Dec 31, 2010

Memories of “The New Year”…

New Year used to get new welcome each decade. Now-a-days, the gap has been narrowed down to three or to be true one. Year after the year we have been changing the way we celebrate it. Not completely that the thought-process of the people has been changing from year to year, but the change that we want to implement in the way we celebrate it makes the real difference and the advancement year by year.

Some of such observations from my memories are listed down here just for you. Read on.

The joy that a greeting card brings…

As we exchanged the cards
With those little hands,
Hearts used to be full
With all our faces joyful.

Memories of the childhood friends
Make me want to meet them again,
To tell them all those unsaid;
To wish them to get all they deserve.
For me, the greeting cards mania was there till I was in my intermediate studies. As I used to stay in hostel and was away from home, I used to buy a very nice greeting card form my parents and grand parents at home. I guess that was the last time I sent a card home on the eve of New Year. Last time when I went home I opened my mother’s wardrobe and was surprised to see all those cards from me and from some of her students that she had been preserving in it. It made me feel nice and tears of joy rolled out.

These days I’m out of the greeting cards world. As I started blogging and gained confidence in writing, on every New Year I prepare a short message and send the same to my beloved people; at the same time I post the same here. I feel ok with this culture too. Whatever it is, we share, we express, we love, which is more important. Love remains the same over the years.

The December 31st night outs…

Some of my beautiful memories are still they,
When I had the group-full of friends, seniors
Around me, in the engineering college hostel,
Where we had some real blasts of the New Year.

Those singing competitions, group-games,
Night-outs, extravaganza with slogans, and
The unending memories of all those nights
Make me go nostalgically sick to be frank.

Of course, I’m sick of those memories; but they are still fresh and alive in my heart. Moments and memories like those force me to think as if I’m a student and I’m still in college in my day-dreams. But the above said is applicable only to my B.Tech days. In the M.Tech, of course I had friends, of course I was in IIT Delhi, of course I had experiences of New Year, but honestly they can not move me a bit. May be we lost the interest or we had some other priorities, those two nights of New Years just remained like any other nights.

And now, it is all about the professional world and even highly changed priorities. In fact nothing should be an issue when we want to celebrate; but here the issue is that we do not want to celebrate!! Not intentionally but the mindset has been set the way it is. Many plans go in vain when the wish to implement them is killed.

I’m damn sure that I’m missing many of my friends right now. It is just few hours to go and I’m helpless than just remembering those good golden days and friends. I think I miss the most is the count-down!

Today’s “drugging” New Year…

I’ve just heard the news reader saying that a gram of cocaine is being sold for Rs. 5000. Understand, the mental state of it’s user is unimaginable and we all are contemporaries. Nothing worries them. None of their parents’ wishes bother them. Leave the rest; mentioning about their parents itself irritates such people, what else can be a good reason to be sad than this?

Any way, I just want to leave it to their commonsense. May be, the way the society has been advancing, the way their parents have been educating them will have the real impact on their thinking. They know it better. I hope such things are no more entertained as advancements.

History always remains history;
Future always remains future; but
Present never remains present;
One has to act accordingly.

Hope you will add another December 31st night to your memoirs kitty.

Dec 29, 2010

The Art of Gossiping...

Gossips are made. Or may not! Gossips are provoked.

Behind an every gossip there lies a reason, an excuse that actually had provoked the gossiper to start it off. For the same person, it almost takes hell lot of energy only to make an unsuccessful attempt to prevent the gossip from being spread across. The reason or the so called excuse is unknown unless it is spoken out with guts. Otherwise, the gossip does the rounds all that it can make. Surprisingly enough, people make it successful by nurturing with great belief and care.

Believing the gossip is something that is to be thought of. It definitely deserves a moment from every one of us. What happens when a gossip rolls out? What actually provokes people from passing it on and on? What the hell that a human ego can do with the so called gossip?

Well, ego is none other than what a human being is. It is nothing separate from a man’s or woman’s own state of mind and his/her on-the-spot actions according to the situations. In all most all cases the gossips are believed as per the ego state of a person. Basically, the listener’s image off the person who’s against the gossip is or the positive impact of the gossip to satisfy his own ego! If so, the gossip will be conveyed across. If not, the gossip’s road would come to an end then and there itself. Most of the gossips are believed with the advantages they carry along. In case of disadvantageous situations, they are killed, undoubtedly.

Leave the rest to a human’s own belief; but, what about the person who actually initiates the gossip? Out of what such things usually get generated?

I don’t this I have thought enough on this. So let me check it out at my end. I’ll require some more time and experience to come up with the answer for this.

One thing is for sure. As long as you find some real joy in gossiping, gossip. But the very moment you start feeing some sadistic pleasure or unhealthy happiness in gossiping, just stop doing so. Finding our mind’s own state of such madness is very difficult unless we keep ourselves understood of our own rhythm. At the same time, it takes enormous courage to face the gossips against you. Be prepared for the worst.

People often say that girls are best at gossiping. I do not disagree. But on his day, a man is definitely unstoppable from doing so; I stress this.

This is it for now.

Play the game… Take Home #37

You have got to play when you are an integral part of the game. But always remember to play it with what it has to be played, like ball & bat etc; never play with people and their emotions. If not, a win will never remain as a win.

“Very Very Special” Team India…

‘Well done’ will be good enough to encourage the on going Indian cricket team’s tour of South Africa.

Master blaster’s fiftieth century has made the atmosphere so cool even after the innings defeat to the hosts. All credit goes to Sachin. What it feels to be the first man on earth to reach such a great milestone? If I’m not wrong, incredible would not be sufficient enough to describe. It is proud moment to say that he is the man called Sachin Tendulkar from India.

Again, VVS Laxman has played his signature innings with the stylish 96 being the match winning knock for India. Australians knew that earlier, but now, the world knows that he is so special. Only a hard man can drive a hard ship. It is always better for the young cricketers to get associated with such talent and the experience that Indian test team has got.

Any ways, it is a very special win by Team India to kick off the New Year celebrations.

Dec 21, 2010

Just Do It... Take home #36

Just Do It; Soon You Will Realize That It Is Doable and At least It Is Not Even Great As Much As It Was Feared Of.

Just Do It.

Dec 20, 2010

Love, eternal…

First is first; a tiresome Sunday had come to an end with the fabulous fiftieth test century of Sachin Tendulkar. It was absolutely enjoyable to witness the master’s maestro, South African’s sportive spirit and the stadium full of tri-colour. My hearty congratulations to the Indian cricketer; I’m proud to write this here.

At this moment I can not forget the effect of the single digit temperatures of Pune on me while writing this. Early in the morning as I start going to the office, the two minute walk to the bus stop appears longer than usual and the office bus which comes, stops in between the way on the road, and picks me up, though I’m half way through to the bus stop, appears too good than usual.

Change the mood…

As she walks alongside of him she gets realized.
His soothing affection makes her lose her nerves.
She moves towards him slowly to feel his presence.
Lovely smile of him makes her walk even closer.
As he turns towards her, holds her hand gently,
Tears roll down her reddened yet saddened cheeks,
When she gets realized that he is her imagination.

She recollects,
Their beautiful past spent together.
The wishful dreams they dreamt of.
Those unforgettable memories of him;
And the promises they made for each other.

“Will you marry me?”
Words of him appear repeatedly at her back.
“See you tomorrow”
His last words keep her crying all the way long.

She knows the fact that he will not return.
Some facts can only be known and felt, but
Can not be accepted or believed, though
Some or the other day they have to be, for sure.

She has to accept the fact that he is no more.
Not tough, but the toughest feeling to handle.
Yet she is left with no option than,
Answering every question herself.
Crossing every hurdle herself.
Living every moment herself.

Dec 14, 2010

Take Home #35

It is equally important to let others know what you are for them and to know what others are for you. Being true fetches; being fake destroys.

What we choose... Take Home #34

Not what we know but what we choose define us.

Dec 13, 2010

When it is the time to say Good Bye…

Doesn’t matter what reasons people have, to seek/undergo the separation, when it is time to say good bye, all the good times spent together dominate the rest.

Students undergo variety of emotions in their college lives. Right from the welcome day to the farewell day they forget everything else and just feel the pinches of student life. Be it the fight for a girl/boy, be it the competition for a rank, be it the fight for the domination, be it sports, and be it off-campus stuff, students work hard to keep their respective groups up. Towards the end, when it comes to the farewell day, many unexpected combination of faces join together to share the agony. All they remember is the best of all moments they all have had and shared.
When a husband and wife are use to have hell lot of fights, it is the most obvious that they undergo many kinds of experiences at the back of their minds. There is a reason for this; their bond is the best rated one in terms of disturbing a person on the eve of a fight. Unavoidable emotional set backs prevent them from remembering their good moments spent together when they exchange some unnecessary words. Nothing can prevent them from seeking the separation. But again, when they have to say good bye to each other, may not be visible, but believe me, they definitely feel the warmth; though that can not reunion them at the very moment!

Relations in professional life are somewhat different from the above mentioned. Though not the way how things happen among people when they work together is different, but basically the way the bonds start itself is very different. Here, bonds develop on many reasons, which are of course worthy as some people say. Some bonds develop on the basis of reporting structure, some develop on the basis of the team requirements, some on the basis of help needed, some on the basis of gossiping, some on the basis of sharing the lunch table, bla…bla…list never completes, and no one can know it enough!! Either way, people do have lots of fights, with bosses, with colleagues etc, and just want to leave the organizations for many reasons; again no one can know them enough. Nevertheless, the D-day comes here as well on the final working day. No surprise if I say the good times dominate the rest, especially when the thank you notes are being delivered.

I do not think I should mention some more situations/relations to support my opening lines of this post. I know everyone can name their own best examples. Also, I do not really have much choice than ending this post with the repetition of same lines. Here I go.

Doesn’t matter what reasons people have, to seek/undergo the separation, when it is time to say good bye, all the good times spent together dominate the rest.

Dec 12, 2010

Observe & Take it Easy...

It can be easily understood if a person is listening because he wants to or he has to. At the same time, it is even easier to understand if a person is speaking because he wants to or he has to.

Observing this kind of behavior in others is easy; but stopping ourselves or controlling ourselves from behaving so is a nightmare if I’m not wrong! Many times, in fact, all most every time when we do so, we know that we are speaking or listening to someone as we just have to. Knowing it can not prevent us from doing so. Similarly, the case shall be seen the same with others. Often, people blame others for behaving so, forgetting their own lack of control on themselves at times!

There is no wrong. Many ego states dominate us from within and make us lose control. One shall try his best to reduce the frequency to the best possible level. At the same time such behavior in others must be observed and shall be taken easily.

Dec 5, 2010

“No heroes; no zeroes” Raktha Charitra–2.

The first half-an-hour recap of the part-1 didn’t succeed in boring me. The so called violence could not irritate me, at all, to be specific. The kind of hatred that the characters of the movie reiterated in their dialogues was not enough to make me dislike any single bit of the movie. All that I could see and feel was the emotions those were depicted in the most stylish way ever, especially in such a kind of faction based movie. All that made me think was the consciously written screen-play.

Simply, Ram Gopal Varma ji has done it, once again.

The first half-an-hour recap might have bored many. I have only one reason behind saying this and that is the set of comments made by the audience from the back portion of the theater, which I can still hear with my eyes closed. It was enough evident to say that it bored them. Or, might not, as I heard people checking with the theater administration whether they had started playing the first part of the movie instead of second one, by mistake! Any ways, I sincerely appreciate the confidence of the director in his film and the nerves of the audience, that made him do the recap, and of course it was for many other unavoidable reasons as well, which the team unit would have thought much more than anyone, before releasing the movie.

I loved the action scenes of the movie. Surya and Vivek Oberoi were just perfect in speaking with their eyes. It is good that some moral precautions have been taken by the RGV, such that the feelings of anyone would not be hurt unnecessarily.

No heroes; no zeroes. It was all about the way the characters of the movie looked at their lives and understood others, as supporters or hurdles. This concept has been depicted so naturally and very convincingly. In fact this would be the major plus point for the movie to win many hearts. For this, especially, RGV deserves a heartful applause.

Some people may debate on why such movies shall come at all and bring the controversies and emotional imbalances in society. When the film was released and many controversies happened, I myself said in couple of situations, why this guy had such stories as movies!! But, after giving the thought some time, I got realized; Such movies may create a set of controversies; they may not stand resembled the complete streak of incidents inspired those people (based on whose lives such movies are made) to behave in such a way during their times; but they stand tall in narrowing down the gap between the unknown (incidents of contemporary) and the people of the society; hence definitely such movies shall be encouraged by taking them with sportiveness. With all the confidence I can say that the willing directors like RGV shall be encouraged more and more, such that, if not the entire reality can be shown, at least the thought provocation is very helpful for the social lives in the years to come. Many facts and emotions can be understood by the younger generations when such movies are taken seriously and thought of.

On the whole, for me, it was a good experience in and out the theater. It entertained me; it made me think; it made me understand; and I didn’t expect anything else from this movie especially after knowing it’s basis.

Dec 1, 2010


The most effective realizations in life happen only after being adversely effected by something. But they are the most interesting shade of life.

Real life lessons which make us
Earn the most valuable experience for
All the years to go in life to
Live better and to conquer some
Invaluable moments of life with full of
Zeal and enthusiasm.
All lessons may not be learnt at one go, but
To be successful in life, one must
Indulge the lessons deep within,
Only to acknowledge the life that
Nothing is as tough as it appears.

Grand Pa & Me...#2

My grand father says that the tastiest food is the least healthy one. Every time I look the menu, I’m use to hear his words at the back of my mind. But I go helpless, at times, when I go to a restaurant, of course not a new reason but to eat more and even more if possible!

It was a summer morning when I was chit chatting with my grand ma at the back part of our house. All of a sudden we heard a loud noise from the front side of our house, as if somebody was screaming to his heart, something like these “Whaaaa….Uhaaaaa...Whaaaaa….”

I rushed quickly at my fastest speed to see what the hell that was. I was absolutely stunned to see my grand pa, who stood on the road, bended himself and was screaming like anything. I saw his hand was half way through his mouth and he was working hard to push something in to his stomach. Finally he made the successful attempt to found the way for that eatable to reach his stomach. He entered the house very proudly after the incident.

After some time, one of my neighbors came to our house and asked my grand pa what he was doing in the morning. He replied that he was advised to eat the Neem tree leaves (Vepa Iguru – we call it in Telugu) as a natural medicine for his diabetes problem. He was literally eating the leaves one by one; as the taste opposed him from eating them, he made those ear-threatening noises to make it happen.

On hearing that, my neighbor could not stop her expressions and laughed for half a minute continuously as we all looked unanswered. After controlling herself she said that the way to eat them was not what he had done. One should take some leaves and they should be grinned nicely in a mixi and then that paste should be swollen directly without having it in much touch with the tongue to avoid the undesired taste of them. Then we all understood why she was unstoppable a minute before!

My grand pa intelligently escaped from the scene with a big “Ohh…”

Take healthy food but only after knowing how to eat it as the healthiest food is never tasty! This was one of the biggest lessons that I learnt during that summer vacation.

Power of the pain...#33

Only a pain can make us forget or ignore the other pain. Pain is powerful. Sometimes, it appears just wonderful, but only after the relief!

Nov 27, 2010

Inspirational victories…

Inspirational victories may not always show us how to play the game, but they definitely unveil how much the person or the team wants to win. Nevertheless, every great game must have a team or a person ending up on the losing side. Accepting this fact makes us love the loser, being the spectators. Everything apart, most importantly, such games make us realize the power of the so called nerves of steel.

The back ground for this post is as follows. Today morning I witnessed an absolutely inspirational win by the Chinese women volley-ball team in the Asian games. They had successfully come through the two set down situation to a wishful and unforgettable 3-2 victory over the South Koreans. Their coach was restlessly supporting them till the gold medal point. Many brilliant performances and an awesome team work have made them won the last and the 199th gold medal for their country in the Asiad this time round.

The Best Remembered...!

The best remembered is the best felt.
The best felt is the best believed.

Nov 24, 2010

Celebrate them…

Life is not a journey always; at some moments, destinations are reached too. Those moments must be celebrated and cherished. Those moments must be identified and acknowledged with love and satisfaction.

We often forget to enjoy the winning moments in the journey of life as the deep wish for further success keeps us busy thinking beyond the altitudes. Of course one shall not forget reassuring his own caliber; undoubtedly it is equally important to celebrate the achievements without a second thought.

The loser may or may not deserve the loss but the winner definitely deserves the celebration, and nothing shall matter in this regard.

Feeling the pressure… Take Home #32

It Is Meaningless To Feel The Pressure When Humanly Impossible Things Are Expected Out Of You.

Now, is there anything which is impossible? YES, there are some which are humanly impossible. Only the commonsense of an individual can name them.

Nov 22, 2010

…in love!

No, no…Hang on please!

Two back to back movies after a pleasant work-week have made me rich enough in content to deliver to you here.

Weekend refreshment magics me. Not that it waves off the Monday blues completely, but to some extent it definitely does. One out of the two, “Guzaarish” made me realize that I actually have gained the potential to control my tears; and “Harry Potter” has once again proved that I understand it less than sixty percent.

I couldn’t adjust my time to introduce to you a strange character I had met during my train journey on my way back to Pune from my hometown. He was so specific about his seating position or his own berth. He had his own rules that everyone should sleep/sit in their own seats throughout the journey; the waiting list people were no where supposed to travel comfortably etc, and except the one that he would not be accepted if he drink in train!

I brought a new mobile on the very next day after I lost my old one. The lost one was of course not brand new, but unexpectedly in a short period it became one of my two old mobiles. One night of the journey I was without phone and I felt as if had lost my pulse. Fortunately or unfortunately mobiles have become the important part of journey of life. Throughout that night I wondered about my once own memory when I used to remember at least 10 to 15 phone numbers, which had been brought down to narrowly ONE at the time I lost my mobile phone.

Let me tell you the title of this post is just to attract you to every boring line of this post and if I have to say the truth, I’m in love with my new mobile. To me, it appears as a black pearl that shines and smiles at me.

I have no miraculous news to tell you before I conclude this post. But I’ve got a funny picture for you.
See you.

Cluster of random thoughts…

** As always, first would be the sports news. Indians have been doing well at the Asian games. Three gold medals of yesterday are undoubtedly the important ones as two out of them have come from the athletics. The world number one, Indian test cricket team is appearing comfortable on track with the wall, Rahul Dravid’s gutsy 191. Harbhajan has played three lovely innings in last two tests and for me he is the player of this season. Of course, I’d say I’m in no hurry to watch the master’s 50th century in tests. No doubt, after he makes it, people start targeting his 100th century in all formats of the game.

** India has been flooded by the news on various scams recently. Politicians have once again proved it their best; and this time army officers joined the hands, enough surprisingly. The less we speak about them further the good it would be. Hope such news will not build the attitudes of the young enthusiastic!

** Obama’s visit has certainly raised some curtains. The US President, one of my best all time speakers, had been on positive note all the way he walked on Indian soil. The US first lady delivered an inspiring speech which was the mixture of love, honesty and compassion. She spoke so impressively that the young generation will remember longer to dream big. The way she worded the line “our circumstances shall not define us” was the best part of it, I feel.

** One of the Indian B-schools has been awarded the top-4 position in the world. That is a good sign for the standards that we have in-house. Many other best educational institutions of India are in queue to prove themselves; students are their real strength equivalent to the faculty.

** It is a saying that Indian women like gold very much. At the present situation, the gold prices have been the major factor in restricting them from entering the jewelry shops. Indian men, especially the husbands must be happy about it, if I’m not wrong! On the other hand, business experts say that it is not the good sign for the economic condition of any country. Hope everything comes under the control of the stock market.

I think this is it for now. Have good time friends.

Nov 10, 2010

When a person dies, he doesn’t die alone

I heard this dialogue in a recent Bollywood movie released couple of months ago. My very first reaction was “How true!”

We all know what happens to us when one among our loved ones dies. We all know what happens to our emotional balance when such incident happens. Everything is next to what happens at the very moment. But the most important and the most killing pain of such incidents lie in the moments when we miss them again and again. Sooner the toughest truth that we badly miss the love, care, and completeness they would have brought in our lives if they are alive, encourages the agony, which unfortunately has to be fought out by ourselves!

As the title says, when a person dies he doesn’t die alone. Love, may be immortal, but the feeling that no one else can love us like the person who died makes us feel absolutely detached at times. Missing the things, what they used to do when they were alive, do make us realize the importance of such people in our lives, every single time without fail.

Every realization is important for a life to fulfill our dreams. Lets understand and move forward.

A Surprising One ... Take Home #31

Not Every Take Home Can Be Kept In Words And That Too Here In This Blog.

Nov 6, 2010

My Updates...

Hi friends, hope everything is fine you all. I assume you would have had a blasting Diwali, of course may not only with crackers, but with the food items, festival extravaganza etc.

I had a real blasting Diwali this time too; for me it was third Diwali after I joined the job; like any other time so far, this time too I had lot of fun. Specialty for this time is that I’m at home with mom and dad. Of course I missed my Grand pa a lot. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. Again we didn’t celebrate it with crackers, but with all the fun of decoration etc.

It is good that our organization declares five holidays on every Diwali. Long leaves once in a while, makes us enough potent to perform our best for the rest of the season. I had been to my school in the morning. Felt a warm welcome all around. For sure, it was one of the most memorable moments.

Right now all of the TV channels have only news to telecast and that is the cyclone in the Bay of Bengal, on the Ease coastline of Andhra Pradesh, India, at my home town. The effect of this “Gel Cyclone” is predicted high of course, nothing be predicted as it would be when it is nature. I hope I’ll not get struck at my home town with the lack of transportation. Actually I wish I could welcome it!!

I’ve met my friends and relatives, who got their babies delivered recently. The small and pink shaded hands of the babies and the beautiful smiles of them made me fall in love with babies once again. Every smile, every tear, in fact every expression and emotion of them are true and worth enjoying; as if they don’t have any second thought!

This is it for now. I’m enjoying each and every moment at home.

An important update for you all; every important person comes late or towards the end, right? The matter is that I’ve lost my mobile in a tragic accident. I’ve lost all of my contacts. Nevertheless, in the present day highly developed communication system nothing should be an issue between hearts who want to stay connected. So, I’ll get back soon.

Now I’m done for now. Once again I wish you all a happy and safe Diwali, belated of course. Enjoy your moments.

Tears...Take Home #30

Tears may always represent a person’s sensitiveness; but they do not really always represent a person’s nervousness.

DIfferent...Take Home #29

Nothing is wrong; everything is just different.

Oct 24, 2010

The Medalists...

Last time I saw Indians standing for the national anthem was when the Indian badminton player Saina Nehwal became the common wealth games’2010 champion in the individual event. Today when I stood up once again for our national anthem in a movie theater, I quickly thanked all the players because of whom Indian national anthem hit our hearts 38 times during the recent CWG, Delhi.

Standing in a theater and listening to the national anthem is nothing before securing a gold medal and let the crew play the national anthem as our flag fly high and our pride do rounds around the country. Being the reason behind it, how all those players could have managed those hair-rising moments? What actually those players were thinking while the national anthem was on! This thought itself is very interesting and fascinating as well.

People wondered how could have Mr. Abhinav Bindra, the only man to win an Olympic gold for India so far, stood proud, managed or rather controlled his own emotions, while his country’s national anthem was being played on the world’s biggest stage because of his own achievement. Though his answer for this was simple, dealing with the situations would have been the toughest than aiming at the gold itself!

I know I’m very late. Nevertheless, I take this as an opportunity to thank and salute all those players of CWG for participating and for winning millions’ hearts. Always winning a medal is different; hearty congratulations to all the medalists, especially the gold medalists because of whom India ended number two in the medals tally.

Raktha Charitra – Not the story of hatred

“An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” – Mahatma Gandhi

“Hatred is the purest form of emotions” – An Indian Epic

Well before I entered the theater, these two lines from the “Raktha Charitra” movie banner made me think deep. Is really the hatred the purest form of emotions? May be! But how come hatred dominates love, after all only love can create hatred in a human’s mind? Does eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? If not completely blind, at least half blind, I convinced myself!

As always, this post is not about the story of the movie. This is just about the emotions that I underwent while watching it. Hope it never hurts anyone. Let me tell you, the cast of the film was undoubtedly superb; watchable performances. RGV has proved it once again why he is still the most wanted!

After observing the entire extravaganza created by many in last two days, I thought the movie was all about hatred. As far as I’m concerned, the movie clearly showcased the hatred that had been generated by the deepest love, in some cases it was because of a leader’s love towards his people, in some cases it was because of a son’s love for his parents, in some cases it was because of a politician’s love for power, in some cases it was because of people’s love towards their leader etc. I stress I believe it was all because of love, hatred would not have been generated otherwise.

Of course this is no different from what all movies show. Going by this, hatred shown in every movie would have been generated by the love for some or the other thing. But to me, this is special movie because it made me think; it made me understand the purest emotion further better.

Well, this is it for now. Next post continuing this topic will be delivered after November 19th, after I watch the second part of the same movie. I must write this, I am awaiting Surya and his action.

Well done Ram Gopal Varma ji and thank you.

Oct 23, 2010

Be a Ruthless Competitor…

Winning anything is never easy. Be it the game, be it the fame, one has to believe the important of competing with their contemporaries. Understanding the strengths of the competitor makes one wiser; understanding the weaknesses of the competitor makes one stronger.

Apart from the act of competing one has to understand the important role that his competitors play in a person’s self development. We all learn from each other and we compete with each other. In this process we shall never ignore to be kind and friendly. Not only that people are important to your growth; but it is also that the healthy competition is important for the long being of the man kind.

Healthy competition can make lives easy. But practically this is not so easy to follow, nor is it easily achievable. Being humans many emotions hit us from the back. No need to explain this more as we all undergo such emotions everyday.

Everything apart, one has to be a ruthless competitor when it is required. At most of the times, the road to success lies in being so.

Oct 21, 2010

Are We Independent?

I feel human beings are not independent. It is just that some depend more and some depend less.

The Manager...

To me, “Manage” always appears incomplete. We manage when we’ve got to do nothing with something but just to manage it for the time being; in other words option less. At the same time, no one can turn down the importance of this task in our day to day lives, be it professional or personal.

In the contemporary world a manager has to do this ruthlessly to his people. At the same time he should not get managed by his people so easily. Not that the situation becomes worst otherwise, but issue is that the same culture gets cascaded among all the people who belong to him, which is not a good sign at all.

To conclude this topic from now, I hope I can quote this.

Manager shall manage people but shall not easily get managed by people.

TWO Options ... Take Home #28

Live for yourself;

Live for others;

For a better life, never ignore either of them. And the real challenge lies in adopting and copping up with these two as and when required.

No Escape...Take Home #27

Life becomes easier when we address the issues at the earliest, for which there is no escape.

Is Life Boring?

To all those who feel that life is so boring, I’ve something to say.

“Your own thinking can make your own life interesting, once again. Life never bores until and unless you allow it to do so”

Oct 19, 2010


Hi friends, it’s been a fortnight I appeared here. Well, could not locate how the days passed, but I’ve definitely missed many expressive moods of mine.

I’d like to quote something. Here I go.

The person who eats less is never understood by the person who eats more; and the person who eats more is never understood by the person who eats less.

No…no, I haven’t attended any eating competition. This is the outcome of what the silly thought that my two years of professional life has caused. Penned it down at least ten days ago; since then I’ve been cross checking my own thoughts, just to verify them in case! Finally I’ve decided to post them here.

It may appear silly, but this can be related to many behaviors! Be cautioned.

Oct 3, 2010

Just love it and live it

Clock hits 00:17 am and here I am to express my on-the-spot feelings, once again at my loveliest space ever.

Many have already said it at different times in different ways. Each one of us would have experienced it already. I believe it will not bore if I reiterate, in fact it never bores.

Past appears so beautiful;

No words can explain;

Every moment of it touches my heart

At the deepest of it, so soothingly;

Does not matter tears or smiles,

All I can see now is the beauty of it;

Some years back,

The then past appeared beautiful;

The then present worried me a little;

And the future was full of dreams,

Though the fear of it pinched me at back;

And now,

Past appears beautiful and irreplaceable;

Present worries me a little;

And the future is, again, of colorful dreams,

Though the fear of it pinches me at back;

Now this makes me say, whatever we learn, earn,

We remain the same at the basics of life;

Be it the feelings, of beauty, of love, of worry, of dreams,

Until we realize that, every moment we live is special;

And, not surprisingly, every heart we meet is special;

So special, such that we have to love ourselves,

To the deepest of our hearts, every day, every minute.

Past, present, futures are the matter of times,

And the times that we make when we care;

Care a bit and make every moment your best;

Just love it and live it; after all, it is your life.

Sep 25, 2010

Hang On...

A teacher always humiliates a talented student, just because he does not like the way the student is. The student gets disheartened, cries, curses, thinks, hates and does whatever that seems correct to get through the situation for the moment. Years turn very fast. The student completes his PhD, joins a university as a professor. He behaves very friendly and encouragingly with his students. He always recollects his teacher’s actions which made him understand what happens to a student’s mind when a teacher humiliates. His students love him for the knowledge he has also for the way he is. On the last working day of every year, when the passing out batch students come to him with their hearts full of love, his eyes become wet. He closes his eyes and thanks his teacher for what he had been!

Many of such examples can be found in every corner of the world. Such stories not only inspire but also teach us to hang on before cursing anyone for being unfair to us.

So friends, hang on…

Don’t hate anyone for being unfair to you. There comes a day, when you become successful and you need to thank the same person for what he had done to you.

Sep 20, 2010

NO Fear Is Invincible...Take Home #26

Sometimes, fears can express a person’s intentions better than any words can explain. However, at the end of the day, everyone is destined to come to the conclusion that no fear in this world is invincible.

Definitions... Take Home #25

Definitions remain the same, though not the people and their perceptions.