Apr 30, 2010

Take It easy - Take home #13

You Can't Take It Easy When You Want To Take It Easy;
You Can Take It Easy When You Have To Take It Easy.
"It" - Refers to any generic thing

Apr 28, 2010

Sachin – GOD of cricket!!! I differ in opinion.

I’ll keep it short and straight.

What I exactly feel is, by calling the little master as the ‘God of cricket’ we are actually making ourselves and the younger generations believe that it is almost impossible to be another such kind of a sports personality! I feel, the dedication he shows, the efforts he keeps, the maturity his experience has given him are all the driving wheels of his career and life. He is also like any other human being. Similarly, any other person can become such an inspiring personality if the necessary inputs are kept.

Sachin must be seen as a human being with great control on himself. He must be taken as an inspiration which can strongly make us believe that a human heart has got many powers and that is one’s real beauty and duty to use them for great purposes.

Moreover, ‘God’ itself is a debatable subject; I wonder if Sachin ever deserves a debate!

Today's Take Home #12

Straight forwardness is not only about saying what I feel; it is also about the way I say and convey the same.

Apr 25, 2010

Lots of stuff to read, to know…

I can’t paste the picture of the present condition of my bed though. I myself have been wondering about the unconditional love that has been shown by me on books since today morning. At every instant I found myself having at least one book in my hand since morning, would you believe that? Well certainly you have to as I say so sweetly (Sincerely though!).

In the left most corner of my bed a blue colored “Dreams in Prussian Blue” has been awaiting my soft touch since very long time. Well, I touch it when I clean the room, but never ever to read it so far. It was given by my sweet cousin Yamini. I know she will read this post for sure, and she shall not mind whenever she would like to give me another book in future.

Next to it are my subject books. I read them in my B.Tech and M.Tech. One is the circuit analysis and the other one is the power electronics. Don’t get stunned; though I have not been to them since very long, as soon as I opened them today, it was no Greek and Latin. I just wanted to get those good memories back in to my heart. Once again I’m ended up with the fact that ‘gone are the days that we love the most’.

Coming to my next friend, of course it has been my best friend since a week. Whenever I get time, I’m getting hooked to it. The title says P.S.I Love You. It’s a brand new story all the way. I read first ten pages. Then I got the film which was made based on the same book. Again, I have to bring Yamini in here. I was given the movie by her. With no surprise, I completed watching the movie, of course with a few tears on my cheek. Now I’m trying hard to complete the book. Wish me friends.

Next to it is the Tata Indicom bill, to open which I’ve been in absolutely no mood since two days. Here the culprit is the online account of the same.

Here comes the Grammar book, well I spelled it rightly to my surprise this time, GRAMMAR, as I tweeted, the spelling of which I’m never sure about. My dad has given me this book. Last but not the least, there are many more magazines in ‘Q’ about the automotive world. One Manorama year book, I’m not sure if this year will be completed by the time I read at least 10 % of it, how scary this thought itself is!

And that’s it all about my day out @ books.

I conclude lots of stuff to read, to know; not only to strengthen my data base, but also to get my good memories back. And now, I’m falling in love once again with my bed, lots of stuff to read. I’m signing off, keep smiling my friends.

Read to know what you don’t know.
Read to know what you can know.
Read to know what you deserve to know.

Apr 19, 2010

Time is what you breath, not what that runs!

My Clock shows 01:15 Hrs exactly and I feel like writing something. Of course, it is not going to be ‘something’; but it would be a dear thing to you, if my guess is correct.

Things appear very perfect at times. Times when we believe everything is going to be fine. As soon as we imagine the fatality that is going to happen, actually it may or may not happen, but when we believe that it is going to happen, we see the things moving absolutely perpendicular to us, despite of the soothing love that we have got within ourselves. Time clears many wounds. May be, it can also teach us some more.

Isn’t it? At least I feel it so. No matter what makes me write this, but this is what happens with every common man; I know.

Every heart wants the same. This is the fact that many hearts fail to understand. No regrets for the very straightforward talk. I feel so lucky to have you as a reader who still continues to read this unclear stuff. Yes. I really feel lucky, believe me.

Back to the point, time clears many wounds! Who justifies? No one can in fact. Time does not clear wounds, I feel; rather time keeps the wounds safely recorded to make us enable to access them at any point of our lives. Won’t you agree? Read on.

When we look back, we find the times when we all have had hard breaths over the nights. What matters now is not what made us come out of all those, but the very point that we all have come out despite of many quaking breaths. It is celebration time. I have brought you a very different story all together. I know people who still live in the past thoughts what use to ruin their hearts. Not even time could bring them out of those happened long back How it all happened if time had the power to clear the wounds?

In my opinion, it is not time that can clear wounds. It is one’s insider who all does the work. As time passes by, we all get the realization that life is not just about one thing. We start believing that life is a beautiful bouquet which is made up of many flowers. Some of them may make us mesmerized, whereas some turn us other way around. As the realization happens, we take the right path; soon we start to live. As a part of this we forget the past.

As I mentioned earlier, time stores the things very carefully. As I also mentioned, the people who could not come out of the past fatalities, would have never got realized of the very fact of life. For them, past is no different from present and future as well.

I just want to bring one point on to the discussion forum. Never ever blame time for what happens in your life. Time is no different from your breaths. As long as you breath your counter runs. Fortunately, there is no battery down problem. It is one’s own responsibility to be fresh every morning. It is not the incessant clock that runs on your wall changes your life. But the incessant breaths you take, and the right decisions you make do.

Be a favorite of yourself first before being a devotee of someone else. Time is what you breath, not what that runs. Life is what you make, not what that happens.

IPL Updates...

Wah…!!! What a fantastic day I have just had. I will remember this day for a long time, no doubt.

Chennai super kings made it in to the semis; it was a memorable match for Dhoni as well. His expression after the match winning knock said it all. The last two sixes were amazing and made me feel absolutely unlucky for the Kings XII Punjab. Congratulation to Preeti Zinta for her ever lasting smile, though they lost superbly this time.

Deccan Chargers, undoubtedly the team that I love the most established their spot in semis for the second time in a row. The moment I saw Gilli walking back to pavilion, I felt the heat. But Andrew Symonds, the man who makes me wonder always with his fearless batting, quickly brought my hopes back. Then it was all done right by the brilliant catches of Rohit Sharma, spinning spell of Pragyan Ojha, and a productive placement of the skipper himself.

Generally, in all most all cricket tournaments so far, it always happened what I never wanted it to happen. Fortunately this time, at least I’m safe from watching the semis between Mumbai and Deccan. It is no more; that’s good news for me. Had it been there, my favoritism would have dragged me to support Deccan Chargers, but my sportive spirit would have definitely made me go with Mumbai Indians.

I want to see the top performing team of this IPL i.e. Mumbai to be in the final playoff unlike last time, where the top performing Delhi Daredevils surrendered themselves to their below pars in the semis. I agree winning a game is about that day’s performance, but I rate the consistency on top of everything which reflects the true champion.

Most likely it is going to be Mumbai Indians Vs Royal Challengers, Deccan Chargers Vs Super Kings. Well, for me it will be like a feast to watch Mumbai and Deccan having the final play off. Royals and Kings are not the teams to be considered low. They can rock on their day. Hmm… Let’s see what is in store for all the cricket lovers. I hope for the best.


Loser is not the one who attempts and fails.
Loser is the one who sits back and doesn’t attempt.

Apr 10, 2010

A girl tells herself…

I know myself better than anybody else who knows me.
I know the depth of each and every feeling of mine.
I know I’m neither perfect nor expected to be so.

Happiness, sorrow, regret, interest etc are my feelings.
I can handle them with all the beauty I have within myself.
I believe I can make my thoughts clean and possible.

It is not always important to understand every person.
But it is important to respect every person and their thoughts.
It is important to value the other person no matter whatever.

I will enjoy the relations; I will enjoy the challenges I face.
I feel I’m important to my heart. I feel I genuinely love myself.
It is up to me how I direct my life, nothing else can do more.

I forgive myself for the very reason that I love myself.
I encourage myself not only to make the things possible;
But also to make myself believe that nothing is impossible.

PS: She can be anyone out of the millions.

Apr 9, 2010

And My Vote Goes To…

Before I express my opinion, I would like to clarify few points which have been raised by my beloved readers.

1. @ Their skills as mentioned above have been reflected in their performances in the finale.

This sentence clearly says that their performances are over and their skills as I have mentioned have been reflected in the performances already.

2. One more point which I would love to convey is: When I wrote the post, I didn’t have any intension of dragging your hearts favorably towards the second guy. You will be very clear about this once you read this post fully.

From my perspective:

My vote goes to the first person, who is having good skills, who has already performed well. These are the qualifications which I see when I vote. Though the second person is from a poor back ground, though he does not have enough chances, for me, none of these are the parameters when I vote in a reality show which happens for the talent hunt.

There are many ways to encourage poor person; discouraging the rich person’s talent is definitely not one such way. When they entered the competition, both would have aimed the title, both would have dreamt the same about the future, both would have had the same good hopes. It is my responsibility to choose the best out of those, this is what I feel and believe.

As my dear friend rightly said, having everything in life and still trying is a bigger quality than having nothing and trying. It needs to be valued too... Moreover, I always like the winner, and I love the loser. So I definitely would love to see the second guy getting good chances again and again. I will vote the first guy, and I ensure that I have given my best contribution to the talent hunt.

PS: This is just my opinion, and this is how I see the situation. I respect and I can understand your view points. I’m happy to have got those words from you all.

My friend “The Idle Brain” has suggested me to do such post by taking a situation, I have chosen this one, and I dedicate this complete conversation to her. She also has asked me to do a funny post this time.

But sorry dear; I could not make this post funny as I had to express myself very seriously. Any ways, I will try my best in my upcoming post. Thanks a lot.

Welcoming your opinions,

Apr 8, 2010

Whom do you vote and why?

I would like to have your view point on the below described situation. Please do share your thoughts.

Just Imagine…

A rocking reality show, which has been entertaining the crowd with its swashbuckling juncture has come to the grand finale round; the two finalists are enthusiastic to conquer the coveted title. But the ultimate decision comes with the votes of audience.

One finalist has got extraordinary skills to win the title. He is sweet and workaholic person, who has got a strong belief in his capability to deal the matters. He is from a rich family back ground. He has got every facility that is required to keep him well practiced and confident. His dedication toward his work amazes everyone undoubtedly.

The other participant is not so competitive to the first person in terms of the skills, but he along with the audience aware of the fact that his dedication has helped him in reaching this position he is in today. He is from a poor family back ground. He has not got many facilities to practice, but still he has become a finalist with a burning desire to win.

Their skills as mentioned above have been reflected in their performances in the finale. In this situation, a WIN to the first person means a boost for his bright future, and also an enjoyable chance for getting good opportunities. But for the second person, a WIN means his life changer, an opportunity-giver. Both of them have worked hard; have dedicated their energies to the show; have done everything such that they deserve a WIN.

The winner will be decided by the audience with their votes. If you are supposed to vote, whom do you choose and why?


Sensitiveness is not about being emotional;
It is all about understanding one’s emotions.

Apr 3, 2010

My Learning @ “attending the meetings”

** Every person who is required to attend the meeting shall be made aware of the agenda first. It not only makes the meeting more interactive, but at the same time it also saves the time since everyone is aware of the topics of discussion so that no would prolong the meeting by just nagging about one point.

** One should be allowed to talk on what is required to be discussed rather than what one knows, to keep the meeting more specific on the planned agenda.

** The best option is to be present in the meeting from the starting. If at all one is bound to attend a meeting from the middle, he should enter the meeting hall and it is always preferable to ask for a brief description of the topics that have been discussed in his absence. This saves half of the time as the same topics would not be repeated again and again.

** Before giving commitment for any meeting, one should double check his calendar to avoid the collision with some other tasks. One should be much planned before accepting the meeting requests. If at all his absence is inevitable for any planned meeting, it calls for one’s discipline to inform the same to the attendees.

PS: It would have already appeared to you that all the mentioned ones are the very basic points about “Attending the meetings”, but I bet, these are the simple things which can cause disasters at times when you don’t follow them. Frankly speaking, it would irritate considerable number of people when even one of the above is being neglected to follow; and the considerable number of people may include any one who is worth of.