May 28, 2009

Love The Work You DO :)

"Love the work you do
Do the work you can"

Some success stories speak the way the respective persons have chosen their interesting fields, but there is no failure story of a person who loves the work he does. After all, success is nothing but an abscence of failure but failure is not an abscence of success.

One can always choose his interests, but one can’t live today again…it is just once in one's life time. Love and give your best and you get the same!

“Love the world you live ... Give the world you can”

May 25, 2009

And Its Team HyDeRaBaD's Ton

I remember calling Deccan Chargers as “Disappointing Chargers” after last year’s IPL in one of my articles, dated May 27th 2008. And I can still feel the support that I had for this team when I wished them “Have a better time next year”. And it is almost a year now and today they are the Champions, what a great come back…Isn’t it?

Hold on… By this time next year, we will have ended up with another champion! And till then Chargers will have to carry the stardom as the Defending Champions :)

May 24, 2009

Its gonna be a TRUE clash tonight!

** “Behind the easy ambience is a determined Team Hyderabad” --- Times of India.

Is it so?
May not really!

Had Gillie not recollected his knack, ‘Deccan Chargers’ would have been written off once again for being underachievers in the successive Indian Premier League to the last season. Gillie had ensured that his team would move more closer to inscribe their name on the glittering trophy, with an unleashing effort despite of balanced daredevils’ attack.

And all about chargers’ success this time round was not only this guy, but there were few awesome performances from Rohit, Ojha and more importantly RP and of course from Gibbs. The South African soil has inspired all but there is a ‘but’ factor, resisting me from completely supporting them for the finale tonight. For me its all strange, as I never felt this way when I had supported Team India, though they were extremely unpredictable.

As the IPL hurtles to a close, I try to convey the ‘but’ factor in the following lines. I have been shuttling between Challengers and Chargers since last night, as they both are going for one last clash tonight in the IPL’2009. And it is the TRUE clash too, a truth that no one can dare to forget, and that is the fatal format of the game itself. Twenty20 - the synonym of unpredictability, the format that killed off the long run of many other whirling knocks of cricket, not exactly it killed off, but to some extent without any ambiguity. Still, every format of this game has some thing that no one can point a finger at it.

Coming to the clash of two underperforming teams of last year’s league held on Indian soil, both teams have vital players of both Indian and Foreign whose attitude bridged the gap between their respective teams and the level of confidence that matters the most in the middle. But the basic difference between the two teams is not so basic, but is the most required ‘consistency’. As the challengers have been most consistent since they did come back from almost last spot of the table, of course knight riders never allowed them to be the last, while Chargers have not been as consistent as they have to be with the kind of players it possesses. But the instinct is the one that matters the most over and above the part time consistency. And today both teams will have to speak their talents with undoubted knocks, to play the next year’s leagues with shouldering the royal status of defending champions, and of course a sadistic pressure being accompanied.

It may not take more than a while to become the champion but it requires the vision and implementation of the same to be the one.

Having been a supporter of the Deccan Chargers I would love to see them lifting the trophy tonight… but having been a watcher of the league, I would not resist myself from clapping for Royal Challengers, if they win tonight.

My heart says that today is Chargers’, but my mind naps for Challengers’.

Let us see!

Pleasing 'peace'

The more we sweat in peace...
The less we bleed in war!

May 10, 2009

The Outline of Divinity

Her love endures…
Her smile inspires…

It’s a magical spell of emotion of one’s life time, when one do accompany his mother irrespective of the duration. When she’s there around, inner sole feels like it is covered with an awesome quality of love and affection, the purest of its kind! It does encourage when she accompanies in one’s moment of success. She’s all practical n pure, what we see is exactly what we get.

She is all for you to strengthen YOU…
She is there for you to cater YOU…

Some times it happens that her doings may be unclear to us, rather we may fail in filing them, but she wins her desire with no solid input except the so called love that has grown with her. Love!… may be it’s more than love! Time makes us to forget some memories and some memories make us to forget time, if it is authenticated then the memories of her top the list.

A mother is a mother, no matter how you are…
She tries to make you lovable, no matter how things are…

It’s routine that when things fall in place for us, we love our surrounding and we feel like they all are nurturing. But the greatness of motherhood never allows a mother to hate her guys, whatsoever the situation is. There exists the demanding side of her, inculcating the habit of loving things even after knowing them from top to bottom.

After all, it’s unstoppable if once this topic is ignited. But it has to be stopped somewhere around!

These words are dedicated to the truth called “MOTHER”.

She is the origin of humanity.
She is the outline of divinity.

May 8, 2009


Busy person is not the one,
who does not get time for few things.
Busy person is the one,
who adjusts his time for every thing!

May 7, 2009


It takes ages to answer few feelings; It may not happen with our rituals but it happens with certain moments for sure, it’s a known fact though!

I have had another perk adding to my untidy thoughts.

While I was watching the IPL match between Deccan and Mumbai last night, it happened that I had to get excited when the Indian cricketing maestro marched back to the pavilion with no solid runs on board. VERY quickly I got to know the mood that I was in, the simple reason was that I was supporting Deccan and he was playing for Mumbai. And I almost hated myself for a fraction of a second! I had to stir my past to analyze the conspiracy, I call it.

Even after many match winning knocks (Though people say that he has never done it, I just can’t entertain that thought even if it is just for a while) and even after almost unachievable cricketing carrier, he has never given himself room to be placed in the list of the rejected. I admire him for the way he presents himself on and off the field; it’s simply superb, isn’t it? Had he not been like that, he would have never accomplished the deserved.

Coming back to the topic, last night the match was ended up with an unlikely bowling hero, Rohit sharma and an article in the form of this! And yes, certainly the simple feeling as I said was the origin, I wanted to conclude the same, but could not revert back with a robust answer.

It’s not been the only incident, I felt the same with many other cricketers, to support whom I go crazy when they take part in Team India. And I heard the same feeling from many of my friends. It’s neither strange nor tricky. If you agree that supporting Indian team in the world cup is nothing wrong, then you are bound to agree that supporting one’s home team in a tournament like IPL has nothing to do with a longing discussion. All in all ‘it happens’ every now and then!

May 4, 2009

Happy Marriage Day ... Mom and Dad :)

On this special day
I wish you with my strength, given by you
I thank you with my emotion, taught by you
I admire you with my heart, created by you
I promise you my life, invented by you

Ever Yours... Pramoda

May 2, 2009

All’s well with us

All’s well with us,
To bestow our motherland for her lusty rubies
To thank our parents for their rejuvenating efforts
To respect our teachers for exhorting the generations

All’s well with us,
To outweigh the heartfelt calamities
To purge our minds of irredeemable thoughts
To challenge the scorching surroundings

All’s well with us,
To terrorize the squeaky terrorism for its lack of guts to live healthy
To rattle the sonorous slogans of politicians for backstabbing the polity
To spatter the traitors for living life with a worst possible scalability

All’s well with us,
To encourage the disappointed, who may maul their past the other day
To energize the transfixed, who may cultivate their goals in a best possible way
To amuse our insider with our restless streak, for immunizing us every day

After all, All’s well with us and the other side would be where we could not breathe in!