Apr 30, 2009

Give it a try!

Your behavior may not effects one’s ability when one can feel you for himself
It is surely going to effect one’s ability incredibly when one takes you to his heart;
When one can feel you for yourself…

It is all your own responsibility to filter out who feels you for yourself …
It is you and only you, who can successfully do that.
If not you, no one else exists to replace yourself …
Remember, if you miss them for any reason…At the end of the day, you are all alone…!!

Everyone who feels you may not be compatible to your heart … but that’s where one’s intelligence has to take part … Handling the things which are not meant to be!!

Life is not about searching the shadow when the sun is shining,
where it may end before you could find the shadow…
Life is all about creating the shadow,
where your little thought may last forever!

Apr 24, 2009

A chat with my Insider :)

It routes one’s life if one can entertain it … It is the ‘thought’!
It irradiates one’s attitude if one can hold it … It is the ‘hope’!
It demonstrates one’s heart if one can dare to be himself … It is the ‘behavior’!
It traumatizes one’s pain if one can remember it … It is the ‘smile’!
It redefines one’s scalability if one can spare time for it … It is the ‘dream’!
It adds value to one’s lifetime if one can recall it … It is the ‘past life of his own’!

When I stand before a mirror, every time I feel like I am the most deserved; I can never believe that I’m loosing my time day by day; I feel like I’m growing for a better tomorrow, and of course it is an obvious feature of human mind, but I can’t stay without saying that there is an uniqueness in everyone, which can’t easily be given away and that will be known to us when we question our heart besides our mind.

What come out when I call my mind and my heart sequentially?
Let us see … I’ll do it now itself…

Going back to my childhood days …

My mind speaks to me about …
… The days when I was very studious and curious
… The times when I cried unstoppably
… The games I played with my schoolmates and colony mates

But the same thing when I ask my heart it comes back with…

… The day when I quarreled with my grand mother
… The day when my mother stopped me from writing a letter to an upcoming film star
… The moment I cried when South Africa lost world cup-1999 semifinal to Australia

Next from my Intermediate days …

My mind speaks to me about …
… The sleepless nights before a week-end exam
… The tension that I felt about EAMCET
… The roommates and friends with whom I shared my days

But the same thing when I ask my heart it comes back with…
… The day when my parents left me in hostel
… The day when my principle sir scolded me for feeling nervous about the exams
… The days when I felt extremely depressed, really I died within myself.

Next from my B.Tech days …

My mind speaks to me about …
… The sleepless nights before exams and the jokes we played just before the exam time.
… The tension that I felt about my campus placement
… The roommates and friends with whom I shared my days and my views
… The ragging period
… The back bench seating and teasing my friends
… The time of preparing Maggie and lemon rice in hostel
… The gossips that we played with

But the same thing when I ask my heart it comes back with…
… The day when I lost my grand mother
… The day when I went to sea shore with my friends
… Farewell day
… My placement day and the GATE result day
… The frequent tears of my mother, consoling dad

Next from my M.Tech days …

My mind speaks to me about …
… The long standing hours that I spent in our lab
… The tension that I felt about my campus placement
… The frequent preparations of food items
… The gossips that we played with
… The parties and roaming with friends
… The dinner at A.P. Bhavan and a walk to India gate with my dear ones

But the same thing when I ask my heart it comes back with…
… The day when I lost my scholarship
… The day when I went to Taj Mahal with my people
… My placement day and the final project presentation day
… The appreciation after my project work from my professor, because of whom I had lost my scholarship
… The last chat with my M.tech project guide
… My convocation day

These are the few moments which I would like to keep here. There are certain changes in my days, which reintroduced me to myself. So far, if you clearly observe what my heart said, you would certainly catch my way of living life.

Till my intermediate I used to take sad moments to my heart, I could never control my tears. It does not mean that I could never felt happy, but I could not be able to
capture those beautiful moments in to my heart. That’s why I used to feel little shy and less energetic.

But my own days have quickly turned me around. Since day one in my B.Tech, I tried to change myself and the process of changing never ends. Now I make myself comfortable according to the conditions. I see things which come in my way, I accept them and perhaps I renew them time to time.

After exploring these moments I feel like I have added value to my lifetime, which get consumed while preparing this lengthy chat with my insider.

It’s too early to say all these but I believe that it deserves to be right here, right now.

“Working with mind may not make every thing possible… But working with heart can do it always”

Apr 22, 2009

Its another challenge again!

It was a magical piece of cricket when all of the franchises had to give away their best skills in all respects in their every outing in the middle, starting from campaigning of the respective teams to the show of professionalism. It was a nice piece of play which had gifted the glittering title to the “Rajasthan Royals”, it was a huge moment to the players when their captain was holding the trophy proudly. On the other side it ruined the desire of “Deccan Chargers” to win the same title, the team which had looked flamboyant on the paper but ended up with the last spot in the tournament.

Nevertheless, the season-1 of IPL has challenged many with its charismatic juncture throughout and it continues with this season, with a difference of the venues. Some teams are looking extremely powerful at the moment but we will have to wait and see till the end, as we know that every move can change a game!

So far rain has been the only contender round the teams. Let’s hope that the chill won’t be lost by us anymore…

For me this time, its “Deccan Chargers” or “Mumbai Indians” or “Delhi Daredevils” to bag the title, not because of the places but because of the players. And I wish the fans to enjoy their best :)

Keep Rocking!!

Apr 20, 2009

Safe hands of Human...

They believe that every human being has been created by god, but still they feel the difference among themselves, ironically the difference is on the name of ‘GOD’ itself.

They believe that every moment they live has been shaped by god, but still they blame someone when the truth has to be accepted.

They believe that every doing is architected by god, but still they curse the person who has done the bad.


And the list goes on!

Belief is the most energetic one in this universe; belief is the beauty of human life;

A belief should be the one that would stabilize human’s emotions.

It should be the one that would probably be an end line for one’s imbalances.

Belief should be the one which can spread love and which makes us lovable!

When a belief fails to help in any of these regards, probably it can be one’s own imagination of believing something; it can be one’s unacceptable fear that makes him to categorize his own days of life; it can be one’s way of loosing the way of life from the safe hands of his very own.

There is something which every human being has got to do with… The happiness blossoms when one can successfully accomplish it!

The beauty of the nature comes out when one can win one’s own self but not when one defeats the other.

Never mind what the globe has got in her store, but one thing for sure is that it has been racing around with an unimaginable energy of its front runners, human beings it name them.

Whatever may be the reason behind the good/bad things that happen across the globe, let us not forget that they should unite us, and not divide us!!

Have a worthy time :)

I would be grateful if you could keep me updated with your views.