmm… years go by…


And now, here it goes…

“Mummy…” she screams from the bed room, calling her mother to dress her up for the planned outing.
“Yeah coming dear” she replies from the kitchen.
“Darling, make it fast” he says while holding her around her shoulders.
“Sure dear, only if you can let me answer the baby, now” she says, very naughtily trying to move away.
“Mummy…” an ear screaming sound comes once again.
He inadvertently leaves her to let her go to the bed room.
“Wear this dress” she keeps her daughter ready.
“Mummy…” another kid comes from the bathroom.
She arranges every thing for both of them. Meanwhile, her husband arrives in.
He says “you only wanted the twins always; I used to tell you that it would be difficult to go by”
“I’m very happy with my two cute kids, now you don’t worry” she says looking at her kids and kisses them, and asks them to take their breakfast.
“Where are mine???” he asks.
“Hmm…” He kisses her and rushes to the bathroom.

Half an hour later they start to the zoo. Kids sit in back seats of the car, seeing all around peeping through the windows.

“Hey Lion…lion….”
“See this… ooooooww….The tigress”
“Sweety” be careful, father accompanies their daughter, while his wife does the same for the son.

“Mummy…ice cream….” he asks.
“No baba…you will catch cold” she denies.
“Daaaaddyyyy…huhuhu” he cries.
“Ok naa…let them have, nothing will happen” he says while looking at his wife.
“Yeah…yeah…yeah….” Proud children take the ice creams, while their mother looks at them wryly.

“Hmm…I’m tired” she says amidst of the walk.
“Just we are at the end darling” her husband holds her and sooths, though there would be so much to go still.

“Hey Nani, don’t you dare” she says as the kid tries to imitate an animal.
Finally, the trip on the toy train ends their trip for that day.

They take dinner at one famous south Indian restaurant.
“Hutchiii….Hutchiiiii” a virtual train runs through the mother’s heart, as the baby starts sneezing.
“I told you not to take ice cream, see now” she wipes her.
“Hmm… I will take tablet mom” she laughs along with her brother and father.
“Shhhh… Mom’s angry” their father whispers.
“Shh…shh…” they too follow.
She smiles looking at them staring at her, having their fingers on their mouths.

All’s the happiness, back again. They reach home and go to bed with all bed times stories and kisses.

Riyyuummm….Riyyuuummm…Riyyuuummmmm… years go back…


And now, here it goes…

Are you back? This is Pramoda again. So, how was the trip? Liked it?... :)…:)

I wait for this day to come in my life once. Now, out of the four characters in this story, I’m sure that two are leading their wonderful lives now and dreaming about the other two characters (Twins … :)) Please wish the present TWO a warm all the very best to get the very well deserved.
PS: Sweety and Nani are the names which have come to my mind while writing this. The actual names will be decided by the TWO :)...:)

Sep 1, 2009

To Understand A Person...

To understand a person,
It is not only required to see how he behaves with you;
But is also required to have an eye on how he behaves with others as well.

PS: Cheers to all of you, once again with a short post. I always like the time that I spend to form these short sentences. And I would love to know your views on the same. For your convenience, I have disabled the comments link in my previous post. Please do share your views on that one along with the reviews for this one, if you like to say any. Thank You!!

She Inspires herself...

She gets loads of work once again after a grueling outing, speaks to herself…
“I can never get the work which I can not do – So, I can do it and I will do it”.
*** * ***