Oct 25, 2009

An Unusual Sunday…

NOTE: This is little similar to the 'Cluster of thougts' posts of mine. The basic difference is that they were about the dialy news, and this is about my feelings and emotions.

The same fine morning, with the same cool breezy effect, and of the same Sunday morning mood as that of every other Sunday mornings welcomed me in to the actual world from the virtual world of my sleepy dreams, today.

But ever since I started my Sunday routines, I found that the things were becoming very interesting time to time. By the time of completion of my previous post, I was damn sure that the remaining half day would be of same surprises to me. This confidence provoked me to add the PS in that post. If you have read that post and awaited this entry, I’m so thankful to you, words never say how much I’m. Now, let me get in to the point straightaway.

The Morning Shock…

I would say, the shock had proudly kept it’s name high by showing me the web page as shown below, while I was trying to enter in to my blogger account. It was referring to some suspicious activity in the google account. Suspicious activity!! You understand that? My heart started running faster.
Though it was usual to happen to people across the world, for me, being a less knowledge person about this error, I was terribly disturbed to have seen the web page on my lovely lapi screen. Making no mistake, I changed my password and could able to access my data safely. Before that, even I could not comment on any of your posts. An unwanted error had been appearing on the screen whenever I click the “Publish your comment” icon. You never know how it did hurt me, that too in the early morning.

Any way, I read about the “Suspicious activity on your account error” from the most wanted ‘Google’ site. It was referring someone who wanted to access my account in an unauthorized manner. Ok, but ‘why’ was the first question that popped up in my chunky brain.

Leave it. I’m not sure if you also got the same error sometime or not. But the one thing that I want to make it clear to the abusers is- “I’m not sitting here keeping my seat belt buckled, and fingers crossed to become another victim of hacking world. I may lose everything, my posts, my data, my mails, etc. But one thing that I will never lose is the way each one of the mails and each post made me feel. It is a true treasure and I have saved it in the deep bottom of my heart”

I don’t know, one day even I too may become a victim of these hacking talents, but I will always be thankful to them for showing interest in my treasure. If they won’t think that there is something greatness in my treasure, why they would ever try to hack it? Isn’t it the right way to say?

Ekam’s post…

Ekam Rathore, a blogger friend of mine, posted an interesting stuff in her site. (Sorry for not linking to her blog ID. I have been trying to keep the links here, but I’m unable to do it. Could you please help me in doing so? Thank you).

What would you on your last day of life (Only if you know that it is your last day)? A valid question. Well, everybody has got their own answers for this, so am I. I’m not going to tell you my wishes here, but I want to ask you something.

How many of us will really get a chance of clearing the ‘to do list’ before we die?
How many of us will really get to know about our last 24 hours?

It is terribly horrible to give it a thought, but I would say it is a real pleasure to have information about it, so that you take leave in a proper fashion by saying ‘byes’ and giving hugs. Good death may be!
A Man Called Obama…

Suddenly, I remembered this guy today afternoon while watching the cricket match. While watching a ‘Cricket match’? Very weird, isn’t it?

I was just thinking about the so called critics who had almost stopped throwing arrows at the Nobel peace prize judging committee. From all existing corners of the world, words had been thrown at Obama, for being promoted as the “Nobel peace price laureate for 2009”. Some people made a move forward and even demanded him to return the Nobel prize. Nobel prize!!! Note it down, it was nothing but the world’s best ever honor, it is so called. I bet how many of the critics would have returned it back, had they been Barack Obama(s)!!!

Come on, don’t get me wrong here. I’m neither supporting, nor rejecting the American president here. My concern is about the ‘human made discussion’ on the prestigious Nobel peace prize. No one could do any thing in the level of stopping it to be written on his name for this year, even after the heartfelt criticism. And now, it is nothing less than any other forgotten incidents of the history of world.

I conclude it – it is better to talk less about which you can not do more.
May be, it is true!!!

Uncharacteristic Pramoda @ Cricket

For those who are less interested in cricket and want to skip reading this section: Wait please; this is less about cricket and more about the change in my attitude. Please do proceed with this too, if you can.

** Pitch Report: Commentator use to show the pitch and mentions to look at the ‘green’ grass. Eventually some cracks lie there on the pitch. But to my pleasure, I could never see the greenness in the grass…mostly my eye caught the golden colored grass lied there. It never happened that I could see the “GREEN” grass he mentioned. What say?

** India was changing the big total (It did appear)… already six wickets down, was still requiring 100 odd runs on board to defeat the reigning world champions… it was almost looking impossible to make lakhs of Indians’ dreams come true for any one yet to bat… now power cut… TV off…

I was also one of such species, who used to switch off their TVs, if once Sachin had got out. And today, I was literally watching the match to see a winning India till the 7th wicket down. All credit goes to the incidents and people who worked to make Team Indian this way. I thank them.

And now, its power cut… as soon as the power had come again, I switched on the TV, expecting to watch the presentation ceremony. To my surprise, we were still 7 down and Bajji and Praveen Kumar had been trying to do some good in the middle. Ball by ball as they hit the runs, audience could not stay calm. Towards the end of the match, literally I could not differentiate their responses for a six, four and even for a single. The atmosphere was all enlightening, and all were charged up including Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli from the Indian dressing room.

It was again very unusual to see the top order batsmen enjoying their lower order’s swashbuckling partnership, especially from the Indian side. Indian side, the world’s most inconsistent cricketing side, I call them. To everyone’s surprise, Harbhajan was the only batsman who got the standing ovation from the crowd among all other so called champion batsmen in both the sides. Any way we lost the match with just a margin of 4 runs. Finally, there was something for Mahendra Singh Dhoni to cheer himself up. “We need to concentrate on our batting department as well as bowling department”, he said, and I don’t know what else left apart from them!!!

Any ways, we love you guys. Go ahead and win the race. All the best for the rest.

You may be asking me about the unusualness in these lines of mine, about cricket. You don’t know what I was at some point of time. Check here…

** Pramoda never thought realistically about Indian cricket team.
** She always fantasized the team’s capability.
** She always waited for a century from the 11th batsman.
** She always believed that a girl can play in Indian men team (She still believes, any doubt?)
** She always backed them, no matter whom and where they were playing.
** She enjoyed Sachin’s century more than the team’s win.
** She used to watch the presentation ceremony only IF India won.
** She used to watch the match, even if she had got final exam on the next day (of course, by completing the syllabus a day before)
** She deliberately wanted Pakistan to loose T20 inaugural world cup final against India, by remembering the audacious acts of Pakistani Terrorists, but not because of talent in Indian squad.
** ….. And many more.

Yeah, it was all about me and I agree these openly. But when I was watching the match today, I could see a complete different mindset of mine.

I didn’t think of the last wicket partnership. I didn’t want to enjoy Sachin’s play more than a team’s effort. I complemented the Ausies for their wonderful deliveries and game plan. Cricket is a game of 11 men; terrorists were nothing to do with the hard work of the players. I watched the presentation ceremony too, etc. I know I have to cut it short at least now!!

I appreciate this change in my attitude towards the game which I love the most. Now you may have come to know that I’m very talkative about cricket, not for the game, but for the players’ and audience’s emotions.

That is more from my side for today. Hope you enjoyed this, if I’m not wrong. Thanks for the long read.

Remembering today’s moments,
Pramoda Meduri


Prasad Gutti said...

Hi Prams,

How are you... Just now i have read you before post, Later just refreshed your blog inbetween when I am commenting to your previous one.

But really affraid of your long post, was unable to recognise whether I got a new one or I have been taken away to some other page ... and I got to know that I was on same page after scrolling your blog. hahahha

Anyhow I will post comments later, but you just reply to it right now .. ok

I am fine and enjoying the climate here in UK. Have a nice day tc bye


Prasad Gutti said...

Hi pramoda,

Just now I completed reading your post. No comments on your post. But I didnt get concluded upon me that what you have wanted to say. I felt that some link has been broken in your post. Sorry if I didnt understand it properly.

But one thing I noticed yours and mine is... You are very emotional in feeling expressing them, you too know the same right? I know.

I too felt the same that you are so emotionalistic person. I feel changes in me reading your posts I dont know what happens in me while reading them, you make me feel the world and how it is going.

Coming to your post, what happened actually to your blog, why it is asking for password. I was terribly affraid of seeing these kind of activities, and mostly seen in case of girls itself. Most of the girls are effected by Hackers. And I don know why these hackers are targetting Girls. I dont know what they are finding in Girls mails and blogs.

But one thing should be recognised by all. Nothing is desserved by anyone. Everything in this world is not a owned source. So please dont go beyond it. But only thing desserved and owned is Happiness and soulfelt success.

Before conclusion, I hope I too got abit emotional and sensitive right? ... haha Here you are right, emotion makes man to describe more. I dont know till now what I described and want to elaborate here. Just described here what I would like to ...

Thanks for this long read... tc bye

Last but not least. I didnt complete comment for your before post. I left it aside and written comment here. hahaha Thanks for giving this strength.


Shruti said...

Prams read ur post...
I have the same thing about india in my mind,,but we do vary in some points..

**She always backed them, no matter whom and where they were playing.
**She used to watch the match, even if she had got final exam on the next day (of course, by completing the syllabus a day before)

**I back them at times. But if they are playing stupidly, am the worst critic for them too
**I used to watch the match, even if she had got final exam on the next day (of course, PLANNING TO STUDY AFTER THE MATCH :P :P)

Amity Me said...


I've started reading your posts and will have the second half of it done in the office maybe coz am running out of time to prepare myself for office...:)

dun no worry my dear, i'll be back, and tell you how weirdo have you observed with your gmail account. i, too have experienced that. let's forge a goal later...:)

see yah later dear...!


yamini meduri said...

hi di

u reminded me the times we had watching the indian Cricket matches together with all our family...almost all of them in the family are crazy abt the indian cricket....!!!

you had a gr8 time yaar...one thing that i aam for sure missng here is watching cricket my fav passtime... that too with dad...we used to clap...we used to crib.. for the team performance...love those time which are still fresh in my memories..!!!

wonerful sunday you had dear....!!!

btw...visit my land of dreams...a celebration time..!!!

Hemanth Potluri said...

be careful with the mail hacking...its not suspicious activity but gmail had been asking me also to change password from 2 times and i change it again asking..may be something wrong with the server..

cricket matches with family always rocks...i am not big fan but when my dad watches i enjoy watching it ..other wise its so boring 11 guys running after that stupid ball ...:P....

and i to wonder when a 11th batman makes his 100 :)....

that was a good sunday but unusual :)....its a good read abt ur day in ur words..have a nice day and wonderful week ahead :)..


Hemanth Potluri said...

and yeah dont forget keep changing ur password now and then...and everything will be fine :)..


Yellow Tulip said...

hi...:)...loong time na...hw r u?..yaa be careful about the passwords dear:)...take care...ya do change passwords now n then..:)

hmm comin to ur questions i love this part a lot:)...
1.How many of us will really get a chance of clearing the ‘to do list’ before we die?
dont kow...i only know i live my life and plan the to do list on each day basis:)...besides rest all r jus dreams which i live night!!..as u said life's too short to experience all in reality !!..
2.How many of us will really get to know about our last 24 hours?

may be every nights prayer and collection of wat all we did in that day cann be an approximate ans for tat!!:)..

nobel prize!!..well i go with u :).." it is better to talk less about which you can not do more."...he he:)

gal honestly i 'm not tat into cricket:(...but reading ur post partly i cod not relate to any one except sachin!!...he he...

but loved the change of heart u went through:)...

take care dear:)...i surely enjoyed my read:)..lik always:)...

deeps said...

uffff that was a packe stuff ...on a simple sunday!!

Dhiman said...

A long read certainly you bet :D and actually blogger is facing some issue of late infact last time I couldn't reach any blogger blogs or Gmail, Orkut in short any Google thing so may be they too are going Microsoft way in order to compete with them 'unreliability of service'... so don't worry about the hacks :D
NO comments on yesterday's match :P

chocolate lover said...

lol a century from the 11th player ;p

Anonymous said...

Too much of anything is good for nothing

HaRy!! said...

Hey Pram...yep nice post indeed...it wud be unusual to see such an error from Google accounts after the abundance of personal information which we stored online!! OMG i can dread that! and boy yes enjoyed the 7th wicket partnership..oh yeah Ekam's post..yet to read it...i did my funny take on this..purely on a easier note...http://xperiences-in-life.blogspot.com/2009/10/bad-day.html..

tak care !

Ria said...

i agree with Hemz u shud change ur password at regular intervals. and what u said abt India is so true.

roshwrites said...

Hacker?? Change your password... that's the best thing :)

Anonymous said...

IT is scary, to know that ur account has been hacked....
u must change passwords more frequently..

I don't follow it now..

chocolate lover said...

IF you dont mind can I call you di coz you R elder than me and I feel a li'l weired to take your name...

chocolate lover said...

IF you dont mind can I call you di coz you R elder than me and I feel a li'l weired to take your name...

manivannan said...

Hi pramoda!

How have u been? Your post was like feasting on a Sunday lunch at home :-) Heavy but delighted :D

Read your previous posts too....especially I admired.....
"Life Knows What You Need, Just Believe In It"

So true! So profound!

Keep smiling & keep inspiring :-)

manivannan said...

hey...as some bloggers mentioned keep changing your passwords often....and take back ups of your blog!

Cursed♪♫ said...

Run to my blog NOW else you'll regret :D
No kidding!

Sojo Varughese said...

Pramoda, about Obama. I am sure I would have turned down the prize if I were to be given Nobel for doing nothing!! I'll tell you why, that would make me appear a more credible person!

But I know there is one thing tricky about Peace Prize. Had Obama turned that prize down, he would have scared the world. I think the world is better off since he did not turn it down!

Ellen said...

Hi Pram,

You posed an interesting question:

How many of us will really get a chance of clearing the ‘to do list’ before we die?

I think 'never'. If we are simply trying to catch a deadline doing this (finishing a To-Do List), we will discover that time is never enough and never is on our side. Time is its own master and it doesn't stand still for anyone or for anything, not even if you beg it to. Lols! Life moves on, with or without us.

What we need to understand is simple --

finish what we can finish on that list we made, enjoy the process, relish the moment, be happy with it.. then move on to the next. There's no rush, no hurry, no pressure -- even if you knew that you're dying tomorrow.

What's essential is the joy or joys you would have gained by it, the peace and satisfaction of having done something close to your heart, the pleasure that would bring you a smile. A smile that would fill up your face, not only in life but too in death.

Have a pleasant and blessed day!
May God's peace and joy fill your heart and your home.

Readers Dais said...

Hi! Pramoda,

Wondering why this mixed bag post,is it coz of a holiday? any way felt like a train journey passing thru different places...a nice read,
we have a film in malayalam where a person destined to die from cancer makes this 'to do' list and does them all, but he recovers from his illness to face the reality which becomes cruelity and finally commits suicide

about cricket is it the blog world that made you more realistic? or current state of the team made u think around,whatever thisis definitly more sportive..and u are sportive i believe. :)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi prasad,

hhehe ..tyeah bit longer one ...:)

thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hey prasad,

thanks fr the long comment ..yaa gmail was askng passwrd . i was scared reallyy ..:) but got adjusted later ...hehhe

haan ..am emotional ..:) ...

and am glad that my posts mae u emotional ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hey shruti,

wow..aftr the match hehheh...:) intelligent gal ..:)

now no need to write exams na..:) njoyyyy

Being Pramoda... said...

HI Amity,

hank you dear..yaa bit longer one..but yaa it desevres to be like this ..:)

come back for sure..

Being Pramoda... said...

hi yamini,

i still remember the worlcup match of 1999.. when india took on england ...haha ...lovely are those memories...:)

chkd th blog dear ...congrats ..

Being Pramoda... said...

hi hemanth ..yeah we need to be careful abt gmail..

and cricket hhaha ...11th batsman 100..soo same pinch ..:)


Have a nice time

Being Pramoda... said...

hi hemanth
yaa we shall change it often ..:) thank youu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi nanditha,

thanks a lottt for the longgg comment..yeah ..agreed with ur answrs and simply loved them..:)

cricket hhehe ..its ok ..:)

and obama ..thank youuu for saying the same...:)

than you so much .

Being Pramoda... said...

hi deeps .. yeah ..simple and sweet one..:) thank youu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi dhiman

hahah..yeah they are competingg..:) nice comparison ..

thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi chaco lover,

thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hey chaco lover .. yeah indeed ..heheh we will wait and see .. haha

Being Pramoda... said...

hi anonymous


Btw, is the comment in ref to the lenghty post ?? i hope its not so ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi hary ,

yeah funny though ..:) hy i too enjoyed itt alott..:)

will chk the link ..thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi ria

thanks gal .>:)

pls keep coming

Being Pramoda... said...

hi rosh,

thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi rahul ,,indeed scaryy ..:(..ok will do it ..

:) Thank youu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi chaco lover

its very much ok.:) ..thanks fr the love ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi mani,

thank youuu...i welcome ur comments ..:) thank you soo much and am glad that u liked it ..:)

i'm doing good ..hw abt u ?

k have nice time ..

Being Pramoda... said...

hi mani

yaa.. i have taken the back up ..:) thank you soo much ..

Being Pramoda... said...

@ Cursed

hey chckd it gal..thank youu soo much ..:)

Being Pramoda... said...

hi sojo,

yeah ..good to know that ..

and thank youu for sharing ur views ..:)

have a nice time..

Being Pramoda... said...

hi ellen,

those were the words of wisdom..as always i value ur thoughts and experience ..

thank you soo much fr taking time and fr leaving ur comments ..:)

Thank youuu

Being Pramoda... said...

hi RD,

thanks fr that ..:) yeah ts because of an unusual sundayy

:)..hey abt cricket, its my changing attitude that made me think soo ..:) blog may be one major cause ..:)

thank youuu