Oct 22, 2009

My Answers...

Hi Friends, I have been tagged by five sweet bloggers for this tag. They are:

Yellow Tulip

Thanks to you gals, for letting me do this. Hope you would enjoy reading this.

1. What is your current obsession?
Nothing… (I maintain hobbies, not obsessions)

2. Which quality you admire the most?

3. What’s the last thing you bought? Pens

4. What are you now listening to?
A song from RACE

5. What do you think about the person who tagged you? Guria- an intelligent writer, Rimz- A nice friend, Yellow tulip- An emotional writer, Sahana- A girl who loves the nature.

6. Which was the latest movie you saw and what’s your review?
BLUE, a good adventurous entertainer

7. If you could go anywhere in the world in the next one hour, where would you go?
To the top of the Taj Mahal

8. Which language do you want to learn?

9. What is your favorite quote? To be happy, make others happy.

10. Which is your favorite sport? Cricket

11. Whom do you want to meet right now?
Ratan Tata

12. What is your favorite color?

13. What emotion of yours you like the most? Smile

14. What is your dream job? I don’t have any dream job, but I have a dream career.

15. What are you going to do after this? Another post

16. Who is your favorite sports star?
Sachin Tendulkar

17. What inspires you? My Emotions

18. What do you do when you feel extremely depressed? First I cry, and then I think.

19. What is the meaning of your name? Happiness

20. Which other blogs do you love visiting?
Next question please…

21. What is the right way to answer the people who purposefully hurt you?
Reciprocate … with love.

22. What do you love most about you? My sensitiveness

23. What is the one thing that you want to remove from this world?

24. With whom you spoke last on phone? My school Head mistress

25. What would you think if your best friend says a lie to you?
I blame myself for not being close to her/him so that she/he would have never lied.

Have a nice time…:)