Jan 26, 2010

Be Strong…

Be strong, not only to gain the momentum to face any problem; but also to make your people believe that you would always be there for them to share their problems with you.

Jan 25, 2010

The Rhythm of Silence!

Communication has played an unbeatable role in the evolution of human civilization. People lived in all the ages have had their own ways to cheer up each other not just for themselves, but also to add value to the means of humanism. For every single person, it is equally important to encourage the other person and to be encouraged. Though not by the law of humanism, but by the law of nature, people have started using the communication for their own purposes.

One may know oneself better, one may understand oneself better, one may cheer oneself better, but it not always taken forward when it comes especially to the encouragement. We always expect to be encouraged, again by the law of nature, we expect everyone to encourage us. It is never too late to know that not everyone would speak for you, though they may speak to you.

As I said, people have started using their communication skills for their own purposes, some to satisfy themselves, some to discourage people, some to enjoy the show, and surprisingly, some speak just like that!

I got realized it very recently, and I just wanted to share with you all.

When you know yourself better,
When you can understand yourself better,
When you can cheer yourself better,
Never depend too much on other’s words.
Not every one would speak for you.
Not every word is meant for you.

Know your capabilities;
Know your limitations;
Be confident,
No matter what you are being said;
No matter what you are being known;
And it does not always really matter,
How you are being treated.

At the end of the day, how you treat yourself would play the whole game of your life.
At the end of your life, how you look at yourself would dominate everything else.

If you know what you did, if you know what you are doing, and if you know what you can do, then better be what you are!

Understand the people, to stay with, and to stay away; what that only matter is how you rhyme your own life; treat everything else as the rhythm of silence; and enjoy the same.

Jan 15, 2010

Enjoy your OWN principles…

Where people work on different projects, where people think on different platforms, where people have got different working capabilities, where people have got different goals, then there is nothing wrong and nothing strange in having different principles in their work cultures. Have your own and enjoy the same. Never be worried. Understand the things and move on!

Today's Take Home #9

“To get the right answer, approach the right person”

Being very small and straightforward fact by nature, the above said one squeezes many brains at intermittent intervals. Often it happens that we seek an answer deliberately, be it the personal matters, and be it the professional matters. But quite often we fail to approach the right person, and we try to express ourselves before another person instead. That’s where the true confusion starts it’s journey and finally lands us up in a deep fight.

Better to this is to analyze the situation; hence approach the right person; no matter how much delay it causes.

My Interview…

I want to convey my deepest thanks to Anamika and team for their efforts in reaching my blog, for collecting my views, and for publishing the same at their site. You can find the same here.

I also thank one and all who have supported me so far in the journey of blogging.

Jan 8, 2010

Staying Away From Home?

When I was in a NCC camp during my schooling, I was made aware that one of the senior cadets was upset and she had been crying. I along with my friends reached her room, where she was surrounded by a group of people. After being asked for a while, she expressed that she had been staying away from her parents for three months, as she had to stay in hostel.

I was in my 9th standard, and the duration of “Three Months” sounded like a hell for me. I wondered how she could have survived for at least three months!! I could not imagine myself living in the same situation. I must stress, I could not have answered myself, if I had not been to hostel after my 10th class.

Intermediate+B.Tech+M.Tech+1.5 year job, it is totally nine and a half years for me now that I have been away from home. The regular visits to home must be considered though. As the time progressed, the duration between two visits has been regularly increasing, that’s where my concern lies.

During B.Tech, I used to go home for every twenty days at least. Of course, that too was only for a day, or two. But once I joined my M.Tech in Delhi, for the first time, I had to stay away for at least 6 months every time. And now during these days at Pune, it is getting in very longer once again.

It is not only about me, I believe that I can speak for many people who have been staying away from home to satisfy different purposes. Be it the students, be it the soldiers, be it the professionals, be it the scientists, be it the astronauts, and be it any purpose that demands someone to stay away.

Any ways, staying away from home tests your strengths to face the real world, with the personality that your circumstances made you, that your parents taught you, and where your knowledge keeps you. Whatever may be the way you are, never forget to make some time out of your busy schedule to make your parents aware that you love them, that you care for them, and that you breathe for a better you.

I do agree that there are orphans. But when I say parents, it need not always be the mom and dad. Parents are the important persons in one’s life, and everybody in this world must have an important person, be it parents, be it friends, be it someone else who supported them. So, the same affection and love are applicable here.

PS: I’m very sorry that I have been staying away from all of your wonderful blogs. Please excuse me. I have been spending very busy time, and could not bring myself to your lovely worlds. I thank you one and all for reading me faithfully. I will try to do reply your comments soon. And will definitely try to visit you blogs soon. Thank You.

Jan 3, 2010

ChAnGe In Times!!!

It was the letter box in our hostel, which used to welcome me to search in for the letter on my name. It was during my intermediate. My mother used to write me and some times my cousin, Yamini. It was the precious moment when I read the written words. I used to read the same letter many a times. In fact, till the time I got another letter, I used to give a glance to the earlier letters every day.

I can not actually explain, but those letters made me experience the joy of being loved, apart from the fact that they did encourage me for the days I had to face. I still have some of those sweet memories with me, not only at my heart but also in my folder.

And today, it is all about SMSs, E-mails, and print outs. The form of expression has been changed, unlike the quality. Same love, same wishes of the same hearts have been conveyed in different ways these days, and of course, every thing is meant for some certain beauty of life.

In all the ways, it is the true symbol of change in times. World is advancing, and we must move along with that.

My Guest post for the "Figments of Imagination"…

Hope I’m not too late to inform you about the guest post which I wrote on the occasion of 399th post for Vinay, known as Leo. I thank him for all that pleasure that he had given me by choosing me for the honor.

Please read it here. Thank You!!!

Jan 1, 2010

EVERY moment that you live is NEW...

EVERY moment that you live is NEW. Welcome every moment with the same joy and enthusiasm, with which you are welcoming the New Year. That makes you more responsible towards making your life challenging and interesting as well.

Have happy moments and of course, HAPPY NEW YEAR…:)