Oct 4, 2009


It is long overdue for me to do this tag. Rohini has tagged me for this. It is all about the “EIGHT” things that rob my interests. I will try to summarize.

Eight reasons I love life right now:

- My imaginations (I dream a lot)
- Blogging (Where I can express myself)
- My job (I have had a good week)
- Family (As usual)
- My culinary skills (I’m enjoying the self cooking)
- My phone (my best resource of love)
- My attitude
- People of my life

Eight things that are bothering me right now:

- Floods across the globe
- ICC champions trophy’09 (India and South Africa have been crushed out… :(..)
- Indian Idol-5 is not yet started …:(
- The political leaders and their senseless and vulgar comments about each other
- NO Shopping these days …:(
Only this much…I generally don’t worry much…:)

Eight traits I admire in people:

- Smile
- Balanced working style
- Challenging mentality
- Sensitiveness
- Sense of humor
- Patience
- Self dependence
- Open to learn attitude

Eight Cricketers I Like:

- Sachin Tendulkar
- Hancy Cronje
- Herschel Gibbs
- Wasim Akram
- Kapil Dev
- Adam Gilchrist
- Virender Sehwag
- M S Dhoni

Hey Rohini, Thanks a lot dear… :)