Dec 25, 2009

Silly Question!!!

A ‘Silly question’ is not actually about the question that is being asked; but it is all about the person who has asked it, and the situation in which he has asked it.

What I mean is…

By nature, some questions appear very silly. But the reputation and the power of the person who asks it can make the question so valid at times. Of course, I’m sure that it is a definite fun to have witnessed such situations.

PS: Please have a look at my previous post titled 'A Small Message..."

A Small Message…


I’m so thankful to you for your support and affection towards my blog. It was really an awesome experience that I had with you during my 200th post celebrations. Thank you once again to one and all for joining with me and for sharing my pleasure.

I would like to have your consistent support throughout. And for that I know, I will have to think and work better from now. I believe that I can make it happen.

May Happiness Rules!

Dec 20, 2009

“I Too Did Mistakes...”

“If a person has never done any mistakes in his life, it means he has never attempted new things in his life” – by someone.

This is one of the highly qualified quotes that certainly encourage a person to attempt the new things of life. A person should have enough guts to accept the mistakes which happen in the process of entertaining his new ideas.

I started blogging just to attempt something new. I still remember the first word that I wrote here and the first feeling that I had while doing the same. But I never had enough guts to accept the mistakes that happened during my initial stages of writing articles. Mistakes in terms of the English, grammar, expressions, etc. I used to feel very happy on compliments from my readers, and I used to have nightmares on some comments which had spoken about my mistakes.

For me, it took almost 15 months to change my attitude towards the compliments and comments. I started accepting the comments in a very positive way and always believed that it would have been in the good spirit of the reader. As soon as I changed my attitude towards the readers’ feedback, I started to open up myself in terms of my feelings, expressions, and most importantly in the writing style. A belief of having uniqueness in my writings has occupied me completely and that has been encouraging me for the best.

This is the perfect moment to thank all of my earlier readers for their compliments and comments. I would love to say that they are the real architects of my today’s attitude. And my special thanks would go to the comments which had brought nightmares to me, but are the most memorable ones of my life. I still remember the posts which had brought me those comments. Before writing this post, I visited them and read them just to encourage myself to write better. I hope you would believe it.

As you know, I asked you for your suggestions in my previous post. I’m so happy and lucky enough to say that each and every word of you is very valuable jewel for me. In the past two days I was very busy in meetings at the office, but your compliments made my moments so special in between. I thank one and all for participating in the same.

Writing has always been the prominent one of my interests. It brings me certain pleasure which I would remember for long time. I never allowed any one of my interests to go away because of another. I’m use to make time to my interests along with my professional life. Though my career demands a full day efforts in office, my heart enjoys the few minutes when I come here and express myself.

But any way, my career will never be a problem in satisfying my interests, because my job is my biggest interest at the moment.

“Something that can teach you the best in your life is the mistake that you do. Be proud to attempt the new” – by me…:)…:)

Dec 17, 2009

Suggestions Please…:)

Before I write the 200th post of my blog, I want to have your wonderful voices with me. I believe that you make me more enthusiastic towards my goals. You make me keep my heart here without any second thought.

Please let me know your opinions about my blog; and do let me know your suggestions as well, so that I can improve myself.

The only intension behind this post is to know your opinions, which can make a better ME. It is very important for me to make you understand this point. Please share your views and suggestions. I’m open for the Anonymous comments too…:)…!!!

I never did it, but in this post I want to tell you the title of my next post. It will be “I Too Did Mistakes…” and that will be the 200th.

Thank You for Your Time.

Dec 13, 2009

I Promise You A New YOU...

Brother: (The next minute, his hand was at her mouth to feed her the food)
Sister: (downcast, with all tears in her eyes)

Brother: (was still calm and looking in to his food plate)
Sister: Really sorry. I was just … (Has not yet taken her food plate)

Brother: (was calm and getting ready to have dinner)
Sister: (she got realized of her mistake, they were at the dinning table) I’m very sorry.

Brother: (He was calm all of a sudden, after listening to her words)
Sister: If you are not interested, stay calm. He and I will go. (She was so stern which made her brother hurt)

Brother: We will go tomorrow, after the exam. Ok?
Sister: All three of us shall go out for the dinner.

There lived a sister, a brother and his friend. They were all very close to each other.

Could you understand the above said story???

If your answer is “No”, then read on…

You could have understood the story had you read it from bottom to top. You would have read it from bottom to top, if you were taught of doing the same. There is a ‘definite set of thought’ in your brain, which says, ‘read any story from first to last’. If you can believe that the “definite set” is flexible to any change, then you will enjoy the life’s wonderful gifts.

There lies a kind of understanding in your brain and heart. There lies a definite set of thoughts as well. But coming to the point of understanding the other person, it is not so easy for you, not only because of the uniqueness in the other person, but is also because of the effect of the ‘definite set of thoughts’ that has been set by your nature.

You could have left the story in the middle, by saying that it was not understandable. But in life, such conditions are very important, where you can never leave a person just because you can not understand him/her. At times, you have to take the chance and try to understand the other person. At that moment, try to change the ‘definite set of thoughts’ in your mind and give it a try. You will definitely see a new YOU. And It promises you a new YOU.

Dec 9, 2009

Today's Take Home #8

There are two ways to know anything; one is by questioning like a master and another is by asking like a student. The former makes you; and the later keeps you.

Dec 7, 2009


Confidence is not the one which keeps on changing with success and failure.
But rather, it is the one which stays with you forever, to keep you successful.

Dec 6, 2009

"The Challenge"

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I don’t envy anyone’s success;
Where I don’t mind anyone’s comments;
Where I live my life in the way I want to;
Where I respect my soul more than anyone;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I get inspired of criticism;
Where I breathe the spirits of humanism;
Where I walk through the way I love;
Where I admire the most possible;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I can prove myself to my soul;
Where I can accept people to their core;
Where I don’t get angry to shout at people;
Where I live life with the calmest reality;

Oh my life, take me through the days,
Where I won’t speak about people in their absence;
Where I won’t regret for being so stern at times;
Where I accept my mistakes with a humble sorry;
Where I don’t mind to give away the most wanted;

Now, the biggest question…

WHO will take me through all these?


Though I knew the answer, I failed to enlighten it so far. I believed that time would change my feelings, my heart slowly. But NO. Suddenly, today morning I was woken up by a thought saying that “Time is what we live it and Life is what we make it”…and hence I got realized that I shall take myself through all the above said possibilities. I shall be responsible for every single aspect.

This is how I want to take this challenge of life…

I will write a post with my achievements on next December 6th. I will tell you how many of the above ones could come make it to my lap.

I’m responsible for everything that happens in my life; Either good or bad; Either success or failure; Either enjoyment or sadness; Either life or death; I’m the only person who is responsible for myself;

This is the challenge which I’m accepting today for a better tomorrow. Please wish me all the best. Thank You.

PS: If I did bother you with many “I”s in this post, I’m so sorry. I too hate the fact that it has got many “I”s in it, but yes, it had to be like that.

Dec 4, 2009

Where I have been?

Hi All, it has been so long since I have written something here. Hope you are all enjoying the moments of life.

Well, there are few simple reasons behind this post. I will straightaway come to the point.

Happy B’day Ravi…

If you remember the first guest post in my blog and the writer, it is his B’day today. So, I wish with all of my heart, a very happy and enlightening birthday to him.

The time has never stopped for me in my good and bad moments, but you have always been there to encourage me every time. Thank you so much.

The precious memories…

Since few days, I have been getting in touch with my long lost good friends. A day may not appear bad when it is of routine, but a day definitely appears great when it is something different. And that makes the difference in life.

The memories that come to my heart while talking to them, or while being with them, are the precious jewels which I have at the moment with me. I thank them for being so special always.

The one quote…

The one quote that has inspired me in the recent days is – “What others think of you is none of your business”.

Being a well known fact, we often fail to implement. But it has got it’s pleasant effect on my way these days. So I wanted to share with you all. Be proud to be yourself.

Team India in it’s best form…

My post will not appear completed, if I don’t add this particular topic. Team India has been playing well against the touring Srilankans. I have been enjoying their every juncture since a couple of weeks. I’m really happy for the successful come back of the swashbuckling Sreesanth.

I can not end this topic without mentioning his character. To me, he is a player of guts. And he is the one and only Virender Sehwag, who has been rocking with his merciless batting attack, which has been bringing nightmares to the visitors.
But to me, he still appears as the most inconsistent player. Any ways, Viru, go for another triple century. We are with you and will be with you.
This is how I wanted this post to be. Thanks for joining with me.