Mar 31, 2010

Today's Take Home #11

"Let us change ourselves and see how things will change"

Mar 28, 2010

My Views @ IPL-3 (so far):

If you knew that I’m crazy about cricket, I’m sure you would have already wondered to see my blog having no post on IPL so far, though the season 3 has started long while ago. As I write this, 'Deccan Chargers' is taking on 'Mumbai Indians'. These are the two teams which I supported during the last edition, held in South Africa. To my surprise, to everyone’s surprise, Chargers had their winning moment to play this edition of IPL as the defending champions.

This time I have strictly decided that I would go with Mumbai Indians, not for any other better reason than Sachin Tendulkar (and of course his men). So far so good, I supported both MI as well as my home team DC. But now with this match between both of them, I’m getting realized that it is never very easy to support a team when they take on your home team. Any way, I’m happy that I’m doing it though it is little difficult for my emotions.

My Views @ IPL-3 (so far):

** Sourav Ganguly, the captain of SRK’s KKR, has become confident with his team’s steady successes, instead of being confident and inspiring his team mates since the start of the tourney, which is the very first thing that is expected from any captain.

** Deccan Chargers’ home ground is not Hyderabad any more for this edition; the crowd has already proved Lalit Modi’s decision as wrong by always supporting their team of interests. And now between MI and DC @ Mumbai, it is getting in ugly there.

** Well done Rajasthan Royals; Shane Warne must be the happy man having his team working wonders though their key players are injured and unavailable.

** Super Kings and Dare Devils, I would just say “All the best”, I’m not so interested to say anything more.

** I‘m happy to see the Indians shining well; Yusuf Pathan, Murali Vijay, Sourabh Tiwari, Dinesh Karthik, Harbhajan Singh, Vinay Kumar, Rayudu, Naman Ojha, Manish Pandey and of course the legendry Sachin. I wish India would do well in the T20 world cup’ 2010 at the Carrabian Islands.

** To be frank, I have still not understood the scope of the coach of any team. Teams are playing with almost no break to get trained; and what are the coaches doing more than shifting the luggage?

** Indian T20 squad’s announcement has come at the right time. I think this must be the last chance for my very favorite Rohit Sharma. He has to play well for another chance from now. It is not just about flying with team, rather its all about being with the team makes one successful; I hope he would understand this.

** Lalit Modi has not been seen very rocking this time, he must know the reason!

** Injured Indian players must do a come back before the semifinals, to have a confirmation on their fitness before pack their luggage for the T20 world cup. They must remember that Sehwag’s episode during last T20 world cup has not been forgotten yet. The Indian captain has guts, no doubt; but he has to show this time to avoid another ugly incident of sending another Indian player home saying “he was injured during the IPL itself. He knew it, we knew it, but it was not expressed…”bla…bla…bla…

** And finally, All the best to Mumbai Indians. I wish I see Sachin lifting the coveted trophy this time.

These are the points that I would like to share for now. I will regularly update you with my thoughts about IPL from now onwards. Signing off for now. Please take care of yourselves and keep smiling.

“Keep Smiling and Enjoy Seeing the Worries Getting Disappeared”

Be a winner at your heart

It all happens when you are 'you'.
Never blame anything else for what happens in your life.

Life is not about many players and one winner;
It is all about many games and many winners.

Be a player, not for people but for yourself.
Be a winner, not at people, but at your heart.

Mar 27, 2010

Its 'Twitter' Me...:)

Thanks to Orkut!
I must do this post, I know. Reason being my Orkut scraps, I thank the founder of the very famous social networking site. It’s been ages that I have received so many scraps; nonetheless, it is happened on my B’day! I’m very much wondered to see some of the names in my scrap book; it is still a wonder to me. Some of my very long lost friends had their own words to say on the occasion. Nevertheless, friends are friends; no matter what has made both of them ‘long lost’!
Me @ Twitter
By the way, I have just joined another social networking site, twitter. You can join me here. Thank you.

Mar 19, 2010

Love & Live

What you see is what you feel.
What you feel is what you believe.
What you believe is what you love.
What you love is what you live for.

Mar 16, 2010

A Simple Thought...:)

Mistakes can happen anywhere, doesn’t matter who make them, but what definitely matters is the consideration levels of the same. Some are needed to be considered very strictly, where as some are not. My intention behind this post is about the so called mistakes which are not needed to be considered much or by doing which no major damage happens.

How one can conclude whether a mistake is to be considered strictly or not? Simple, it is up to one’s very own commonsense.

Consider a sports team; Captain drives the team, and the team members make the things work. Neither the captain, nor any team member is an exception from making mistakes. As I already said, some mistakes never do any major damage. The interesting point lies here.

Read on…

When a team member commits such a mistake, many fingers will be ready to point it out; but when the captain commits the same mistake, not many fingers can actually have enough guts to point it out. Interestingly, their own ego makes them believe that the reason behind not pointing out the captain’s mistake is the negligible consideration level that the mistake possesses.

Neither the mistake actually possesses the less consideration levels, nor does it possess the highest consideration levels, when it is done by the captain and the team member respectively. The difference lies in the way people manage themselves.

But the profitable thing that we can learn from this is: To make the team work with it’s highest potential, to bring an awesome environment in to the team, and to make the team feels that they have to get a responsible and respectful outcome, the best way is not by building enough guts to point the finger at the captain, but rather, it is by not pointing it out at the team member for such mistakes.

And I stress, this is not only applicable to a sports team, but it is also well applicable to any other team which is formed and committed to accomplish a good will.

Just for you, shown below is one of the positive quotes on doing mistakes;

Mar 12, 2010

Team Spirit...

Team spirit is not only about being the one on whom the team can rely on; but at times, it is also about building the team which would not be required to rely on anyone, and hence making the team enough confident to move on!

Today's Take Home # 10

"One is eligible to expect the appreciations for his efforts, only when he can appreciate the same by himself"

Mar 9, 2010

Encourage, Achieve and Enjoy…!!!

I was convinced, though I was not surprised, this year Oscar awards had created history by giving us a chance to witness a woman becoming the first ever female director to win the Oscar. Coincidentally, the same happened on a women’s day! Any ways, happy women’s day to all the concerned!

Sachin Tendulkar, what shall I say about this man? He is all well-known and loved by many hearts. His recent double century mesmerized me more than exhilarating me. It was unexpected till the last run, keeping his “90’s phobia” in mind. To be frank, I don’t see any thing having guts to stop Indian government from bestowing him “Bharat Ratna” the coming year.

Being very poor at current affairs these days I’m unable to express about any other’s achievement at the moment. Of course, the fact that I need to rush to office has been helping me in completing this post little faster than ever.

Achievement is a part of life, though not the life itself! I congratulate all the people who have achieved their heart out in the recent days. And of course, people consistently try to achieve their dreams, does not matter big or small. It is always pleasure to witness the same and it is even inspiring to encourage such persons. The joy of encouraging someone takes you to the higher sides of happiness.

Encourage, Achieve and Enjoy…!!!

Silly, but I dedicate this post to the hormone in human that causes the burning desire to achieve. Forgive me, if it is not the hormone that causes the desire!!

Mar 5, 2010

If you can believe this...!!!

Whatever you do, whatever you are,
Whatever you love, whatever you believe in,
People who love you, and who support you
Will always be there with you in every step of your life.

When you don’t believe this fact,
You will go around satisfying people, and can never live your way
But, when you can believe this,
You will leave the rest, live for them, and can live your way.